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  1. Gadzooks our stomping ground here is old enough by internet standards to be Atlantis, hey? Huzzah, I say. Huzzah! Of course, this being a writing site, what's the first thing I do with our newest software? Play with the display themes. Sigh. Tho' it might be of interest that no, the theme labeled "FantasyBreast" is not as upsetting as it might seem. Heehee. Ta ra for now!
  2. My goodness you're prolific.  I shall have to sit down with your stuff after I finish my latest Christopher Moore.

    1. TLDunn213


      Thank you.  :)

      I look forward to seeing what you think.


  3. Just can't stop tinking, can you Pat? Mazel tov!
  4. Forget not, Mynx- teenage guys are also pretty thick. The weird ones are the observant ones. Trrrrrussssst me.
  5. No joke! Lookit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cIK6Kyn3NM Felicia Day! Kate Micucci! Mass hysteria!
  6. ...done something mature out of spite? ...been thankful for shitty roommates preparing you for not being helped or thanked by your children? ...seen someone be romantically fed cough syrup?
  7. Flip phones are the only phones impossible for a hacker to crack wirelessly, due to their antennae. Fill up your tank at the gas station when they first open for the day during wintertime. That is peak cold for their business day, and the pump will dispense more gas it they normally would because of the chill. Mealtime may be best for group peace, but music is best for your ills when you're alone.
  8. Ozymandias


    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaardavrk. This was beautiful film noir narration! Also, interesting setting!
  9. I enjoy your turns of phrase. "underneath a ten day stay" or "impaled on reality". Very simple, yet very evocative. And wellllllllcome back too!
  10. Sun melts into ice as candyfloss sprouts on trees as the reef pushes ever forward Millions of ships swimming round it as the Captain sets the course in the center of Lilac
  11. The posts stood rooted as the world turned silent and white. Their lights gone out, still they stood, iron pillars holding up the ground, pushing back the night. Welcoming the white.
  12. Ozymandias


    What is the sound of one hand clapping? Well played, Sirrah. Well played.
  13. It Wasn't Always Easy, but I Sure had Fun by Lewis Grizzard Locke and Key, by Joe Hill The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, by Matthew Kelly Trillum, by Jeff Lemire Girl Genius, by Phil and Kaja Foglio The Adventures of Doctor McNinja, by Christopher Hastings Unsounded, by Ashley Cope "Lemme Addams", by Sonny Strait and Billy Foster "scp-wiki", by The SCP Foundation Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads, by Stephen T. Asma Moby Dick, by Herman Melville Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson I... Read a lot of comics. I also perhaps need to cut down to one book at a time. (EDIT: I forgot a few, and the lack of underlining was bugging me.)
  14. Harmonize. Mealtime is the great equalizer. Keep matches handy. Share things you have to physically give. "Crying is like puking for the soul" - Michael "Mookie" Terracino Raw garlic will burn in a very unique way if eaten.
  15. Have you ever eaten a house? ...pondered second chances with a vampire hunter? ...stopped to appreciate the Christmas Vulture? ...realized how few countries do NOT have their own martial art?
  16. The shadowy figure paused. Up close, it looked like the shadow of a person, but for one, it had no discernible origin, and for two, the way it shifted made it seem to be studying the Professor- as though it were curious. The Professor gazed back, still half expecting his answer.
  17. Further behind a certain recently-traveled intersection, a small, tinny voice chanted to itself. "Ballsballsballsballsballsballsballsballsballsballsballsballsballsballs!" It sounded as though it were in a hurry. The voice silenced quickly as it came to the trapdoors, and the intersection, still a good way ahead, a light just disappearing around the bend. The silence was a broken by a small, but resolute, "Hup!", followed by a less certain cry of "BAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLS!" plummeting down the hole beneath the trapdoor that had claimed Brighid.
  18. Currently? Imagine Dragons, and quite purposefully. They, Steam Powered Giraffe, Of Monsters and Men, and Van Canto all as bands are fast becoming the music of the fantastic to me. Hadda have a mood setter, doncha know. Now, I also sat and listened to some Shins as well, and I like them! Never heard them before; "Caring is Creepy" reminds me quite a lot of Of Monsters and Men's "Little Talks" and Rockapella's "Bed of Nails".
  19. Taking one look at the bestial foe (who was again leering at him), the old pharaoh turned and took off at a full sprint through the hole in the wall. Crapcrapcrapcrap! On spying the fallen Tzimfemme, though, he braked so abruptly that trying to stop on the moist sewer floor nearly sent him into Tzimfemme's forbidding-looking runes. "BEAR CRAP!" he exclaimed as he twisted, and tumbled into the fetid water as well.
  20. In response to the polite question, Ozymandias sprang to his feet, hands out as to ward off a blow. "OWL SHIT!", he cried. "Okay, okay! I'll talk! I'll talk! Just... just knock it off with the creepy shadow stare, would ya? It is awful knowing something's got no eyes staring at you!" The man who was purportedly millenia old, and a ruler of one of his planet's most powerful nations, actually hugged himself in fear under Alex's now very surprised gaze.
  21. James' fellow Elder glanced at him, but otherwise looked very interested in the ground. "Not exactly, but we're spread out across the Keep. None of us went outside." He smiled a relieved little smile at this. "No, no thank you. We're all usually hard to catch. And - no, no, and probably. I never got told," he answered both of them. Half or full-answers, he still seemed to be dodging only the one question.
  22. The Elder of the Mighty Pen shuffled his feet, looking embarrassed. Scherezade spotted it first- he has no shadow; no wait; it's there, but oblong, and so short that his foot had been hiding it? Ozymandias looked back into the young girl's eyes in response first. "My friends and I. I don't know where we were, but it wasn't this world. And most of us never learned how to tell time." His gaze and head drooped. "But then we came back, and the keep looked like this," he waved a halfhearted arm upward, toward the Mighty Pen Keep proper, then fell quiet.
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