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  1. TLDunn213

    Ancient Aliens

    South American Shamans Stone Softing Liquid. 10 parts Acitic acid 9 parts Citric acid 8 parts Oxalic acid Just noting it here so I don't forget. Check out stuff about Geopolimers to learn more about this. Geopolimers, by the way, are how a lot of the Megalithic structures were made. See also Egyptian "concrete"
  2. TLDunn213

    Ancient Aliens

    Magnus Wing. I'm putting this here because why not. Anyway, I'm assuming that anyone reading this has heard of the Magnus Effect and the few attempts made at using it for aircraft. If not, go look it up so you'll know what I'm talking about. My idea is to try using the Magnus Effect in a way that gets around the biggest problem with how it has been tried before. That is, if you use a single large drum in place of the wing, when you lose power you fall. Because a drum doesn't let you glide. My idea: a wing made of several rows of smaller drums. This should allow one to tap into the Magnus Effect for extra lift while still having enough of a wing that you would still be able to glide without power, at least well enough to land. I can't be the only person to have thought of this, but I can't find anything about anyone having tried this. If anyone reading this has heard of this being tried, let me know I'd love to see how it worked or didn't. After all we don't have these things flying around. So, either I am the only one who has thought of this so far, or I just haven't found the info on where it was tried and what the problem was that keeps it from working; or maybe just keeps it from being practical. Anyway, if anyone knows anything about this, let me know? Thanks. Well, I found one thing where the drum was replaced with just a flat piece. Just an RC model, so they weren't looking at safety features like locking the panels in place in case of power failure. Might work, but still risky. Panels might not lock in at the right angle, and being a flat piece and not a true wing shape, probably wouldn't glide all that well. And still not close to what I have in mind.
  3. TLDunn213

    Ancient Aliens

    While poking around on the gravity resistant thing I ran across a thing Where this guy; Bushman; had done a test involving crazy strong rare earth magnets. Placed N to N and dropped off a building they were landing later than two equal sized pieces of the same stuff that weren't magnetized. Claims that this is an anti-gravity effect Sadly I can't buy it without better testing. Steel rebar in the wall of the building is most likely to be why the magnets fell slower. Take the magnets up in a balloon and drop them over an empty field. If you get the same results, then, Then, we are on to something. Until then, it's just a pipedream fueled by wishful thinking and sloppy science.
  4. TLDunn213

    Dread Foundries

    "We need answers, and to get them we need more information, and one place to get that is the Scarlet Stag." I said getting up from the table and putting my dishes in the sink. "O.k. I'll head over there and see what I can find out." Fantasia said adding her dishes to the sink. "I was thinking of going myself, Need to talk to Tatanya about something that's between us, and get it settled before we go forward with any sort of alliance for dealing with the ongoing problem." "I see... Well, don't let me get in the way of resolving a personal score with a Fay." "Now, Just a minute;" Pheron said sliding his plate across the table, where Fantasia could reach it. "Didn't we just escape from the Scorps ? And won't they be looking for us ? Which would make walking the streets a sort of crazy thing to be doing just now ? " "Well, it would be; If I was to go out there looking like this; Or relying on a glamour. But Full on shape shifting is a lot harder to see through. As Fantasia demonstrated by rescuing us." "Okay, fine, have it your way. It's still crazy. Then again so's leaving a personal score with a Fay standing any longer than you have to; Or even having a personal score with a Fay in the first place. How did...? No. On second thought; I don't think I really want to know."
  5. TLDunn213

    Behind the House of Usher

    It took us a couple of hours to get to the side channel we were looking for. Surprisingly, none of the Styx Gollums from the fortresses followed us. I wondered if I should take it as a good sign or a bad one, but came to no conclusion on that point. I took the time to swap out the sleep spells for binding ones, and take a look at the rest of the book. As expected there wasn't much of use to us just now. But quite a lot that Melkior could use in his research. After all knowing how a Styx Gollum or Dracolitch is made can be quite useful in figuring out its weak points. Once we reached the point where we were on the map it was a simple matter to repair the spell that keeps it up to date. In fact it took longer for the map to settle down after. It seems that the map has a rewind abilitie; allowing one to check for trends in the way things are moving around. I took a few minutes playing around with it, but didn't spot any shifts likely to be fast enough to matter to us. As to paths in and out, There weren't any good ones, But I found a couple that we could deal with well enough.
  6. TLDunn213

    Ancient Aliens

    Maybe they did ask and it was edited out. But then they'd just edit out the oops part. As to being watched; This is a writing site, it's a fiction thing isn't it. 😊 "Gravity resistant" I'm going to have to do some poking around to see what I can find on that one.
  7. TLDunn213

    On Nerfs and Gribbles

    Going back to the hidden passageway, Zatar takes a moment to scan the still unconscious Snypiuer. After finding no major damage, and placing a general purpose heading spell on him, just in case, teleports him to the, by now customary, couch in the Tavern. "He'll be fine. Now, bring me up to speed on what happened to you?" "O.k. " Qwerty said, putting the stunner in its holster and setting off down the hidden passageway "I was down by the Vaults of Time, trying to figure out which way to go to reach 'just a bit past' " " Sorry, about that. You Teleported in next to the Vaults ?" Qwerty nodded. "I'm normally coming from the Kitchen/Larder direction." "Ah, of course, picking up food for the hatchling; I should have thought of that. Anyway, before that insight had occurred, this evil looking clown shows up and starts wrapping me up in this sticky sleep cocoon stuff. Would have had me too, if I hadn't remembered this spare body I'd left at your place last year." "I'd forgotten about that, So, the breakaway stasis spell broke when you mindshifted in ?" "Had to give it a bit of a mental shove, But it worked pretty much like we wanted."
  8. TLDunn213

    On Nerfs and Gribbles

    Zatar looked back and forth between the two Qwertys reflexively shifting to Magesight and aiming the med-Scaner at the armed Qwerty... Zeta; and with traces of a stasis spell clinging to him. Zatar turns his gaze and Scaner tword the other Qwerty, only to find him vanished. A stunner beam rips through the empty space a second later. "Really gone then, I was hoping he'd just gone invisible." "Should I have you bring me up to speed now or after?" "After, if you can get a lock on his teleport trace. I'm not sure what he/it Really is; So no clue how hard it will be to track." "Very;" Zatar said after a few minutes of murmured spells and adjusting of settings on the Scaner. "He didn't teleport, so much as dissipate. He seems to have turned into smoke or vapor and drifted off this way... and then sank through the floor... about here." Zatar finished coming to a stop a few yards further down the original hallway. "Seems to be an innate ability too, as I'm not picking up any traces of spell work of any type I've ever seen before."
  9. TLDunn213

    On Nerfs and Gribbles

    Snypiuer's screams of panic had stopped rather abruptly. Growing worried Zatar sends a small glowing mote of magic trailing after his earlier spells, and lengthens his stride. He's almost running when his light mote takes a sharp left into and through a large wall hanging. Skidding to a stop Zatar reaches out with his magic to lift the tapestry out of the way. Revealing a secret passageway with an unconscious Snypiuer on the floor. Pulling a Med Scaner from his cloak Zatar notes a lump on Snypiuer's forehead and a low support beam. "Knocked himself silly, I take it ?" Qwerty observed as he glided to a stop next to Zatar. "Looks like it. Now to see if he did any damage to..." "IMPOSTOR!!" Qwerty yelled from further down the passageway; charging forward with some sort of ray-pistol in hand, aimed at the Qwerty standing next to Zatar.
  10. TLDunn213

    Ancient Aliens

    ???? Like...Dude What are you smoking?
  11. TLDunn213

    Ancient Aliens

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. I was asking the other day; why we don't have water fueled cars, if everything needed to make them is off the shelf technology ? And then I went looking for an answer. And I found one. Which begs the question of why we don't hear this tidbit of information trotted out whenever the topic of water fueled cars comes up ? Oh, the answer; Disappointing really; Which may be why it's not brought up. The energy needed to break water into Hydrogen and oxygen is the same as the energy you get when you burn that Hydrogen as fuel. A bit more actually as no system is perfect and some energy gets lost along the way. So, yep, Thermodynamics strikes again. But...We see these water fueled cars driving around? We do. But there is always another source of power in play one way or another. Extra batteries, gasoline being mixed with the Hydrogen, or stuff added to the water that reacts to give off extra hydrogen. Sorry, but you can't get around thermodynamics. Spread the word, so we can stop wasting time on this a focus on options that do work.
  12. TLDunn213


    While I don't have the D&D books for this class I've heard enough to see them as being more or less the same as the Dracons that I already have in the Shardscape. With the only real difference between the two being what they are bonded to. Or are drawing their Essence from, in the case of Ronini Warlocks. Now D&D doesn't have Ronini Warlocks, at least as far as I know. But I see no reason to not include them in the Shardscape. As well as "Blood" types; which D&D does have; sort of. In so far as they have Plane Touched, Tieflings, Azamars, etc. They don't really seem to have anything for those descended from The Great Old Ones, But the Thulians here in the Shardscape could cover that fairly well. And with the Ronini option also comes the Mongrel Warlock. Someone who, in their quest for power has been grabbing whatever supernatural essence they can get, and so are now well on their way to becoming...? If you are having trouble following what I'm talking about here, Check out my Dragons and Dracons post. And if you have questions after that, Please ask. And I will try to explain.
  13. TLDunn213

    Ancient Aliens

    So, I've been doing some research and; Vibro-blades are a real thing, Go figure. Not a huge surprise but still cool to know. And there's some evidence that a sort of tuningfork sonic drill was used to cut and carve stone back in ancient times. And that the stones used to build the Great Pyramid are a type of geo-polymer cement/concert. Which in a way could also explain things like the London hammer and other stuff found in ancient stones. Bad part about that idea is that "natural " geo-polymer processes are a thing geologists should already know about. And if they somehow didn't That would put the age of a LOT of stuff into question. Unless we just have really bad geology work on these few "out of place" artifacts. Any thoughts, anyone ?
  14. TLDunn213

    Ancient Aliens

    Interesting thought about the great pirmaid. There is the idea that it was some sort of power generation system. Which has left me with the question of Where was the control room? And now they are talking about finding a big empty space above the grand gallery. If it is the missing control room then there should be a connecting passageway starting not too far from the front door. But haven't we already looked for hidden doors and passages all along the way there ? Mostly just thinking out loud here, But if anyone reading this knows anything or has any thoughts on this...
  15. TLDunn213

    On Nerfs and Gribbles

    *#Note: the events in this post happen somewhat before the events in Regel's post Wanderer returns. #* "Zatar, Yo, Z, are you down here ?" Qwerty calls looking around. "He said that, that new project of his was down here, ' just a bit past the Vaults of Time. ' " "Well, there's the Vaults of Time. Now, which way along this creepy dark coridoor to reach 'just a bit past' ?" Poundfoolish couldn't believe it. What luck. Someone Zatar knew looking for the Wabe. Shifting into his evil clown form, Poundfoolish sent streams of cotton candy cocoon at the unsuspecting zeta. Just as he was finished wrapping up his prey and stuffing him into a forgotten broom closet Poundfoolish felt a wave of arcane energy surging through the Keep of the Mighty Pen. Energy specifically tuned to drive out evil clowns. How ? How, can this be ? How can anyone even know he is here? He'd been so careful. Quickly shifting to his new form, the false Qwerty slammed the closet door and placed Wards to protect the cotton candy cocoon. Now, to find the source of this unexpected attack... *#cut to Regel's post: Wanderer returns #*