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    Half dark elf. Black hair, purple eyes.
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    The pen was my home for a short time. sadly i had to leave it for i was in search of other things.... Now, possibly back i bring with me my daughter age of 2...beautiful child with her blonde hair and green eyes...she's is more evil than she looks
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  1. So for this year seems like one of those that will bring good luck and weath...i can hope cant i?

  2. Zepheri


    things look really nice. its like...the old pen but with new ink and cover. it fits
  3. think think think think

    1. Snypiuer


      GREAT! Now I owe you 4 cents!


    2. Zepheri


      its been a few days.... now were is my money? :P

  4. Of course I'm still in...A demon never goes back on her word.
  5. Thank you for your comment ^_________________^ *hug*
  6. *giggle* that's funny, and so very true ^__________^
  7. [Removed by Zepheri's Request]
  8. I would like to try it out... I don't know all of you, and you don't me, but I thik it will be fun. Do you think it would be helpful if we gave a bit of info on our selfs first Sweetcherrie? That way we can help out with the writing.... just a thought... I would like to sign in with my character Zepheri... if that is ok...
  9. WOW!!!! That's so ture. I agree with everything you said. One should never just settle for someone, they should be with that person becuase they love them. I do hope you can find the girl that makes you want to run through a storm or fight an evil dragon for. Becuase I know that if you do that, then this girl is turly for you. It's nice to see you post something my friend, how about giving me a call? We haven't talked in forever!!!! <3 u ^_________^
  10. Wow!!! That's so sweet. Is this poem for someone or did you just write it? I personally would like to see this poem with more written, then again short, sweet and to the point is sometimes the best approach. Good job
  11. OMG!!!! Such a twist on things I like it very much so!!! Is Max good or evil? We may never know!!! And who is that kid that walked in there? How does he know everything? I wish to read more!!! I wish to know!!! You are doing a wonderful job my friend, please keep up the good work, my mind is going crazy with questions that need to be answered!!! ^_____________^
  12. My friend you have a wonderful story being created here!!! I love the character, the detail!! I'm not to well when it comes to grammar and spelling so I cannot help you with that, I’m sorry. However I do love that past and present come together, it seems that is what you are doing anyway. I like that Jenna is not quickly to believe in what is going on, that she is defiant, her reactions are well done. Max seems to be... I think his character needs to be a bit more developed, I'm not getting too much of who he is, but I think it's a good start I would like to see more of Max's character latter on. As far as improvement, I would say, "I would really like to know what is happening!!!" then again it is a story and everything cannot be revealed just yet. I don't see anything that you need to work on as of right now besides Max, like I said. My mane thing is that you and I seem to have similarities in our writing style, I like that a lot!!! I can relate to what you are saying/writing, I can read it very easily and I enjoy doing so. I hope I have helped you, I'm not sure if I did. If you have any specific questions on a paragraph or something you would like for me to look at by all means tell me and I'll do what I can for you my friend.
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