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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword


  1. The Tavern of the Quill

    1. Cabaret Room

      Here one can have a drink and idly chitchat with a friend. (Where do I put this?)

    2. Assembly Room

      In this room Bards throughout the lands gather to tell their tales and anecdotes. (Stories)

    3. Banquet Room

      Poems, songs, and line-by-line creativity (Poems)

    4. Conservatory

      For threads that seem to take on a life of their own and interrupt perfectly good drinking in the Cabaret Room. (RPed Stories, Plays and other scripts)

    5. Recruiter's Office

      Off to the side of the Tavern is a large office that the Elder of Initiates keeps for prospective members to come and apply. (Applications)

  2. The Manor of Tongues

    1. The Café

      This is where all manner of language-related discussions and inquiries are welcome.

    2. The European Classics

      This is where poems, stories and even RP in any of the following tongues will be posted: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portugese, Russian, Finnish, Dutch and Swedish.

  3. The Walls of the Pen

    1. News

      We post the news here, but everyone is welcome to reply to posts.

    2. The Codex and Lists

      Here are the guidelines and purpose statements of the Pen as well as membership lists, historical lists and listed items of interest.

    3. Frequently Asked Questions

      An explanation of where things go

    4. The Piazza of Portraits

      This is where you can read up on other people's characters, or describe your own. And if you format it correctly, we can all use the search tool to quickly find what we need to know.

    5. 56,839
    6. Library

      Here all writers are welcomed to archive their works that were written over the ages of Terra. (Works not created on this forum.)

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    • Maybe they did ask and it was edited out. But then they'd just edit out the oops part. As to being watched; This is a writing site, it's a fiction thing isn't it.  😊 "Gravity resistant"  I'm going to have to do some poking around to see what I can find on that one.       
    • O.K., just saw Christopher Robin. My review? Go watch it. Did Snypiuer cry? No. Snypiuer has allergies. Get extra napkins with your popcorn, movie theaters are VERY dusty.
    • I was out of town a while back and was watching one of the news channels, can’t remember which one but, they were doing a story on internet security. One of the people they interviewed was connected to top secret military research, like skunk works, and they asked him how they protect their work and he said they don’t save to computers, they keep everything on hard copy and secured physically under gaurd. This isn’t what caught my attention. They asked him what kind of things they considered valuable enough to treat this way and he mentioned  things like propulsion systems, stealth tech and, this is what made me go “wwhhaaAAA!?!?!?”, gravity resistant material. He then quickly rattled off a few more, like energy efficient engines and such, as if he suddenly realized he needed to take the focus off of the GRAVITY RESISTANT MATERIAL remark! I just sat there and waited...and waited...and NOT ONCE did the interviewer ask, “Excuse me, did you say GRAVITY RESISTANT MATERIAL!?” NOT. ONCE!!! I know, maybe he meant light wieght material for parachutes or airplane bodies. NO! Anyways, I’m pretty sure I’ll be placed on ANOTHER top secret govt. watch list for this post. Oh well.  
    • Going back to the hidden passageway, Zatar takes a moment to scan the still unconscious Snypiuer. After finding no major damage, and  placing  a general purpose heading spell on him, just in case, teleports him to the, by now customary, couch in the Tavern. "He'll be fine. Now, bring me up to speed on what happened to you?" "O.k. " Qwerty said, putting the stunner in its holster and setting off down the hidden passageway "I was down by the Vaults of Time, trying to figure out which way to go to reach 'just a bit past' " " Sorry, about that. You Teleported in next to the Vaults ?"  Qwerty nodded. "I'm normally coming from the Kitchen/Larder direction." "Ah, of course, picking up food for the hatchling; I should have thought of that. Anyway, before that insight had occurred, this evil looking clown shows up and starts wrapping me up in this sticky sleep cocoon stuff. Would have had me too, if I hadn't remembered this spare body I'd left at your place last year." "I'd forgotten about that, So, the breakaway stasis spell broke when you mindshifted in ?" "Had to give it a bit of a mental shove, But it worked pretty much like we wanted."   
    • Zatar looked back and forth between the two Qwertys  reflexively shifting to Magesight and aiming the med-Scaner at the armed Qwerty... Zeta; and with traces of a stasis spell clinging to him.  Zatar turns his gaze and Scaner  tword the other Qwerty, only to find him vanished.  A stunner beam rips through the empty space a second later. "Really gone then, I was hoping he'd just gone invisible."  "Should I have you bring me up to speed now or after?" "After, if you can get a lock on his teleport trace. I'm not sure what he/it Really is; So no clue how hard it will be to track." "Very;" Zatar said after a few minutes of murmured spells and adjusting of settings on the Scaner. "He didn't teleport, so much as dissipate. He seems to have turned into smoke or vapor and drifted off this way... and then sank through the floor... about here." Zatar finished coming to a stop a few yards further down the original hallway.  "Seems to be an innate ability too, as I'm not picking up any traces of spell work of any type I've ever seen before."