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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword


  1. The Tavern of the Quill

    1. Cabaret Room

      Here one can have a drink and idly chitchat with a friend. (Where do I put this?)

    2. Assembly Room

      In this room Bards throughout the lands gather to tell their tales and anecdotes. (Stories)

    3. Banquet Room

      Poems, songs, and line-by-line creativity (Poems)

    4. Conservatory

      For threads that seem to take on a life of their own and interrupt perfectly good drinking in the Cabaret Room. (RPed Stories, Plays and other scripts)

    5. Recruiter's Office

      Off to the side of the Tavern is a large office that the Elder of Initiates keeps for prospective members to come and apply. (Applications)

  2. The Manor of Tongues

    1. The Café

      This is where all manner of language-related discussions and inquiries are welcome.

    2. The European Classics

      This is where poems, stories and even RP in any of the following tongues will be posted: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portugese, Russian, Finnish, Dutch and Swedish.

  3. The Walls of the Pen

    1. News

      We post the news here, but everyone is welcome to reply to posts.

    2. The Codex and Lists

      Here are the guidelines and purpose statements of the Pen as well as membership lists, historical lists and listed items of interest.

    3. Frequently Asked Questions

      An explanation of where things go

    4. The Piazza of Portraits

      This is where you can read up on other people's characters, or describe your own. And if you format it correctly, we can all use the search tool to quickly find what we need to know.

    5. 56,839
    6. Library

      Here all writers are welcomed to archive their works that were written over the ages of Terra. (Works not created on this forum.)

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    • Snypiuer's screams of panic had stopped rather abruptly. Growing worried Zatar sends a small glowing mote of magic trailing after his earlier spells, and lengthens his stride. He's almost running when his light mote takes a sharp left into and through a large wall hanging. Skidding to a stop Zatar reaches out with his magic to lift the tapestry out of the way. Revealing a secret passageway with an unconscious Snypiuer on the floor. Pulling a Med Scaner from his cloak Zatar notes a lump on Snypiuer's forehead and a low support beam. "Knocked himself silly, I take it ?" Qwerty observed as he glided to a stop next to Zatar.  "Looks like it. Now to see if he did any damage to..." "IMPOSTOR!!" Qwerty yelled from further down the passageway; charging forward with some sort of ray-pistol in hand, aimed at the Qwerty standing next to Zatar.   
    • ???? Like...Dude What are you smoking?  
    • *puff...puff.........cough...COUGH* DUUUDDDE! Did you know that they have a car that runs on water!? WATER! But the government is suppressing the technology, man! Wait. Did you hear that? Ha-ha-ha...what? Oh yeah, DUUUDDDE! Did you know that they have a car that runs on water!?
    • Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  I was asking the other day; why we don't have water fueled cars, if everything needed to make them is off the shelf technology ? And then I went looking for an answer. And I found one. Which begs the question of why we don't hear this tidbit of information trotted out whenever the topic of water fueled cars comes up ? Oh, the answer; Disappointing really; Which may be why it's not brought up. The energy needed to break water into Hydrogen and oxygen is the same as the energy you get when you burn that Hydrogen as fuel. A bit more actually as no system is perfect and some energy gets lost along the way. So, yep, Thermodynamics strikes again.  But...We see these water fueled cars driving around? We do. But there is always another source of power in play one way or another.  Extra batteries, gasoline being mixed with the Hydrogen, or stuff added to the water that reacts to give off extra hydrogen.  Sorry, but you can't get around thermodynamics.  Spread the word, so we can stop wasting time on this a focus on options that do work.  
    • While I don't have the D&D books for this class I've heard enough to see them as being more or less the same as the Dracons that I already have in the Shardscape. With the only real difference between the two being what they are bonded to. Or are drawing their Essence from, in the case of Ronini Warlocks.  Now D&D doesn't have Ronini Warlocks, at least as far as I know. But I see no reason to not include them in the Shardscape. As well as "Blood" types; which D&D does have; sort of. In so far as they have Plane Touched, Tieflings,  Azamars, etc. They don't really seem to have anything for those descended from The Great Old Ones, But the Thulians here in the Shardscape could cover that fairly well. And with the Ronini option also comes the Mongrel Warlock. Someone who, in their quest for power has been grabbing whatever supernatural essence they can get, and so are now well on their way to becoming...? If you are having trouble following what I'm talking about here, Check out my Dragons and Dracons post. And if you have questions after that, Please ask. And I will try to explain.