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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword


  1. The Tavern of the Quill

    1. Cabaret Room

      Here one can have a drink and idly chitchat with a friend. (Where do I put this?)

    2. Assembly Room

      In this room Bards throughout the lands gather to tell their tales and anecdotes. (Stories)

    3. Banquet Room

      Poems, songs, and line-by-line creativity (Poems)

    4. Conservatory

      For threads that seem to take on a life of their own and interrupt perfectly good drinking in the Cabaret Room. (RPed Stories, Plays and other scripts)

    5. Recruiter's Office

      Off to the side of the Tavern is a large office that the Elder of Initiates keeps for prospective members to come and apply. (Applications)

  2. The Manor of Tongues

    1. The Café

      This is where all manner of language-related discussions and inquiries are welcome.

    2. The European Classics

      This is where poems, stories and even RP in any of the following tongues will be posted: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portugese, Russian, Finnish, Dutch and Swedish.

  3. The Walls of the Pen

    1. News

      We post the news here, but everyone is welcome to reply to posts.

    2. The Codex and Lists

      Here are the guidelines and purpose statements of the Pen as well as membership lists, historical lists and listed items of interest.

    3. Frequently Asked Questions

      An explanation of where things go

    4. The Piazza of Portraits

      This is where you can read up on other people's characters, or describe your own. And if you format it correctly, we can all use the search tool to quickly find what we need to know.

    5. 56,839
    6. Library

      Here all writers are welcomed to archive their works that were written over the ages of Terra. (Works not created on this forum.)

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    • After almost an hour, of working our way around bogs, that were too thick with mud to sail through, but still too wet to walk on; we reached the central island or islands. Hard to say which as there were streams everywhere with fallen trees bridging most of them. In any event there was a building in the middle of the whole thing, which we eventually made our way to.  There were Runes and Glyphs, more than half hidden by moss and vines, above the doorway. We really should have taken the time to study them. But we were all wet and tired, and beyond the archway was a courtyard covered with smooth, dry, solid, flagstones. I don't think words can really convey how good solid ground can look after an hour or so of slogging through knee deep muck, and slipping on moss and slime covered rocks and treetrunks. So we all rushed through the archway into the courtyard. And as soon as we were all inside, the magic snapped into place. Every one of us knowing that this is the Lair of a Dracolitch. Every one of us well versed in Magic; even Targon. He might not be a spell caster like the rest of us, but he's faced enough magic using foes...And we blunder through a Rune covered archway like amateurs.  Thankfully our tale doesn't end here, with us becoming the undead servants of a Dracolitch. No, our story didn't end here; it just started a new chapter, or maybe a new volume.  
    • Over the next several days, their dinner conversations allowed me to learn a great many things.  Both amout my hosts, and the history of the world in general. I won't bother going into detail about that here, as such matters are both better recorded elsewhere and likely already well known to most of my potential readers. It is enough to note that my earlier speculations about how far I was from my own time and what had happened in the interim were largely correct, with the remaining details being as unknown to my hosts as they were to myself. The other gain from my spying, was a steady supply of items that needed doing around the farm. Various small items that I could easily do in such a way as to both repay them for their unknowing hospitality and to hint at my presence without fully revealing myself just yet. I was still stuck as to a plan for how to approach them and was hoping, once they were aware of a shy yet helpful presence around the place, That they would hatch some plan to draw me out. Then, I would need only play along. Not a great plan, I admit, but the best I could come up with at the moment.    
    • !!KABOOM!! "*What was that ?!*" "*Things not going according to plan. Well, not according to plan A, at any rate. *" Anna gave Garm a questioning look  Garm resumed human form and spoke a Word to restore Anna as well. "By this point she was supposed to have lost the  Naazz and be slipping quietly through the trees not setting traps to try and take them down. And if that wasn't one of her traps going off, I'll eat my boots."  "I'd love to get you some hot sauce for them; but, assuming you're right...?" "They'll probably be coming out of the trees over there near the edge of that field. If they're in human shape and walking, we relax a join them. If they're in cat shape and running..." Garm paused to string a longbow he'd pulled from his pack "...We get to find out how good you are with one of these." He finished passing her the bow and pulling a second one from his pack.
    • Has anyone heard anything about the "no moving parts" airplane? Works on an ion thrust process. So far they only have a proof of concept drone sized thing.  I have a few ideas on how to scale it up; but would need to know a lot more about how what they have works, before I could say if any of my ideas would be worth looking into. Anyway this is mostly a PSA to anyone who is into this stuff and hasn't heard about this yet.
    • Still haven't found anything on gravity resistant materials,  at least not as such. Have found vids on You Tube talking about the Secret Space Program; Which included some stuff about craft that just sit there a few feet off the ground. Same way as Luke's sand speeder and the hover board from Back to the Future.  I forget which vids was talking about them, But just look for Secret Space Program on You Tube, And you'll find a lot of stuff. Several channels posting stuff that's an hour, hour and a half, Two hours.  Long, but if you've got the time and are into this stuff, it's worth a look.  Love to hear what you/anyone thinks about any of this.