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    From a parallel Universe to Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Born in Gondolin before it was lost, Father left home early, and later reappeared as an unreachable star. Twin brother, the only other half-elf, chose mortality and founded a line of Kings. Lost daughter to a descendant of Elros', and left for the West. Eventually traveled beyond via the Halls of Mandos, accompanied by my twin sons. After several Planes, picked up a couple of Giant Guinea Pig bodyguards. Many Planes later, found the Pen is Mightier than the Sword Keep, always comes back as it now feels like Home.
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  1. Wow. Just wow. Gut-poetry. Nicely done; good to see you post again.
  2. Peredhil wanders in and takes a seat quietly Hello old friend, welcome back home to the Keep. Still keen of mind, they sit in comfortable silence, only the flash of their eyes revealing a deeper communication of thought.
  3. Interesting. Paragraphing would make a smoother read, helping to break it up for the visually impaired.
  4. I really enjoy this. Well done.
  5. Right forum, and we'll done. Welcome back.
  6. Peredhil

    Crazy ?

    This type of crazy belongs here at the Pen!
  7. Good use of line breaks to imply punctuation. Nicely crafted free-form
  8. Peredhil


    I do like the variety and complexity of your world-building. It's nice to see the rules of logic applied to a fantasy universe. That concept is the core of my FARS system.
  9. When the madness overcame you, we all danced in a giddy joy, No more peeping out the veiled view, slowly separating alloy; We boldly taking turns at staring you down, splinters in silvered panes of glass. You fought for the surface - struggled not to drown, we won when combining en masse. Each jagged sliver life now, your sanity we overthrew, Personality? And how! When the madness overcame you. First line - In odd we place our trust
  10. Peredhil falls about laughing. I like it.
  11. Peredhil


    smiles happily and murmurs, "I've missed this..."
  12. It is a bit like a Nordic chant, but you lost the 3/4/3/4 syllable count a few times. "She stares, whimpers" is a correct four count, but something about the plural leaves the tongue in the wrong mouth placement to feel comfortable. I'm not certain of a fix, perhaps changing out the "she" to allow a singular active phrase. [x] stare, whimper. Hmmm, Maybe it's the soft syllables of whimper after the hard stare. *Polite Hugs* Good to see you
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