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    Actual Conversation

    Oh dear...
  2. Peredhil

    A fickle muse tickles yet again

    Wow. Just wow. Gut-poetry. Nicely done; good to see you post again.
  3. Peredhil

    Wanderer returns

    Peredhil wanders in and takes a seat quietly Hello old friend, welcome back home to the Keep. Still keen of mind, they sit in comfortable silence, only the flash of their eyes revealing a deeper communication of thought.
  4. Peredhil

    Brayden and the magic bean stalk.

    Interesting. Paragraphing would make a smoother read, helping to break it up for the visually impaired.
  5. Peredhil

    Aunt Josie's Garden

  6. Peredhil

    The Land of Failed Gods

    I really enjoy this. Well done.
  7. Peredhil

    a description of self

    Right forum, and we'll done. Welcome back.
  8. Peredhil

    Crazy ?

    This type of crazy belongs here at the Pen!
  9. Peredhil

    The Songstress

    Good use of line breaks to imply punctuation. Nicely crafted free-form
  10. Peredhil


    I do like the variety and complexity of your world-building. It's nice to see the rules of logic applied to a fantasy universe. That concept is the core of my FARS system.
  11. Peredhil

    First Lines (V. 2.0)

    When the madness overcame you, we all danced in a giddy joy, No more peeping out the veiled view, slowly separating alloy; We boldly taking turns at staring you down, splinters in silvered panes of glass. You fought for the surface - struggled not to drown, we won when combining en masse. Each jagged sliver life now, your sanity we overthrew, Personality? And how! When the madness overcame you. First line - In odd we place our trust
  12. Peredhil

    A special delivery...

    I'm pleased you shared.
  13. Peredhil

    A whiney poem dedicated to my cough

    Peredhil falls about laughing. I like it.
  14. Peredhil


    smiles happily and murmurs, "I've missed this..."
  15. Peredhil

    Lady Celes Crusader

    (pardone the translation. Others tried to help as best they could, but I only speak American English, C++, Visual Basic, Fortran, Cobol, and other non-spoken languages!) Il y a un sourire gentil seulement pour ses chats; (Ou ses enfants à fourrure, comme elle les voient.) Il y a un élégance et une grâce dans tout ses mots et gestes; (Mais soit prudent de la foudre dans ses yeux enflammés!) Il y a un cœur qui aime pour servir le communauté; (Ceux avec des titres doit prendre garde, elle fait ce qui est juste). Il y a un humour gentil dans sa voix; (Ses rires n'ont pas du haine, et sont jamais méchant.) Il y a une Femme du Manoir des Langues. Il y a un beauté terrible, comme un épée lever. Il y a le main guérissant d'une mère. Soit mon Valentine, Madame Celes Crusador. Edit: It was suggested I put in English what I was *trying* to say. so here that is. In any language, Happy Valentine's Day, M'lady. There is a gentle smile given only to her cats; (Or her children with furry forms as she sees them.) There is an elegance and grace in every word and gesture; (But beware the lightning of her angry eyes!) There is a loving heart to serve the community; (Beware you with titles, for she serves what is right.) There is a sweet humor behind her speech; (Her laughter is never mean or hiding hatred.) There is a Lady of the Manor of Tongues. There is a terrible beauty like a drawn sword. There is the healing hand of a mother. Be thou my Valentine, Lady Celes Crusader.
  16. Peredhil

    Meta-Universals Musings

    The universe. It is, by definition, everything that is. Most species of humans have perceptions in 3.5 dimensions - length, width, breadth, and one axis of time. The Scientist-Priests of several worlds have fused various sciences and decided that there are ten dimensions that describe "the universe". Which is of interest, but can one really conceive of it? For the beings in the universe, it is a self-contained boundary. In the majority of universes, entire species rise and decline on myriad worlds. But for one who is outside, viewing it, they realize that there are meta-universes. The observer finds that they seem to gather, when viewed, as threads, that are "everything" to the ones within the thread. And they are constantly expanding, constantly branching at critical points, fixed at others, in a very timey-wimey twisty way. The Scientist-Magi and the Wild-Magi know the keys to opening portals at will between these shadows and adjacent universes. These may be collectively known as the Lesser Planeswalkers, those who can adjust the quantum frequencies of the dimensions to leave their own universe and survive the passage to another. Harold Shea was one example. But if the observer were to step back further, they'd find that they are at the center of threads radiating in all directions. There are infinite universes. And they all twist and wind and writhe, and occasionally snap or die or break or blend. The fiction writers of one universe are merely sensitive to the events of another. Those who can traverse, with more or less difficulty the passages between the major groups of realities and universes at will, retaining a semblance of life and sanity, are the Greater Planeswalkers. Often they are deities, or confused for deities, and many are jealous of their powers and followers. Others are indifferent to the opinions of others, and playing great cosmic games of their own, such as the Dreamer. There are places where the boundaries are "loose". Where intersections are possible, when all the dimensions align correctly, where one can pass from a universe to another. There are places where intersections are "fixed". They are called by many names. Some endure, some are destroyed, but the places are the same in several adjacent universes, casting shadows through the realities they touch. Amber, Tanelorn, the Eternal City, The Undying West, Faerie, Albuquerque - the names are as endless as the intersections - and turning left instead of right can confuse even the most experienced Planeswalker who uses such a place as an oasis in their travel. One such place is the Pen Keep.
  17. Peredhil

    A figurative love

    It is a bit like a Nordic chant, but you lost the 3/4/3/4 syllable count a few times. "She stares, whimpers" is a correct four count, but something about the plural leaves the tongue in the wrong mouth placement to feel comfortable. I'm not certain of a fix, perhaps changing out the "she" to allow a singular active phrase. [x] stare, whimper. Hmmm, Maybe it's the soft syllables of whimper after the hard stare. *Polite Hugs* Good to see you
  18. Peredhil


    I simply love your twisty writing. You write well, and keep me guessing.
  19. Peredhil

    Where did you all go?

    I was gearing up and being active when unemployed. I'm sorry I've become effectively absent now that I have a job - IT customer support, which I love. Computers are evil, and I get paid to make people's days go better. Marriage with Mynx is a daily feast of joy, to which I devote much attention. She is willing for me to be online more, but hey, dating won her heart, so why stop just because we married?
  20. Peredhil

    the forgotten

    Epic imagery. Reminds me a bit of Roger Zelazny in a way. The near total lack of punctuation is deliberate, yes? I take it to indicate the constant stream of thoughts of a brain too awake in a body too tired to sleep.
  21. Peredhil

    Grown up talk

    *hug cuddle acceptance*
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    In all the worlds, In all the galaxies, In all the universes, In all the Planes, I sought you. In all the worlds, In all the galaxies, In all the universes, In all the Planes, I found you. In all the worlds, In all the galaxies, In all the universes, In all the Planes, I chose you. Yes, you - Pikachu.
  23. Peredhil


    Thank you! *Polite hugs* Happy happy to you all. I enter the New Year with a new job! I'm looking forward to my first paycheck with anticipations - I'll get to buy shinies for my Beloved Mynx!
  24. Peredhil


    The first two lines resonate. After that, it's just good poetry. Sorry, I thought much more sentence than I typed!
  25. Peredhil


    Wow... That really resonates for Mynx and I. Plus I've missed you. *Polite happy Appy huggles*