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  1. "You should just write" "It's easy" "You should just write" It's easy to say that. Throw down random words? Jumbled thoughts that make no sense? Just spew out bullshit? Nah. Not today.
  2. You know, I feel like forcing a rhyme, Go on rhymezone.com and find something to pass the time. Doesn't even have to be that good, Just has to be something you could... RHYME You just start putting thoughts on a page- Does that really rhyme with vacuum gauge ? Now that just sounds a bit stupid, Oh shit, the only word I can use is cupid. Because...RHYME This structure just feels forced Rhymezone tells me a word to use is "horst" So you go to Google, what does it mean? Wikipedia comes to your aid you're very keen. Hey, that's a RHYME! "Horst is a raised block bounded by normal faults" Allow me to dance a little waltz. I've just learned something extraordinary, I think my balls are a little bit hairy... Wait, that's not the RHYME- -that I wanted to use, it's too dirty My keyboard has keys that spell qwerty That's a lie, my keyboard is French It only says AZERTY And that don't RHYME This poem is breaking down, going down the drain These rhymes have become somewhat of a pain Coming up with them is mostly a strain My searching of rhymezone.com is not in vain Pride I can't even feign Tonight poetry I have slain Fucking with my own brain But who is to gain? Certainly not Spain? HOLA! This has become a stupid exercise in form A form that has been broken and twisted It is the new norm And I have not been unassisted (by rhymezone.com) RHYME! Rhyme as if your life depended on it! Show off your whit! (by rhymezone.com) It says you should use palm, qualm, prom, spalm or rhomb RHYME! This poem is mostly done My point is : none! I have no burp gun Nor do I have a blow gun But I've had fun With this RHYME! thyme - tasty ! slime - slippery ! dime - ooh money ! crime - oh no ! grime - dirty ! prime : 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 - infinitely many ! mime -let's start again !
  3. Sometimes you just sit down. And WRITE! Get the thoughts out ! SHOUT THEM!
  4. I have a friend. Let me repeat that. I. Have. A. Friend. Despite everything. Someone who is there. Who believes. More than I do. No...that is wrong. I don't believe. He does. It is enough. It has to be. I...have a friend.
  5. There is a hunger You want it No....no... You need...IT Some call it addic- Shhh! That's a nasty word. It's nothing bad. Just something to help... Help you get through... Each and every...day? But... But... You doubt, you fear? But it's always...there Silence your fears. Silence... Silence... Blessed...silence... You need it. That is enough. More than enough. Way more...
  6. Tomorrow is a long way away... Three, four maybe even five... How many do you need? How many to pass the... night? Come the morrow, Count the cost? Survival? Lies? And then again. Three, four...five Or even six? The daily toll, Tick tock... Tick Tock... Lies... Lies, LIES! Comfortable...bloody...fucking...LIES! Yes... Yes... Just one more?
  7. Hello dear old friend. Just you and me tonight. Seems to be an ongoing trend. Together, we pass the night. Nothing around the bend. Is this our plight? Nothing to really mend. Should that give me a fright? Are you even a friend? Not quite...
  8. Life... Sometimes you are a passenger Looking through a window, Trying to make sense of the world outside Life... Just a bloody passenger Someone else in the driver's seat Charting a course you just follow Life... Fuck being a passenger Don't you want to drive from time to time? Life... So now you're driving. Oh, I pity you...
  9. Been talking with a dear friend tonight. The following poems flowed out. There is some language below, you've been warned.
  10. Usernames and display names have been merged compared to the previous version. This means that your displayed name might have changed, but your login information hasn't. Please post here if you find any other issues.
  11. ...then you are on the new, freshly updated, forums. Welcome!
  12. The wind whispers woven words The stream sings soft songs The ocean offers oblivion The ship slowly sails...away Crypt, I really liked the alliteration going on, of course, being me, I had to break it in the last line. Because structure in poems is made to be played with. ;p Next line: The snow-capped mountains of hell
  13. Stones thrown through a glass heart - Poor, fragile thing - Will it break apart? Will the pain sting? Hammer blows of emotion to the mind - Flashes of light to the blind - Will it go mad? All emotions drained sad? Or will the glimmer of hope prevail? Will she be able to lift the veil? Her touch breaking - Walls shattering - Hope Love? Lost? Next line: Please stay...just another day
  14. Well, we'd need at least five or six players if we can get that, I'll mod it. Don't expect daily posts from me either, work has gotten crazy recently.
  15. Unfortunately, looks like we don't have enough.
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