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  1. Tease, teasing teaser - grin, weave, escape amid the Words that are your Labyrinth Mischief is your Name hiding behind the ideas that grow How to trap you Master of vanishing tricks?
  2. Patrick, if you are still willing to mod this... (I wasn't around even to see it?!) Considering RL is still too busy, and I don't think it'll get any better any soon, on the contrary... - I might be willing to go into a (slow) game. Bear in mind that I might only be able to post in (my) evenings and might skip some days if I have to deal with fires IRL. =P (And - no, no way for me even considering modding anything.)
  3. Sorry for vanishing. I'm still too busy to mod anything (actually I barely have time to breathe most of days...) but slowly I might have time to participate in something that goes slow-paced enough. RL is truly a pain sometimes I'll ressurrect this thread if there's interest later, but it'll be a couple of months before vacations and some free time...
  4. Seeing you sparkle sunbeams glinting off your hair I remember the glory days when light belonged to this world Next line: In the dark of the moon
  5. reaching to the skies misplaced and lost, wandering muse - the stars smile at you
  6. So, sorry for the sudden vanishing act. I've had some busy days.... Just confirming I'm still interested in running this game, but currently I'd need more players. So, if someone else is interested in modding a game meanwhile, with a less daunting theme, please just let me know! Currently confirmed players: Mynx - character to come Peredhil - Grimnath, Rider of Rohan (info on the Riders of Rohan here) Patrick - Tibbs, a man without a past, former Ranger of the North (info: Rangers of the North here; DĂșnedain, here.) Azuran - character to come Edited to add Azuran ;-)
  7. *giggles* it helps me (I was only missing Balin, didn't have the time to look for the Dwarves' timeline). I think it'll daunt any other player Thank you
  8. My brain short-circuited at some point while writing the 'teaser' (intro post)... I had stated here that the game is to take place sometime between the two books (The Hobbit and LotR), but my teaser post put it between events in the first two chapters of the LotR. Just noticed it last night I've edited the teaser post to reflect the setting I intended. Apologies for the confusion! For those who aren't sure what I'm talking about, nevermind me! That 'detail' is mostly important for those who know the books well and want to remain (relatively) close to it; as I've stated, it's not important whether you know the background or not, since I'll be taking care of them in a way that you don't necessarily have to worry about it. Law: I think your character/backstory still works, since the Necromancer was driven out from Dol Guldur soon after the Ring was found. Your character could have asked leave from Theoden or Thengel his father, depending whether you want to place the story in the first or second half of the ~60 years between the two 'milestone events' that bracket the game background (Theoden works fine, btw - I can work with it; have to check Balin's time in Moria).
  9. I've posted what is to be the game thread - you can peek in here. It's still closed, but I hope it adds a bit of flavor and helps you to decide whether you want to play - and who to play!
  10. Teaser ;-) Please see this post for details/sign-up. Middle-Earth, sometime between Bilbo coming back from his great adventure and his 111th birthday party. Bilbo is now back to Bag End, enjoying a relatively calm and hobbit-like life (maybe with the exception of the stories he shares with the young ones), with no major worries except avoiding the Sackville-Bagginses whenever they are around. But strange tidings come from time to time even through the (unknowingly guarded) borders of the Shire; news from the world outside, from the Dwarves, the Big People, and even Elves that wander the Woodland. They are strange tidings, telling of the sightings of evil creatures, of orcs and wargs, and fell men who sow discord and seek riches and power. They talk about the East, of the Shadow that grows in the forest beyond the great mountains, beyond the Misty Mountains with its snowy peaks, and takes ever growing portions of Mirkwood, once Greenwood the Great. And they also talk of even more distant lands, East-and-South, down the course of Anduin, the Great River, on its east bank beyond the fair land of Ithilien in the kingdom-of-Gondor-that-was. They tell of black smoke issuing from somewhere beyond the ranges of the Ash Mountains and the Mountains of Shadow, Ered Lithui and Ephel DĂșath in the language of old. They tell, in whispers, of some evil sorcery escaping Dol Guldur and seeking the Tower of Black Sorcery, Minas Morgul that was once fair and shone with the light of the rising Moon. And then they silence, for enclosed by those mountains is the Black Land that few dare to name. This is a time for adventure, for those staunch hearts that seek hope, or great deeds, or a glimpse of the ancient days when the Men of the West came for their last alliance with the Elves. The Shadow is not yet strong enough, although growing, always seeking their enemies and the great power that was robbed by Isildur, Elendil's son of Westernesse. The Great East Road brings news, and The Greenwood coming from the South towards the deserted North, and in Bree by the Bree-Hill they cross and find those thirsty by tales and knowledge, be they Men, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, or any of the races that still inhabit Middle-Earth. In the Prancing Pony they gather, and a group is to travel together and seek council in the hidden lands beyond Rhudaur of old, at the foot of the Misty Mountains where it's said that the Wise still live. And from there - where hither? For tales have been growing of the Ring being somewhere between the Mitheitel and the Anduin rivers, and between the Ninglor river and the Sea. And there's no lack of those who wish to search that land, and deny the Enemy its Power. ===================================================== You are one such adventurer, who is willing to search not only for the One Ring, but maybe even find where the Three, the Seven, or the Nine are - they are at most a matter of legend, and if anything is known of their fate, the stories you've heard do not tell. As they do not tell whether there's any left that Sauron has not found and used for its own purposes. Or maybe you have joined the party that is now at the Prancing Pony in Bree for your own reasons, not necessarily disclosed to your companions in this journey; for there's truth in the tales that talk about the Wise beyond the Last Bridge on the Hoarwell, and in Rivendell there is counsel that can be taken by those willing to hear. =====================================================
  11. Alright, I've decided to risk modding this game But the setting, while still in Middle-Earth and related to The Lord of the Rings, is not following any particular event in either LotR or the Hobbit. It'll be actually placed in some time between those two books, and the Quest is actually each one's - seek the One Ring, one of the Three, the Seven, or the Nine, the counsel of the Wise, or just plain Adventure. There will be a background theme running of someone(s) actually searching the whereabouts of the One Ring, but they can be NPCs if none cares to have that as a personal reason for their character to join the party. To make it clear: I'm using the world (and the geography), the mythology (and the tales in Tolkien's books), and the races (and everything in the Middle Earth at the end of the Third Age) as background and motif. The rest is up to you. If you're still willing to play - please, confirm sign-up and think of a character. Only restrictions I'm placing: no character from Tolkien's books (they might appear as NPCs in modding posts), though yours can be based on them. any race can be used, except wizards (there were only five who ever came to ME, and all of them are accounted for No Gandalf clone, please) Who you can be, if you need to refresh your memory: men ('lesser men', common people) rangers of the North (Dunedain, Men of Westernesse, the last remnants in the North) rangers of the South or men of Gondor; included here are the allies, e.g. from Dol Amroth Rohirrim (rider of Rohan) elves (no pointed ears, please... ) dwarves (yes, Tolkien's spelling here for me!) hobbits ents (why not? they are able to talk and walk, after all! Just reminding you that they're all males) renegades are okay, but be careful... (orc, half-orc, men from the East that allied themselves to Sauron...) if I missed something, I'm sure you'll remind me No knowledge of the Tolkien universe is needed; I'll just use that as a background for your actions and the story thread... Note: the game still depends on a certain number of players. I might use Kitty's variation from the first game if needed to boost the numbers.
  12. *chuckles* Congrats specially to Gyr - loved following your posts, and I particularly consider brilliant the way you RP'd the Baner. Wooden crosses, heh? Shame the dice were not favorable the night we wanted to nom you That said - it just proves that my dislike of playing the wolf is well-based; the "luck" of having both Seer and Baner alive in the last rounds is not for everybody.... As for my tentative proposed game based on LotR: really depends on interest. For those who are not thrilled by the theme, the first time I did that I gave all references and background, and the events of the LotR were just background. I have another theme that can be developed also, and maybe that attracts more attention... since it's basically a D&D RP game ;-) We'll see... no promises on either. So, if anyone else wants to step in to mod a new game, go ahead, please.
  13. Davey sighed, then joined Carey at the ship's railing - though with his back to the sea. He had concluded, during the long night hours, that all he wanted was to be out of that ship. Not that it was possible, anyway. "You know what's worse? Knowing it's one of us. That witch doctor did curse the ship, didn't he?" Carey didn't respond, but then, Davey was too distracted to listen even if he had answered. His thoughts were spinning in circles (not something he would notice...) and he kept looking at the other crewmembers. Starting to think about their reasons to be onboard, and whether a curse could affect them. His eyes fell on Adam, who seemed to be takign a short break from the kitchen. Not that one, I suppose... his interests were always on food... A small fond smile curled up his lips, remembering all the times the cook had added to his plate, or - lately - given him something nice to drink. Then he blinked, a stray thought crossing his mind. Hm... Hansel and Gretel... and the witch... ========== OOC: voting for Vene/Adam.
  14. Not in a mood for writing, sorry. Edited in my vote in my last post for this day phase.
  15. Heh... really? o.O Davey is just fun to write *chuckles* He'll get himself killed one day... by tripping on his own feet and falling headlong on the sea Or the cargo hold. Or something... C'mon, I'm sure you can write much better than I do!
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