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Found 7 results

  1. Even a man who is pure of heart And says his prayers by night May still become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms And the moon shines full and bright. Once upon a time, Werewolf hunts were common here. They took many shapes and forms, and it wasn't always a lycanthrope we hunted, but they were wolves nonetheless. It's high time to bring them back, I think, and safer all around to just start from scratch. So. This is going to be the new Werewolf thread. It is here that all questions can be asked and answered, the list of games is kept, and various other odds and ends. For the sake of posterity, here are links to the old Index, Werewolf Q&A, and the old Rules, but they are no longer gospel, and we will be starting back at Game One. The Rules: Players: Game Leader (GL) Villagers Wolves Seer Baner Villagers are the default and necessary for any game. The number of Wolves, and whether or not a game has a Seer and/or Baner is dependent on the number of players. The GL runs the game, plays NPCs as necessary, and is the only one who knows for a fact who is who. Phases: The game is broken into a Day phase and a Night phase. Although the game always starts with Day phase, we will begin by explain the rules for night, first. Night phase is when the Wolves are out to play. When the GL declares it is Night phase, the Wolf or Wolves of the game must decide on a single target, the Seer must decide on a suspect, and the Baner must decide who to protect. All of these decisions are sent privately to the GL, who will reveal the results at the end of the Night phase. If the Wolves are successful, their target dies and can no longer play the game. However, if the target was also selected by the Baner to be protected, then the target will survive the night. If the Baner targets a lone Wolf, the same thing happens - no kill. If there is more than one Wolf, however, and the Baner selects one of them, then the chance of the kill going through is decided by the numbers: Two Wolves, One of them Baned = 50% chance of success. Three Wolves, One of them Baned = 66%, and so on. The Seer is informed of their suspect's true nature, be they Villager, Baner, or Wolf. It is up to the Seer to decide what to do with this information. Day phase begins with the results of the night, and so begins the lynching phase. Each member of the game has the chance to both defend themselves and cast their votes as to who they think the Wolf or Wolves are, all the while staying in character within the nature of the game. People are by nature suspicious, and Wolves are by nature conniving - there is nothing to stop players from hinting, accusing, or outright lying, and odds are you could end up condemning the one person who has been trying to save you. RP is strongly encouraged, with only a few requirements: The vote must be stated clearly at the end of the post in an out of character (OOC) comment. The GL must be informed of any collaborative writing or planning that takes place outside of the main game. Traditionally, simply including the GL in the emails or PMs is sufficient. If at all possible, you are strongly encouraged to find an in-game reason for casting your vote, and write accordingly. When the votes have been cast, the GL will carry out the lynching, and begin Night phase. End Game: The game ends when one of two things happen: Either the Wolf or Wolves are all lynched, or the number of Villagers equals the number of Wolves. For the sake of the final decision, Seers and Baners count as Villagers. These are the base rules. Within this, there are a number of variables and options on which the GL can decide: Length of phases: Traditionally, Day phase lasts 48 hours, and Night phase 24 hours. Revealing roles: It is up to the GL to decide whether or not to disclose a player's role upon death or lynching, though traditionally it can be more of a challenge to keep this a secret until the end of the game. The nature of the wolves and deaths: As already stated, a Werewolf game doesn't have to be about werewolves themselves. We have often played with themes to keep things interesting, and as a result the kills may not be in true death but simply in removal from the game. Continuation as a Non-Playing Character (NPC) can be negotiated with the GL. Allies: Traditionally, only the wolves are allowed to ally with one another, although the GL may determine whether players are allowed to ally in/out-of-game. All games must have two threads: a game thread, and an OOC thread to register characters, make out-of-game comments, and clarify any questions unique to specific games. The OOC threads are not to be used to garner votes (so no claims of "I'm a Baner and if you vote for Bob I'll protect you" or the like). If you have any questions, feel free to post here, or PM myself or Tanuchan. Let the games begin
  2. Edit: see this post for details on theme and sign-up. Well.. this is not a sign-up thread, not yet at least. I'm just curious to know how many would be interested in participating in a Lord of the Rings-themed werewolf. Where it came from: old game I modded eight years ago: "Wolf of the Rings" (and ooc thread) Setting: Lord of the Rings (the book - sorry, dislike the movies to an extreme); as that first game used as background the events from Rivendell to the Battle of Helm's Deep, the tentative idea is to take this from that point on. However, if more interesting I'm open to using the same background of the first game. I'd like to use again the same variation of rules, but for that it needs a minimum number of players. So, my interest in knowing how many I might have if I decide to throw that theme in again. This is not yet a commitment - I really want a certain number of players before daring the theme again, and still need to think how to deal with the events. But it's a... sort of poll Comments welcome. If this turns really into a game, I'll just transform this thread into an official sign-up. ~Tanny P.S. Same slow-paced game as the previous and current ones in this 'reset'!
  3. Teaser ;-) Please see this post for details/sign-up. Middle-Earth, sometime between Bilbo coming back from his great adventure and his 111th birthday party. Bilbo is now back to Bag End, enjoying a relatively calm and hobbit-like life (maybe with the exception of the stories he shares with the young ones), with no major worries except avoiding the Sackville-Bagginses whenever they are around. But strange tidings come from time to time even through the (unknowingly guarded) borders of the Shire; news from the world outside, from the Dwarves, the Big People, and even Elves that wander the Woodland. They are strange tidings, telling of the sightings of evil creatures, of orcs and wargs, and fell men who sow discord and seek riches and power. They talk about the East, of the Shadow that grows in the forest beyond the great mountains, beyond the Misty Mountains with its snowy peaks, and takes ever growing portions of Mirkwood, once Greenwood the Great. And they also talk of even more distant lands, East-and-South, down the course of Anduin, the Great River, on its east bank beyond the fair land of Ithilien in the kingdom-of-Gondor-that-was. They tell of black smoke issuing from somewhere beyond the ranges of the Ash Mountains and the Mountains of Shadow, Ered Lithui and Ephel Dúath in the language of old. They tell, in whispers, of some evil sorcery escaping Dol Guldur and seeking the Tower of Black Sorcery, Minas Morgul that was once fair and shone with the light of the rising Moon. And then they silence, for enclosed by those mountains is the Black Land that few dare to name. This is a time for adventure, for those staunch hearts that seek hope, or great deeds, or a glimpse of the ancient days when the Men of the West came for their last alliance with the Elves. The Shadow is not yet strong enough, although growing, always seeking their enemies and the great power that was robbed by Isildur, Elendil's son of Westernesse. The Great East Road brings news, and The Greenwood coming from the South towards the deserted North, and in Bree by the Bree-Hill they cross and find those thirsty by tales and knowledge, be they Men, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, or any of the races that still inhabit Middle-Earth. In the Prancing Pony they gather, and a group is to travel together and seek council in the hidden lands beyond Rhudaur of old, at the foot of the Misty Mountains where it's said that the Wise still live. And from there - where hither? For tales have been growing of the Ring being somewhere between the Mitheitel and the Anduin rivers, and between the Ninglor river and the Sea. And there's no lack of those who wish to search that land, and deny the Enemy its Power. ===================================================== You are one such adventurer, who is willing to search not only for the One Ring, but maybe even find where the Three, the Seven, or the Nine are - they are at most a matter of legend, and if anything is known of their fate, the stories you've heard do not tell. As they do not tell whether there's any left that Sauron has not found and used for its own purposes. Or maybe you have joined the party that is now at the Prancing Pony in Bree for your own reasons, not necessarily disclosed to your companions in this journey; for there's truth in the tales that talk about the Wise beyond the Last Bridge on the Hoarwell, and in Rivendell there is counsel that can be taken by those willing to hear. =====================================================
  4. Sign-ups are now open! Come one, come all, don't forget to board the ship before she sets sail!
  5. It had barely been a week since the Fat Slug had left behind the port of Aného on the Slave Coast. The heat was sweltering, humidity atrociously high and the rain daily. For Captain York it was business as usual. It was spring in the Carolinas, the Slug's destination but would be getting on to late summer by the time she arrived. The perfect time for unloading a precious cargo of slaves, just before the autum harvest. The Slug was heavily laden with humanity, carrying well over five hundred souls, most of them slaves, shackled below decks. Not that John York counted them as souls. For him the barely fifty or sixty white men were all the humanity on board. The rest were but cargo. Perched on the stern, next to the first mate, who was anchored to the rudder as though his life depended on it in these calm seas, the captain could not help but smile. There were no signs whatsoever that this was anything other than a routine trip. OOC: non-lynching day phase. You have at least a few days to have your fun, before the wolves start having theirs.
  6. Come one, come all, to hunt the wolf! This is the official sign-up thread for a new Werewolf game. If you have any questions regarding the rules, please check here. The theme of this game is the basic format - let's just get the ball rolling before we begin to make things too interesting I know things are still quiet, so there's no time limit on signing up for right now - I just want to see what numbers we get. For now, please post if you want to play, and feel free to create a character for the fun
  7. Little town, what a quiet village. Every day like the one before. Little town, full of little people. Waking up to say... Nothing ever happened in Derulian. Nothing exciting, certainly. The sun rose and set each day, the seasons passed, the same people interacted with little variation barring the occasional traveler who must have lost their way from the main road. Some only used Derulian to pause and get their bearings before setting off again, others shrugged and settled down there if they thought they could find work for the season, but all in all nothing happened. Nothing changed. It was just the way Father Augustine liked it. He was one of the few who had stumbled upon Derulian rather than been born there, and after years of travel and seeing the costs of violence and war had been all too happy to put down roots in the isolated town. For their part, the population had been in dire need of someone to fill both the positions of Healer and Priest, and had welcomed him gladly. They even insisted on calling him Father - Augustine considered himself more of a Cleric than an out-and-out Priest, particularly given his contributions as a Healer - but if that was his only complaint about the town then he felt he could die happy. Stretching in the warm morning sun as he exited his modest home, Augustine considered his surroundings with a fond smile before he set off to go about his business, hand already lifting in a wave as he saw others beginning to emerge from their houses for the day. OOC: Non-lynching Day Phase! Get to know each other!
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