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  2. The light broke over Harmony's face like a warm caress...she had not realized how deeply she missed the sun. Maybe it was the length of her stay under ground? Maybe it was the circumstances of her burial, which were still a fog? Maybe it was Muse, who lept at the crack of light and swarmed through it, leaving her alone, for once...seconds later, a quick 'tapping' rang out as the edges of the door burst inward, some invisible seal breaking, and loosing gusts of dust which spurted at Harmony's face. Slowly she reached out and grasped the handle, a simple curve of metal set in the heavy wood. "PUSH, Muse!" she thought, and pulled, leaning back, using her newfound weight. Slowly the door swung inward, til it stood open, and Harmony tumbled forward through it, laughing and gasping. She shaded her eyes as they adjusted to the bright golden light. Muse was skipping around in miniature fawn form, head-butting tree trunks...tree trunks! And grass! A blue sky opened its soaring chasm above her, and the sunlight sparked and glittered off dew-drops on a long, sloping hillside which spread on two sides. Between the hills, almost directly in front of her, Harmony saw a dimple of a valley, with a tiny brown creek winding down the center. It found its beginnings at the side of the rock-wall face through which she herself had just passed. Harmony left Muse to her rejoicing and studied the wall. It wasn't that high--only a few feet of wall appeared above the door, before disappearing under a thick cover of ivy, and then more grassy hillside, which rose above that. Further up, Harmony saw craggy slopes and snow-capped cliffs. It appeared the entire burial maze was beneath a mountain. No wonder it had been dark...and oddly magical. Harmony started for a moment at the stream, rippling merrily out of a hole in the solid rock beside the door; where did the water come from? There had been no trace of water within, only a moldering dampness. Yet here it was. Muse stopped head-butting trees and chose to jump in the water instead, splashing drops everywhere, bending down to scoop handfuls and fling them; laughing squeakily, she came up with a fish and hurled it at Harmony. Harmony pinned it on the grass with her foot, and grabbling a few sticks, she clicked her fingers to start a fire. It would be nice to eat something real.
  3. A melancholy plum ponders its plight, deep within a Christmas pie. It silently shrieks in terror as his world opens to the sky. An endless scream of pain escapes his breathless lungs as a thumb pierces his eye. His last thoughts were the words of his god "What a good boy am I." Next line: If I were to taste the tears of eternity
  4. Perhaps not time, then, but age? Age is the reason I cannot pass unscathed...because most things I touch, age as I pass..I wish it were not so! To age in an instant truly is a breaking of time's concepts, but then, all concepts are merely one point on the circle of theoretical advance... wheels turning, gathering dust, until we all shudder under the weight and shake ourselves free of it. And write a poem, instead.
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    A horde of, what APPEARS to be, Minions and Oompa Loompas have been sighted, fastidiously, sanitizing and disinfecting the ENTIRETY of the Keep of the Pen is Mightier than the Sword and it's Realm of Existence. SOOOO, all of you social distancing and self quarantining have NO reason to avoid visiting the Pen!
  6. Wait. . . WHO told you about Albuquerque!?! I will say this, like all Religions, the ideas put forth here are close. But, merely shadows of the truth. If I can EVER get myself to not be so unmotivated, I'll explain it someday. I'll leave you with this, your major problem is your belief in time, which does NOT exist.
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    Every time I read this, I get sad. They put out ONE issue and that's it. Their site says they'll be back, but nothing so far. I was so excited too😒.
  8. Wow. And I thought I took long breaks in my writing. 😁 Hope you are able to keep going on this for a while. I want to know how this turns out.
  9. As one such intersection, I would have to agree...the Pen is yet another. For myself,it is just, nice, to have a decent conversation without bending time around one's self and accidentally breaking things. Time is awkward and unmanageable. Some bits are gaspingly short, and bright, and hard as diamonds, polished to shine forever in their places; others quiet, and slow, yet quickly, silently pass us by like ships in the night. Many years have passed since I have spoken on the Pen. And I will be back again...
  10. Fairy dust upon the wind, Khione's glitter shaken from above; She crafts her icy magic With a fierce, artistic hand. Next line: A melancholy plum
  11. Hmm...Harmony wonders if this is referring to all the long time writers on this forum who have vanished for years at a time? (Looks around sheepishly) my apologies for the lateness. Glad to finally be back where Muse shines and quills are never dull...
  12. Harmony stood wondering what to do next; but the lure of a door was too much to resist. She stood for several minutes, listening to the sound of the retreating mech, before following Muse's nose down the dimly lit, grimy hallway. Carefully, she stayed to the center of the hall. The dust and muck once again obscured the tiles, but she assumed the green path would follow same as the previous hall. Reaching the dead end, Harmony saw that the decoration, as Muse had called it, was nothing more than a tattered tapestry of green leaves, obviously hand-sewn, obviously old. The edges crumbled when Muse bounded up and sniffed at it. Harmony waved her aside, impatient to see what lay behind it. At that moment, Harmony was struck by a singularly curious sensation; an almost falling, dizzying rolling sensation, followed by a shock of extraordinary pain. She gasped as her muscles tightened against her will, and her body lurched against the tapestry, sliding down to rest on the wall. Muse flashed into a small Fire-sprite, hovering next to her with a worried expression: she could feel the pain, too, but couldn't understand it. This was no magic, no wound. The moment passed, and the sensation eased. Looking down at herself, at her body, Harmony realized that her stomach muscles were tight as steel bands, and beneath that, it felt like her body was curled in on itself. A few minutes more, and Harmony was able to hoist herself back to her feet. Heavily, she reached up to brush away the hanging tapestry. It fell to the floor in rags; behind it, a heavy metal door frame was filled with a hard, solid wooden door. One single hole at the top of the frame blazed with light, warm and golden; sunlight! Harmony's eyes filled with sudden tears. A door to the outside!!
  13. "You should just write" "It's easy" "You should just write" It's easy to say that. Throw down random words? Jumbled thoughts that make no sense? Just spew out bullshit? Nah. Not today.
  14. Oh my Lady Gaga! (OMLGg). I needed a chuckle!
  15. TLDunn213

    Egg Quest

    Quick notes for now. A Dracon in service to the White Dragon: Lady Horefrost, approaches a group of adventures about rescuing a Dragon egg stolen by the servants of the ArchLitch: Angmar. Angmar' s motives involve a long standing feude with Seline Deathshadow. (see Behind the House of Usher for details)
  16. You know, I feel like forcing a rhyme, Go on rhymezone.com and find something to pass the time. Doesn't even have to be that good, Just has to be something you could... RHYME You just start putting thoughts on a page- Does that really rhyme with vacuum gauge ? Now that just sounds a bit stupid, Oh shit, the only word I can use is cupid. Because...RHYME This structure just feels forced Rhymezone tells me a word to use is "horst" So you go to Google, what does it mean? Wikipedia comes to your aid you're very keen. Hey, that's a RHYME! "Horst is a raised block bounded by normal faults" Allow me to dance a little waltz. I've just learned something extraordinary, I think my balls are a little bit hairy... Wait, that's not the RHYME- -that I wanted to use, it's too dirty My keyboard has keys that spell qwerty That's a lie, my keyboard is French It only says AZERTY And that don't RHYME This poem is breaking down, going down the drain These rhymes have become somewhat of a pain Coming up with them is mostly a strain My searching of rhymezone.com is not in vain Pride I can't even feign Tonight poetry I have slain Fucking with my own brain But who is to gain? Certainly not Spain? HOLA! This has become a stupid exercise in form A form that has been broken and twisted It is the new norm And I have not been unassisted (by rhymezone.com) RHYME! Rhyme as if your life depended on it! Show off your whit! (by rhymezone.com) It says you should use palm, qualm, prom, spalm or rhomb RHYME! This poem is mostly done My point is : none! I have no burp gun Nor do I have a blow gun But I've had fun With this RHYME! thyme - tasty ! slime - slippery ! dime - ooh money ! crime - oh no ! grime - dirty ! prime : 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 - infinitely many ! mime -let's start again !
  17. Sometimes you just sit down. And WRITE! Get the thoughts out ! SHOUT THEM!
  18. The room was dimly lit, with the client seated at the small table in the middle, cowl up, face and form hidden. "You, Seline ?" He ask. He spoke softly, but to Seline's trained ears those two words were enough to reveal gender and hint at social status. "I am; Rich man. Who are you, and who do you want eliminated ?" "You may call me Vrill." He placed a glass rectangle on the table and slid it tword her. "This is my rival, Doxx." A bag of coins joined the rectangle. "I need him disposed of; and for reasons, which need not concern you, I am constrained from doing the deed myself." Seline picked up the glass rectangle and looked at the image it held. A man of means, mid-twenties, nice looking. Perhaps she would take the seduction route... An ornate dagger joined the bag of coins on the table. "I wish for you to kill him with this; and return it to me afterwards." Seline looked at the bag of coins and the dagger with out touching either. A second bag joined the first. She opened them without picking them up. Gems. The guy was paying in gems. She almost turned him down right there. No one offers that much unless the target is extremely dangerous and hard to kill. She took another look at the image in the glass. Even the deadliest spellcaster tends to let his guard down along with his pants. She smiled and picked up the bags and the dagger. "Is there any rush on this?" "I will be in town until the end of the month. I would prefer sooner, of course. But I know that these things can take time. And I have no idea what his plans are or how long he will be staying." "Understood. I should be in touch with you within a week or so."
  19. TLDunn213


    The Deathcap is a "natutaly" occurring fungus found along the banks of the Styx. It is unclear if they are an offshoot of the Sporinids or were the base stock from which the fungus men were crafted. In any event they were cultivated and refined from their original wild state into the form we know today during the Zombie Wylding War. In fact there were several strains of them created by both sides for an assortment of purposes: Servent, Spy/Assassin, Shock Troops, etc. Being both plant and zombie they are vulnerable to things that can effect eather one, but also have a chance to be unaffected as well. For example, a circle of protection against undead might stop them but it might not. Due to their being both undead and plant. The alignment of a Deathcap is normally Neutral. But can also match that of their controller or that of the person the Deathcap sprouted from. This is most common when the corpse is quite fresh. It is also worth noting that if the corpse is both fresh and that of a spellcaster the resultant Deathcap may be able to cast some of the spells known to the original being.
  20. (My own add-ons ) We call you from the Blackest Hells With Obscene Rites, and Eldritch Spells Screaming out your name, Jolene. And when you from the Pit doth Rise With acrid smoke that fills the Skies And Eldritch Flame that sears our eyes We will call the bringer of our demise; Jolene.
  21. Disclaimer: I found this on iFunny, and it looks like a re-post from some other social media platform. I'm just posting a easier to read version. If the originator sees this, get in touch and I'll add a byline. ****************************************** Eldritch Horror Jolene By (Unknown) Your teeth are sharp Your mouth agape Your claws rend flesh There's no escape From the judgement of the Eldritch One Jolene. He screams about you in his sleep And when he wakes, does naught but weep In terror, of the one they call Jolene. Blackening the summer skies With burning wings and countless eyes We tremble at the sight of you Jolene. We cower here beneath your gaze That sets the earth and sky ablaze Have mercy at the end of days Jolene.
  22. Targon took his place, and the rest of us followed suit. Once the rest of us were in place Latara began inscribing the Runes from the spell book into the clay figure. There was a flow of Power, growing stronger with each Symbol inscribed. At her signal we began to Chant. The Power flow seemed to double as each of us joined in. Then, finally it leveled off and the memories started to flow. All our memories were open to each other if we'd had the attention to spare to look. The strongest of course were those of the Dracolitch, Seline Deathshadow, master assassin. Or so she had called herself, before the change. Her entire life, Her entire being was flowing through us from the Dracolitch to the clay figure, soon to become living flesh. Her entire life flowing through us and we had to watch those memories without getting caught up in them, without missing a word or even a syllable of our appointed part of the Spell. Born in a brothel, with no clue as to who or what her father was. Thieves Guild. Assassins Guild. I wanted to look closer here, see what lead to this choice, But I couldn't take the risk. Ah there it was, Her mother's death, a desire for revenge, the discovery of a talent for killing. Then the Major turning point. The discovery of her draconic heritage. These memories were too strong. I felt my awareness slipping away, then splitting. Part of me was still standing in the Circle, Chanting. But the rest of me was there, with a young Seline, entering a dimly lit back room of the tavern, that was the cover for the Assassins Guild.
  23. O.k. upon reflection I have to admit that sky cities are likely not an option for here on Earth. The gas bags just have to be too big compared to the size of the living space you're trying to lift with it. This does not rule out the possibility of both crewed and non-crewed research platforms able to stay aloft indefinitely with little to no support from the ground. Especially small unmanned lighter than air aircraft/drones. A small blimp covered in solar cells and designed to catch water from clouds. Catch water and then float up into the sunshine and break it down into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen for lift and fuel in a fuel cell to run the electrical systems when there isn't enough sunlight.
  24. Powers, abilities, and other details. O.k. first off, as the idea was to weaponize them then it follows that they must have some combat abilities. And they do: all Necro-Snails can generate a stun field out to a ten feet radius. And Necro-Ghouls can fire a stunbolt up to fifty yards. Spawners are often able to cast spells and or use psi-Powers. And both Ghouls and Spawn are able to weild most normal weapons. Beyond these basics, it's a grab bag, Any spell that can be Cast from a Wand, Rod or Staff was tried. And if the control aspect had worked they would have been quite formidable. Each Spawn could control up to two Ghouls or fifteen Snails or any combination there of. With a Ghoul being able to control five or six Snails. Each Snail would have from one to three spells inscribed on it, with three or four charges and the ability to absorb incoming spells and or lifeforce to recharge. As well as the digestive acids and draining touch that go with their basic feeding process. The problem, as noted above, was in the control aspect, memory retention linked to how to Snails were made. There were two ways of making a Necro-Snail. The slow way, which let you customize the spells, and avoidedthe memory retention problem, Well, mostly. Someone with a strong enough sense of self could still be a problem. But the odds were way better this way. But the process was slow, a full day, or more to inscribe the spells needed to make just one Snail. We'll ignore the time needed to make the ink as it was needed for both methods, and could be made in large batches, assuming you had the ingredients. The second way used one spell, and a vile of the Ink, to copy the inscription from the casting Spawn onto the snail-to-be. Much faster, but now you're copying the memory boosting Runes. There is a way around this problem, and I'm not sure why it wasn't used. Likely there is some detail in the process that makes it trickier than it would seem to be at first glance. The idea is to simply inscribe the Runes you want to use on a skull and use it as your template rather than your own head. But, As I said, there must be some detail to the process that makes this complicated and not the easy answer it seems to be.
  25. The term Necro-Snail refers both to the creature and the spells used to create one. I say spells because, even though they are all the same base enchantment, requiring some bit of a Necro-Snail as the material component, there are several variations that allow the subject to retain greater or lesser amounts of their original being during the transformations. Of which there are three, if everything goes right. First is from freshly dead spell subject to Necro-Snail. Second, once the snail has consumed enough raw materials, into a Necro-Ghoul. More about that stage in a bit. Third, if all went well, Necro-Spawner If things did not go well, or if the Necro-Snail was one that formed spontaneously, the third form will be a mongrel amalgam of all the beings that were consumed along the way by both the Snail and Ghoul forms. This "final" form being will automatically have the Necro-Snail Enchantment and its skull will transform into a Necro-Snail at death unless steps are taken to prevent it. Description: The Snail form is the size of a human skull, having the shape of a normal snail shell in back, and the look of the face bones, (minus the lower jaw) to the front, with the snail body below. The Ghoul form takes the snail form and places it atop a humanoid body with see through skin and flesh. Which become more opaque over time. The head still looks mostly like a skull shelled snail with the eyestalks protrudingthrough the eyesockets of the skull. Once the Ghoul form has consumed enough raw materials it becomes a Necro-Spawner. A bald, ear-less humanoid with corpse white skin and a snail shell pattern "tattoo" on the head. The eyes are still eyestalks, although when retracted they look almost like normal eyes. Which can allow these creatures to pass as human around 80 percent of the time. Sometimes there are runes and other arcane symbols on the head and body. These are the mark of a more complex form of the enchantment which allows the Necromancer to retain far more of their original being than would otherwise be the case. These beings are insane to one degree or another due to being an amalgam of all the beings that were consumed along the way. In snail form the main drive is to consume as many dead and dieing creatures as possible so as to transform into the next stage. The Ghoul form is the most unstable as each fragment attempts to gain control. The Spawner form tends to be more stable as at this point one fragment has gained control or the fragments have merged into a single mind. Although such control/merger may be incomplete and unstable. Necro-Snails occur "naturally", or at least spontaneously, along the banks of the Styx. And are sometimes found in the living world at sights of massive death and dying The Yun-Xi and their Necromancer allies discovered Necro-Snails during the War and attempted to adapt them for their own ends. On the whole this did not go well. The spell and spawn process did allow some Necromancers to escape death by becoming Necro-Spawners without losing too much of themselves along the way. The other intended use, that of conscripting enemy dead in to the ranks of the Necromancer's army. Was a complete failure, due primarily to the very things they were hoping to exploit. Namely the retention of memory. One can talk to the dead, with the right spells. But once you make them undead that stops working. The Necros were seen as a way around this. But the retention of memory and a sense of self lead to rebellion against their controllers. And the project was mostly abandoned. But no effort was made to clean up the related mess. So there are still Necro-Spawners out there. And every now and then someone with a strong enough sense of self will come back as a Necro-Spawner with memories of their former selves. And sometimes they can even be fully restored.
  26. We looked at each other and nodded. "We're doing this then; Right. So, where do I fit ? " Targon ask as we all gathered round the work table at the start point. "First we bleed into the flask here, until it's up to this mark. Then we mix that with the powdered Dragonbone in this bowl. That will link us to each other and the Dracolitch. Then you will take your place in the Guardian's circle over there. Once the lines start glowing you will be able to step out of the small circle and travel freely around the perimeter. You'll have a view as if this were the edge of the island. And your job will be to warn us of anything if anything big enough to break through the spells shows up." I explained as we each took the ritual knife and added our blood to the flask. I felt a rush of power as my blood dripped into the flask and we became linked. In that moment I gained a deeper understanding of the allure of Blood Magic. Then I poured the blood into the bowl of powdered Dragonbone. The world went away for a moment, or an eternity, and when I was able to notice details again I was happy to see that none of us had fallen. Although it was clearly a near thing. I felt the Dragon's pleased laughter in my/our minds *"Impressive. You are a party worth joining."* she said/Thought.
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