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  2. We looked at each other and nodded. "We're doing this then; Right. So, where do I fit ? " Targon ask as we all gathered round the work table at the start point. "First we bleed into the flask here, until it's up to this mark. Then we mix that with the powdered Dragonbone in this bowl. That will link us to each other and the Dracolitch. Then you will take your place in the Guardian's circle over there. Once the lines start glowing you will be able to step out of the small circle and travel freely around the perimeter. You'll have a view as if this were the edge of the island. And your job will be to warn us of anything if anything big enough to break through the spells shows up." I explained as we each took the ritual knife and added our blood to the flask. I felt a rush of power as my blood dripped into the flask and we became linked. In that moment I gained a deeper understanding of the allure of Blood Magic. Then I poured the blood into the bowl of powdered Dragonbone. The world went away for a moment, or an eternity, and when I was able to notice details again I was happy to see that none of us had fallen. Although it was clearly a near thing. I felt the Dragon's pleased laughter in my/our minds *"Impressive. You are a party worth joining."* she said/Thought.
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  4. She was huge. It is one thing to know that Dragons are Big, and quite another to be face to face with one. Words truly cannot convey the feeling of being in the same room with a creature who's head alone is taking up more space than your entire party. The room itself was also on an epic scale. Even with the Dragon's skull taking up a good fourth of the available floorspace; there was still plenty of room to walk around the transmutation circle, carved into the middle of the room's floor, and get a good look at the worktables, alters, and so on set up around it. And walk around it we did. It was likely the single largest, most complex ritual spell setup any of us had ever seen. or were ever going to see, even if we lived for another hundred years or more. And yet, once you got past the sheer scale of the thing, and the number of spells layered into it; It was elegant. Each spell streamlined and crafted so as to flow smoothly as possible into the next. Magic is sometimes called The Art; and this was a Masterpiece. While the whole was complex, each part was as simplified as possible to the point that even an apprentice could have followed the general flow of the whole and told you what each part was supposed to contribute. There was really no way to hide anything in the ritual. It took time to walk through all the steps, but each was simple and flowed easily into the next. We went over it twice, as much to admire it, as from any other need for understanding or fear of treachery. The Dracolitch watched us, with glowing points of light, where her eyes had once been. Lights that shifted from reddish-orange to a mellow contented blue, as we openly admired her handiwork. There is something satisfying about having your work admired by a fellow craftsman who can fully appreciate it.
  5. "Once, I did not trust Dragons or Spell Casters. Yet, now I am friends with several. Mayhap, the time has come to find that an Undead can have honor and earn my respect." "Thank You, Barbarian. That is the kindest thing anyone has said to or about me in a very long time." "Enough Talk. Those who know spells need to see your Ritual Chamber and spells; then we can decide and Act. Lead on skeleton." And so we followed our boney guide through a maze of twisting passages until we came to the Lair of the Dracolitch.
  6. We felt the spell snap into place, and before any of us could say anything, a skeleton stepped out of one of the doorways and said, "Adventurers, I wish to bargain." We all looked at each other for a bit and then Yerico said, "speak." "Your allies trapped me, and my undead legions, here during the war. But I was already trapped by my undead state. Having had much time to think I have devised a plan by which I can escape both, with your help." "Why should we help you?" Targon demanded. "Because, Barbarian, it is the only way you can get out of here. And by aiding me you gain a powerful ally" "An ' ally ' we have little reason to trust, is not that tempting an offer." Latara observed. "The resurrection process I have devised will allow you to place a Geais on me. So that I have no choice but to serve your goals, for a time." "How long a time ?" I ask. "Until Melkior has fully vanquished Varque, I will do all in my power to aid him in that goal." "And you swear this by your honor as a Dragon?" Latara demanded. "I do. Freely and of my own will; So, long as you honor your part of the bargain." "Which is what; exactly ?" Kain inquired. "To preform the ritual, I will provide, so as to enable me to go forth from this place as a member of your company." "Restoring one to life often requires a life in exchange. I will not sacrifice any member of our company to free you." Hawk stated flatly. "Peace, archer. There is a blood price, but not a death price. You will each need to sacrifice some of your blood and life force into the Gollum body I have prepared, so that it will be 'alive' enough for me to use. But no one will need to die for this."
  7. Underground Cities: An answer to the overcrowding of our planet. Sky cities and Sea cities; both floating and underwater; being some other options we could consider. I see underground as the easiest to do large scale. There are ships out there right now that could be counted as cities. But I'm thinking of a large, selfsuficient sort of thing. And I'll cover that option in a later post. Now then, I'm thinking that a basically four level system would be the best way to go. Starting at the top, we would have several caves/chambers for water storage. These would be at a depth where the temperature is around 60 degrees F/15 degrees C and would be connected to the evaporation and steam caves on levels 3 and 4. With the water vapor condensing on the ceiling, which would be sloped with the cool end lower. There should be 4 to 12 such chambers to allow for repairs/maintenance without causing any disruption to service. The water caves would be connected to the city proper, on level 2, so as to not only provide water But also Power. A series of turbines along the way, if engineered correctly, should be able to provide most of the power needed to run the city. With Steam caves on level4 providing the rest. Level 4 is mostly intended to be a backup system as it will be so deep and therefore hot, that protective gear will be needed to work on anything down there. Likely the turbines and so on would be connected to the cranes used to lower them into place, for ease of extraction When repairs are needed. Level 2 would be not only the living quarters of the city but also the level at which food would be grown and processed and whatever other manufacturing process would take place. Level 3, the wet caves, would be where the city's waste water is treated, with some additional farming operations. This level would be at a depth where the temperature is around 90 to 100 F With the city proper being at a depth where the temperature is around 70 to 80 F. There would need to be fans and a good bit of natural chimney effects in place to ensure proper airflow. But this is the basic idea in a nutshell.
  8. After almost an hour, of working our way around bogs, that were too thick with mud to sail through, but still too wet to walk on; we reached the central island or islands. Hard to say which as there were streams everywhere with fallen trees bridging most of them. In any event there was a building in the middle of the whole thing, which we eventually made our way to. There were Runes and Glyphs, more than half hidden by moss and vines, above the doorway. We really should have taken the time to study them. But we were all wet and tired, and beyond the archway was a courtyard covered with smooth, dry, solid, flagstones. I don't think words can really convey how good solid ground can look after an hour or so of slogging through knee deep muck, and slipping on moss and slime covered rocks and treetrunks. So we all rushed through the archway into the courtyard. And as soon as we were all inside, the magic snapped into place. Every one of us knowing that this is the Lair of a Dracolitch. Every one of us well versed in Magic; even Targon. He might not be a spell caster like the rest of us, but he's faced enough magic using foes...And we blunder through a Rune covered archway like amateurs. Thankfully our tale doesn't end here, with us becoming the undead servants of a Dracolich. No, our story didn't end here; it just started a new chapter, or maybe a new volume.
  9. Over the next several days, their dinner conversations allowed me to learn a great many things. Both amout my hosts, and the history of the world in general. I won't bother going into detail about that here, as such matters are both better recorded elsewhere and likely already well known to most of my potential readers. It is enough to note that my earlier speculations about how far I was from my own time and what had happened in the interim were largely correct, with the remaining details being as unknown to my hosts as they were to myself. The other gain from my spying, was a steady supply of items that needed doing around the farm. Various small items that I could easily do in such a way as to both repay them for their unknowing hospitality and to hint at my presence without fully revealing myself just yet. I was still stuck as to a plan for how to approach them and was hoping, once they were aware of a shy yet helpful presence around the place, That they would hatch some plan to draw me out. Then, I would need only play along. Not a great plan, I admit, but the best I could come up with at the moment.
  10. !!KABOOM!! "*What was that ?!*" "*Things not going according to plan. Well, not according to plan A, at any rate. *" Anna gave Garm a questioning look Garm resumed human form and spoke a Word to restore Anna as well. "By this point she was supposed to have lost the Naazz and be slipping quietly through the trees not setting traps to try and take them down. And if that wasn't one of her traps going off, I'll eat my boots." "I'd love to get you some hot sauce for them; but, assuming you're right...?" "They'll probably be coming out of the trees over there near the edge of that field. If they're in human shape and walking, we relax a join them. If they're in cat shape and running..." Garm paused to string a longbow he'd pulled from his pack "...We get to find out how good you are with one of these." He finished passing her the bow and pulling a second one from his pack.
  11. Has anyone heard anything about the "no moving parts" airplane? Works on an ion thrust process. So far they only have a proof of concept drone sized thing. I have a few ideas on how to scale it up; but would need to know a lot more about how what they have works, before I could say if any of my ideas would be worth looking into. Anyway this is mostly a PSA to anyone who is into this stuff and hasn't heard about this yet.
  12. Still haven't found anything on gravity resistant materials, at least not as such. Have found vids on You Tube talking about the Secret Space Program; Which included some stuff about craft that just sit there a few feet off the ground. Same way as Luke's sand speeder and the hover board from Back to the Future. I forget which vids was talking about them, But just look for Secret Space Program on You Tube, And you'll find a lot of stuff. Several channels posting stuff that's an hour, hour and a half, Two hours. Long, but if you've got the time and are into this stuff, it's worth a look. Love to hear what you/anyone thinks about any of this.
  13. South American Shamans Stone Softing Liquid. 10 parts Acitic acid 9 parts Citric acid 8 parts Oxalic acid Just noting it here so I don't forget. Check out stuff about Geopolimers to learn more about this. Geopolimers, by the way, are how a lot of the Megalithic structures were made. See also Egyptian "concrete"
  14. Magnus Wing. I'm putting this here because why not. Anyway, I'm assuming that anyone reading this has heard of the Magnus Effect and the few attempts made at using it for aircraft. If not, go look it up so you'll know what I'm talking about. My idea is to try using the Magnus Effect in a way that gets around the biggest problem with how it has been tried before. That is, if you use a single large drum in place of the wing, when you lose power you fall. Because a drum doesn't let you glide. My idea: a wing made of several rows of smaller drums. This should allow one to tap into the Magnus Effect for extra lift while still having enough of a wing that you would still be able to glide without power, at least well enough to land. I can't be the only person to have thought of this, but I can't find anything about anyone having tried this. If anyone reading this has heard of this being tried, let me know I'd love to see how it worked or didn't. After all we don't have these things flying around. So, either I am the only one who has thought of this so far, or I just haven't found the info on where it was tried and what the problem was that keeps it from working; or maybe just keeps it from being practical. Anyway, if anyone knows anything about this, let me know? Thanks. Well, I found one thing where the drum was replaced with just a flat piece. Just an RC model, so they weren't looking at safety features like locking the panels in place in case of power failure. Might work, but still risky. Panels might not lock in at the right angle, and being a flat piece and not a true wing shape, probably wouldn't glide all that well. And still not close to what I have in mind.
  15. While poking around on the gravity resistant thing I ran across a thing Where this guy; Bushman; had done a test involving crazy strong rare earth magnets. Placed N to N and dropped off a building they were landing later than two equal sized pieces of the same stuff that weren't magnetized. Claims that this is an anti-gravity effect Sadly I can't buy it without better testing. Steel rebar in the wall of the building is most likely to be why the magnets fell slower. Take the magnets up in a balloon and drop them over an empty field. If you get the same results, then, Then, we are on to something. Until then, it's just a pipedream fueled by wishful thinking and sloppy science.
  16. Snypiuer: I’m going to get a shirt made that says, “The Problem with Millennials: My 6 year old niece BULLIES her Millennial cousin”(tm) Millennial: But she’s REALLY mean to me. Niece: Suck it up, buttercup! Millennial: SEE! Snypiuer: Let’s go get an ice cream kid. Millennial: Yay! Niece: He’s talking to me. Millennial: (Sad) oohhh..... Snypiuer: I weep for the future. (walks away) Niece: HEY! You’re getting me that ice cream!
  17. "We need answers, and to get them we need more information, and one place to get that is the Scarlet Stag." I said getting up from the table and putting my dishes in the sink. "O.k. I'll head over there and see what I can find out." Fantasia said adding her dishes to the sink. "I was thinking of going myself, Need to talk to Tatanya about something that's between us, and get it settled before we go forward with any sort of alliance for dealing with the ongoing problem." "I see... Well, don't let me get in the way of resolving a personal score with a Fay." "Now, Just a minute;" Pheron said sliding his plate across the table, where Fantasia could reach it. "Didn't we just escape from the Scorps ? And won't they be looking for us ? Which would make walking the streets a sort of crazy thing to be doing just now ? " "Well, it would be; If I was to go out there looking like this; Or relying on a glamour. But Full on shape shifting is a lot harder to see through. As Fantasia demonstrated by rescuing us." "Okay, fine, have it your way. It's still crazy. Then again so's leaving a personal score with a Fay standing any longer than you have to; Or even having a personal score with a Fay in the first place. How did...? No. On second thought; I don't think I really want to know."
  18. It took us a couple of hours to get to the side channel we were looking for. Surprisingly, none of the Styx Gollums from the fortresses followed us. I wondered if I should take it as a good sign or a bad one, but came to no conclusion on that point. I took the time to swap out the sleep spells for binding ones, and take a look at the rest of the book. As expected there wasn't much of use to us just now. But quite a lot that Melkior could use in his research. After all knowing how a Styx Gollum or Dracolich is made can be quite useful in figuring out its weak points. Once we reached the point where we were on the map it was a simple matter to repair the spell that keeps it up to date. In fact it took longer for the map to settle down after. It seems that the map has a rewind abilitie; allowing one to check for trends in the way things are moving around. I took a few minutes playing around with it, but didn't spot any shifts likely to be fast enough to matter to us. As to paths in and out, There weren't any good ones, But I found a couple that we could deal with well enough.
  19. Wow. Just wow. Gut-poetry. Nicely done; good to see you post again.
  20. I have a friend. Let me repeat that. I. Have. A. Friend. Despite everything. Someone who is there. Who believes. More than I do. No...that is wrong. I don't believe. He does. It is enough. It has to be. I...have a friend.
  21. There is a hunger You want it No....no... You need...IT Some call it addic- Shhh! That's a nasty word. It's nothing bad. Just something to help... Help you get through... Each and every...day? But... But... You doubt, you fear? But it's always...there Silence your fears. Silence... Silence... Blessed...silence... You need it. That is enough. More than enough. Way more...
  22. Tomorrow is a long way away... Three, four maybe even five... How many do you need? How many to pass the... night? Come the morrow, Count the cost? Survival? Lies? And then again. Three, four...five Or even six? The daily toll, Tick tock... Tick Tock... Lies... Lies, LIES! Comfortable...bloody...fucking...LIES! Yes... Yes... Just one more?
  23. Hello dear old friend. Just you and me tonight. Seems to be an ongoing trend. Together, we pass the night. Nothing around the bend. Is this our plight? Nothing to really mend. Should that give me a fright? Are you even a friend? Not quite...
  24. Life... Sometimes you are a passenger Looking through a window, Trying to make sense of the world outside Life... Just a bloody passenger Someone else in the driver's seat Charting a course you just follow Life... Fuck being a passenger Don't you want to drive from time to time? Life... So now you're driving. Oh, I pity you...
  25. Been talking with a dear friend tonight. The following poems flowed out. There is some language below, you've been warned.
  26. Maybe they did ask and it was edited out. But then they'd just edit out the oops part. As to being watched; This is a writing site, it's a fiction thing isn't it. 😊 "Gravity resistant" I'm going to have to do some poking around to see what I can find on that one.
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