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Polite Ancient Elder
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    Ancient, Bard
  • Birthday 10/02/1960

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    The hearts and minds of sentients

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    Primary: Peredhil; Secondary: Guido, Nuncio, Elrohir, Elladan
  • Race/Gender Details
    One of two Half-elves of Middle Earth. Male. Well-dressed with grey eyes and non-pointy ears.
  • Bio
    From a parallel Universe to Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Born in Gondolin before it was lost, Father left home early, and later reappeared as an unreachable star. Twin brother, the only other half-elf, chose mortality and founded a line of Kings. Lost daughter to a descendant of Elros', and left for the West. Eventually traveled beyond via the Halls of Mandos, accompanied by my twin sons. After several Planes, picked up a couple of Giant Guinea Pig bodyguards. Many Planes later, found the Pen is Mightier than the Sword Keep, always comes back as it now feels like Home.
  • Feedback Level
    Any and all. But the feedback I give is gentle in public and as ruthless as you request in PM, to the best of my ability
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    Dispenser of advice and wisdom
  • Usual Preferred Feedback (Stories)
    Minor feedback
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    Minor feedback

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About Me

Currently very involved in Real Life issues. I hope to be able write here again some day.

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