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Welcome to The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

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In the Mists of Time, the Pen begins...

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From the seminal beginnings as a Archmage, an online wargame, fighting Guild, these were the active official members of the Pen's Server One Guild. Noted for their creative "War Arrows" in a war game, they outgrew fighting and moved to the Conservatory's writing forums, and eventually separated to leave the wargame behind entirely.

Ozymandias the Elder Beloved Founder

Jechum Shadowmage

Racouol the Mighty

Arawn Danshir

Lumpenproletariat Nope




Skummeldor (Woods, Crooner from Hell)

Peredhil (The First Quillbearer)


All these left the Lands of Terra, Archmage, to form something greater than war.

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Saints O'Terra:

~O~, Patron Saint of Wise Fools

Euphorion, Patron Saint of Statistics, Master of Moles

Finnius, Patron Saint of Haiku

Hydrus, Patron Saint of the Mystical Muffin

Kendricke, Former Saint of Legionnary Honour

Misha, Patron Saint of Newbie Flames

Scorn, Patron Saint of Edged Satire, Champion of Chaos

Tzimfemme, Patron Saint of Nekkid Mages

Wyvern, Patron Saint of Parties

Zool, Patron Saint of Aspiring Bards

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Demigods (also Demi-Gods) of Terra

Little is known of the Demigods except that their power is wild and unpredictable. Only in times of true crises do they display their abilities, yet those few who have seen the power, and lived, have dazzling tales to tell. They are slow to anger but slow to forgive as well. Do not cross them lad, for you know not what they can do."


-Mattais the Wanderer's advice to his son, before he took his first trip into the Banquet Hall


Tzimfemme, Bestower of Holy Power upon Demigods

Birdman, Demigod of Lunacy

Gyrfalcon, Demigod of Vengeance

Boaz, Demigod of Madness

Joat, Demigod of Insanity

LlyL, Demigod of Retribution ( also Demigod of the Outer Planes according to Joat in “Are Treants too tall?”)

Nim the Absurd, Demigod of Dreams

Snypiuer, Demi-God of Suicide Squirrel Squadrons

Sheriden, Demigod of Truth

Aussie, Demigod of Nothing (probably self-named, but included for completeness)

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The Men of Terra

Zorak, the Green MANtis.
Thane, Man of Terra.
Mordain, Man of Terra.
HawkAngel, Man of Terra.
Malenko, the Man Wit Da Plan.
Corvus Corax, The Mystery Man.
BelZpock, the Wise Man. Now Starlight
Cid, the Party Man.
Bale, the Ladies' Man.
Orlan, the Sexy Sexy Man.
Greased, the Man.

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Bards of Terra - In recognition of their superior writing on the Archmage Forums, the following were given Bardic status in the Mighty Pen.

In memory of Shurak Whitefist, First Namer of Bards, Former Keeper of the Conservatory, and his initiating goons in white coats.

“and remember to punch out and pay your dues”

Snapping his fingers as he says that, Shurak disappears in a puff of smoke. At almost the same instant, a couple of dozen men in white coats appear, swarming around the new Bard. With brutal efficency, he is drugged and then dragged limply from the Hall and off to the semi-secret lair of Joat and Boaz where unspeakable things are done to him and he is turned into a Bard of Terra.


Lady Madoka
Lord Angstrom
Lord GeldrinHor
Lord Gyrfalcon
Reverand Kannibal Korpse
Shurak Whitefist
Tesla the Inept
Woods, the Crooner from Hell
Zool, aka Runamok, aka G-Wiz, aka -DEADMAGE-, aka...

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