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  1. She rubbed the crusties from her eyes and stretched her arms out, cracking all the muddled joints and feeling the stretch in her back. The sun beamed in between the blind slats, leaving a striped pattern the floor beneath her feet. She stood up and walked toward the kitchen, as her kitty found his way to her legs and purrrred in ownership as he brushed back and forth. His bowl was full of food and water, so she focused instead on the grumble in her own tummy and began inventory of the fridge and pantry. What a day. I am not looking forward to writing this paper. Oh, yes! Honey nut cheerios. That is what I want. Oh but what I really REALLY want is coffee. Mmmm with vanilla creamer. Ok. See as soon as I am caffeinated I will tackle this damn paper! With renewed determination, she prepared the coffeemaker, poured herself a bowl of cheerios and sat down in anticipation of her brewed coffee. Just as she had settled on how much easier her day would be, came the "ga-ga-da-da-neeee" sounds of her teething son waking up from the bedroom. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Craaaapppppppppppp. The baby. Riiiiiiiight. Ok. I can still do this. I can, I can, I can. I HAVE to. This friggin paper is due tomorrow. WHY do I procrastinate to the last minute? Well I better get him up and fed. And then I'll just check my mail and browse a bit online and hold off just a LITTLE longer. And sadly began day three of trying to get her paper done.
  2. Hi! Just stopped by. I am trying to catch up on the Pen. I like the sig for CheerMynx.

  3. Hello, Zariah here!! How is everyone? I've been gone for a few years. I suppose I felt that I had no interest in trying to write anymore. I felt uncreative and uninspired. I think what I need to do is try to write again and maybe just the act of writng will open up that creative flow. I mean, I have enough going on in real life to inspire an array of emotions to draw from, so really there's no excuse. Things seem fairly dead here. Sad.... Ideas for recruiting new membership: Do members write on other forums in which they can direct others here? Maybe for Pennites who are students, they can visit their college writing center, poetry classes (sometimes they make a yearly publication for their school with poems and short stories) and leave some cool fliers for joining "The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword" Perhaps even leaving fliers at local coffee shops for interested writers to check the site out?
  4. Thanks so much for the warm wishes! I hope to come back and write here again someday!
  5. *Zariah rushes down the halls of the Pen, periodically halting to peek into the rooms. She is curious, but knows she must hurry. Entering the Cabaret room, she carefully posts a scroll on the wall by the door. "It's unusually quiet," Zariah mumbles to herself. *Aware she's been absent for quite some time, she is relieved to be on her way without explanation to the others.* The scroll reads: Hello fellow Pen members! Just thought you all might want to know..... Nyyark and Zariah (Oliver and Katy) are getting married! November 23, 2007! Don't know if/when we'll be back regularly, but I know some of you might appreciate the information! Take care one and ALL!!!! *Zariah dashes down the hall and out the main entrance, changes into her crow form and flies swiftly on her way back to Nyyark's castle*
  6. Congrats!!!! I think this is well deserved and you rock!
  7. You've been in my thoughts lately, and I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to say it, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope all is going good/well/better/super! *Hugs*!
  8. Just wanted to add in my "Wow, that's pretty cool!" and Cheers for the badges!
  9. It's good to get a different cultual perspective. I was refering to my own understanding of American culture. Sorry, I should have been more specific. I sometimes get caught up in the moment and forget that there are people from all over the world. Also, the generalizations I make, most likely don't refer to most people I know. Simply because I try to surround myself with people who have depth, insight, knowledge, and more awareness, understanding, and security than me. This place is a place of growth.
  10. In my family, I give cards to my mom and dad that are cute and funny. And they give me a card and something like candy or a teddy bear or something that’s cute and funny. And my parents give each other one really nice card and then funny ones. My dad usually gives my mom roses or something at her office. No one takes it really seriously in my family, and no one is offended if we forget about Valentine’s day. I remember my mom even forgot once and it was no big deal. I think as long as you know that love isn’t about a holiday or even receiving things that “reveal” how someone feels about you, then Valentine’s day can be fun and care free. I know in elementary school all the kids were told in advanced to bring in something for everyone. But of course, kids who didn’t like other kids wouldn’t give them their valentines and some felt bad. Some would count all their valentines and use it as a measure of popularity. So so silly. I don’t wear red or black. I just wear everyday clothes b/c it doesn’t strike me as something to get all worked up about either way. I think it only sucks when you have other people who have big todo’s about valentine’s day and share it with you and you aren’t in a relationship. I think it feels like someone is rubbing their happiness in your face. But that’s a mindset. And probably a sign that you are lonely and want to be cared about. I don’t even think it’s about not having something on Valentine’s Day, it’s probably about not having anything at all. I don’t think my opinion reflects the fact that I’m in a relationship b/c I’ve been single when Valentine’s Day rolls around and I was thoroughly satisfied with sharing the Holiday with my parents. My dad cooked a lovely meal and the three of us played rummy (a card game). It was nice to be with the people who love me, but then again, it should be nice all the time. My idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day? It’d just be a good regular day with a moment that I could tell Oliver how much I love him and give him some funny cards to make him laugh and reminisce. Then we’d huggle! And you know what? That’s reasonable and that will happen and it’s peachy keen. I don’t focus on the commercialism b/c I think as a society people are too focused on getting “things” and focusing on this sad reality only deepens my sorrow/concern that we as a nation are soon bound to be finished, much like the fall of other great empires. In the long run, it doesn’t affect me b/c I feel blessed to know the true meaning of love and giving and receiving and also blessed that I can pray when I feel sad about things. So, I can pray for those who fall victim to society’s commercial mindset. I know I have in the past, so it’s not a “I’m bigger than that thing” it’s just my wish that others can experience true happiness without things.
  11. I'm so sorry this is so late, But HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it was great!
  12. Late, but just as meaningful HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  13. Adding in a very late, but VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!
  14. When will role call for 2006 commence?
  15. Thank you! I got to hang out with some of Ny's cousins tonight. It was fun and I think I might have made friends with them. Not bad for “shy me”, afraid of opening up with chances to be hurt.
  16. I speak for two members here who are interested in anime. Just haven't had the time to post any comments about what we've seen.
  17. *HUGGLE HUGGLE HUGGLE HUGGLE!!!* Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. 1. delectable 2. HappyBuddha 3. Appy 4. warmheartedly 5. huggled 6. The Apollo 7. entertaining 8. fish 9. champagne 10. dance 11. rope 12. plastic 13. striking 14. Two Princes by The Spin Doctors 15. Tangerine Orange 16. Toes 17. flowers 18. jacket 19. frosty 20. bounced
  19. I actually really liked this poem. This really struck a chord in me And I also liked the repetition in the end. *Hugs*
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