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    Ape lay onwards
  • Birthday 01/15/1975

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    Washington State, not DC :0)
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    I guess it's time to update this. :) I'm a mother of 5 amazing children. We homeschool, so we're very busy. I have my own company or four, but my main site is www.contentdivas.com I think we're the number one outsourcers of high quality writers on the internet now! (I'm proud like a mama, I swear my business is like my 6th child!) I LOVE LIFE! I love my life! I have an amazing husband. He is my best friend. I love to dance. I love kickboxing (class, not fighting other people, I'm too wimpy for that) and I LOVE belly dancing. :) Writing is a HUGE passion of mine, although I rarely find time for it these days. When I was active here, I think RP interactive writing was my favorite medium. :) Not sure what else to say about myself, so I guess I'll just end there. :)

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    Salinye, Ellowyn, Senora, Madame Quixotic, Scarlot, The Scantavia Brothers
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    Salinye is elven with a complicated background. She's become quite settled into her home at Pen Keep yet has continued to run her beloved hostel, Custos Manor. Salinye has disappeared from the keep in a long lost RP called the HUNT. I have plans to return her as soon as possible. I also have a character named Senora who is an empathetic cleric. I haven't written with her here yet, but think I shall bring her out soon. :0)
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    I like honest critique and feedback. I can be a wee bit sensitive at times, but always see things for what they are when I'm done being a girl! PP So, offering the good with the bad tends to be preferred. I really want to grow as a writer, so I'd rather feel a little slammed than not hear it at all. :0) I'm especially punctuation retarded and could use all the help I can get! Thanks!
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    Critical accepted
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    Critical accepted
  1. Hi guys! I uploaded the amazing picture that Yui did for me years ago as my signature again, but it's HUGE. Does anyone know how I make it smaller? Thanks, ~Sal
  2. fyi My skype has broken! Grrrr...It's frustrating as my entire business is run off it! I'm working with their support to get it back up in a jiffy! Just a heads up so no one thinks I"m ignoring them (Patrick and Wyvie!) ~Sali
  3. ahh, well pm me your skype id. I'll add you. Will be fun to hear from you again. ~Sal
  4. Everyone keeps saying that, but I pretty much only use skype these days. I'll have to see if I even have msn on this laptop! lol ~Shelby
  5. It smelled like summer this weekend and I've been GREAT! ~Sal
  6. Drop the knife Scream into the wind Drop to your knees Say a prayer Bathe in the sun Renew your soul See the beauty Love liberally Release your demons Hello, Patrick, friend. ~Salinye
  7. I always love your poems, Crypt. I hardly ever drop in here anymore, but it's so nice to see your writings when I do. I think the only thing you do that matches your beautiful words is your amazing photography! I'm still determined to land in NZ one day and do a photo shoot with the fam. I especially like how you capture the women you've photographed. You catch them in a way they are meant to be seen. I think you often are able to do that with your writing as well. Capture a moment and express it in the way it's meant to be felt. yeesh. I hope that made sense. I should start going to bed earlier! Night, friend. ~Salinye
  8. Salinye


    Nice to see you writing, Mira. ~Sal
  9. I hope all you mommies get spoiled and those of you who have mom's do the spoiling. ~Shelby Mom of FIVE
  10. I'm helping run a conference in Austin this weekend, so I leave Thurs morning to fly out there. I don't have much control of my schedule Friday/Saturday and I fly home Sat night, but I do get to meet up with Yui and Aegon for dinner, so that's EXCITING. In another day, Yui was my partner in crime here around The Pen... ~Sali
  11. Odd. I tested them both, I get a lot of email daily. Here are the three that will get to us: wahmoadmin@gmail.com wahmoutsource@gmail.com sblwrites@gmail.com My company used to be called wahmoutsource. I need to get all the addy's switched over to the new name. ~Salinye
  12. I write with senora elsewhere, but I updated my last post with a piece that shows her empathy "episodes". :0) ~Salinye
  13. This was from a Cliche creative writing exercise. :0) (This was written silly and spur of the moment. *grins at Wyvern* I hope I didn't do you an injustice. OH, and I broke a rule, my saying IS in the story. blech can't even obey my own rules!!) Kevin was quite impressed at all the beautiful baked goods that he saw through the shop window. hmmm perhaps we could buy our wedding cake here. He thought to himself as he pulled the glass entrance door open. A resounding "Bah-BING" rang through the small shop as he entered causing a rustle and shuffle to be heard from the unseen back store rooms. Kevin stood admiring a tall wall full of cakes when a scaly winged almost dragon appeared behind the counter. "Hello, I see you are interested in my many WONDERFUL and equally fair priced cakes." Wyvern said to his newest vict—customer. Kevin smiled. "Yes you do good work. I especially like this one." He said pointing to a three tier white cake edged with burgundy roses. "Oh yes, yes. You have good taste, that is an especially fine one, which is why it's twice as expensive." The almost dragon said with a sly smile. "Twice as expensive!!" The patron exclaimed. "What makes this cake so much finer than say, that one?" He asked pointing to another three tier cake equally as beautiful but edged in Blue. Wyveryn looked to the second cake the man pointed out. "OH, that one is a different story altogether. THAT particular cake is triple the price of a normal cake." He stated matter of factly. "Really, a bargain if you ask me." The man could not believe what he was hearing. "You know, you're not much of a salesman. Don't you have any cakes that are normal priced, or on sale?" The almost dragon fluttered his wings at the word "sale" as cutting prices to please the patrons was deeply against his beliefs. Besides, he felt that the Triple the price WAS a sale! "Well, if you are looking for bargain cakes, you may wish to view the wall behind you." Turning the man looked at the array of cakes on the wall behind him seemingly identical to the ones on the wall before him. "These cakes look exactly the same, why are they priced so much lower?" He asked flustered. "Well, those cakes are rubber." Wyvern walked over to give one of the two tiered cakes a squeeze resulting in a loud "Squeak". "Although, the squeak costs extra." He informed the man. Kevin ran an impatient hand through his hair trying to remain calm with the swindler before him. "Are THESE cakes made of rubber as well?" He asked pointing back to the original wall of cakes he was observing. Wyvern scurried back to that wall. "Oh no no no, those cakes are quite edible." He said coughing a small puff of black smoke seeping from the corner of his toothy mouth. The man looked a bit relieved. "Well okay, so I’m only interested in edible wedding cakes. What is your starting price." Wyvern's eyes lit up at the word price, one of his favorite words. "Well, these FINE can't find anywhere else wedding cakes with luscious frosting, delectable filling and the softest spongy cake in town could be yours for only six hundred geld." "WHAT? SIX HUNDRED GELD?" The man cried out exasperated. "Per tier." Wyvern added nonchalantly. "YOU, sir. Are INSANE!" The man proclaimed as he spun on his heels to leave the scheme of a cake shop he was in. "I guess it is true what they say, you can’t have your cake and eat it to." Wyvern scurried behind the man calling out to him, "Oh yes you can, for the right amount of geld, of course."
  14. Wow...No one took this one on yet. :0) Usually I wait to post my own answers until other people have run with it, but I find myself with some time to spare before dance class. 1. What are the things that you feel you MUST have in your life to be comfortable on a day to day basis. I'm going to be completely honest with this. I used to require MUCH less to feel comfortable than I do now. However, I would like to preface that with comfortable does not mean happy. There are very few things that I must retain in order to have true happiness on a day to day basis. However, to me, comfortable would mean not having fear or worry. Since I am the mother of 5 children, in order to not have fear or worry, I require things I would not have required previously. I need to have a good house in a safe neighborhood, I need my husband to have a secure job with a steady paycheck. I need a car that will function without fear of it breaking down. I need to have enough financial stability to pay the bills and provide for the necessities. ...and that's just the materialistic list. I need my husband to love me. I need the Gospel as part of our every day lives. I need my children to feel loved and happy. I need my friends. Truthfully, with my new business, I need my project manager and administrative assistant or I'd be a stress case. I need to feel safe, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Long list, eh? When did I become so high maintenance?? 2. If you are uncomfortable, but not from pain or loss, but more because you're outside your bubble or element, what do you do to overcome this and find comfort? This is a discomfort that would most likely be situational. (awkward, shy, overwhelmed, etc.) This one took some thought for me. I think one of the hardest situations for me to handle is when someone brings negative or mean public attention to me. For instance, if someone is trying to make me look stupid or saying rude things in front of other people, or embarrassing me in a way that is mean instead of funny. This is very difficult for me. I actually had this happen to me recently and I actually didn't find comfort. I didn't want to cause a scene by walking away and I didn't want them to know they had gotten to me, so I just silently endured it and then let it eat myself up in anger the rest of the night. that's really not a good way to handle things. Thinking back, I think I would have rather said something brilliant and clever and then walked away with my head held high. One thing I know for sure is that holding onto anger and letting it ruin your night is a BAD coping measure. The person who was mean didn't think a second about it after the incident and yet I let it ruin my night. So I suppose learning to let go of things I can't control would be good for me. 3. How do you handle true, deep, devestating pain or loss? Soul Shattering pain. How do you find Solace. Truthfully, this was the easiest one for me to answer. There really are only 2 things that really work for me when I have that level of pain. God and my husband. No one else can reach the spots within me that can be hurt like that. Okay, there you go. All my vulnerabilities laid out for you!!! I know you all are great at answering these questions, so I thought I'd dive in first for once instead of making you take the hot seat first! ~Sal
  15. Have you missed these?? I want to know what you do to find true personal comfort and I want to know this on 3 levels. 1. What are the things that you feel you MUST have in your life to be comfortable on a day to day basis. 2. If you are uncomfortable, but not from pain or loss, but more because you're outside your bubble or element, what do you do to overcome this and find comfort? This is a discomfort that would most likely be situational. (awkward, shy, overwhelmed, etc.) 3. How do you handle true, deep, devestating pain or loss? Soul Shattering pain. How do you find Solace. Please remember, these questions are designed to make you think and give you an opportunity to share a piece of you with us. We are always mindful not to stomp on other people's belief systems. We don't all believe the same or feel the same way, so it's important to share your thoughts about you and how you feel and find comfort while not belittling other people's methods. NOT that any of you would. I'm just always careful to add disclaimers. :0) I love the things you all share with these questions. :0) Someone needs to update the consolidated projects list to include the last few of these life questions. Ready, Set...Share! ~Salinye
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