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    Lately I've been listening to a lot of new music, and been trying my best to write some songs. Other then that, I enjoy anything that makes me think, be it literature, film, or visual art. I'm also currently interested in Spiritual Humanism, Modernism, and Anarchism.

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    Mira is about 5'9" with brown eyes and brown hair, which reaches his shoulders. He usually dresses in a plain wool coat that reaches to mid-thigh with a wide leather belt over it, as wells as a pair of wool pants and a pair of sturdy leather boots that go up to mid-shin. He also is almost never found without his black. wide-brimmed. Flamenco hat.
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    The Super Secret Mira Recomends List Icarus Undone - Wyvern (Banquet Room) Heroes - Hopperwolf (Banquet Room) Aldeen - Ode to the Sky Walker (Banquet Room) Also, Mira is the proud owner of the one (and only) roll of Dreamlost Everlasting Medical Tape.
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    First, tell me what it made you feel; what images it gave you. Then, once you've done that, rip my work limb from limb. Or just say if you liked it or not. I just want feedback.
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    Critical accepted
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    Critical accepted

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  1. Mira


    Crosspost from The Muse and Quill Cafe... So long it has been since I felt the heat of skin upon skin; Felt the beat of heart hidden within a chest So long Since I have been blessed…
  2. Thank you Wyvern. Your contributions here have enriched the experience for every character who proved brave enough to walk into the Recruiter's office , of that I have no doubt. Good luck with your future endeavors and once again; Thank You.
  3. Dig it. Any plans to add any other instrumentation?
  4. Mira


    who will eat the world? when it has finally grown ripe and falls from its branch
  5. Mira


    She plugged me into the wall Just to turn me on. Just to get me all hot and bothered, Blowing about like the best of them no doubt; Just to see if I would respond. See if I would scream at a chance to tease Auburn, brunette, or blonde. Well yes, I've seen all of these, though the latter tends not to correspond, And I'll say I love them all every single strand, be they short, medium, or long in length. Curly or straight, weak, brittle, or full of body and strength. It doesn't matter at all, this howl of mine is not a complaint, its the only song I sing as patron saint of perfect hair.
  6. I realized that not everyone can visit my Brain Dump, so I've decided to post some of it here. Sorry if this is a lot at once. To become Prometheus Unbound Tumble down Caucasus to the ground Brush yourself off and have a few drinks Well what do you know right now; what do you think? "Was it worth it to you?", we'll ask with aplomb "Was it wort it to you to give us the bomb?" Prometheus Unbound, what have you found? Would you do it again; would you weather the pain Would you even keep me around? Or would you take back all of the black weary days you had to spend down Prometheus Unbound Look around Prometheus Unbound You're renowned Prometheus Unbound The world ends; and there isn't a sound Well thanks for nothing Prometheus Unbound Well I know all of your gifts where broke from the start And that one branch of fire doesn't set us apart Prometheus Unbound, what have you found? As your cities sink in the sea; crumble down, down to the ground Would you take back all of the black weary days you had to hanging around Prometheus Unbound ------------------------ God never lied to me, though he often left out details for my own protection The Profit never led me astray But he never quite managed to point me in the right direction And Buddha never done me wrong Though I was never quite able to find perfection So now where do I turn, where do I go When the winter blows and buries my house in snow? Can the salvation of man be so apropos And can man trade his idols in a clever quid pro quo And save himself instead; a mighty gift to bestow On such an undeserving creature as man. (Has there been greater Justice since this world began?) ------------------------ What say you rotting ginsberg? What wisdom do you pass from beyond the grave? Now that you are joined with the infinite and the worms what truths have you learned? From your place beyond this universe; what truths? What was it like to become part of god? My brothers and I are all failures. Chewed up and spat out, but still alive. Perhaps better to have died. We wander around these too clean streets dreaming only of filth, and all our songs are filth but we sing them still. All of my sisters are liars They know a tune that they will not sing Everyone of their faces is smiles, but they're drowning their pillows in tears rotting ginsberg you failed to mention all of this. Every road ends eventually and leaves you only beat. What do you do when there are no roads left I wonder? When your thumb is worn out; there's no traffic for days. The bucket that held all my dreams has a leak, I can not recall when they all trickled out; And all the wells have gone dry. My digits grow cold and my hands can not hold. Rotting ginsberg I hope we never meet. ------------------------ I met God face to face and offered him a cigarette, asked him to sit down, if he'd maybe like a chat And so he sat and for a while we talked of this and that Until the moon crept 'top the treeline, I remember it was fat, And a moonbeam struck his eye, and he looked about to cry. I can no longer weep, I supposed that's why I'm not divine. ------------------------ I've realized it means nothing to be penniless in a bankrupt world. And that the plan won't be revealed or unfurled And they're going to hold on to it. And you're going to have to find it out on your own. Alone. We're alone. Now I'm talking to myself on the phone And I don't like the words that I'm hearing But it's all the result of my rearing, All the blame conveniently diffused Does that mean all my faults are excused? Does that mean I've been disabused? "Doubtful", that voice says, amused. ----------------------------- God isn't old, he's young as ageless as a beam of light And he's screaming at me from the Sun Crying out ,"It'll be alright!" But the vastness of space is dumb and the vision of a man is slight A truth so often shunned But its bright white light in the night. And I'll do what I have to do to fight For that bright white light in the night. Without any malice or spite For that bright white light in the night. I pray that the words I write Find that bright white light in the night. That the words may somehow ignite That bright white light in the night.
  7. The Dispossessed - Ursula Le Guin Collected Works - Allen Ginsberg You Get So Alone at Times That It Just Makes Sense - Charles Bukowski
  8. I have not forgotten you. You have forgotten me.
  9. You should check out his short stories while you wait. Specifically A Song for Lya.
  10. Everyone left, yourself included. Slowly, almost too slowly to notice, they packed their things and walked out the door. Can't really have an active board with no members.
  11. $ € ¥ etc... We use to earn and use them during seasonal carnivals, an event that we haven't held for some time, but hopefully can resurrect.
  12. The Communist Manifesto - Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx
  13. Great to see you around.
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