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    the pen is tinier than the sword
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    Bacon, boobs, beer.

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    Race: Acadian. Gender: Outtie. Appearance: See my avatar? I look like that.
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    Graphic designer, superhero nerd, songwriter, board gamer.
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    I like to know your 1st impression. But also your 3rd.
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  1. Well, being around other writers might revive your muse. I didn't shoot her, I promise
  2. You buying me scotch = instant awesomeness!
  3. This is great! Re-entry successful no initiation required. It's a good time to come back. Good things will be happening here.
  4. I heard there is a field Where they eat a feast. First they kill the beast And then they taste the meat. The pattern fits the plan. Are you tough enough? Were you made to last? Can you wield the shield? This ain't no children's game. If you got the stuff You'll die in the cast. You'll have mass appeal. This ain't no children's game. The pattern fits the plan.
  5. Click the lyrics to view a trippy video of this song.
  6. Well, I'm flattered that you feel my music is of professional caliber but Texas is rather far for this eastcoast Canadian.
  7. I heard about SXSW but am not sure what it is or how I could participate. Care to elucidate?
  8. Click here to view a video of this song You fill me up Like a flood And I stay up to clean the blood. You dress the wound, Kiss my sacred lips Then revere me like a god. You steal my secret wish And steal my broken brain. Leave me to sing a dry refrain. Oh! Lead my heart To a cold abyss! Tell me nothing. Nothing tastes like this. Tell me nothing beats the best. I hear the secrets Whispered in the rain. I read the writing in the sky. I hear the creatures Whispering my name. I see them with my mind. They lead my heart To a cold abyss And tell me nothing. Nothing tastes like this. Tell me nothing beats the best.
  9. Hmmm, and what exactly is that?
  10. Click the lyrics to watch a trippy video of the song.
  11. Click the lyrics to watch a performance. Lyrics:
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