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  1. Racouol sat there thinking of what could happen to all the other steaks. Looking around he saw a rat foot, which was still twitching, and began to ponder who could control rats. He then remember the hand reaching out of the pile to try to steal the steaks. "Hmmm, if I can find the owner of that hand I bet that I can figure out who stole my steaks." Racouol quickly stood up, picked up the remaining steak, and proceeded in leaving the room. "Time to spy on the wanna be chefs in this contest. I will find the one who tried to sabotage me and make him pay."
  2. who is Micheal Moore? Never heard of the name.
  3. Racouol looked at his room and sighed. He knew that somewhere underneath all the piles of...stuff was a cooking area. He also noticed the movement of multiple rats, bats, and who knows what else when he first opened the duct tape covered door to his dungeon suite. He sighed again and dropped the stack of steaks onto one of the smaller piles and quickly batted away a couple of the braver rats with his frying pan. "I don't think I will be able to find the cooking area before the contest is over" he muttered to himself while he swung his frying pan at a mysterious hand that was reaching for the steaks. "Might as well get started." Racouol walked over to the corner of the room and started removing objects from a pile and shoved it into his pocket. Meanwhile, the hand popped out of another pile of junk and snatched one of the steaks before retreating back into the pile. Seconds later a troll unearthed itself from that pile and stared greedly at the rest of the steaks. It then heard the most painful sounding noise it had ever heard. Quickly it put its hands to its ears and looked around as the noise got worse and watched as bats, rats, cockroaches, and a few dodo quickly made its way to the door. The creatures that were not moving fast enough exploded. The troll, now panicing, looked back at the steaks, which were also trembling and exploding, then ran for the door. Racouol started cleaning and within seconds started singing 'The Bad Touch' followed by 'The Reflex' than 'Barbie Girl'. He then heard the door slam causing him to quickly turn around. Beside the door being shut, animal entrails splattered everywhere, and feathers slowly floating to the ground, nothing seemed to be abnormal. He then glanced at where the pile of steaks once stood. Only one steak remained, however it was perfectly tenderized. He then concluded that another contestant stole most of his steaks, completely unaware that the rest of the steaks exploded and where now covered in rat, bat and cockroach guts.
  4. Ok, so we have the 3 judges and 6.5 or so contestants. Sounds good while I was hoping for some more victims...err...I mean volunteers this will do. I am going to start the actual thread for this contest in about a week. So there is still time for anyone else to be conned...err...I mean convinced to join. Like I said before the thread will take place about 2 weeks prior to the actual contest day at which time you are to RP your character as he attempts to <cough>bribe<cough> the judges or <cough>sabotage<cough> each other. Once again have fun with this but now its time to introduce the three judges Tanny The portrait of Zool Everyone's favorate succubus, Signe Now for the contestents numbered for the ease of counting. 1 Racouol 2 Venefyxatu 3 Mynx 4 CheerMynx 5 Wyvern 6 Solorassil 6.5 Snypiuer *starts thinking of ways to "split" Snypiuer in half that would be the most enjoyable to do* Until the contest starts later. Also it is not too late to join the contest.
  5. Thwack Wyvern is immediatly airborn as he proceeds in doing a triple backflip out the window into the nearby garden. Behind the spot which Wyvern was just seated was a one eyed man with a severly dented fryingpan. The man quickly looked over the newcomer then to his frying pan. "Great that is another one Wyvern owes me. Anyways my name is Racouol and I think it would be fair to let you know to be weary of Wyvern. I think that he would sell you the air you were breathing if he could figure out a way to get away with it." Racouol then turned around then walked away. OOC: A little short I know but hey I think it served his purpose. No hard feeling Wyv, I just hadn't had a chance to knock anyone around for a while now.
  6. OOC: I found a second judge, one more and the judge panal will be complete
  7. OOC: Ok so we have 5 enteries so far and 1 judge if I am reading this correctly. Tanny thanks for voluteering to judge, now I need two more people to judge, and to answer your first question, yes the judges will be judging of the official contest day but will be RPing before then with others (no names mentioned) will try to bribe the judges to win the contest. As for the second question, thats fine by me.
  8. Racouol walked down the hall, hands buried in his pocket rummaging around for the sandwich he just put in it. Every time he pulled his hand out he tossed the item over his shoulder. Finally, after pulling a lit stick of dynamite out of his pocket, he realized that the sandwich was yet another lost item in his deep pockets. "oh well, I am sure I will find it in 30 or more years...it should still be good," he muttered still unaware of the stick of dynamite that he still held. "What is that annoying hissing sound?" Racouol looked around finding no source of the noise.....until he looked in his hand. KABOOOOOOMMMMM Racouol breathed a sigh of relief having thrown the dynamite just before it exploded. He noticed what looked like a piece of the wall peeling not far from where the dynamite just went off. He walked up to it and notice that it was not part of the wall but a poster Attention a cooking contest is being held in the kitchen of this fine keep in a month Prizes will be given to the cooks who can make the best tasting meals, the most filling meals, the best looking meals, and the best cooking style. Sign up now to enter the contest. Racouol read the poster several times then put his name down. He then looked around then ran off before someone came by to see the mess he just made. OOC: Feel free to sign up here if you want to enter the contest. Also if 4 people are willing to be judges please sign up here as well. The actual story will take place about 2 weeks before the contest so that each character can attempt to perfect his cooking style and the recipe he is using. Also, because this is a contest, spying on and sabotaging other characters as well as attempting to bribe the judges are also allowed. Most importently, have fun
  9. I am not sure if this ritual works or not, I have not tried it. I however do not think that it would be wise to perform a ritual such as this one. Dealing with "spirits" can be tricky and sometimes dangerous when they they arrive to an area on their own. Summoning one, like what this ritual does, puts down the welcome mat that will attract all sorts of spirits. Even if you perform the ritual 100% correctly it will not always banish the "spirit" from the house, or it might summon more than one. Furthermore you do not know what kind of "spirit" will be summoned and it could have an affect on normal people not just those with psychic abilities. It could quite possible also attempt to possess whomever was performing the ritual the moment it is done or it could linger for weeks or months before it starts to act up. Where did you hear about this ritual Vigil?
  10. Well I am officially done with the AT. I was not able to complete my hike but I was able to hike about 1450 of the 2178 miles. Will be back home in HI on the 25th.
  11. there was a contest??? The food I put down was not THAT bad.
  12. hmm, this sounds interesting. Feel free to use Racouol, Murdock, Ugarte and Bob.
  13. Refried beans and oatmeal this meal was free for me. Hikers gave me the ingreadiants because they were carrying too much. -plain oatmeal -dehydrated refried beans -several packets of splenda Boil water, add desired amount of oatmeal then dehydrated refried beans. Stir until thickened then add splenda for flavoring. Raman and Mac and cheese -1 box of mac and cheese -1 thing of raman noodles (do not use shrimp flavor) Boil raman and mac n' cheese noodles together. Add raman flavor and cheese mix together. Wait for it to thicken. The blah mix -16 oz of water -flour -brown sugar add ingrediants together and stir. Drink mixture just to let you know most of these ingrediants I got for free at various hiker boxes
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