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    Almost everything under the electric lighting... plus one or two things under the sun

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    I'd like feedback to be constructive. If you think my work was bad, feel free to say so, but please explain why, and what I need to change. If I don't get any feedback on stories, it does feel a bit like I've written a failure, for some reason, so if you have a comment, please voice it.

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  1. Will you join the dance, the fatal dance, by the ring of steel accompanied? Will you join the song, the bloody song, the heavens quaking at our hatred? When your shield is splintered, when your spear is broken, when your sword is lost, when your mail is rent, when your knife slips from bloody fingers, will you howl your rage and fight on, to their deaths and yours? Then you are one of us. Next line: You are one of us.
  2. Dusk and other deadly dances Echo through the darkened sky. With the dawn the music stops and those who live will wonder why. Leave the broken ground for now, Take your place within the air. And if danger rears its ugly head, depart this world without a care. Next line: Across the river, under the boughs
  3. Wait... I slept through the Rapture? When the mountains broke, my slumber didn't? When the seas boiled, it was just a warmer blanket? The wails of sirens, no more than a lullaby? No, you're having me on. It can't be. I can't have missed it. It was scheduled for tomorrow. Maybe Sunday, yes, I'm sure of it. So where is everyone anyway? Next line: Next line.
  4. The worst decision that turned out well Along the road to ring that bell Found a monster, found a mouse, found a friend in that strange house. With words it spoke, in a voice of stone, now I am welcome in its home. So let not your fears delay, with each step forge a brighter day. Next line: Too long, and yet too short.
  5. Deaf - not being able to read would be... much worse. Reptiles: Lizard or turtle?
  6. Book. Paper is more comfortable and more expendable. Steel or silver?
  7. Time to sell the change in momentum per unit time; it is insufficient to derail the thread. Stringing bows with lye is like cleaning clothes with coal - unlimited in its inadequacy.
  8. Well, one must always choose a feasible goal over an impossible one; hence I must say undersleep. Apple or singing?
  9. Spades - if we do not dig good enough earthworks, all the courage in our hearts will not let us keep them. Fear or misery?
  10. Health - better a good life than an eternity of wasting away. Folly or madness?
  11. Oak. The sturdy oak does not bow to the wind so easily (though I could be mistaken there - we have few enough of both). When, or where?
  12. I am never going to tell you the answer to five wavering riddles, no matter how many spoons turn orange.
  13. Omnivore, for I shall consume all before me!... er, that is to say, I like a great deal of variety in my diet, and meat is part of so many dishes. Yesterday or tomorrow?
  14. I refuse to confirm the inaccuracy of fish, for they are not ashamed. Anger and terror ganged up on the poor tree, which stood a head above the Captain's inspiration.
  15. Hjolnai

    No Remedy

    When Corid left the village behind, he left a number of bruises and even cracked bones. Though the training was harsh, the drills he had put the villagers through would leave them in better stead if they practiced regularly as he had admonished them. The satisfaction of finally having been able to hurt someone and ease his frustrations far outweighed the few bruises he himself carried, and it felt good to have everything he needed for his journey. As he rode, he idly wondered how such a village had come to be, so close to the town of Onaster and yet so poor and unconnected. Even on the borders most villages would have regular training of the young men, and there would be at least a few experienced fighters with mail armour - even when the levies had been called in time of war. He discarded the thought - it was none of his concern unless he could make use of it if he ever returned. He turned his thoughts to the road, since bandits could be behind any rock or tree. The days passed, and Corid met no one of significance on his lonely path. He found himself putting his losses behind him, and looking forward. He would find a baron or earl or duke, or even a King to serve, in the Geran lands before him, or turn further to the North and East, perhaps making his way to the Khitoi steppes and taking service there, where the backward barbarians would surely see the value in a proper knight. Wherever he went, surely he could make more of a name for himself than another might have, simply staying content with the lands of their father. Or perhaps he would become a famed tourney champion, not taking on the tasks of management of land for many years but being known through all the land? It was a pleasant fantasy, but he knew he was not such a champion. These thoughts and more occupied his mind as he travelled, and eventually made his way into Lower Gerania, in the lands of an independent duchy under the Redbridge family. (At some point I'll need to go through and come up with a more standardised naming theme, area by area - including country names).
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