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  1. If anything happens to Wyvie, there's going to be some pissed off butterflies heading towards Cali....
  2. *Laughs and picks up The Grim Squeaker and hands back the scythe* No poking with pointy things, they don't tend to like that. I'm glad to see that some things haven't changed around here! *Smiles and happily hops up into her tree, butterflies flittering about gleefully.*
  3. Hello all. It's been forever and a day since I've been here, and I wanted to stop in and see who's still here. I see familiar names, and glad to see that some of the old Pennites are still active. If it hasn't been too long, I was hoping that I could take up residence in my tree once more... *butterflies hovered close while Annael see's if she has been forgotten*
  4. As Annael wandered throught the Recreation Center, she absently waved her hand. In her wake, were various "flowers" made up of butterflies.
  5. You're welcome! I will add you to my buddy list. Buddies are good....
  6. Oh Vlad darlin, I just signed up yesterday and I've already changed my story 3 times. BWAHAHAHAHA. Also, there's a lot of stuff going on right now, so yeah, everything is a worry for me. And I so hate worrying.
  7. Alright, so I somehow got talked into joining up this year. Bwahahahaha. This is going to be funny as heck. So yeah, if any fellow pennites signed up, feel free to add me to your buddies list, the name is still Annael. Wish me luck
  8. You were born on a Friday. Your star sign is Pisces. The season was Winter. You are 26 years, 5 months, 28 days old.* It is 187 days until your next Birthday.* You are 9,674 days old.* You are approximately 232,193 hours old.* You are approximately 835,896,123 seconds old. Heh, do I get the these are not 100% accurate cause I'm born on the Leap Year? hehehe
  9. Annael finished packing the picnic basket and sighed, pushing a curl off her nose. "Now you guys be nice to Wyvie!! No biting him or anything like that. He'll probably freak out if he sees you guys anyways, so just be polite!!" Mumbling to herself about angel's and bad little butterflies, she straightened her skirt, fluffed her curls and picked up the jammed packed basket and went in search of her date. Wandering through the Keep, Annael smiled at people as she passed, lugging the basket and trying to shoo butterflies out of her face. Getting frustrated, Annael gave a little growl and put the basket down. "That does it! All of you, be off!" And in a flurry of wings, the little critters scattered in all directions away from their mistress. "Ermm...problems Ann?" A voice asked from behind her. Turning, Annael saw Patrick. "The little ones aren't exactly fond of Wyvern and aren't too pleased that I'm going on my date with him today, if I can ever find him that is." "I believe that I saw him in the Cabaret room earlier." Smiling at Patrick for his help, Annael picked up her basket and headed in that direction. Upon entering the Cabaret room, Annael quickly scanned the room and saw Wyvern sitting at the bar with Zool and Gwaihir. Walking over to them, Ann gave a little giggle as she saw Zool rool his eyes at Gwai as they listened to Wyvern detail his next idea for making the keep a fortune. "And then....we can advertise all the rooms we have for rent, take the profit from that and expand the ballroom and turn it into a night club! That would guarentee that more people would come and that would mean more money for me! I mean, for the keep!" Taking a drink from his tankard, Wyvie turned and saw Annael standing there with a basket on her arm. "Hi Annael! Want a drink? What do you have there?" Wyvie asked as he tried to peak under the lid of the basket. Giving his hand a little slap, Annael shook her head. "That mister, is our lunch. If you gentlemen would excuse us, Wyvie and I have a date." And with that annoucement, Annael took ahold of Wyvie's hand, mindful of the claws and began to lead him out of the room. Zool and Gwaihir looked after the pair, then at eachother and broke out laughing at the unmistakable blush that had spread across Wyvie's nose. Letting Wyvie talk about the latest candidates for the Keep as she found the perfect spot for their picnic, Annael tried not to laugh as she noticed that Wyvie seemed a little distracted and as he peered around him carefully. Taking a blanket out of the basket, Annael unfolded it and spread it on the ground under a tree. "Wyvie, what are you looking for?" Ann asked as she started to take the food out of the basket and began to spread it out on the blanket. Taking a final peak under the blanket before sitting down on a corner of it, Wyvie tried to look innocent. "Nothing, I'm not looking for anything. Say Ann, did you do something different to your hair? Your curls seem so....curly today." Hiding a smile as she moved the basket off the blanket so that she could sit, Ann decided that she wouldn't call Wyvie on the sudden change of topic. "It just one of those days I guess. What would you like to start with?" Ann asked, picking up a plate and waiting for Wyvie before she started to fill his plate. Midway through the meal, after much laughing, joking and general discussion about the keep and its inhabitants, Wyvern picked up a large bottle of honey and tried to take the lid off. "And so I said to Peredhil, 'Mr. P, I think that the best course of action would be...ouch!" Wyvie stopped talking as the lid from the honey jar went flying first into his snout and then off into the tree behind him. Trying to hold the jar steady, Wyvern gave a jump as he noticed a lonely white butterfly fly across his face, losing hold of the honey jar so that it went flying into the air only to land on his head. Looking fiercly at the butterfly as it flew off into the air away from them, then at Annael, who was trying not to laugh, Wyvern grabbed the honey jar off his head and placed it on the blanket beside him and sighed as honey started to drip down his head, all over his face, into his ears and everywhere. "Well, I guess that's it for the honey," Wyvern said as he gave a lick with his tongue to some honey that had started to drip down his lip. Frowning, Wyvern turned his head first one way, then the other, trying to make out what the noise was. "Hey Ann, do you hear that weird buzzing noise?" Wyvern stopped moving when he saw the look on fright on Annael's face, who was staring off over his shoulder. "I don't want to know, do I?" Wyvern asked. "Bees!" Annael yelled as they started to land on Wyvern. Jumping to his feet and starting to run around the tree, he tripped on the blanket and went spralling on his back. "Ahhh!!!" Wyvern started to scream as the bees started to sting him as they went for the honey that was all over his head and upper torso. Jumping to her feet, Annael rushed to where Wyvie lay and started to shake her skirt at the bees, trying to scare them off of the poor almost dragon. Giving a little shout and jumping as some of the bees turned their stingers on her, Annael didn't know what to do. Suddenly, her colourful butterflies descended from the sky and went after the bees that were attacking them. Wyvern, huddled on the ground whimpering under a blanket of bees, was quickly becoming a shimmering ball of bright, beautiful, fluttering wings. After a few moments, the butterflies lifted off of Wyvern and went flying off into the air in different directions, not one bee left behind. Rushing to Wyvern's side, Annael lifted his head and placed it in her lap. "Oh Wyvie, are you okay?" She asked as she gently kissed a particularily nasty sting that was on his snout. "If I didn't know better, I would say that your butterflies saved me." Wyvern said with a little grimace. "They did Wyvie, they did. They just came out of no where. I told them earlier to bugger off so they weren't here with us. They must have been watching though." "Really? I would've never thought...." Stopping, Wyvie's eyes crossed as he watched as a lone blue butterfly landed on that nasty sting on his snout. Giving a little giggle, as it tickled his snout with its wings, then a little shout as the sting started to tingle, he sneezed the butterfly off. "Hey, it doesn't hurt anymore." Smiling as the butterflies returned to land all over them, Annael laughed at the feeling. "These butterflies are special Wyvie. The powder on their wings can act as a healing agent if they want. They're healing you!" And laughing at the over-grown lizard as he was tickled mercilessly as he was healed, Annael smiled as a few of the little butterflies stayed with Wyvern as the others floated off, though not too far mind you as their mistress had apologised for yelling at them earlier. "It looks as though you have a few new friends Wyvie." Giving a fake sigh of disgust, his eyes sparkling, Wyvie smiled up at Annael. "One can never have too many friends, My Angel."
  10. muses suck. lol. Mine's been missing for neigh on oh....2 years now. Welcome back black
  11. Holding onto Richard for dear life, Annael didn't so much as pray that they would soon reach the town as she did beg. Finally, Rhino-Cambio came to a halt just outside the town. Annael tried to get off the back of the rhino gracefully, but ended falling into a crumpled heap. Trying to get to her feet, she glared as Richard jumped off Cambio's back and stood next to her all gracefully and proud. Gritting her teeth, Annael pushed herself to her feet and tried to take a few steps and promptly feel on her face. "Oh blooming feathers! That's it. I'm never riding on the back of a Rhino again." Annael felt Richard take a hold of her elbow and pull her to her feet. With a supporting arm around her waist, Richard helped Annael stand. "Cambio, well, I think it best if you stay here. I think that if you accompanied us into the town, it would draw attention. Mostly likely unwanted attention, don't you?" Annael said to Rhino-Cambio. Cambio lowered his head in agreement and wandered off to a grove of nearby trees and began to eat some grass. Annael looked at Richard who nodded his head and helped Annael walk into town. "Where do you think we should begin?" Richard asked as they passed various vendors selling all sorts of goods. "I'm not really sure. I guess the best way to get the townspeople to stop going after the dragon would be to talk to the town elders, don't you?" "Yes. Now we just have to find them." Stopping by a fruit stand, Richard asked the peddler if he could tell them where the elders were. "Just walk to the end of this lane, and turn left. Keep going until you see the inn. The House of the Elders is that way." Thanking the peddler, Richard and Annael made off in the way that they were directed.
  12. Good to have you back Sal
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