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  1. The mansion was old and creepy. The front of the place was falling apart as the howling of the wind passed through the cracks in the walls. A young teenage girl sat on the front steps. She looked to be out of place. Do you... A-Approach her? B-Call her from a distance? C-Leave her alone?
  2. Alright, I'll do it...can't learn if I don't try:) Thanks:)
  3. *The Order* *Chapter one, Peasant Boy* *Part one, The Woman in the Wheat* Gather round, and allow me to regale you with a tale...no...a true story. It's a tale told by very few, for very few survived that final battle. It's the story of a peasant boy turned knight, a knight turned noble paladin...a hero turned warlord! Once, long ago. A time when there once existed a happy little village. Within this village lived a boy, a lad who was destined for greatness, but at this point he was merely a farm hand. Travis toiled within the fields...running loose like he always did. The boy had gotten many a beating for goofing off and leaving before the job was done. "Travis!" He could hear the voice calling to him in anger, not that it effected him anymore, he'd heard it a thousand times in the past. "Travis! Get back here this instant and finish your chores!" Travis just laughed, in reality he'd quite enjoyed the chase...the thrill...the action...the battle for his life! His mom stepped into the wheat fields with intent to kill...we'll maybe punish. The wheat in this region grew very well and often times grew to heights over a grown adults head, such was the case here. "Catch me if you can, Mom!" Travis said with a laugh as a rustle sprang through the field. Melissa knew better then to try and catch him...she's tried many times before. The best way to get him was to just give up and wait for the lad back home. Without another word, Melissa returned home, postponing his punishment for another time. Travis, unaware of this fact, kept running and running and running! He ran until he came upon the a beautiful sight. It would have appeared that he'd made it all the way to the Royal Palace. The castle tower was all he could see as he leapt into the air as high as he could, but that wasn't all he saw. A woman smiled his way as Travis became scared and fell to the ground with a thud. "Don't! Don't hurt me! I...I...I'll fight you!" The woman just laughed and donned another grin. The lad was chipper...this was for sure. "The name's Crystal, and you don't have to worry, I'm not going to hurt you. What's your name?" Travis took to his feet and assumed a tough stance. "My Name's Travis and I'm going to be the number one warrior in the entire region!" Crystal gave a chuckle and spoke in a rather mocking, but sweet voice. "Oh, I believe you will, but how will you do so when you're even afraid of me? I could see the look in your eyes." This angered Travis. The boy was never one to back down from a challenge...not even when he was out matched. Travis took a swing at the woman...only to be caught off-guard when she caught his fist mid air. Travis gave a hissy fit and yelled out with anger. "Let me go! Or I'll...I'll..." Crystal knelt down and looked the boy in the eye. She could tell that he was serious...that he was really willing to take her on...even if it did mean utter defeat! "You'll what? Hit me? You already failed at that." She could see a blood lust his his eyes...a lust that she couldn't stop thinking about. It reminded her of herself in her younger years. "I can see you're, aren't you? Without the right training that could be a bad idea." Crystal let go of his fist as she smiled the boy's way. "I...I...I don't need training!" With a tilt of her head and closing her eyes for a few moment, Crystal spoke. "Alright then, if you won't ask...I'll just have to offer. Greetings, I am Crystal, Captian of the Royal Guard and trainer of the army." Travis's mouth fell open so fast that a fly almost flew in...before it was batted away by the wave of a hand. "Cap...Captain? And you'll train me?" Crystal gave another giggle. "Ofcourse I will, but you have to be willing to learn and do everything I ask." Travis thought about it a second and gave a grin of his own. "I think I hear my mom calling me...see-ya!" With that the boy ran off...leaving Crystal to get back to her business. "Cute kid!"
  4. http://home.att.net/~slugbutter/evil/twisted.htm Is this not perfect for Black:) It sure is!
  5. A loud and energetic sound was heard just before Appy was tackle huged by a flying Anna. Yes, it would appear that the Slayer went a little bonkers, but who says that's a bad thing? Anna-"Remember me Appy? From the beauty contest? We'll do ya? You look really great!" Anna then turned to George and gave a grin. Anna-"how go's things?"
  6. Black9


    Hey! I'm a Vampire Lord! Want a few dead cits? I'll suck their blood!
  7. Sorry I was late...blame life...lol;)
  8. The fire attracted Choc as he was roaming around the area and why not, he's a creature of the night! Choc peeked out of the bushes and very silently motioned over to the now sleeping group. Looking into the face of Bugs, Choc shouted with a high voice and with a very bad transylvanian accent..."Muhahahahahaha! Bla!"
  9. Anna, worn to a pulp, slides over to George and gives a smile, whispering to her... Anna-"I'll try and help ya get your chair back for a price. How is 5 gold?" George looked unconvinced, but decided she wanted her chair back, so she handed over 5 gold rather reluctantly. The Slayer managed to get to her feet and walked over to The Boss Almost Dragon and speaking in a happy but lazy tone... Anna-"Hey! Boss! I'll give ya 3 gold for that seat?"
  10. Black9


    Anna walks in with a look of a lawyer. Her finely crafted blue suit stood out among the rest of the surroundings. Anna took a seat at the table...stashed it away in a secret spot in the room (Just to the right of the left corner) and came rushing back. The Slayer this time sat in the open seat and continued to place her briefcase. Anna-"Now, George, is it?" Anna opened the case to have many a sea of papers and documents come flying out and bat her in the face. "Forgive the mess..." the Slayer stated as she pulled out a normal size piece of paper, with the words, "I am not sueing you." Anna handed Geoge the sheet of paper and gave a small grin...motioning her hand across various locations marked in red. Anna-"Now if you'll just sign here, here, initial here and draw a little picture of a bunny here...you will win a million gold." One line on the document read...*Sign this document to . receive your one million gold!*
  11. Anna wanders in with a big goofy grin...ya...it was floating right beside her...really!?! Was there another B day? HAPPY B DAY!
  12. Black9


    I'm pretty sure I hold the patient on asking stupid questions;)
  13. Bruised up and dusty...with some type filth on her from the rampaging bull...Anna's head turned toward the door as George ran out...the Slayer couldn't move if she'd wanted to...that is...unless the spider got free! The spider jumped from her hand to her nose and in a seconds time she got over her, "Can't move state", and ran around the room in a nervous wreak screaming... Anna-"Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!"
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