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  1. Doh! *madhatter stumbles out of the closet* Good god! For how many ages have I been locked up in there? Appy! Appy, why would you lock me in there?! Ahhh the the lights! They're too bright. He glances down and notices a crumpled piece of parchment that has seen many a shoe track on its face. A promotion party?! Wah? And I missed it. He takes a closer look and reads m-dhatter. Wait a tick! That's me! Weee, thank you so much guys. But man do I have a story for my absence. It'll be up shortly. And expect me on IRC soon. Congrats to the other promotees!
  2. Destiny (as in Destiny's Child? haha)
  3. madhatter scribbles furiously on a piece of ripped parchment. He brow furrows as he plans his next shopping trip. Yay for candy. Thanks for the posts guys. In all seriousness, I think I'll be trying some of them out.
  4. Heh I've always thought it looked great, but thanks guys!
  5. /me smiles as he brings out the birthday cake Happy Birthday
  6. madhatter stumbles into the room. "Hmm... how did I end up in here? I really ought to watch my step." "My! What a wonderful little song you have there!" madhatter brushes off the dust off of his coatsleeves and approaches Dros. He whispers into Dros' ear, "Beware of the bunnies." Oh and welcome aboard! Hehe, I hope you enjoy yourself and I look forward to reading your other works as well!
  7. redbull (hmm... not sure if it's one word or two )
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