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    Anywhere green where they don't mind a clumsy elf

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    Myth and Gwai are my main ones here
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    Myth is a hispanic woman with long black hair and Gwai is a tall elf with hair...hard to tell what color because it's always messy, but it probably would be brown.
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    Please be as harsh as you can. The more criticsm you give me, the more I can improve!
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  1. The chicken waits for blue, but the emperor of ice cream is more skilled.
  2. The little girl runs into the field, butterfly net held high and hair streaming behind her. "I almost caught one!" She says excitedly. The grownups sitting and eating smile. They know she wasn't even close, but that doesn't matter. "Good job, honey!"
  3. Looking at the shop window. The display gleams back at me, but somehow there is no shine; nothing to catch my eye. I walk on, disappointed.
  4. As we kissed, I grasped his wrists and rubbed my hands up his arms. His sleeves slid up and suddenly the trails on his arm told me exactly why our relationship had problems.
  5. She always did wonder why her mother had to name all female cats Sierra, even when she had more than one.
  6. Unsense, is that like unscent? Because I've met some people who could sure do with being unscented.
  7. If a creative and skilled wall/house painter were to drink some of their "paint thinner" while using JD in that way and given as many colors as they wanted, I wonder what would result.
  8. Beware of making an invitation to the Gods. They might take you up on it.
  9. He looked down at his pupil, and even as she cringed, she admired even the disgust that showed in every line of his gorgeous face. It was the most amazing thing she'd seen, although he looked like he'd caught her eating sh--. "How do you expect to be a properly gloomy vampire when you drink the blood of bouncy things like that?"
  10. The door is open. It is smooth wood and varnished instead of painted, but the wood itself is of good quality and it matches the decor so well that probably few notice. The child outside the door watches closely peeping around it. She looks down at her feet for a moment, careful to stay outside the room, but quickly her gaze returns into the room.
  11. A little purple fingerpuppet butterfly I have that flaps its gauzy wings when one waves ones finger.
  12. *Gwaihir walks in and upon seeing Jechum blinks. In his surprise he loses his balance, first almost falling through Jechum then catching himself. Only to reel and tumble into Appy. "Umm, sorry! I mean hello! Or sorry to you" (to Appy) and hello Jechum. Or should I say hello to everyone else too? Umm, how about hello everyone!"
  13. Someone stumbles over Snypiuer's foot as he listens to the answers he receives. He looks up at the speaker, slightly puzzled at how anyone could stumble over a foot that wasn't even sticking out. "Sorry, sorry!" Gwai mumbles, coloring a little at his awkward entrance. "I'll be here sometimes, but a true gardener must follow where the plants are. Sometimes that can require long trips elsewhere. May your plants always bloom joyfully."
  14. It's been a while since I was a regular here too but I'm still reading with interest and appreciation, Regel.
  15. So I'm not the only one who missed this then. That's good . Feel free to use Gwai despite the farsical way I usually portray him.
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