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  1. Jechum floats in... Watches his old friend and his giant Guinea Pigs head down the road. As always Jechm sticks to the shadows having mastered them long ago. Jechum wonders if Peredhil remembers there are no roads he travels alone. Jechum floats out...
  2. Jechum floats in... I can hear his ranting whispers down the halls. Right now I'm searching towers and have unearthed old treasures. It still amazes me the brilliant people who have been in these halls. I would also recommend a little caution as werewolves might once again start roaming these halls. Never realized the infestation was so rampant. I noticed your hand in that work Tanuchan. Feel free to follow me or search on your own and share what you find. Are there not more people here to help us?
  3. Jechum

    Hostel Fox

    Jechum floats in... Wow Salinye a great task to perform. Might be to late to ask this question but did you ever do this while the RP was running with your version being the official story line? Anyway love the concept... You wouldn't happen to have seen Zool? Jechum floats out...
  4. Jechum floats in... Jonathan the great thing about The Pen is your story is still hear waiting on you. Oh you haven't happen to see Zool? Jechum floats out...
  5. Jechum floats in... Ah it has been many years... So I will remind you... Jechum is not here... He is a figment of your imagination... That is both his power and his curse. Jechum floats out...
  6. Jechum floats in applauds and floats out...
  7. Jechum floats into Vincent's haunted dreams... Oh the way things use to be... These types of stories scream create me! Jechum floats out...
  8. Jechum


    Jechum floats in... Oh Zadown it has been years since I read your works... I wonder if you are still around... Jechum floats out...
  9. Jechum floats in... Have you every come home and noticed how quiet it has become? Have you ever wondered the halls of The Pen and read some of the old stories posted here? have you ever read The Portrait of Zool? Jechum floats out...
  10. Jechum floats in... Nice work Patrick.... Jechum floats out...
  11. Jechum


    Jechum floats in... Oh I do like old stories... While its there is no Zool here my comment should bring some looks on this story once again... Note to self... Might need to go back and clean my tracks. Jechum floats out...
  12. Jechum floats in... DL_Snake from what I read it looks great! Anything else you would like me to look at? By the way, i'm searching for Zool you wouldn't be able to help me? If you need me send a messenger pigeon. Jechum floats out...
  13. Jechum floats in... I see again no Zool... A very nice story but the end is so absolute... I need to spend some time seeing more from Kikuyu. Jechum floats out...
  14. Good Idea! Jechum floats out...
  15. Gebt kein mer Deutch?
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