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  1. Dear me, I appreciate those who came out to say so. I apologize for my lack of responsiveness, my life is quite busy lately. Again thank you!
  2. We are leaving this godforsaken place! On to New Things and New Paradigms Colour the streets with humanity. This changes everything. Movement, pale light of the near-spring. Angel in the moonlight Devil in the sunshine Tastes like bacon, I'm so confused.
  3. ...two very angry men, one is tall, wearing a waistcoat, top hat and pocket watch, the other, stout, smoking a giant cigar and balding on top, wearing a grey pinstripe suit. The tall man screams "ZANOO!" while pointing at them, while the short man cuffs the other on the side of the ear and urges them onward with his own broad hand motions and shouts in a deep, throaty voice, "OONAZ ka FON!" and smiles at them, eyes twinkling...
  4. One must take an analytical approach to this burning question and perform scientific analysis to determine, who truely is superior. Hmm... well since we cannot ask a Ninja and a Pirate to fight to the death for us, we can consider the next best alternative, a video game simulation! Cheeky I know, but hear me out Soul Calibur 2, features two very paragons of both Pirates and Ninjas, Cervantes the dual wielding undead pirate, and Taki, the er.. vicious and unitard wearing ninja... Both are very capable characters in their own right, and I purpose that someone experiment and pit the AI against itself in this game to scientifically determine who the superior archetype is Any takers?
  5. There is much disorder under the heavens and his pulse is normal -Doonesbury
  6. I don't want to prove overkill or anything but I could produce, if you really wanted it, a map of flora and tempature of a world along with the geography of it I would love to get my mind off Thalos for a bit to map something new, please email, IM or PM me
  7. Footsteps Little dancing flute in the darkness, wings in the snowy inky night trudging slowly, inspired to move along, one step more. stop in the snow, look up at the sky... there they are off in the distance, marching slowly, lighting you can see them all in the momentary light. left right, again and again walk towards them, slumping through the blizzard curiosity of destination sneaking, inquiring pixie light, again dancing through the sky, glorious apparition. soldier, gleaming in the soft light, truding in the snow holding lantern high, left right, again and again great, and wonderous things marching up the mountain snow piled high the lantern grows brighter we climb higher the valley below in voided silence, the light illuminates. great soldiers and throngs of people, and wonderous beasts all climbing the mountain. we've been slow to build, but now strong the storm grows stronger, blustering and billowing... hats and things take flight back into the formless dark the pixie is here again, warm bathing light inspired to move on again, long marching columns and we come to the top and there is a great valley and the column, stretches far and far... into the night... pixie light dancing along in the winter night. stand proud and come into the valley, the cold and the snow will not make us waver a great trek, a proud march, old and young. the road is still long, but we've gone so far truding in the snow into the valley fighting back the dark, endless columns, creatures big and small BLINDING LIGHT star, rising... the vallley is cast into daylight proud shooting star twinkling in the blue sky awe, dazzle, fear and might broad and strong streak our destination laid clear, we are victorious the trek will soon be complete running down the mountain, into thin air. .
  8. I hate to disappoint Mr. Zool, but I drank my drink when I was 19, I didn't get drunk though. Isn't it great to be Canadian? :woot: Thanks again Wyv, Zool
  9. Jon rises from the pile, taking a great gasping breath and flopping onto the floor "Thank you all, no need to smother me to death! And no Gyr, once you hit 19 in BC, you get to smoke, vote, drink, gamble and go to strip clubs.. Do we know how to party or what? And Valdar, the room is now clean, thank you " Jon smiles and drinks mocktails the rest of the evening, doling out pints to the Little People, who rejoice.
  10. Celes turned 29 yesterday without so much of a how-do-you-do Happy Birthday Celes, sorry everyone forgot! :wizzie:
  11. I will be attempting to digitally record the show tonight and soon afterwards encode it to mp3, the two hours should filter out at about 56 megs all said and done Here's hoping it works!
  12. Roley was enjoying a sunday stroll in the battlefield, he sat down to enjoy a good stiff Sake and some sushi he brought along on the trip, plopping his armoured butt down on the wrecked hull of some giant robot or another, he pulled his drink and sushi from his rucksack and proceded to pour himself a drink Little did he know of the sunday stroll ruining Mechzilla and the ever belligerent Ninja Mecha Bunny leaping directly at him, gopherchuks a vicous blur in each hand, Mechzilla steaming and snorting close behind He sighs and puts down his bottle of Sake and looks around, flexing his suit's powerful muscle fibers to wrench an armoured sheet from his makeshit seat and whirls around, hucking it like a frisbee at the Mecha Ninja Bunny, "I'll give YOU a WARCRY you over-zealous tail-sucker" He roared, watching the sheet richochet off the nose of the robotic bunny-ninja, who prompty cried out, wilhelm style of course. Roley, noting the sudden and violent defeat of the doomed mecha-ninja-bunny, he sat back down to get back to his drink. Much to the indignant snorts of Mechzilla. "What... you want some metal wreckage goodness too? Bring it on" And Roley leapt to his feet, running full tilt at the rather large japanese monster icon....
  13. Finished mine for Yui last night, it is in the Banquet Hall ^^
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