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  1. Merelas strides in with a swirl of orange, yellow, and crimson silks. He crosses to a chair, spins, and sits. Well this is a fine kettle of fish. I haven't been here in three years or better. I'm still rather foppish, but less full of angst. A few I recognize, and some not at all. Interesting.
  2. I'm almost surprised, but... wait, no, I'm not at all First to go again. Shucks.
  3. Jordan showed up to the gallery exhibit right before it opened, having just heard about the terrible accident. It had to be an accident. He was rebellious, but he still couldn't imagine anyone doing such a thing... and could a person really drown in little scraps of paper? The whole thing sounded rather dodgy. Like that frenchman. Jordan wasn't a racist, but still. Pierre had been acting rather funny lately. OOC: Vote for Patrick/Pierre
  4. I should underline that... Jordan looked up from his book only momentarily as the crowds poured in to see the exhibits. He had designed his booth to highlight his work, and he hoped that he wouldn't need to talk to do so. Onto the walls of the "room" were plastered sketches of all kinds and sizes. Colored pencil, pencil, ink pen, charcoal on papers of all sizes were spread out across the walls. On a table in the center were sketchbooks, notebooks full of more drawings, and Jordan couldn't tell what else he needed to do to impress the people. Suddenly he had an idea. Jordan grabbed one of the sketchbooks from the table in the center of his booth, and resumed his post on the stool outside the booth. As people stopped by to look, he made a few quick lines with the pencil he had been using to notate his book. Watching the patron as they wandered throguh the display, he finished as they exited, and handed the sketch to them. "You're welcome," he said, looking down again for the next sketch.
  5. I saw Spiderman III on Tuesday. I'm going to keep this brief. This movie is good if you go into it not expecting much. I laughed out loud at the dialogue in places, and that's occasionally even what the artistic direction was. They don't take themselves seriously enough to want you to change your world view afterwards, which is a definite plus. The action sequences and special affects were on par with most of the modern superhero films and the concept is at least a little thought-provoking. The score for the movie is good, as a score for an action film should be. Soundtrack is one that I would consider buying, but probably not at the top of my soundtrack lists. Costumes were decent, especially considering that this movie certainly isn't focused on the clothing of the actors. Again, dialogue left something to be desired, but the director realized that and was able to poke fun at the movie itself in places. The plot is the plot of Spiderman. You see where I'm going with this. Camera was decent, certainly not great, but the special affects and etc. were (as I said) somewhat impressive. I'm not a fan of Tobey Maguire or Kirsten Dunst, but in my opinion this movie has a great supporting cast: James Franco and the character of Venom did a high quality job with their performances. It's fun. It's not moving. It's not romantic. It's a good movie to see with children. Score: B+ Costumes: B Dialogue: C Plot: C Camera: B- Affects: B+ Acting: B Overall Grade: B-
  6. booze (I'm sorry, this was honestly the first word I thought of and it's a synonym.)
  7. I think that at your wedding you should be able to choose whatever you like, and if the language is what you want, then by all means you should have it. Problem spots: I would say "For you to hold forever," or "Forever for you to hold." Just to make it more logically structured. I think that's the only spot I spotted as a problem, actually. May your day be perfect .
  8. Jordan Mountjoy (male) Age: 17 Height: 5'9 Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Art: Sketches; ink, pencil, charcoal on matte/drawing paper. Jordan is thoroughly disinterested in you. The way that you know this is so is because he's highly willing to tell you. He has absolutely no interest in what you do, whom you met, and where you did so. A current student at Dalton High, Jordan is close to flunking out--he has few friends and doesn't want any more than he's got. The only thing he takes seriously are his art classes. All of his classes are art classes. He pays no attention to his teachers and spends the entire time drawing whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it's inspired by something real--his math teacher spilling her coffee resulted in "Map of Decaf", ink on notebook paper, and his best friend (Nate) has produced many portraits. The reason that Jordan is entering the contest is to prove to his parents that he can accomplish something. His parents are the opposite of him--they care (in Jordan's opinion) far too much what their only child is doing, whom he's meeting, and where he's doing so.
  9. I have just suffered through my second finals week ever, and now that it is officially over, I can pledge my visits more regularly. I wish that hadn't been necessary, but I do believe it was. Hurray for being back . --Merelas
  10. So odd. It certainly would've made me think, and I would've wished that I owned a camera.
  11. Welcome again. I think that when I first joined, I spent quite a while just browsing the various forums until I decided what I wanted to post, and kind of just did it. I suppose the best place to start is wherever you find yourself most comfortable. Happy to meet you
  12. Wait... I put bullseye after target... I'm so confused... did posts get rearranged? Misery
  13. I like this a lot, tanny. I appreciate its linguistic value, even if I have no portuguese . The idea carries over into English, and my Spanish is of little help, it appears. Thanks for sharing
  14. Let's see if I can play many parts. The kindred'll think he's surrounded, Sylas thought. "Caution gets as caution gives, stranger, but you have entered our realm. Not many Camarilla would blame us for drinking your blood at the intrusion." Sylas moved silently again, this time masking his voice with Obfuscate. "We'll ask once more--who are you, and why are you here? Remember that you're on our turf, kindred." With one last vocal shift to a voice he knew well (Natalia's), Sylas called, "Last chance. And remember when contemplating your answer that the sewers are kinder to those that know them." Sylas moved once more so that he couldn't be targeted based on where his had come from, and waited for a reply.
  15. Right Brain |||||||||||||||| 62% Left Brain |||||||||| 40% I barely have a full brain.
  16. It's so weird not knowing the roles after someone dies.
  17. "Sylas!" He woke suddenly, to Natalia's call. Reflexively, he faded into the shadows and masked his breathing. "Sylas, it's Natalia. Someone has breached quadrant four." "Kindred or Kine?" he asked, glimmering back into view. "We're not sure. The Nosferatu that reported fled before he identified it. He can't obfuscate very well, and of course the outsider won't know the sewers as well as we do, but--" "I'll go. Where in the quadrant?" "Elijah saw him near the Bowl. No telling where he's gotten himself lost to now." "Right. I'll be back soon... either satiated or wiser." at that, he faded from view again, and advanced to the described location. Soon enough he came across the intruder, and watched for a while. Eventually, remaining hidden by virtue of obfuscate, he called out to the newcomer. This breached his cover, but he was gone back into the shadow quickly enough. "Who are you?" As the intruder's attention was pulled to the place from whence the sound came, he moved across the "ditch" and called again. "Why have you come?"
  18. Sylas re-entered the sewers, sat down, and wheezed for a few moments before sending for Natalia. "After conversing with some associates, I have reversed my decision. Re-assign Emily to her old post." Confused, Natalia nodded, and left to do his bidding. We will see where conformism gets me... he thought. OOC: Change vote to Savage/Simon
  19. I add my belated birthday wishes to the list. All my best to you and yours.
  20. Sylas returned to the outskirts of Goldendown, removed the manhole cover, and climbed back down into the depths. He was satiated, and it was nearly dawn. He woke at sunset the next day, and sent for Natalia. She came quickly. "Report," he ordered gruffly. "Machinations are already beginning. The surface dwellers are shifting blame and maneuvering to fill the power vacuum as we speak. Several of the Camarilla clans have--" "Slow down... Natalia... you speak... too fast," Sylas wheezed. "Apologies, Sylas. Several clans in the Camarilla have kindred coming forward to push their claim. There have been rumors of independent involvment as well, but the Ravnos have been mysteriously silent. Our information also stops when it comes to the Sabbat. They are either not involved, or moving so quietly that we cannot discern their intentions and influence." "I need you to reassign Emily to the Sabbat. Push her contacts. Wring blood from that stone." "Yes, Sylas." "And send a message to the Elders. Tell them that, as always, we have many secrets, some of which involve the Society of Leopold and their sudden burst of kindred knowledge." "At once." She left him on his own to contemplate his next move, the information he had been given, and what he already knew of the other clans. All one could hear was his noisy breath and the trickle of water and filth beside him. After a few moments, he rose, and sent a message to Natalia that he would be out for the evening. "Advice comes from the oddest places." OOC: Vote for Mardrax/Francesca; Lasombra indeed. See below for vote
  21. Sylas had no need to travel to the Prince's "Royal" apartments. He had known that the Tory was dead before the Elders had. Instead, he stayed below in the sewers, contemplating his next move. "And so... it begins," he wheezed, and began building around him the image of last night's prey. Tall, slender, huge breasts, short red hair, and piercing green eyes. In his guise, he took to the roiling series of tunnels that would lead him above ground.
  22. As always, Salud, Amor, Dinero!
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