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    My interests are as followed:<br /><br />-Colors<br /><br />-Kitties<br /><br />-Babies<br /><br />-Painting<br /><br />-Acting<br /><br />- Reading<br /><br />-Video Games<br /><br />-Dancing like a fool

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    Aw you wanna know a little about me? How sweet! Well I am 18 years old and soon to be attending collage. Im really really sarcastic, very loud and opinonated which usually gets me into alot of trouble but it keeps life interesting :). I'd like to think that I am a very well rounded artist I Write, Paint and Act so Im a bard of sorts if you will. I mainly paint and act however so being on this fourm im really hoping to improve in my writting. :)
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  1. Hello again. I've been gone for a good long while, and I would like to start out by saying I'm so sorry for my sudden disappearance. Between getting into School, vacations, lack of internet and friends over the summer, to put it frankly has made it a bitch to get back on and get active. But things have settled down so I'm back (hopefully for good). Again I'm sorry for leaving without telling anyone.
  2. Slowly the light upon the news set turns on, showing off none other than Whisky. Dressed in a cheerleaders outfit indeed... just now what one might expect. Its the male version... the pants cut off high and slightly scruffy looking. The sleeves of the top torn off as well as half the torso and lastly her trade mark rainbow leggings ridding up to her thighs. Whisky is sitting cross legged upon the desk quickly looking up from her DS Lite, the pokemon theme playing obnoxiously for only a second before she turns it off and smirks. “Kon Ban Wa!.... that means Good evening in Japanese you know!” She giggles some and folds her hands in her lap. “Welcome to another installment of the Mini Cast.” Whisky jumps from the desk only to stand crossing one foot over the other and leaning back with that crooked smirk of hers. “Well third head of the evil hydra known as School is slowly being sawed off! Everyone knows what that means, time to put down the pencils and pick up the pens! This time of year is the perfect time to sit out in the beautiful sun and write your little heart out. So what are you doing here!? Go on get out there and compose a masterpiece!” There is a small pause, Whisky pulls a little red hard candy from her pocket and after dusting off some lint promptly pops it into her mouth.... Mmmm.. year old candy. .Awesome. “Now speaking of beautiful, seems activity has really started to pick up again. Such as the chat box getting more action than a std free hooker. As well as a slew of new faces... or at least people I’ve never seen before, either way just as the earth is buzzing with life so it the Pen!” She nods proudly and smiles happily. “So Before I say Sayonara, Just to let everyone know today May 10th 07 is National Receptionist Day! Happy National Receptionist Day, and thanks to all the hard working ladies who make our business meetings possible.” The lights starts to fade as Whisky waves to the cameras. “This message is approved by Whisky Hotshots Malone. And remember folks, keep on laughing. Sayonara!!” Everything goes black.
  3. Everytime I read this story it makes me cringe, yet it is that same grotesque imagery that makes me love the story. Its really one of my favorite peices that you've written so far.
  4. Always good to see a new face! welcome aboard
  5. The lights flicker on revealing a new girl?...One two messy half pig tails half buns, hanging like red string around her pale face. An eye patch on the right eye, for no real reason... and a little white dress with little boats on them. The dress coming only about mid thigh. Her legs covered by rainbow leggings, and her feel big plasic yellow platforms. Surely this was not the Whisky who wanted to intern with Bob Tightpants. Well guess what it is punk so stop questioning everything! “Well well! This is more like it... Miss me folks? Well you should have!” she leans back in her chair her feet crossed upon the desk, papers scattering everywhere. “Lemme just start off todays Mini Cast by saying, Its great to have you back Wyv!...so help me, if I had to get coffee for Uptight McBoretown one more time, I was going to jump off the Conservatory... really I was!” .................................................................... <instert long akward pause> “Oh right news and stuff... well as Wyv pointed out, there is not much going on. Though I do have one thing to add. As most of you might be wondering what happed to McBoretown?.. Well after charming my way into the studio and cleverly getting the Orb thingy..McBoretown was overthrown.... But out of the mercy of my heart he is still employed as the janitor in charge of the bathrooms!... what can I say Im a sweetheart.” She fusses with her hair a moment, then takes off her eye patch putting it on the other eye... theres whispering off stage... she glances over and blinks... “Oh we are still rolling... oh I have to actually end it... oh yeah okay...” She looks to the camera. “Well folks thanks for listening and stay tuned for whenever the Mini Cast comes again!... This is Whisky Hotshot Malone.. And remember, Keep on laughing.” She winks now with her left eye, and smirks as the lights fade to black.
  6. Enjoy. Morior Terra "Dying Earth" She gasps and claws for a breath that will not come, she holds onto the life that will not return the embrace, she struggles now not to eternally close her eyes. But they will close. Wash your filthy hands dripping hot still with blood, stained brown from a womb torn violently open the plastic knife only grew more keen since the first thrust. Or is the weapon of choice an oil soaked rag slipped around a ivory throat? What of the finger prints upon a mechanical coil found driven into a silky breast? The culprits sit tall on a throne of death and decay ensnared in the rapture that is their own arrogance begging for more to fill the void of an insatiable hunger. Blind to the coming death of all things ignoring the signs of a coming judgment that will not arrive from an angry god but from ourselves as we raise the stake for a final blow. And so here we are, too stupid to treasure the one and only thing that gives us all life, too buried in our lethargic apathy to do anything about it. Except to die with her.
  7. Wow this is really late to be bringing this up...I just like to comment on the comments after I get a few and I never noticed the others as I left shortly after posting it. First thanks for not tearing me appard due to the veiws. Well thank you for your comments and crit, its one of my favorite poems so Im glad it was overall liked ps. For Merelas: It was my attemt to describe priests without actually saying priests.
  8. Um...does being the person shooting....uh... does that count?.................
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