1. The Tavern of the Quill

    1. Cabaret Room

      Here one can have a drink and idly chitchat with a friend. (Where do I put this?)

    2. Assembly Room

      In this room Bards throughout the lands gather to tell their tales and anecdotes. (Stories)

    3. Banquet Room

      Poems, songs, and line-by-line creativity (Poems)

    4. Conservatory

      For threads that seem to take on a life of their own and interrupt perfectly good drinking in the Cabaret Room. (RPed Stories, Plays and other scripts)

    5. Recruiter's Office

      Off to the side of the Tavern is a large office that the Elder of Initiates keeps for prospective members to come and apply. (Applications)

  2. The Manor of Tongues

    1. The Café

      This is where all manner of language-related discussions and inquiries are welcome.

    2. The European Classics

      This is where poems, stories and even RP in any of the following tongues will be posted: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portugese, Russian, Finnish, Dutch and Swedish.

  3. The Walls of the Pen

    1. News

      We post the news here, but everyone is welcome to reply to posts.

    2. The Codex and Lists

      Here are the guidelines and purpose statements of the Pen as well as membership lists, historical lists and listed items of interest.

    3. Frequently Asked Questions

      An explanation of where things go

    4. The Piazza of Portraits

      This is where you can read up on other people's characters, or describe your own. And if you format it correctly, we can all use the search tool to quickly find what we need to know.

    5. 56,839
    6. Library

      Here all writers are welcomed to archive their works that were written over the ages of Terra. (Works not created on this forum.)

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    • Silver Shadows rise and flow; In a Landscape they don't know. Where true love calls, and true love hears, and time is measured not in years. Where true love seeks, and true love finds; It is the Landscape of the Mind.   They say a Thousand Years have passed, Since the day I held you last. They say a Thousand Miles divide, And yet we're walking side by side.   In the Landscape of the Mind   For Time and Space mean Nothing here; And True Love's Hope, Drives Out All Fear. It is a Place where Shadows Glow, and Love's True Face , You may safely show.   It is the Landscape of the Mind; Where True Love Seeks, and True Love Finds. Where True Love Calls and True Love Hears; and True Love's Hope Drives out all Fears.   It is a Place where Shadows Glow,  and True Love's Light will clearly show; Heart to Hear, and Mind to Mind, It is the Landscape of the Mind, Where True Love Seeks and True Love Finds.  
    • As I lurked in the chamber behind the wall of the larder I reflected on my situation. I needed a way to observe my hosts without risk of discovery until the time was right for revealing myself. Assuming such a time ever came. After all if my fellow "Grendels" had been in the service of the Yuun-Xi... Well, odds were good that normal humans would have good reason to fear us.  So, back to the problem of observation. I closed my eyes and stilled my mind. And after a few moments found that I could hear the voices of the people in the cabin almost as clearly as if I were still just behind the larder door. " packed, except for those carvings that weren't finished drying." "Good, good. Now sit down and eat your breakfast. The WaveRunner isn't due to reach port until tomorrow morning; Ishmael. And we have a good half day of travel before us. If you must fret about meeting Elizabeth, do it tomorrow, when you are going to meet her." "It's not that, father. Well, maybe a little. But, Well, The Wave Runner is a good ship and all...But..." "...The sea is a dangerous place. I'll not deny it. That's why I'm Isaac the Farmer these days; where I can get by seeing with my hands rather than my eyes.  But that was one mishap out of years at sea."    
    • Thanks Snyp! Missed you guys, too. I guess we'll see what comes out of my brain next, eh?
    • YAY!!! Missed you and your words, hope to see more !
    • *peeks in, trying to sneak by unnoticed* Well. Five years. Talk about a hiatus! I suppose this challenge is very very inactive by now, but maybe I'll keep going, nevertheless... I think I left off on #8. Here are three more. Maybe I can make up for lost time in bulk. #9  Haunted I miss the scent of newness, The ache of growth, Where passion meets reality Where adolescence folds into adultery The twisting of like minds, like bodies, Twisting around taboos Celebrated at every turn by bodies born of lust.   I miss the scent of night, The pain of smiling, At every little thing, At the essence of debauchery The forging of new bonds, new loves, Forging old hopes Into daydream fantasies of bodies born by faith.   #10 yadretsey time rolled backwards yesterday, tick-ticking the milliseconds slowly, turning off the tumultuous torrent, taming the lies, the loves, tempering the deepest wishes, terminating the turmoil tenderly, tendering resignation, til time stood still... and we breathe again.   #11 Hearthburn There's not enough medication To undo the alcohol cravings To pacify my longings To make me forget you   I have only tears Where joy was Pathetic whispers of loss Need buried deep in the marrow of my soul   A lodestone pulls me toward ruin As I waste a way to nothingness Dreaming of what could have been Of what will never be.   Thanks for reading, folks. Life is, as always, a constant source of inspiration. Not always positive inspiration, but inspiration nonetheless. Until later... ~Tava