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  1. heh. I was just thinking about those WW games last night. =)
  2. Ayshela smiled to herself as she slipped a folded note under Falcon's door. He wouldn't be back yet for a half hour, which would leave just enough time... She slipped down the stairs and into the courtyard, where she had last seen Mynx and her kitten minions. Ahha, there they were, Mynx still reading under the oak tree with the kittens playing near her feet. This would be fun!! One quick flip of her wrist had a long length of twine tossed across the courtyard, small weight and several feathers attached. The kitten minions nearly collided mid-air in their collective scramble to catch it. Twitching the line and slowly pulling it toward her, Ayshela lured the kittens into the Keep and down the hall toward the Cabaret, knowing that Mynx would notice and follow to see what had so thoroughly caught her minions' attention. With one last tug and a quick giggle, Ayshela lured the kittens toward the back of the cabaret and hung the feathers-on-a-string from a handy nail on a beam, keeping them entertained and out from underfoot in one maneuver. Mynx met Falcon just outside the door. They entered to a shower of confetti and balloons, shouts of "Happy Birthday!" and hugs from all present. OOC: Happy Birthday, to the both of you! I hope life is treating you well, and you have lots of reason and opportunity to celebrate. *huge hugs*
  3. On the fly here but one thing jumps out - it would flow more smoothly with "littlest" changed to "smallest" without losing meaning.
  4. A faintly familiar figure slips through the Cabaret door, cloak gently swaying as the door swings shut behind her. She looks around, curious as it sinks in how very quiet the normally bustling tavern is. She takes note of who is there as she weaves between the tables to approach the bar. With a faint smile she tosses a few geld on the bar, saying "Scotch rocks. Double. And a round for the house." She takes her drink and drifts off to a table by the hearth. A bit of stirring with her finger, then she sips her scotch, smiling in approval. "Nice. Ozy always did keep the good stuff." She swallows half of it, then pulls her hood down further. She leans back, tipping her chair against the wall, and through half-closed eyes settles in to watch. I've been swallowed whole by life, of late. PMs go to my e-mail, though, as they always have.
  5. Ayshela trudges into the Cabaret, tugging behind her a very large gold coloured bag with peculiar shapes nudging up here and there. By the time she's made her way to the semi-cleared space near the back of the room she's breathing heavily. Dropping the top of the bag she sighs with relief and stretches her back and shoulders for a moment before making sure there's proper space for her plans. She reaches into the bag, pulling out a rickety looking folding table and setting it up near the center of the clear space. A quick kick at one leg ensures that it will remain standing, at least for a little bit. "Hurry hurry hurry!" she calls to the crowd. "Today and today only, a special sale on Almost Dragonic Birthday Celebration gear! Don't miss out, this is a limited time offer!" She reaches back into the bag, pulling things out one at a time and setting them around the perimiter of the table. "Getcher Special Cake Repelling Helmet! Only 50 geld ensures that sticky bits of birthday cake will almost never get stuck in your hair. Face plate only an extra 20 geld, and never again will a flaming candle singe your eyebrows! Special earplugs, guaranteed to muffle any off-key birthday songs, today only for 15 geld! Special deluxe lap protectors, also 15 geld! Almost guaranteed to keep stray bits of food from soiling your clothes. Also good for wiping up spills! "And today only, a special giveaway - pink plum cake with grasshopper frosting, and brambleberry punch. Come one, come all, today only!" Ayshela glanced around at the confused faces. With a quick grin she said "Happy Birthday, Wyv!" and slipped out the door. Happy Birthday! Hope it's a grand one!
  6. Awesome! Congrats!!! *huggles happily*
  7. wow, I need to sleep... I read that last one as "had a squirrel rob you of your SODA" three times before I saw what it really said... though I'm not really sure which would be funnier. ...had to plug in your office chair? ...spent more time dressing your online characters than yourself? ...been more excited about coffee than anything else in your day?
  8. sometimes, the only thing that's going to help is going to sleep. failing that, warm blankets and teddy bears have amazing soothing powers.
  9. It is possible to break the soles of a pair of shoes. Having done so, it's important to replace them BEFORE they cause a nasty fall.
  10. Ayshela burst through the doors to the Cabaret, insistently pulling Alaeha along behind. "Come ON, you only turn 21 once, and how often do you think I'm going to spring for drinks?" With a wink and a grin to Alaeha, she tossed a small purse on the bar and placed their orders: "A double scotch for me, and whatever Alaeha's drinking until the coin runs out." Happy Birthday!
  11. The best kitchen invasions are those that come, cook dinner, are good company, and then leave.
  12. Phantom jewelry - yes. often. also phantom watches. most recently, phantom bluetooth. ...fallen asleep waiting for someone to return to the phone call, waking up three hours later to discover the line still open because they're asleep too?
  13. Some people are going to hear you, some people aren't. Some people are going to understand you, some people aren't. You will have to spend some time with the latter, but keep the former close to your heart. Those who will let you grow and those who will grow with you are equally valuable, though not necessarily equally good life partners. :-S Sometimes, it just *is* all about them. You can't fix what you can't control. When you admit you just need to cry, half the *need* to cry goes away.
  14. Quick note from Ozy - he phoned to let me know that his 'net connectivity is more problematical than initially anticipated. It's already been a week longer than expected, and could easily be another week, so if the next person due to mod wants to swap him spots in the queue that's more than fair. He still wants to run his game, but if y'all would rather run the next one whilst waiting for him to get his 'net connect sorted out he's totally okay with that.
  15. amazing how what once was true comes back around. *smiles and sighs* I almost wrote this again this last week. Wonder what that says about my life? O.o
  16. It's been far too long since I've had time or opportunity for this. Only time for one tonight, darn it all. My dear Mynx, Kitty of my heart, other half of my brain frighteningly often (I'm not sure what that says about you... ), for all the things which only you truly understand and all the times you've let me PM a shriek your direction, my wholehearted thanks. For all the times you've sent kitten minions to keep me safe and warm - tickly whiskers and all - thank you. For just being you - awesome through and through - and sharing yourself as you do, thank you. *huggles and skritches* 'shela
  17. *tacklehugs Tasslehoff* Hey you! Welcome back!
  18. Personally, I think that would be more useful than "from" or "member number" currently in the sidebar. I wonder if a link to the appropriate *portion* of the user profile would be useful, as a part of or instead of an additional descriptor?
  19. Ayshela and Kaitlyn read the notice and hurry to catch up to Zariah. With a quick leap they tacklehug her, babbling congratulations and happiness for both her and Nyyark. Congrats to you both! I wish I didn't have committments here until late the night before. *happy huggles*
  20. My Mother Recipes of verbal spam flew from her lips unnoticed by those inured to endless slicing, dicing, personalities and lives inexorably minced by the ceaseless motion of her poisonous tongue. Next line: Trailing a tape measure
  21. Safe journey and good arrival to you!
  22. Welcome! As long as it's your original work (and not libelous, of course) I don't believe we have hard and fast rules for what can and can't be posted here - it's more a matter of *where* to post something. Previously published/posted elsewhere stuff goes in the Library, pg-13+ goes in the Scarlett Pen (accessible once you've applied), and generally any other stories/plays/such things go in the Assembly room. Poetry in the Banquet Room. Roleplay in the Conservatory. *gentle huggles* Glad to see you "officially" here!
  23. Hi there! Welcome aboard. I've PM'd you several links that you may find helpful, but I echo Tanny's suggestion of the FAQ. Most questions are readily answered there, but if you have one that isn't covered feel free to poke one of us and ask! =)
  24. Interesting imagery. A broken *liquid* is an evocative concept. I like it.
  25. The most frustrating of people can grow into the most beautiful of friends.
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