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  1. Have you ever driven down the street and seen the glow of your headlights continue on across the park in front of you, reflecting from the floodwaters?
  2. It is now Night Phase, which will extend (for personal reasons) to 9am Wednesday. Your current scorecard: Dead: Troy - NPC kill Tanuchan - Vanessa Lochmond - first lynching - villager Trina - NPC kill Savage Dragon - Mr. Coolio - second lynching - villager Still active: Mardrax - Carrie Dee NightFae - Alexia Lee Gryphon - Seth Able Giles Jordan - Giles Jordan dragonqueen - Charmaine Meeks
  3. The stiffly uniformed security guard interrupted Carrie. "He is - unwelcome here. Mr. Asmundson wants to talk to you as soon as he's finished with Troy. One of your 'connections' at the studio was caught with several pre-release albums, all horribly distorted, and all addressed to you. You might think up your excuses on the way up so you don't waste any more of the boss' time." Mr. Coolio angrily shook off the guard's hand. "I have no idea what you're talking about, and I don't NEED excuses to tell Philip that. He and his publicity department are the only 'contacts' I have here -" "Exactly. Publicity. Now, do you want to come up quietly, or would you rather create more negative publicity for yourself?" The guard stood and waited, looking faintly amused. Mr. Coolio looked around the room, seeing shocked faces among those who'd been trying to gain his favour, and nervously averted stares from those who already knew him. He sighed heavily. "No, you and the drunken rabble here have already slandered me quite enough. Let's go get this whole mess cleared up." They headed for the elevator as a nervous hum of conversation grew behind them. OOC: NightFae's vote was sent off-site due to a schedule conflict, making it three votes for Savage Dragon, who was an innocent villager. It is now Night Phase. Since tomorrow's my birthday and I'll be tied up through the evening, I'm extending Night Phase until 9am Wednesday morning. Specials, get your votes in!
  4. usual reasons for an NPC kill: no kill designation from the wolf, or wolf OR wolf kill target was baned since only the baner and I know which this was, draw your own conclusions. =)
  5. It is now Day Phase. Lynching votes will be closed at 6pm Monday, PDT. Your current scorecard: Dead: Troy - NPC kill Tanuchan - Vanessa Lochmond - first lynching Trina - NPC kill Still active: Mardrax - Carrie Dee Savage Dragon - Mr. Coolio NightFae - Alexia Lee Gryphon - Seth Able Giles Jordan - Giles Jordan dragonqueen - Charmaine Meeks
  6. Trina watched Seth and Carrie's argument from the edge of the crowd. Anyone who looked closely would see that the smile she wore for the world was more of a sneer, but then, most people didn't look closely. She preferred it that way. She was distracted enough that the quiet voice behind her was unsurprising. "Nice," he said. "Get them all fighting between themselves, looking at each other suspiciously, and no one will ever suspect you, right?" Trina's sneer broadened as she said, "Exactly. If they're too busy arguing about clothes and agents to stop and think about music, I can do anything I want." "Really?" The voice sounded more interested. "And what have you been doing?" Trina took a breath and bit off her reply, suddenly suspicious. She turned and faced the middle-aged gentleman in a dark suit. Dismay overwrote the sneer as she stammered, "n.. nothing! Why do you ask?" "Because someone has been causing havoc, and I think you have a part in that. I won't be the only one asking questions, either." He took her arm and quietly led her to a side door where his partner joined him, and they took Trina quickly out of sight. OOC: Trina has been taken to the police station to be questioned, and ultimately charged with theft and illegal distribution of music. It is now Day Phase. You have until 6pm Monday to place your votes.
  7. It's FRIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! Rah for surviving the week! Rah for solid support systems! Rah for people who don't mind random rantings! Ayshela slips her steel toed boots on and KICKS the rest of the week away. Mysteriously, there is a background chant of "Push it back, kick it back, WAAAAAY back!" though its source is as yet undetermined. It's Friday! Here's to the breathing - I hear all the cool kids are doing it. Here's to the weekend and recreational plans of *sleeping* for a change! And here's hoping y'all have a lovely friday and even better weekend!
  8. It is now Night Phase - specials have 36 hours (until Saturday noon) to PM me with requested targets. Your current scorecard: Dead: Troy - NPC kill Tanuchan - Vanessa Lochmond - first lynching Still active: Mardrax - Carrie Dee Savage Dragon - Mr. Coolio NightFae - Alexia Lee Gryphon - Seth Able Giles Jordan - Giles Jordan dragonqueen - Charmaine Meeks
  9. Seth and Carrie's argument had carried far across the ballroom, attracting Sheila's attention where she spoke with Philip about Troy. Sheila and Philip exchanged speculative looks. Troy was indicated, but was he working alone? Was it even him? There were too many questions as yet unanswered. Sheila nodded briskly and released the elevator door. "I'll take care of it," she said, turning to drift closer to Carrie and Seth. She had spotted Vanessa and was about to move in her direction when Alexia Lee's comment was just barely heard. "How true?" Could it be? How confusing could this get? Yet the uncertainty changed her tack, and she spoke gently to Vanessa as she walked over to her. "Horrible as the accusations are, we do need to find the truth. I'm sure you don't want any more fledgling stars - or their agents - snared by all this...?" Vanessa remained wary, but murmured her agreement. "Given the public accusations, and the damage such unguarded words can do, we do need to ask you some questions. If you can come now, we can get this done and over with tonight." Vanessa looked around her, finally stopping at Carrie Dee's confused and frightened face. "It's okay, kid. I didn't do it, so they won't keep me. I'll see you tomorrow morning." Sheila and Vanessa moved off toward the elevator. OOC: Vanessa is innocent of all accusations, as an innocent villager should be. It is now Night Phase - and since it is truly night, I'm extending this another twelve hours. Specials, please PM your targets before Saturday noon Pacific Time.
  10. yeah, Troy... sorry, momentary distraction as I was typing that.
  11. The casual chatter of the growing crowd was pierced by the eruption of a shrill argument. Sheila squeezed through the growing crowd, making her way to the disruption as quickly as possible - though with the dozens of people in front of her, that wasn't very fast. She recognized the voices before could see anything but the well tanned back of the underdressed hopeful in front of her, and tried vainly to get their attention. "How COULD you?!" Kristin shrieked. "You said you were going to HELP! You said -" "And I did help. Before you hit me again, how about you tell me what I'm supposed to have done?" Troy sounded wearily amused, though there was a tinge of anger to his voice. "My best friend got a special pre-release CD at one of the promotions, and came to ask me why it sounds so bad. It's not bad, it's AWFUL! And look! It has your contact info! They said they got them from you for the promotion, and they're awful! I sound like a chipmunk now! How could you?!" Kristin burst into tears as she threw the CD at him. "Whoa, wait a minute!" Troy ducked the flying CD. "I haven't done any pre-release promotions yet this year. I don't know where they got those CDs, but it wasn't from me." Sheila had finally squirmed through the crowd and broke into the argument. "Kristin, calm down, I'll take care of this." She turned to Troy and said "I'm glad to finally catch up with you. Mr. Asmundson wants to talk to you about your contract, and the disruptions you've caused." She waved away his arguments and spoke over him. "Your excuses mean nothing to me. Your calendar lists you as being at - and running - the promotion for Kristin's album, and those CDs are definitely substandard. You've violated your contract by detrimentally impacting the marketability of our client, and Mr. Asmundson wants to talk to you - NOW." She turned Troy, now stunned and mute, around and pushed him gently toward the elevator where Philip stood awaiting him. OOC: Troy has been framed. It is Day Phase, and you have 48 hours to try to find the person who did it. Happy Hunting!
  12. Bleah. Sorry about the delay. Had company over Saturday night and Sunday and Monday were rather consumed with Mylo trying to get her Poetry Portfolio project completed to turn in today. I've got my computer back, finally! The kids are off early today, so I'll go roll up the roles. They'll be PM'd and the NPC kill posted this afternoon - Halloween, how appropriate. =) Will kick over into Day Phase, which will close out Thursday evening.
  13. Sheila wove her way around the room, a drink in her left hand leaving her right hand free to flutter overly cheery waves to people she recognized or a brief touch on the arm of those she knew so that her presence would be generally recognized. The slightly dim lighting was nice, giving an air of intimacy to what was, essentially, a meet-and-greet. She stood back for a moment and looked over the gathering crowd. This should be a good chance to meet some potential clients. Now, where to start?
  14. Philip brow furrowed as he sat staring at the growing pile of charts, new releases, and projected releases. Small record labels were bound to have a smaller percentage of market share, but this was preposterous! He stalked down the hall and burst into the Sheila's office waving printouts angily. "One song in the Top 40? ONE?! I thought you were marketing our artists, or isn't that what the Marketing department does?" he snarled. Sheila looked up at her boss, wondering again if he'd left bodybuilding for the music business. The dark hair falling into his face didn't, however, disguise the flash in his brown eyes or angry flush darkening his deeply tanned face. She took a deep breath and calmly replied, "It would be easier to market artists if we had new music TO market. Three of our bands got better contracts elsewhere, so we couldn't re-sign them. One of our artists is in the hospital, and the others are either between albums or on tour. We don't HAVE anyone else to market right now. What else can I do?" Philip sneered at the slightly plump blonde behind the desk. "I know you're not as dumb as you look - or as you play at being, and I didn't THINK 28 was too old to party. Get on the phone to the agents. Mix at parties. Do whatever it is you do to find hopefuls and bring them in. If you can't market thin air, then I suggest you find something to fill it." He ignored her glare and stomped away, slamming the door behind him. Sheila considered throwing something at the door, but since she couldn't throw HIM, she decided against it. She thought, and thought, then slowly grew an evil smile. "You wanted a party? You'll GET a party," she purred. OOC: You are now at a huge party which has been billed as "Private" and "Exclusive" so that everyone will want to go. Most of the label's A&R staff are here, unusually willing to check out the plethora of hopefuls as well as circulate with agents they know and trust - more or less. You're in a small city, in a hotel ballroom, dress-code semi-formal. Meet and mingle, and if you need to invent NPCs feel free, just let me know. No PM alliances - any alliances must be formed in game via RP. If you need to PM to coordinate movements for any reason (or for any other game related reason) please CC the PM to me, so I know what's going on and don't cross you up in my posting.
  15. Take Two on the Game thread, since the first game ended so abruptly. OOC thread is here, and the original game thread is here. Our current cast list is: Mardrax - Carrie Dee (taking over Mynx's character) Savage Dragon - Mr. Coolio NightFae - Alexia Lee Gryphon - Seth Able Giles Jordan - Giles Jordan dragonqueen - Charmaine Meeks Tanuchan - Vanessa Lochmond Copying over the first couple of posts of the previous thread, to get us to the party where characters are introduced.
  16. Okay, so if I'm reading this rightly, our cast currently reads: Mardrax - Carrie Dee (taking over Mynx's character) Savage Dragon - Mr. Coolio NightFae - Alexia Lee Gryphon - Seth Able Giles Jordan - Giles Jordan dragonqueen - Charmaine Meeks Tanuchan - Vanessa Lochmond Is this correct? I'm heading off to open the Take Two thread, and it will be open RP until tomorrow night when I'll post the NPC kill. Just want to verify the roster before I PM out roles. =)
  17. Okay, then we're a go, since NightFae is okay with Take Two as well. (checked with her last night) This being Thursday, 1:30pm, we'll set 9am Saturday Pacific Time as the sign-up/character listing deadline and I'll put the new thread open for intro RP. That work for everyone?
  18. I found I have two different lists for this, and have some difficulty reconciling them. (Go figure. ) Logically, I would grab my purse (which has almost everything of direct importance in it), my cel phone (which has any phone number of importance to me, and is my lifeline many times), and my meds (without which I don't walk, this time of year). Emotionally, I would grab the teddy bear Ozy gave me, the quilt my grandmother gave me (which was the last one she made before she died), and once again my cel phone (did I mention it's my lifeline?). Of the five things (since one's a repeat), I'm honestly not sure how I'd pare that down to three.
  19. Salinye hasn't been around much of late, so continuation of her Life Questions series is iffy at best. Those were always good discussion points though, and I think we really NEED something like that again. That being the case, I thought I'd bring here a question which came up in another discussion a few days ago. It's 3am and you're awakened by the shrill sound of your smoke detector. Given that you, your family, your roommates, your friends, your pets - every living being in your home escapes safely, you have time to grab only three things on your way out. What are they?
  20. Due to a rather catastrophic weekend for my girls, I haven't had time to give more than a fleeting thought to another idea - and the mood i'm in it would definitely be of the murder mystery type... Mostly, I need to get a solid count of who's still interested, and if we have new people wanting to pop in who didn't have time the first time 'round, that's completely okay. At this point, if we want to start in this week I'd say pick this one up for a Take Two. Yays and Nays - new people and old?
  21. *huggles* 'sokay. I know time demands starting this time of year can be intense for a LOT of people. That's why one of the options included in the PM was not being available to play. =) Good luck with your finals!
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