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  1. Thanks Zadown, its better than trying to follow the translated version (Rotten face with the ketchup, so it is time to sound stupid)
  2. So sorry. . . ___ They all said it could not be done They all said it was against all the natural rules But I’ll show them with the power of SCIENCE! A complete body is what I’m thinking of YOU will be my lovely creation! I’m gonna make you and SHOW THEM ALL! I’m gonna stitch you up, Then turn you on, Just let the evil doctor dissect you. Gonna raise you up from the dead, Gonna sew back your head, Gonna run a thousand volts through you! Here come the peasants and their pitch forks. Just need some lightning, And oil of Vitriol to show them Then when the death ray is fully charged, I’ll THROW THE SWITCH AND BURN THEM ALL! Ten jouls and now your heart is beating Just a thousand more for the spark of life! I’m gonna stitch you up, Then turn you on, Just let the evil doctor dissect you. Gonna raise you up from the dead, Gonna sew back your head, Gonna run a thousand volts through you! KA-BOOM! RISE MY MINION, RISE! (I’m gonna stitch you up,) IT LIVES, IT LIVES!! (Then turn you on,) BWA HAHAHAHAHA! (Just let the evil doctor dissect you.) (I. . .)(Gonna raise you up from the dead,) AAAH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!(fzzzt - zap)(Gonna sew back your head,) KRAK-BOOOOM! (. . .live) (Gonna run a thousand volts through you!) ___
  3. It started with a squeak. Two tiny red orbs moved in the darkness, darting this way and that, preceeded by a faint hint of a nose. The mouse scuttled forward in silence through long-abandoned cobwebs draped from monsterous shapes looming into the heavens. The pathway lay open before it, with death in the darkness to left and right. A long moment passed with only the shuffle of ancient dust being disturbed. THUD. Silence returned, wrapped around the obelisk which had not been there a moment ago. A thin trickle of blood seeped from the hairline crack between the monolith and floor, but shades of gray in the gloom, and spread into the shadows. "Frrztfwtpppfw-" And there was suddenly light. A single spark of red enclosed in glass, flashing insistently. Darkness fled in strobes, revealing more of the ancient passageway. Colored tentacles snaking down the passageway suddenly gave a twitch, shrugging off an aeon's worth of dust, and went still. Silence returned while the world considered this. . . "Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Thunk. The world above the flashing red bulb exploded into monochrome brightness. The image wavered for a moment, then stabilized. It read: . . . The rustle of tiny noises slowly pushed back the overbearing silence - tiks, toks, faint humming as a battalion of capacitors took their first breath in an age. Ancient dirt crunched and slowly fell away as a gear trains started its intricate dance. Valves sighed as they vented stale air from a millenia ago. More lights came on with their own individual pops. Kinks in the system became undone with faint pops and creaks, and the shadows started to move. A loud buzz accompanied the magneto straining against the load, followed by the subsonic whooosh of a fan blade overhead. Below, metal started to crackle and pop, expanding slightly before a poppet valve screamed it's cry of agony. Water gurgled somewhere, and steam hissed through pipes and tubes as the first doubtful chug of the flywheel. The blast of escaping steam drowned out the caphacony of noise as the wheel continued it's turn. The second chug came with renewed confidence, and then another, and another until the noises blended together into an almighty ruckus. Steam spiraled upwards out of the ancient contraption. A low rumble issued from it's depths as the ancient core came back to life. The device jerked upwards, rotated an arm sideways. Fingers closed around the skeleton of a quill, tore it from it's tar pit of dry ink. The arm rotated back. The device froze for a long moment, quill poised an inch above yellowed parchment. The eyes began to glow as the quill descended. . .
  4. Woah, Rune sighting! \o/ *little Valdar throws some shiiiiiiiiiny candy*
  5. What would you like to see more of at the Mighty Pen in 2008?Shinies! What do you plan to contribute to the Mighty Pen in 2008?Corpsies! and Shinies! Shiny Corpsies! Are there any new ideas or suggestions you have for the Mighty Pen in 2008?Uhm. I really like the idea of a few big events such as a carnival, fall ball, and/or irc party sometime \^_^/
  6. Just in case people missed the tiny little post at the end of the poll, we'll be having a pre-Christmas IRC party this weekend. Details are. . . - 10 PM GMT - 3 PM PST - 22nd December 2007 - #thepen If you do not have IRC, I recommend the following. 1. Get a shiny. It can be backlit, glowing, semi or fully reflective, or refractive. As long as it's SHINY! 2. Go to www.mirc.com and download the client (or use this amazing link!) 3. Get another shiny, this time of a different color. 4. Install mirc 5. An options window should pop up (otherwise alt-O) 6. Fill out the stuff under the category Connect, then select the category "Servers" 7. Scroll down to Galaxynet and select one of the servers, press Ok, and click on the small lightning bolt under "File" 8. If successful, a Faviroutes box will pop up. Disregard the rest unless you enjoy getting poked with "a/s/l?//??/". Instead, enter #thepen into the first box and click Join! 9. If unsuccessful, go back to options, server and click Add. Enter the following Description: exodus.us.galaxynet.org IRC Server: exodus.us.galaxynet.org Ports: 6669 Group: Galaxynet 10. If _that_ does not work, replace exodus.us.galaxynet.org with boston.ma.us.galaxynet.org 11. Repeat until done. Then pet your shinies 12. Join the channel and give two someones your shinies Alternatively 1. Go to http://www.ircatwork.com/ 2. Pet your shiny for luck 3. Enter any one of the servers previously mentioned into the Server box, #thepen into the Channel box, and away you go I'll try to be on the chatbox as well just in case people are having trouble See you there!
  7. The party is tentativley going to start on the 22nd December, 11 PM GMT, 3 PM PST Yell out any suggestions etc!
  8. At the moment I'm thinking Dec 20-23 or 26-30, not on an actual Christmas day. I'm leaning towards 20-23 sometime. . . As for Herb reference, it's from a certain World of Warcraft Comic strip that I like! \^_^/
  9. Going to try it again this year after the fun we had last year \^_^/ Hopefully with a bit more planning
  10. Does World of Warcraft count as fiction? Ears! \o_o/// Or failing that, Girl Genius: http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php
  11. I sort of moved to drawing instead of writing \^_^/ IRC is still about as active as before though!
  12. Silliest first lines to a story \^_^/ http://www.sjsu.edu/depts/english/2007.htm
  13. Little Valdar huggles the wolfie and runs off waving ears adorned with :star: \^_^/
  14. :shiney: :shiney: :shiney: :shiney: :shiney: :shiney: :shiney: :shiney: is spelled shiny. . .
  15. Contributed by Tzimfemme: lilValdar: did not realize that "it" had a countdown tim. . .shiny! Waterlilly: Tentacles tangled into a knot trying to catch shiny angels flapping around nearby Kitanue: Forced to wear full plate. Died from heat exhaustion in 5 minutes.
  16. Little Valdar grabs the small shiiiiiinnnnny and huggles it \^_^/ "ooooooo!"
  17. I enjoy Edding's work for mindless entertainment - and it 'The Book Which Started It All' for me. Besides that, I used to read Enid Blyton's Mallory Towers and her St. Clare's series when I was 7 or so. Man what? They belonged to my sister PS: Lord yes. Good olde Robert Jordan. Thank goodness we're up to the last book (supposedly)
  18. Little Valdar ooooh's at Appy's stuff, and starts polishing. "Shiny!"
  19. Party is currently underway, logs can be found here: http://www.patrickdurham.net/themightypen/index.php?showtopic=15209
  20. Little Valdar clambers over the mass of writhing tentacles, with his santa-hat (with earholes cut out) askew. Another tentacle nearly un-hatted him as it zooomed by carrying more corpses and shiny trinkets for the Christmas Corpsie tree. In his hand, a large piece of parchment, freshly slimed which he slapped against the wall with a wet splat. It stuck. "Party under the Christmas Corpsie tree, 25 26 24 23rd December, 2300 GMT. Bring shinies an gifts!" *** The Pen Christmas Party will kick off at GMT 2300 and run for as long as people want \^_^/. It would be appreciated if the atmosphere was kept in-character as much as possible as it was duing the pen ball. Gifts for other people can be left under the Christmas tree for them to find, or given in person - pm the person in question the gift so he or she can unwrap it. I'm hoping the general in-character theme will last through to the 25th or 26th, but thats optional
  21. . . .class balance. You could go on for weeks on that single issue alone. -Gold farmers -Horde getting paladins, Alliance getting shammies -Future of 40 player raid progression . . .uh, thats all I can think of right NOW at 2 am. Maybe more tommorow.
  22. Hmm, this one might seem a little elaborate, but: Some_lamb_thing_01 Equipment: Pot Knife, Something to move stuff around in the pot Computer Spork Ingredients: About 8-10 chunks of lamb whatever (cutlets, knee-things, rump steak, etc) 2 capcicums 6-8 tomatos 3ish large potatos (or more) 1 onion Bit of garlic + misc spices Mushrooms, whatever 1/2 cup wine viniger (more if you like sour stuff) 1 optional lemon if you REALLY like sour stuff Preparation: 1) Cut potatos, tomatos and capcicums into chunks 2) Set up a fan to provide positive pressure isolation to your face 3) Peel and slice onion 4) Cook the meat 5) Toss in the potato, onion, garlic, cook 6) Add the rest of solids 7) Add the 1/2 cup wine viniger, close the pot Stew for about 2 WoW original instance runs / 1 EQ instance run / 1 really long rambling post 9) Enjoy with your spork
  23. Annahilate Kill! Rend! Maim! *Giggles* I was waiting for this one to turn up \^_^/
  24. They're big shinies, they're block sized shinies, but they're soft shinies! *Bounces on the giant block shinies in joy/giant block shinies bounce back in response* Can you get any more concentrated happiness? \^_^/
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