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  1. I have way too many pictures of my fuzzbutts to share so here are a few of my favorites. Lily is the white one, Ranger is the darker colored one. Lily-bits is my baby, Ranger-kins is my brat but I love him for being that way.
  2. Rune stops dead in her vocal tracts by the sight of the shiiiiiiiiiny candy. One particular piece seemed to resemble a falling star. She makes a wish! then quickly unwraps it and chews it up. Yums~
  3. I just started Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. So far it is a truly wonderful book. Also in the middle of Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo but I seem to have misplaced the book somewhere near the Gateway to under my bed.
  4. I'll be honest. This place to me has always been a place that commanded respect and attention to detail. Posting like that is exhausting when there is little time to spare and I found myself starting many posts only to dismiss them later as uncreative or unimaginative. I guess I wanted to be as interesting as some of the other amazing contributors here and the pressure got to me. I did my impersonation of a doe in the headlights and ran for cover. After that - life took over, relationships changed, I moved and settled again. Work is INSANE and stressful and un-rewarding but part of the game of life (I am shooting for the rock star square on my next roll.) I found it increasingly harder and harder to connect with my inner child which was the creative feed for Rune. Her spirit started to fade and I was losing my connection. I’ve always loved this board and I miss posting here. I should probably make friends with some other inner characters so that I have a variety of people to post from. Hard to be a little one when you are feeling entirely too grown up.
  5. This is a very hard question to answer. I moved in with my boyfriend not long ago and so everything we own is in one room. It has taught me that most items are not important and even without them you can move on. I threw away my baby blanket finally (but I think that is because I no longer needed it to feel secure, I have him.) I asked my co-workers this question and got some amusing answers: golf clubs, wallet, "my training manual" one guy said - my boss looked at him and gave him brownie points. I would probably grab my PC only because I'm still paying it off and it has a lot of pictures on it from the past. My little jewelry box because of its sentimental value and maybe the leather jacket my Dad bought me for Christmas two years ago. The event surrounding that jacket was special and so it holds an important place in my heart.
  6. wooo - fixted computay. *dances around* Welcome back to the intranets!
  7. Have you upgraded to the latest version of directx? Alot of times graphic issues with 3D programs can be fixed by doing that. Especially if you are installing an older copy of windows (such as an earlier edition of xp) http://www.microsoft.com/directx/
  8. hehe That was wonderful Mynx! You are really good at this game!
  9. Your wish is granted and you become a millionare! You decide to take a swim in your millions of dollars one night after a long hard day of schmoozing and visiting. You strip down to your skivvies and hop into the vault of money. Suddenly the door is opened and someone is surely going to come in and see you naked! Oh noes! The press will have a field day with this.
  10. Wading through the crowd Rune searches and searches until she finally runs across a set of knees she believes belongs to Jonathan. She opens her bag, pulls out a sheet of stickers and begins sticking them meticulously to his knee caps in a certain order. Her little tongue poking out to the side as she concentrates. H.. A... P... Well shoot, I knew I should have gone before I came. She scans the sheet until she comes across a b. Ah this will work. H.. A... P... upside down b... Y Her little tongue twiddles about in her mouth as she scans the sheet for another B, this time of the upper case variety. She is quite dismayed to find all she has in that particular section is a V, D, and a half torn Q which now looks sort of like an O but she isn't really sure. She glances upward and peers into Jonathan's kind face. "It's pose to say Happy Birthday" she sighs "but I ran outta letters." Jonathan grins and pats her on the head. "That's alright. I'm quite content with just Happy." Rune gives him a quick hug around the calf and bounds out of sight. Happy Birthday Jonathan Wolfe!!
  11. Rune runs into the room and suddenly begins yanking on your shirt tail violently. This turns out to be quite diasterous when tugging on the hem of a skirt which she mistaken for a shirt in certain cases, only to end up with the owner now having more of a draft than they had original dressed for this morning. Oops! *cough* "hey! Wanna play a game??" She bounces around wildly. "uh sure" you stammer, unsure what else to say as the bundle of energy makes laps -- around your kneecaps. "Ok this is how it goes! You wish for something and Imma give it to you! (sort of)" "Ok then, I wish for a yummy chocolate cake!" you exclaim before realizing your stomach sure is one fast talker. "Granted!" she shouts "but there is a small problem..." Rune's eyes reflect her smirk in anticipation of the grave news to come. "You have the yummiest chocolate cake you have ever tasted.. It is so good you lose all track of time as you eat and eat.. suddenly you look down and realize you have missed your paino lesson with the famous Madam Millipede and are forced to eat more in order to console your heartache." Rune looks heartbroken for you and you suddenly find yourself wishing for more cake. "But!" you shout, an idea suddenly coming to you, "I may have missed the piano lesson but while Madam Millipede was waiting for me to show up she met the most amazing moth and the two of them ran off together - lost in love." Rune giggles. You are good at this game. Wanna play again? ----------------------------- The concept is simple. Someone posts a wish, another replies granting their wish but shows that it has also backfired. Someone else (or the original wisher) then responds to the granted wish that backfired and finds the light at the end of the tunnel. It works in sets of threes - so please be sure to follow the order. You can only post another wish after someone else has theirs granted and the outcome has been played out.
  12. **I am not sure if this counts as a story but I figured I would post it. It's a recap of a recent event in my life - Hope you enjoy it ** I came into work Tuesday all normal like to find a huge bus sitting in our parking log with the familiar Blood Bank signs all over the side. I decided I wanted to be all heroic like and finally take the plunge and donate. I managed to convince another co-worker who was also weak kneed with fright to go along with me and we both hot footed it across the 150 degree parking lot (gosh I love Florida) to a tiny air conditioned oasis out in the middle of Goofy and Donald. We were immediately greeted upon entering the tiny doorway into the meat wagon by a man who was so large I had no idea how they even managed to get the fellow into the bus. He was very kind and once hearing that we were both newbs at the vampire thing handed us some papers and asked us to fill out the form. "Fill in the circles completely, double check all answers." Got it.. No wait, what period am I in again? Is this history or math? Ack! I managed to settle down onto the one seat that was available in the whole waiting area that consisted of a 2 by 4 foot space where a co-worker was already seated waiting to donate. I'm filling out my paperwork listening to the poor soul with whom I drug along with me talk himself through his. "Yes!" he suddenly exclaimed. "What?" all eyes on him. "No wait, you've gotten your ears pierced in the last 12 months?" someone near him asked after reading the last question he had filled in. "Oh 12 months? Well no, I misread the question." We all laughed. "I was just excitied because I thought I finally got one right." We all rolled around on the floor laughing. The bus started to roll to the left but luckily large chubby nurse guy counter balanced it by leaning a bit more to the right. "I'm done!" I said, pleased with myself that I had finished first and catching a scowl from my buddy who I drug along. "Here ya go, Im ready!" little did I realize I would then be stuffed into a room that was about the size of a porta potty where I would be forced to not only endure physical pain but mental anguish as the nurse reread my application and then chopped the end of my finger off. "Thank you" I squeaked when it was all over. Its good to know minus the tip of my finger everything else on me is quite healthy. Out of the porta potty and into freedom! But not so fast. "Which arm is the best? Left or right?" "Well now that’s a good question, ive always favored my right but I think my left might be.." "Ok right, sit here" and I found myself parked into a remake of a 1970's lazyboy. "Hold your hand out here, wrist up.. Do you want anything to drink?" "Ah well no thank you, I'm good." As I sat in the ice bucket sticking to the vinyl seat wondering what on earth I have gotten myself into I see my buddy emerge from the porta potty himself and then out the door. "Wait, what's going on?? Come back.. Nooooo" but he was gone and I was left to face the vampires by myself. That’s ok though! I am smart, I am strong, I am woman! (and well I bleed just as good as the other guys here.) "Do you want anything to drink?" "Um well no, I think I am good but thank you." "Sure you don’t want anything to drink?" I peered at the beverage nazi with one eye… "Do I NEED something to drink?" I tried giving her a code signal that was the best I could get at "westside!" in an effort to communicate with this request. Maybe she had the good stuff. "Well no, Just thought you might be thirsty." "Oh .. Oh ok then, no I am good but thank you." Ten minutes or so later chubby nurse guy makes his way down the narrow hallway of the bus past the other corpses to me. "Alright, Want me to stick her?" he asks to the beverage nazi. "Sure." she replies and shoots me a look that I am sure meant Northside. I think I may be ready to go now.. But ah, too late! Chubby nurse guy is rather agile for his size. Within moments several hundred pints of shiny red blood are flowing into a bucket the size of a bathtub. "Do you want something to drink?" he asks. Argh! Ah, its happening.. There's my blood. This isn't so bad. Shoot, this right here, this is cake! I could do this all day…. Long…. Suddenly I felt a bit parched. *cough* "Excuse me, Miss, Might I have a beverage?" Suddenly I felt as though I had spent the last 2 hours on the tilt a whirl. "I think I might be getting a little light headed." Before I could say much more all the nurses on the bus decided that the best course of action to deal with my minor medical emergency would be to give me a nice cold cloth for my forehead. Aparently they were out of nice cold clothes because before I could say anything they had dumped a whole house of sopping wet towls on my face and neck. My shirt was soaked, my hair has reached maxium frizz by the sudden introduction of too much humidty, and the icebox of death on wheels now feels as though I have traversed the antartic. "Well thank you medical team. I think you may have saved your patient." After enduring several more minutes of comments such as "half-pint" and all the cracks at how I could now participate in a wet tee shirt contest I looked down to see that they had somehow mysteriously replaced the bathtub of blood with a tiny red bag. "That’s all you got?" I asked, pointing at the bag. "Yeah" chubby nurse guy said with remorse. "well its better than nothin!" I said, proud at what I had managed to squeeze out before death almost took me. "We won't be able to use it" he explained. Something about them needing a full pint to make it worth anything. Well shoot, guess all I did was come out here to bleed then. They held me hostage for a few more minutes before I was released back into the wild. I stumbled across the now baumy 70 degree parking lot (I was doused in ice water, remember?) and fumbled my way through the doors back into the building. Check me out with my shiny green bandaide. I had donated blood! I truly was heroic! Someone will live because of me! Ok well maybe not, but I don’t have to tell anyone the rest of the story now do I.
  13. *never stick your foot in a slimy boot.
  14. haha cigarette smoke My mom smoked like a train for years. I knew when I was getting close to home because of that smell. Interestingly enough she stopped smoking last year. Their house is starting to smell more like vanilla and lavender and anything else my Dad manages to set on fire in an attempt to "smell things up a bit" - ah.. home sweet home!
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