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  1. (I couldn't resist) Too long, and yet too short. The end. (nvm this entry, just continue )
  2. Appy

    Grown up talk

    I just want to cry a little I just want to crawl away a little I just want to hide a little I just want to annoy a little I just want to jump ahead a little I just want to push a little I just want to colour a little I just want to play about a little I just want to cuddle a little I just want to be me a little 5-3-2015, Wageningen ~ Alternative title: Without masks
  3. Appy

    A muse tickles

    Seeing that smile her mind was at ease hers was not the only fake one
  4. Foolishness to even think that I could pick this up Foolishness even to think that I remembered it all Foolishness thinking but wisdom prevails Next line: Seeing you sparkle
  5. Appy

    Read to write

    I don't remember how to write anymore.. Reading a story from a friend of mine, very steampunk, very confusing with formatting and grammar. Loosing words in sentences because of the excitement of writing the story got me thinking. I don't remember how to write anymore.. It got me reading all my lead-ups to my big story, Interwoven. I'm sure I started it on here too. And while reading all that I had a hard time imagining me writing it. I don't remember how to write anymore.. And you know why? Because I stopped reading. I've changed friends, I've changed life-style. And I don't read as much as I used to. Reading helps, I promise myself as of this moment that I will read more. Reading my own things from long-back and reading that short-story of a friend reminded me. I need to READ to be able to WRITE. I don't rememeber how to write anymore.. but reading will remind me.
  6. Appy


    Awesome... makes me want to play Shadowrun that much more
  7. You watched it at the theatre... didn't you
  8. Appy


    Ah then I didn't screw up The whole point was that losing yourself is not always a good thing. But I'm glad you two do think so No sorry needed! *huggles again* perfectly capable at asking what you meant
  9. Appy


    oh dear, if that resonates then either my poem is wrong or something with you two, and I sincerely hope for the first then also, yay hugs! *huggles back * Could you explain what resonates? Then I might find what I at least 'don't' want to express and how to change it to what it does mean for me.
  10. Appy


    ~ part dutch, translation below, but it doesn't scan as well for some reason ~ You lose yourself I lose myself in you Het is het hele eenzijdige alleen bij jou no chance to be fully me no chance to be fully you So You lose your self I define my self through you This is not the way forward 27/11/2014, wageningen ------------------ translated bit: It's the whole onesidedness only at yours ~ as I look at it, it's a work in progress.. tell me what you see and I'll try to tell you what I want ~
  11. ~very well put Mardrax.. ok I've been trying several ways now to say I liked it, probably for all the wrong reasons..also it's there'.. not 'their' the first time you used it... unless you meant it that way.. it actually works ...but there you have it, my likes Let's see what I can make of your ricochet ~ Ancient friends in absentia 'twas the flicker and the notion the carnal pleasure unfolded Ancient friendships in absentia flummoxed and unfolded the carnal pleasue t'wixt' Absent friends ancient memories in absentia ~~ might have to come back to this sentence, the implications are bountiful.. now for not a sentence, but a word..~~ ~~~~~~~ Obsession
  12. Resistance is futile Say what you want the truth wil out anyways through your actions through your looks through your stance Resistance is futile Give a voice to the truth before I out it myself New line: Wait for the ricochet..
  13. Lovely, wistful and indeed, nice use of repetition
  14. Bit corny... 'love is...' One-liners stating the obvious, yet not. 'love is...' Seemingly universal truths, yet not. 'love is...' Abundantly sweet, yet not. 'love is...' Overused clichees, yet not. Love is... a bit corny, yet not. (just had to use more didn't I? Also hi! ) Next line: The beating of drums inside my body
  15. Yeah but it's wel worth the effort! I admit, I went "Teehee" at the end
  16. Appy


    Mira! o/ Nice one...
  17. Thank you for keeping us alive! *hugs*
  18. The mighty pen website is still prominent on my bookmark bar, and I check it regularly. Even if I don't really write at the moment, I still read a lot. Thanks!
  19. Appy

    License Due

    If needed I can cover it, just need an update on the account and an exchange rate from euro's
  20. Oh man... now I have to choose! It's medieval at the moment, just because I still enjoy black.. but I also like the default, and the KTan, and the Tower... oh my. You're all doing a great job!
  21. Appy

    License Due

    Donation on it's way, going to play with the skins now. So far it looks REALLY sleek. I likey!
  22. *Appy bounces in on her skippyball in search of the Long-Lost-Almost-Dragon and bounces straight into the poem hanging from the ceiling. Startled she throws herself backwards and lands on the floor with a THUD. Entranced she stares at the new words, not noticing HOW hard she fell.* mumblebusymumblespeedtududutdutudhmmmm NICE! *After a quick search of the room (turning over papers and generally making the mess more messy) she sighs at not finding even a scale of the Long-Lost-Almost-Dragon* I guess not today either, but good idea of hanging that there! *She digs around in her backpack and scribbles something on a piece of paper with the pen she just took out, hanging it neatly beneath the fresh poem with a pink and purple striped paperclip* Nice poem! Welcome and see you about no doubt! PS: See? I can rhyme too! ---- Welcome! I'm sure someone who can process your application will be along soon-ish *whisper* we're a kinda slow community nowadays, but that doesn't mean nothing ever happens
  23. Loved your last Seriously, well done for doing this. You have my respect! One day I might dig through them all for some gems, I know they are in here Good luck on the story writing, I look forward to reading them
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