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  1. Ah well, no answers so far, no biggie. I'll work with what I've got. I'm still not saying what my plan is, however, I'm so excited, I've gone and hid two easter eggs around the pen somewhere. The first one is really close from here, and the second is obvious if you think of it. Since it's christmastime (or any other holiday someone would celebrate this time of year...) I suppose they'd be christmas eggs? Anyways, hope I give someone a good laugh when they find them.
  2. *Stick knows absolutely nothing about this. This is confirmed by a stack of forms signed in triplicate to the 15th power*
  3. Hey Signe, good to see you around... we never really talked much before... but it's always good to see another person creep out of the shadows. *Stick puts on some reindeer antlers and goes on a hunt for christmas cookies...*
  4. Hey, before I plunged into searching on the vast reaches of the 'net, I figured I'd ask around here first. Where is a good place to go for free webhosting? I was going to try geocities, but well, they're a pain. I figure I'm going to re-teach myself the basics of html and that should be good enough for now. I don't want to say anything about right now, but I have a possible project coming up, and I'd rather have my own webspace to do that. I'm not going to make any big announcements when it's ready, because that usually leads to disappointment, but stay tuned...
  5. A worried looking Stick sneaks in the room to wish Finnius a happy birthday, and notices the ice bunny sculpture, snags it and examines it, then hands it back. Heaving a sigh of relief, he quickly makes his exit. OOC: Happy birthday, Finnius! Hope it's a good one ^.^
  6. Stahl and Aemi ended up wandering around the area surrounding Vigar for the remainder of that evening. They talked of different things; of life in the nameless farmlands, meetings with elves, the war, their individual pasts. Aemi ended up inviting Stahl back to her room once they got back to town, and they did end up sharing beds. The next day, the farmer turned soldier didn't really remember much of the celebrations before meeting Aemi, but he was happy. Today was the first day of the rest of his life. After collecting his pay, Stahl packed his things and met Aemi on the edge of town. She was also packed and ready to leave. Stahl offered to escort her back at least as far as Hamira which is where he figured he was going to settle down. Of course, she agreed because she liked Stahl very much and wanted the opportunity to learn more about him. The ride back to Hamira was about three weeks long and along the way Stahl and Aemi became much closer. By the time they actually made it back to Hamira, Aemi decided she would stay with Stahl for a while. She was in no immediate rush to go back to her parents in Habpyra anyways, she said. So, after purchasing some materials and enlisting the help of some of the sturdier villagers still left in Hamira, Stahl had built his very own house. Stahl didn't make it in time to start planting yet, but he resolved to start as soon as spring came around again. Yet he was happy because he could get rid of his sword and happier still because he had a pretty young woman to make his house into a home. By the time fall came around, the two had wed. By next summer, after the first early harvest, they had a son, who they named Dierden, after Aemi's father who had passed away the winter before. Dierden seemed to have his fathers brown hair and his mother's green eyes. He was a healthy baby and in his first year it seemed like he was smiling. Most people noted that he never seemed to cry, which was an unusual blessing. In the year's time it took Stahl to settle in with Aemi in Hamira, the world seemed to move on at it's normal pace. Although the Light's Alliance army was a large success, the nations eventually returned to their old ways of bitterness and uneasiness. The trust that had brought them together soon faded away. Rumours were spreading that their 'holy campaign' wasn't as much as a success as they thought. Word was that a few different rangers had reported seeing goblins in the mountains, and other things they had not seen before. Still, everyone wasn't too worried, as border villages had wisened up from the last attacks. Defensive walls were erected, watchtowers built and guards appointed. The common folk could eat least have some security and peace at night. More interesting still was the rumour that the ancient Gods had returned to bless the lands of Gaia. As the tales go, the higher gods had abandoned the world because of man's fickle ways about 500 years ago, when the major nations were only a dream in a few young men's hearts and the continent was covered in war. It seemed in the present that a knight, Sir Revelat Kar actually, had found a relic of divine nature. No one was really sure what it looked like but in all the rumours it was agreed that it bore the emblem of Poros, the Sun God and that it seemed to shine with a constant brightness of its own. The churches, which had almost been wiped out of existence with most faith had begun to spring up again. Suddenly there were priests and clerics who had miraculous powers of healing. In Feraus, the old city of Onya which was once unpopulated seemed to be bustling with people who claimed to know the arcane arts. Something was happening on Gaia, and whatever it was it meant big changes for the future. Perhaps the start of a new age of prosperity, depending on the wisdom of its inhabitants. Whatever was happening, the question people were asking constantly was "Did the gods give us a second chance? Why?" I feel kinda bad about the way this prologue turned out, because I took it in a totally random direction, and I don't feel like I tied it up properly. However, I'm trying to avoid being overly cliched like my original plan. For those who read my last effort, you'll notice that Stahl's love interest is human (although I didn't mention that explicitly yet...) and therefore Dierden (Stick) is a full-fledged human as well. Also, I don't think I'm going to do the hero-orphan cliche either. Finally, I may extend the prologue to cover Stick's early years, if I feel so inclined. We'll see.
  7. Recent discoveries (from the past few months?): Thumbs up: Kit Kat Banana: This one doesn't taste much different than a regular Kit Kat, but there is the slight banana flavoring to it that's almost an aftertaste. It's refreshing. The strawberry and orange varieties don't really match up to the goodness of banana; and I normally loooove strawberry (my favourite fruit) and orange. Also in the kit kat product line you have those big ones. Wyv called them 'big kats' ...I'm not sure if they're the same thing up here, but I like the ones I've had. The plain one is good, and I seem to remember enjoying the caramel one. I've yet to try the peanut butter one yet. Thumbs down: Crispy Crunch Ice cream: I like Ice cream. I like Crispy crunch chocolate bars. You'd figure the logical form (I like a. I like b. Therefore I like a+b ) would lead to the logical conclusion. But something is wrong. I guess there's the third premise that's simply I don't like a+b together... anyways. It was okay, but something just didn't work for me. I'm not really a big fan of the 'chocolate bar ice cream' product line. What is good in this area that I haven't had in a while are the Nestle Crunch Ice cream bars. Just your standard chocolate coated ice cream on a stick, but it has those rice crisp thingies like in the chocolate bar, so it's actually pretty good. Anyways, I guess that's it for now. Go sweet teeth!
  8. I like the assortment of items the best; It looks the best (I know, the colours will be changed, so the other ones might look good once they're decided upon..) compared the other ones. They fit the fantasy theme that (I think) the majority of the non-poet writers use. For the poets, it seems a little bit more elegant. The actual pens are kind of cool, but I don't like the flavour. I still like them better than the fractional bars/text, so they're my last choice. The sidebars are okay too. I'd prefer them over the pens, but not over the assortment. They're kind of like an HP bar ;p
  9. Yeah, but at least I killed a clown. Gotta give me credit for that. EXPLODING PUNCHES!!!
  10. Oh man you guys, I saw that clown, and I punched it in the face. Then it exploded. I hate clowns. Good thing I have exploding punches.
  11. The victory celebration was a raucous one. Vigar's only tavern was attached to the inn. There was only enough room to admit the higher ranking officers from Revelat's division; the second division had also joined up with this one, so there was no room for any of the lower ranked soldiers inside. That didn't stop them from enjoying their after-battle celebrations, however. To the dismay of the citizens of Vigar, drunken soldiers danced and caroused in the streets, yelling and singing as loud as they could. Stories of battles told by drunken grunts could be heard floating in the air. Feats of near legendary valour were told to clueless villagers who just wanted to be part of the partying. The night air was filled with a buzz of noise that although was somewhat disturbing to those seeking rest, but it carried a breath of relief and happiness that hadn't really been seen in recent months. Inside the tavern, barmaids scuttled about hurredly bringing trays of drinks and delicacies reserved for special occassions. The mixed scents of spiced meats, ale and pipe tobacco floated throughout the room, and even the normally somber Stahl Norelia could be seen smiling and laughing. Of course, Stahl was mostly elated because in the morning he would head back home. With his conscription money, he was going to buy a decent sized plot of land back home. With the money left over, he'd probably be able to buy a few horses and some cattle and enough seed to get him started. If he made it fast enough, he might even have enough time to plant his crops this spring. Suddenly, his commander's voice broke him from his reverie. "...sorry, what was that sir?" "I said come here, you crazy farmer! I saved a wench for you!" Stahl grinned, shrugged and made his way over to Revelat's table. He had a woman by the waist on both sides of him, and another was sitting and looking annoyed accross from him. The commander rattled on, "Like I was saying ladies, for a farmer, Norelia here can handle a sword like something else. I can't how many skulls he split with those plowman's arms of his. Go ahead, give them a feel." Stahl shook his head and went along with it. He hadn't really bothered to fool around with women up until this point in his life, but he figured if he was going to settle down soon, he may as well now. One of the barmaids on Revelat's side reached out and touched Stahl's arm. She cooed, then giggled and took a deep sip of Revelat's ale. Forgetting that Stahl was even there, she went back to braying some sort of praise to the young commander. He said something along the lines of, 'See, I told you so', then also forgot that he had called Stahl over to the table, as he returned his attention to the ladies at his sides. Stahl just shrugged again, and noticed the third woman at the table still wasn't too happy. It was a shame, because she was the prettiest of the three at the table with her long, dark hair, big green eyes and nicely tanned skin. He frowned momentarily, then addressed her. "Hey, what's wrong? Why aren't you celebrating too?" the woman looked at Stahl, and shook her head. "I'm actually not sure what's going on. I'm not from around here, and I was trying to sleep and..." "Not from around here? Where are you from?" Stahl interrupted her. She only looked a little bit annoyed now, "It's a small place, you probably haven't heard of it." "Oh? Try me. I'm from Habpyra." Habpyra was Stahl's hometown, not too far from the southern woods. "Really? I'm from just outside Hamira. That's funny." Hamira was about a day away from Habpyra on horseback, to the east. "Yeah, small world... say, what's your name anyways?" "Aemi. Yours is Stahl, right? I think that's what's his face called you." Revelat quirked an eyebrow; he must have been paying attention to some degree. "Yeah, it's Stahl Norelia. So... do you want to maybe go for a walk, away from the noise? This smoke is getting to me anyways." Aemi took a look around the room, then shrugged. "Sure, let's go." Bleh. Just about finished... I think. I gotta go though... running late for other stuff. Yikes. I'll try and finish up when I come home in a drunken stupor
  12. Prologue, continued... ~ The journey to the goblins' valley seemed like a short one. Shorter yet, was the battle that ensued. As planned, the other half of the Light's Alliance army charged into the valley, driving what remained of the goblin warriors into the swords and pikes of Revelat's division. With archers fanned across the rim of the valley, there were no escapees. Someone from the other division had met up with what must have been the leader of the goblin clans; the goblin's tattered yet somehow elegant robe and circlet made out of animal bones seemed a dead giveaway. This clan leader was brought before Revelat, who tried to question it briefly, but since it could understand the human language its head was quickly severed. The battle, and the war, was now over. (just a little tidbit before I have to work tonight...)
  13. *Mr Bunny hops in, wearing a black tux and some sweet raybands, and leaves a note that reads:* "..." ...included beneath is a handy translation "...who said he was gone? Who said he's here? Who are you talking about... you don't know anything! Move along, nothing to see here folks."
  14. I like to think I've recently re-kindled my interest in writing, at least with poetry. I'm now going to try and re-write my origin story for my main character, Stick, aka a lot of different but similar names. Hopefully I can do better than last time (not that it was bad, per se...). My plan is to do this enough times until I can get up to novel length. Who knows how many years that'll take, but one day... ^.^; Prologue: The Grey Morning One could barely notice the sun rising as the fog rolled in through the hillside. The air was damp and cold, just like every other spring day in Feraus. What little light that could be seen could offer little warmth between the winds from the mountains to the north, and the breeze from the sea to the south. If one wanted warmth, they would have to curl into their blankets in their tents. Or they could huddle around the cooking fires that dotted various intersections between patrolways. The paths lay between rows of neatly organized tents, about two thousand of them. Just outside the hamlet of Vigar rested the camp of the mighty 'Light's Alliance' army. It was a force composed of nearly ten thousand men and women from the three nations: Feraus, Gal-ek-han, and Ikshar. This force was an alliance to deal with the increasing threat of Orc-kin which had been making their presence known within the past two years. To know their presence was to know a swift death, if one was lucky. This particular division of the alliance was posted in the northern section of Feraus in an attempt to reclaim the borders between hill and mountain. On this particular morning a burly blue eyed man with a receding brown hairline accented with lines of grey by the name of Stahl Norelia, a soldier of high regards among his peers, was patrolling the paths between the tents. In a few moments, he'd make his way to the heavy bronze bell which was used to wake up the soldiers for their morning meals. He paused at one intersection, looking to the north at the foggy outlines of the mountains. Admiring a few rays of sun breaking through the fog that illuminated the trees that dotted the hills ever so slightly, he pondered for a moment how he had arrived where he was now. He didn't like being stuck in the hills, fighting some light-forsaken creatures. Then he shook his head. He was a soldier now, he wasn't being paid to think like that and it was breakfast time. After quickly eating his meal of warm gruel and tiny chunks of fatty peppered pork, Stahl along with the rest of the soldiers dispersed and broke camp. They packed up their travelling supplies and donned their armour and weaponry then made their way to the meeting area, where a makeshift stage had been set up. On top of the stage stood the commander of this division of the Light's Alliance army, a stalwart young knight by the name of Revelat Kar. Revelat though only in his late twenties, had proved his worth many times in his strategic mastery and cunning on the battlefield. It didn't hurt that he knew how to wield his sword with admirable skill as well. Stahl stood in the front lines in front of the stage so he could hear his commanding officer properly, not that it was necessary as Revelat's voice carried well over the entire camp. "Good morning, light's warriors. I hope you have all rested well, because today is the final day of our campaign. It is on this day that we make our last stand. It is on this day that we end the threat against our lands. It is on this day that we show the forces of evil that there is no match for the combined might of mankind!" This was met with many cheers, as Revelat's speeches usually did. Stahl applauded a little, but didn't really cheer. He was a farmer, from an area that couldn't be really called a country since it had no king or queen. It was an area with no more than a handful of small villages and farming communities that did not want to belong to any one nation. Because they were prosperous, they somehow managed to avoid being absorbed into Ikshar, the only nation close enough to be a threat. The elves to the Gaian forest of the east showed no interest in the land. To the west, there were only mountains and bogs, just as there were to the south which was also covered with inhabitable, unpopulated woodland. Revelat's speech continued. "Today we will be marching in three groups to attack what we are sure is the central home of our enemies. It is a valley surrounded by the highest peaks of the mountains. We will enter through the caves, and block off the escape routes through the west end of the valley, as our allies already stationed in the cliffs to the east storm the valley. Like hammer to anvil, we shall smash against these fiends, and restore peace to our lands." Again, there was cheers, and Stahl shook his head. This was the last day. No more killing. He could be a farmer again, real soon. He cheered with his comrades and prepared himself mentally for the journey ahead. ~ (I'm going to stop for now, but edit this post to resume the prologue.)
  15. Good to see you around, as always, Sal! ^.^
  16. Hey Tam, just wanted to comment... good work so far. I like how your stories seem to have such complex intrecacies in many different areas. This one is a little bit different, as it seems to really focus on the character aspect. Perhaps if you keep up the good work, you could show chumps like myself what character development really is? (alright, I don't think anyone else is a chump, just me ) Anyways, I noticed the odd little typo/grammatical error, but those looked like the ones a person makes when typing really fast or possibly tired. Again, I love the more personal approach to the story so far, keep up the awesome work.
  17. I guess it was too obscure. I brought this up with a friend, and I guess I'm the only person who refers to five o'clock as evening time. I was referring to a 'five o'clock shadow.'
  18. Heh, good job Yui ^.^ ...that one is the toughest. It's a bit more obscure. Hint: it's a number, referring to the evening, when 'darkness' is on his *face*. As for the last one, it was actually supposed to be 2, like in 'goody two shoes', but your answer is better ;p
  19. Heh, I thought it might be hard. You got the first *part* right. It is 7. 7 '8' 9. 7 ate nine. It's dangerous... anyways, each line is a clue.
  20. ~Haiku~ Crystalline window Frigid air and blowing flakes Cold orange morning.
  21. One. ...what? A brain teaser? Oh. Uhm... I'm thinking of a number. Here's a hint: The deadliest of all single-digit numbers is a jolly good fellow he's kind to mice that can't see. Evening darkness creeps on his face Like the last pool ball Wearing good shoes.
  22. Wow, addictive puzzler. Crazy. If my math brain still worked... well nevermind. I solved the RPG one, it was easy enough. I'm just too slow right now to get the cube to work... Edit: Okay, solved it. Now I may sleep. I was sooo close each time, I just kept messing up the order. Wow.
  23. Devil Girl Bring me the devil girl With her heart of gold Eyes on the brink of tears Shining in the light of the moon Skin pale and soft Rip my flesh apart by her hand Restore me again with her kiss If everything is different Eternity is still the same Pain sorrow and desire everlasting All so strong, one just out of reach Come closer to me I want to wrap myself in you Bring your tears to my chest Listen to the rhythmic palpatations It's my lullaby to you... Love me tonight and I will never let you go (This poem was inspired when I was drooling over a random picture of Morrigan from the Darkstalkers series of videogames, and also over a few comments/discussions i've made/had regarding one of my uhh... preferences when it comes to the opposite sex ;p)
  24. To be or not to be, that is the question... Uhh, high school english anyone? Been a while :S
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