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  1. *Stick accepts his gifts with much grattitude, as surely they will be good additions to his collection.* Thanks everyone ^.^ Nothing too too exciting this year, but better than last (times like at least, 60)
  2. *MrBunny hops into the room quickly, doles out some chocolate carrots then replaces Mynx' Playboy bunny ears with a pair of his patended Mr.Bunny brand ears (which are *way* more stylish, plus they give you a bonus to your carrot summoning skills!) then hops off into the distance* (What it's his holiday... well, Carrot Day is his holiday, but this is his *other* holiday...)
  3. I need to stop forgetting your birthday is this month >.<" Happy belated, dude. ^.^'
  4. Well, I haven't really been much of a fan of Valentines day... ever. I mean, when I was a kid I liked doing the card thing, it was nifty, but meaningless. As I got older it was just a painful reminder for all the non-single people to show me how alone I was, etc... Anyways, I've recently acquired a significant other, and well, despite the lame commercialism it's a decent excuse for me to by something nice for the l'il lady. Besides, you don't *have* to by the tacky stuff. I got her some orange roses (her favourite colour) and some other stuff that had some thought to it... wee!
  5. Mainly, my mother makes monsterous maple mystery munchies.
  6. I just don't really believe in government; no matter who's voted in, it's gonna be someone who's gonna muck everything up one way or another. To me, when it's at the point to pick 'the lesser of (x) evils', it's time to either stop voting, or start my own party. Since I don't really want to be involved, nor do I have the 'skills' to, I'll just stick to non-voting.
  7. Crazy clowns currently can't challenge crowned champion chessmasters.
  8. Typing till tomorrow takes time to train!
  9. Quilters query qued queen's quests quickly.
  10. Lingering lambs leave loud lions lounging.
  11. ^Whoops, forgot a word ;p Great Gregorians go get golf gear.
  12. Awesome aliens always abduct annoying animals.
  13. Well my family knows I like to write, kinda... but I don't think I've ever shown them my work. Some of my friends have seen some of my work, but I don't show it to them on a regular basis or anything. Right now it seems like a 'don't ask, don't tell' kinda thing. Oh well.
  14. I prophecize that she shall destroy us all with her enlightenment! ...or was it enlighten us with her destruction?
  15. Vicious vaulters value vaunted vaccines.
  16. No ninjas negate nightly naughtiness.
  17. I don't really have a whole top 10 of 2005, because I don't really buy that many CDs (especially since my collection of about 40 or 50-odd cds were stolen... okay, so it's not very many, but still!) as they come out. However, I do remember picking up a few good ones. The Cure - I can't remember the title of this one, as I don't have it anymore, but I think it was self-titled. Anyways, I really enjoyed it. It's good to see that they could crawl over their demons and pump out another awesome set of tracks. Nothing will compare to Disintegration, but hey, I'm not complaining. Foo Fighters - These guys are about the only modern pop (rock) band I like. I only recently got into their newer music, mostly because of their affiliation with Tenacious D, but I've grown to like them quite a bit. Dave Grohl is the man, and he proves it with In Your Honor, the double cd. I think FF has really matured as a band over the years, and this shows them progressing in both their hard rocking and their mellowed-out acoustic tunes. I don't think this cd would be hard for anyone to get into if they like any sort of rock; in my opinion as far as pop goes, this is as good as it gets. Notable tracks include the title 'In your honor' from disc one, and 'Razor' from disc two. Elliot Smith - From a basement on the hill - This was actually released in 2004, I think, but I picked it up later in 2005. For those of you unfamiliar with Elliot Smith, this was a compilation of songs written and recorded just before his suicide and recently released to the public. I think he was a very talented singer/songwriter who didn't really get much of a chance to sign. From what I know he appeared on an episode of Saturday Night Live, but that didn't really go to well. However, he did do the soundtrack to Good Will Hunting, which happens to features some of his best songs like 'Angeles' and 'Miss Misery'. From a basement on the hill is a good compilation as well, and a definite recommend if your in the mood for something a bit more mellow. There was some other stuff I picked up, but not much worth mentioning. As for what I'm listening to now, I've gone with a mellow playlist of random songs including but not limited to: Elliot Smith, the Cure, Bruce Springstein's "I'm on fire", Phil Collin's "In the air tonight", and Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails. Sad music makes me happy. Other than that, recent discoveries of last year include Type O Negative- these guys are awesome, if for nothing other than their covers of really sweet songs that they turn into ridiculously awesome metal songs. Number one on that list would have to be Sarah McLaughlin's 'Possession', followed closely by 'Summer Breeze' by Seals and Croft. After that, I really enjoyed the website songstowearpantsto.com, there's some good stuff on there. The premise is this guy takes requests to make up songs of any style using any instrument. He's really talented. Check out 'the touch tone genious' for starters.
  18. The snow has fallen on the grass and the sun's already up three days now and still no slumber trying to think but the only sound is thunder aching bones and a tired heart can only lead to no good darkness crawls in with the setting sun but all eyes here are open cold hum of radiation provides no comfort until the sun comes up again the buzzer will be ringing just a few hours from now how much longer 'til it's over I want to go to sleep This one isn't really so much poetry as it is random scrawling, but hey, since when have I made the claim that any of this is poetry?
  19. This topic is kind of funny, because it actually came up at work. I work in a callcenter, and we take calls from all over the place, mostly the US even though I am in Canada. (I still take calls from Canadian people for lots of local things too) Anyways, someone was telling me how that they told someone 'happy holidays' and that person mentioned there was this big spiel going on where certain religious folk were upset because they were taking Christmas for granted. I don't necessarily disagree; I think if no one else, corporations are taking the spirit out of Christmas. However, I think to be fair, these religious folk (aside, I do not look down on 'religious folk', I am happy for everyone who believes in something, but I am not very religious myself.) should understand that lots of non-religious folk also celebrate the commercial christmas, and also there are folks with other religious followings, as implied above. I like the saying happy holidays, because that covers a lot of things. Even if you're not religious, I bet you probably have some form of holiday around the Christmas/New Years time. Anyways, rambling aside, I don't think this should even be an issue. Kind of like what Gwai side, you'd figure when someone says 'Merry Christmas' to someone, they'd understand that it is simply a friendly phrase. That being said, Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!
  20. Yeah, I was looking at a temporary solution. HOPEFULLY lots of things will be changing for me in the new year here, and I'll have the money to spare.
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