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  1. Stick slowly makes his way back up towards his room, not quite sure how he got down here in the first place when suddenly he hears the sound of combat. He snaps out of his half-daze and concentrates for a split second, placing his hands on the stone wall to his left. He channels the slightest bit of energy through the wall, sensing that his friends are indeed in danger. Dropping his paper and drink he rushes up the tunnel to the cool morning air. The frost on the blades of grass tickle his feet as he rushes through The Pen's large courtyard towards his collection of trees, wasting no time. As he reaches the trees he yanks a vine which slingshots him onto his wooden porch. The tall warrior bursts through the front door and slams into his room, quickly removing his night clothes and sliding into some loose brown leggings and a simple green vest. He picks the BPS from its resting spot in the corner and checks to make sure his vesting is holding an appropriate amount of knives. Satisfied, he jumps from the 30-odd feet high balcony outside again and rushes back towards the tunnel. Within a few scant minutes he arrives only to find an unconscious William, and the rest of the group already finished. They all give Stick a confused look and return their attention to the temporarily fallen man. Stick crouches over, panting heavily. "Glad to see I got here on time..." he says between ragged breaths. Gyr glances at Stick for another moment then says, "Well, thanks anyways, your concern *is* appreciated." Stick nods as he slowly regains his wind. He turns to Cioden and asks him what happenned, who replies with, "Well Stick, you're not gonna believe this, but..."
  2. I should find my Diablo 1 book, 'cause that has lots of good quotes, such as: "It is easier to stab someone in the back than it is to look them in the eyes. Society is based upon this principle, and it is universal among those who rule." Not quite so good, I've tried making a few quotables, although I'm the only one who tends to quote them "If it tastes good, eat it!" -my philosphy on life "If you haven't tasted it yet, well, it might be poison, so don't eat it." -a common defense for me being picky ^.^ "If you can fight a battle and live to tell about it, you did pretty damn good." -Rocoss, in a yet-to-be completed story... (of course, I believe the counter to that one goes something like: "I'd rather die as a hero than live as a coward." or is it the other way around...) "I could be wrong, but I'm probably right." -me, constantly Hmm... that seems to be all I can remember for now, but... Originally posted by Tralla: The Tick Rox0rs!
  3. Dierden, nods, satisfied as Gyrfalcon and finally, Oblinich come out of their hypnosis-like states. "Good, you have all completed the first trial. The door is now fully opened for you all to pass through." as he says this, a marble archway appears in the plains, revealing The Pathway, as it was when they entered. In fact, Rondo couldn't help but notice that it was EXACTLY the same as when they first entered. "Let us venture forth, and to pick the next way." Originally posted by Tamaranis: Dierden nods at Oblinich's suggestion. "Indeed you are both correct. Prepare yourself, for now your strength will be tested. Fear not, have confidence in yourself, and survive what lies ahead." Dierden takes the opportunity to open the door, and the party walks through. Immediately they find themselves in what seems to be a foggy graveyard of sorts. It looks old and unkempt, with broken tombstones, long grass and withered trees. A half moon shines through the cloudy night sky. No sooner than the time it takes for everyone to adjust to the darkness when they are surrounded by the sounds of earth being ripped open all around them. This sound is followed by skeletal hands shooting up from the ground. Various living corpses pull them selves up from their graves, some still brandishing old rusty weapons, others bearing nothing but rotting fists. There is flapping overhead and a swarm of bats buzzes the party. Everyone ducks low as the bats flap in one spot for a moment, then form into vampires. "Now," Dierden spoke, "We fight!" Without waiting he draws his mace and unleashes a bolt of light at one of the vampires. Rondo takes out his staff and moves back to back with the cleric. Usagi nods to his master as he draws his katanas and lunges at a trio of skeletons. He lets out a resounding 'kiai!' as he slices a skeletons spine clean off, kicks the second in the rib cage. The skeleton flies into the third, knocking them both down. OOC: So that's the whole story up to date... Hopefully we can get this going again once I initiate the Tamaranis Plan... mwuhahahaha...
  4. Dierden led the party through the doorway. Inside was a wide marble pathway that seemed to float on nothingness. There was a short rail that ran along other side. The marble was a light grey, whereas the rail was made up of some unknown white material. Everyone walked along the pathway for a short amount of time, without incident. It was eerily quiet. After about an hour of walking the path split up three ways. The first path kept going straight for a short distance then ended in a door. The second was to the left, on a fourty-five degree angle to the first; it immediately went upwards with a small set of stairs that also ended in a door. The third and final path was to the right at the same angle; instead of going up a set of stairs, this one went down. The party came to a stop in front of the three pathways. "So now we face our first challenge." explained Dierden, "We must pick a doorway. Behind each we will be transported to an area where we will be presented with a puzzle, of sorts. If we can not solve it, we will not make it through. Oh yes, and in some cases, it may just be a room full of undead. Choose carefully." Originally Posted by Gyrfalcon: Dierden, satisfied that Gyrfalcon's choice would be enough for the party, strode forward, making his way to the door in the middle. He opened it up, then stepped aside. "This path is all yours to take, I will follow behind and bear witness, for I have passed before. It is my duty to remain silent, as your will is tested. Enter, when you are ready." Slightly surprised by the strange speech from Dierden, the party makes its way through the door. There is a quick flash of light, and the group seems to be what is an endless grassy plain. There are scant clouds in the sky, and the sun is shining brightly. Dierden's voice suddenly resonates throughout the air. "The first test of will is to face your fear. If you can not overcome your fears, you will never accomplish your goals. Go, face forward, and stand triumphant." ~Through Rondo's eyes~ The field is suddenly ablaze. Corpses are strewn all about, and Rondo is on the ground, bleeding, within a breath of his life. Suddenly, the beast appears in front of his face. "Ssso, you have failed. The world is mine. It figures, you are nothing more than a weak old man." That last bit hurt more than anything. Rondo hated his old body, and wanted nothing more than to be out of it. Dierden's voice pierces his mind softly. "Be brave..." Rondo grits his teeth, standing on his feet. "What are you going to do old man? You are no more than a weakling! Hahahaha!" "I am NOT weak!" "Be brave..." The beast laughed some more, and Rondo summoned up all the courage and strength he had inside him. "I said, I AM NOT WEAK!!!" he shouted bestially, pushing at the beast. White light poured from his hands, slamming into the unnatural creature. It was sent flying straight across the field. To Rondo's dismay, it walked back. He screamed, and the beast was sent farther back again with another bar of light. This was repeated a few times until Rondo found he could not create the mysterious light anymore. Once again, Dierden's voice appeared in his mind. "Stand triumphant..." "What are you going to do now, old man?" the beast's hot breath poured down his face like some sort of putrid mist. "What am I going to do?" Rondo balled his hands into the fists. "I'm going to rid the planet of your ugly face, that's what I'm going to do!!" Rondo pulled back and punched the thing straight in the jaw. It flew even farther back than before, and suddenly the fires and corpses alike disappeared. This time, Dierden spoke from directly behind him. "Good job, you have overcome your fears, the first trial is over, for you. What you have seen is for you alone to know, but never forget it. The path is now opened further." Rondo nodded, quivering a bit. Dierden was right about it being a test of wills. He couldn't even imagine what was to be next. He looked around to see that Usagi-San had also overcome his test, although Gyrfalcon and Oblinich were still facing theirs. He hoped they were doing ok. Originally posted by Gyrfalcon: Originally posted by Tamaranis: OOC: Well, have to cut it short here, more to add later
  5. *Stick applauds* Good, of course, it'd have to be, coming from you, friend Heh, seriously tho, I like it, and can't help a similarity to myself... Anyways, keep it up ^.^
  6. And the chickens, when they die, they go back in time... back in time to Mario 1. Don't believe me? Why do fireballs say 'buck-buck?'. Think about it. ...or eat some shake n' bake. Either way someone wins.
  7. *Stick notes he thinks the word is exerpts, although he could be wrong* I'll be looking forward to checking them out... speaking of which, I have a message from Tamaranis that goes something like this: "Tell Arawn to hurry up and get something published so I can say I wrote a story with someone who published a book!" Or something like that BigPointyStick ----------------- Wielder of the BPS Companion of Mr.Bunny Happy to say I seem to be a new Pen Member ^.^
  8. Um, Nyyark, what if I don't get any of my jokes? BigPointyStick ----------------- Wielder of the BPS Companion of Mr.Bunny Happy to say I seem to be a new Pen Member ^.^
  9. Wyv, of all the arches, you forgot the most important ones- The Golden Arches! (The Golden Arches are where all the Arch Mages go after a long day of summoning to relax and get some quarter-decent "food". Golden Arches cost very little mana to summon, and generate a generous geld income for your kingdom. Beware of clowns, burglars, and other various spawns of the pits. Over one billion served!) Sorry, that was the best I could come up with.
  10. Canid posted, The Big Pointy One posted, Seeing all the people that have walked in an really got the party rolling, Stick decides to abandon the food table and start mingling with all the new guests. He walks by the door, nodding in greeting to Gyrfalcon and Daryl. "Having fun, Gyr?" Gyrfalcon nods back, "You know it. Yourself?" "Heh, no doubt about it. Enjoy yourself!" Stick wanders off, walking among the crowds again. He pats Black on the shoulder, waves to Canid as she returns from her drink, gets hit in the head with a Wyvern-shaped chocolate and waves to the disco ball from which it came, guessing he was being hailed in one manner or another. Seeing Ozymandias, he approaches the founder, extending his hand in greeting. "Greetings, I don't believe we've really been properly introduced, as I'm sure you know, I'm Stick... heh, I'm not so great with the introductions, but it's nice to meet you. I hope your enjoying yourself here ^.^" Ozymandias shakes Stick's hand, "Yes, I am enjoying myself here, thanks. And it's nice to meet you too, hopefully we'll be seeing more from you soon...?" "I'm sure you will, anyways, I should really be seeing everyone else, but feel free to seek me out later." Satisfied, Stick then moves on, greeting the rest of the party. He approaches Falcon, Cioden and William. "Heya boys, how goes it?" As they are currently singing and playing music, they respond by playing even louder, causing Stick to chuckle a bit. "Heh, alright, sounds great! Maybe later I'll bring out my drumset and play a few with ya!" Stick nods, then continues on, eyeing Zool. He extends his hand again. "Nice to see you after a while... I apologize for not really getting off on the right foot back in the day..." Stick recalls a certain fan club incident. "Anyways, it's nice to see you here... oh yes, good luck on getting Mr.Bunny... you'll need it " Stick waits for Zool to respond, then smiles, and finally makes his way over to Wyvern. He pats his friend on the back. "Not a bad party, considering, don't you think? Granted, it's not as good as any party you've thrown, but not bad..." OOC: Blech, I suck at representing other people...
  11. All was fine, the girls were giggling, and everyone was having a good time when all of the sudden the window crashed open and in sprang two small figures. They might had been identifyable, had they not been completely covered in mud. They started yelling, as if they were some sort of monsters, in a lame attempt to scare the girls. "Roaaaarrr!" said the one on the right, who happenned to be carrying a Not-so-BigPointyStick. "Yeah, roar!" said the one of the left who waved his wooden sword in the air menacingly. The pair showed toothy grins through the mood and advanced on their 'prey', muddy hands outstretched...
  12. Stick can only remit a light sigh, rolling his eyes as he says, "Oh dear me, not this again..." He knew this was going to be one heck of a party.
  13. Heeding Wyvern's advice, Stick scoots away from the party he started at the AMBB, and finds an empty hall back within the keep. He re-sets tables and chairs for those who wish to sit and eat, (although Stick himself prefers to stand ) a half-decent stereo system for those who like music at their parties, (and of course a stage for any wandering musicians who happen to attend, like say... oh I don't know... Falcon? ^.^) and a giant gold-coloured disco ball. He quickly sneaks around the many rooms of the Keep, snatching as much food and alcoholic beverages as possible and distributes them among the tables back in the party hall. While he was out, he slipped invitations under every other door he passed, hoping everyone would stop by, if only for a minute, to wish Wyvern a belated birthday! "Let's get this party started!" That being said, the rest of the Seven shows up; Mr.Bunny and Popku stand around with Stick by the dinner table, Roxxia and Sliver start dancing, Rocoss acts all cool and leans against the wall by the door and of course Toilet Duck gets roaring drunk, ensuring one heck of a party should ensue... (I hope ^.^)
  14. OOC: Well, I finally decided to update my application post... I'm not sure if there's any room for any other posters in this, but feel free to join if you like ^.^ IC: The next day Aidan managed to wake and get out of the house without his parents noticing. What he didn't know was that the battle had already begun out in the woods. The demons had begun to march, and the elves had intercepted. Arrows flew throughout the trees like deadly hornets. Demons fell in bloody heaps, but more kept coming. Swords were drawn and elven foot soldiers rushed the oncoming swarm. Losses were high on both sides, but the demons proved victorious. Fireballs were launched into the trees, setting a large portion of the forest on fire. Aidan made his way over to the line of trees on the southern border, climbing into one of his favourites. He nocked an arrow, and watched. At first, he couldn't see anything, then he saw a few humans and elves backing up and fighting a dozen or so medium-sized demons. It was like something out of a nightmare. He couldn't possibly imagine such beings could exist to begin with, but there they were. They had a basic humanoid form, but that was the only resemblence. If they had flesh, it was all torn off, revealing red, rippling muscle, all over their bodies. At seemingly random places, there were bony spike-like protrusions growing all over their bodies. Their eyes were wide, but not very long. They were an orange-like colour, bearing no pupils, retina, nothing. Aidan didn't know much of anatomy, but he did know they must have some sort of alternate method of vision. Suddenly, there was a shrill scream from the town. Aidan turned back, and could see the people evacuating. On closer inspection, he noticed his mother running out of their house, hitching her skirts. She was heading towards the woods. "Aaiiiidaaan!!! Where are you!!! Come here, right now!!!" Aidan knew he should go, but couldn't. Something inside him told him not to. He remained silent and watched as his mother ran into the woods. She stopped short as she saw the splintered force of demons, and who was fighting them. "Stal! I can't find Aidan!" The warrior turned around for a split second, a pair of elves covering his back. "He must have escaped by now, do the same, get out of here!" "No! I'm not leaving you..." she began to weep, "I hope your right, I hope Aidan is safe." Aidan also began crying softly. Annadi pulled a rather large kitchen knife from her skirt belt. She rushed to join her husband. Aidan watched as the small band courageously tried to fight off the demons, but to no avail. He cried out as one of the demented beasts struck down his mother, then his father. All but two of the elves perished. Those last two elves managed to slay the rest of the small demon party. They rushed to Aidan's parents, leaning over them, apparently speaking to them. There was an explosion, and a larger demon party appeared from the brush. Aidan shouted out, drawing the attention of both the elves and the demons. He sent an arrow flying straight at the demon group. To his surprise the arrow went straight through one of the horrid creature's skulls, directly between it's eyes. He blindly shot another arrow, when suddenly the tree exploded in a fireball. Aidan went flying to the ground as he noticed the pair of elves running towards him. Then he blacked out. ~~ The conversation between the elves and Aidan's parents ~~ Out of all the elves fighting, a male and female remained. They both remained cloaked, hiding their features. Stal already knew who they were, so it didn't matter. He spoke in a ragged voice, using his last breaths. "If you find Aidan, take him away from here. Take him to his aunt and uncle's in Gervad. Don't let him know who you are yet. You'll know when he's ready." The elves nodded silently. Stal looked over to his wife, his eyes filled with sorrow that she had already completely passed. "And give him my sword at that time, it is of good make and fine steel." Again, the elves nodded, then spoke a few words in their native tongue. It was a prayer. {translated, of course ^.^} The leaves fall an fade Nature weaves her lattice Earth reclaims its child The wind blows with time And the trees grow strong Reaching to the skies Returning the souls to the Light The Cycle shall be renewed. It was a formal prayer, sung at most elven noble ceremonies, and those for high-ranking warriors. About half way through, Stal had closed his eyes for the last time, with a semi-peaceful look on his face. At the end of the prayer, an arrow zinged overhead, taking out a demon that appeared from the brush. The elves looked over to the said brush, preparing to attack, when they heard a cry, followed by an arrow that stabbed through another demon's chest. They looked in the direction of the cry when a tree exploded, revealing a limp Aidan... BigPointyStick ----------------- Wielder of the BPS Companion of Mr.Bunny Happy to say I seem to be a new Pen Member ^.^
  15. ~Elsewhere, the recent past~ Shadows pour like light through columns of an ancient palace. There is no source nor is there a cause of the shadows. At least through visible means. This is a place of darkness, where only the darkest may go, and where only the darkest may thrive. To some, this is home. This is the home of dark beings mortal and immortal, strong and weak. Much to their dismay, it is also a home under invasion. A beast made out of the darkest shadows on top of a steed just as dark rides through pillars of darkness. It is not part of the ever-present shadows of this place and does not wish to be. It also wishes to destroy this place, not because it is an agent of light, but simply because it can. Legions of the walking dead move to greet this shadow-rider but fall to its blade. Beings not perceptible in natural light attack but are defeated. Thin tendrils shoot out from the beast's forehead, draining life power and ability from fallen enemies. But it does not stop moving. Watching this carnage sits a man curled up in the tail of his shadow dragon. He has never in his time come across such a beast that is destroying his minions, and he is not pleased. He makes a fist and decides it is now time to end this. He climbs up his mount's scaley back and motions for it to engage the invader. Within moments he closes in on his most unnatural of enemies and beckons for battle. The shadow beast does not respond but his steed changes into and identical version of the man's own dragon. They take flight and quickly engage in aerial battle. Passes are made, but both riders can not manage to make any solid hits on each other. Vexed, the shadow beast holds out his palm, and both riders stop. The beast's dragon is quickly absorbed back into the shadows from which it was spawned; it returns to the shadows of the beast. It then sprouts a pair of wings of its own, and motions for the man to return to battle. The man of course, holds out his hand in response and dismisses his own ride, easily flying in the air. He closes his eyes, and all the shadow and darkness in the area is absorbed into the man, forming battle armour and a large axe. The area has now turned into a mass of grey, leaving only the man and the invader as shadows, absorbing the lack of light around themselves. The man speaks. Who are you that invades my realm? Do you not know who I am? He does not hear a response, audible nor psychic, but can feel one. The invader knows that this man is really a God of the dark, and wields much power. The beast however, is not afraid, and is quite willing to risk its mighty life against his. Very well. You seal your own fate, now prepare to be absorbed by my darkness!!! The Dark God rushes in at the invader, shadowaxe gripped tightly in his hands. The beast does nothing as the god sinks his blade into its shadow. The god looks confused but the beast quickly absorbs the axe, along with a significant amount of the gods power. Insolent being! You shall pay for that! The Dark God flies backwards as the beast remains unmoving, no visible expression on its entire body. The god then releases a tremendous wave of darkness that hits the beast then dissappears. He launches wave after wave, but they all seem to have no effect. This time the beast smirks- it is visible by a small stream of light in the general vicinity that its head should be. The god understands too late that the beast had absorbed more and more of his power, leaving the God with nothing more than that of a powerful archmage at best. A terrible feeling of dread quickly passed over him. It was followed up by a giant ball of light that appeared where the shadowbeast was standing. It shot at the dark god with incredible speed, and he was unable to avoid it. He pumped his remaining power into it, trying to overtake the light with dark, but could not. The darkness fought it off for a moment, but was quickly enveloped by light. The light then crashed into the former god sent him hurtling to the ground. Soon thereafter he landed straight on a pillar, breaking his spine. He lied motionless. If one were to have watched the source of the giant ball of light, they would have seen the beast transform into a replica of one of the god's fallen warriors, wearing a suit of glorious golden armour adourned with jewelry and silken red cape. It floated gently to the pillar that the god had crashed on, and stalked over to his corpse. It knelt down, and an opening appeared in it's fleshless skull. The dreadful tendril slithered out and shot into the skin of the fallen god, draining it's remaining power. For the first time, the beast spoke. It's voice was a gruesome combination of various sounds. It sounded like metal and glass scraping against each other; it sounded like stone grinding against itself; it sounded like the crackling at fire; it sounded like all these things at once. Before you completely die, know this. Know that I have come to wipe out all that is, all that has been, and all that is yet to come. Good or evil, dark or light, natural or not, all are meaningless before my touch. Forces physical or surreal can not harm me, and god and man alike are but fodder before me. Let all fear my hand. The dark god passed out soon, but a message was left for his fellow deities. They would find this beast and hopefully destory it, if there were some way to stop something that now had the power of at least two gods. ~On another plane, shortly thereafter~ A meeting was being held in a grand room. Thick red carpet with golden tassles covered the center of the floor, which itself was a rich blue, well-shined marble. There was a series of lighter coloured pillars that circled the round room, 24 to be exact. There were half as many tapestries hanging along the wall. A strange feature about this room, though, was that there were no doors or windows, not to mention any sort of light source. Around a golden table sat twelve figures of different representations. This was the high council of the Elder Gods. For the first time in eons they were worried. Zaxus, God of Thunder spoke first, "We must act quickly, before this beast claims another of our number!" Eldria, Goddess of the Winds replied, "Indeed, but we must not be rash in our actions- we need a plan." Fackos, Lord of Fires and Metals, "I say we take it on ourselves, just us 12. No force can stand up to us combined Willestias, God of Wisdom and Intelligence, "No. That would be too hasty, I say we each send our strongest representative first, along with The Agent. We will have to give them all a mighty boost in power first, but I think that should definitely have a great effect without risking our existence personally." Mencheru, God of War, "Agreed. It would be foolish now to risk our lives without knowing this beast's full power. We'll use that as the surprise attack." Relstan, Goddess of Magick, "I also agree. I shall work together with Fackos to produce better armaments for our warriors. What say you, Delstar" Delstar, Deity of Night, Stars and the Moons, "I concur. However, something must be done about The Agent. I have been doubting the efficiency of Oblinich as of late." Ronstan, Sun-God and Lord of Day, "Hmm, Indeed... but I believe we shouldn't be too hasty, I propose we give our agent, another chance, accompanied by perhaps some... competition, as boosted encouragement." This was met with nods. Willestias spoke again, "Who are these newcomers? I do not believe I know of them" "Ah yes, these are the new replacements for our fallen comrades, may they not fall to the same fate. I introduce you to Ailron, High Lord of Nature, Light and Life; and Villia, Goddess of Darkness and Death." They simply bowed and remained silent. Gon, God of Earth and Rocks; "So we have our plans, we should depart as to prepare for the upcoming war. Good luck friends." Axstiel, Lady of Beasts; "So be it. Let us meet again a fortnight from now, and for victory, the time is soon to come." F[/i] ~Back with the party~ Rondo, Usagi-San and Gyrfalcon had been travelling for many days and nights in search of the portal that would hopefully lead them to the great desert from so long ago. Finally, at sunbreak one day, they saw the tower that held said portal. The first leg of their journey was over. "Ah, good... we can rest when we get to the castle, then start searching for the portal, and how to activate it." said Rondo. "Good... what about when we DO find the portal?" asked Gyrfalcon. "Well, that's the next hard part. We get to look for an old old friend of mine. I know he's somewhere beneath the sands... the tricky part is finding out exactly where. Perhaps we have to get eaten by a sandworm..." Rondo went on like that for a while. "I think your friend is losing his mind..." "Rondo? Hmm.. maybe, he seems alright to me though." he paused to scratch his head a moment, look around, then unsheath his katanas. "Everyone draw, we're surrounded." Gyrfalcon looked around. He couldn't see anyone, but he did notice it was too quiet. He quickly unsheathed his katana as well. "Have a clue what it could be?" "My guess is a couple of displacer beasts, probably some more orcs, chances are with bows... they'd be in the trees; a few hobgoblins, and something that can fly, perhaps some sort of lesser imp." "Great, more fun." Usagi took a stride forward his katanas trailing behind him. He snapped them forward and suddenly two displacer beasts fell to the ground, blood spurting from their necks. "Oh yea, something adding to the displacer beast's natural abilities too." "How the hell does he do that?" Gyrfalcon muttered to himself as he and Rondo made their way in the opposite direction of Usagi-San. Usagi re-sheathed his katanas and launched a multitude of kunai as a handful of arrows headed his way. He took his katanas out once again as the kunai made short work of the shoddy orcish arrows. He hopped into the air and landed in the woods. He quickly slashed his way through the orcish archers and met a mighty hobgoblin katanas to battleaxe. He kicked forward, sending the goblinoid flying backwards. He tossed his sword after it, which landed in the creature's chest, pinning it to a tree. Usagi put both hands on his swords and jumped straight up, his blade flying upwards in his hands as well, to remove the wings of one imp. He spun around, still in the air, decapitating another one. He looked around, his group of enemies destroyed. Usagi nodded, retrieved his katana, and went to check how Gyrfalcon was doing. Originally Posted by Gyrfalcon: Originally posted by Tamaranis: Curious as to the thunderclap, sudden flames and all the yelling, the three travellers made their way over. Halfway there, Oblinich walked out of the trees, an eye wary for hobgoblins. Rondo hailed him. "I take it that was you, yes?" "Of course, who else could wield the power of a god so easily?" "Hm, indeed... I believe it is no coincidence that we have crossed paths. Tell me, do you know of the beast that plagues these lands, and possibly others?" "That big lizardy thing? Oh yea... damn thing wouldn't die. I'm off to make sure it does that now." "Good, we share a similar goal... but we have to make a sidetrack first. Are you willing to come along?" "I wouldn't see the harm. As long as that abomination pays for all it's done so far..." "Don't worry about that, I'm sure it will, but that's not the first thing I'm worried about right now." Gyrfalcon spoke up, "What I'm worried about is our enemy. This was a rather strange union- hobgoblins, displacer beasts and imps... there's a possibility that drow could be behind it, but even that seems unlikely. This attack was too uniform, too calculated." This time it was Usagi who spoke, "You are right on that, but you must realise the nature of our beast. Although we don't know how long it has existed, through it's lifespan, short or long, it must have absorbed the power of many... I believe with that, it also gained intellect. Why it is sending simple minions like this after us, I do not know." "Well, we should think on the road, we have no time to waste. On to the tower." said Rondo. The group of three had now increased. Thankfully they had another attack angle, perhaps another key to unlocking the beast's weakness. It was all to unfold, with time... ~ Meanwhile, in the mind of Rondo... Darkness. That was all he could see. But he could feel. He could feel dust, rock, rubble. He could feel dank heat in the air, a pressing feeling from above. He heard a moan. A familiar voice, he was sure, but he could not place it. "H-h-help mee..." a hoarse whisper. Rondo dragged his aching body over to the sound of the voice. A young man was in front of him, he somehow knew. He still couldn't see. "How injured are you?" Rondo asked. "Badly... I don't think I have much time... please, you must remove me from this rubble. I must..." he started to hack and cough. Rondo could feel blood spray on to his face. "Don't talk... I'll do what I can." Rondo felt around the rocks that pinned the man to the ground. He moved a few light ones out of the way, but couldn't manage to budge a larger one pinning the man's leg. "I'm sorry, this is all I can do, I have no strength left." "ah...a..ah." more coughing, "Alright... this'll have to do. I need to ask you another favour." Rondo nodded, "Take out my sword... I would do so myself, but I am too weak." "Alright." Rondo searched around and found the hilt of the man's sword. It was a rather large sword, two handed by his estimation. He used his reserves to slowly pull it out of it's sheath. A faint shimmer of light. He quickly turned his head to the man, but was too late. "Good, now put it in my hands." Rondo did so, and the man reached inside his clothing, and pulled out a medallion-like object. "In a few minutes, take this, and don't let it go." Rondo nodded and the man started chanting in a low voice, a mantra. Suddenly, there was a flash of light. Rondo saw the man for who he was: a young man, average proportions, short brown hair and blue eyes, similar to what he looked like in his youth, only shorter. He couldn't stand the light anymore, so Rondo put his arm in front of his eyes. When he moved his arm, he heard a faint tinkling sound. There was a dim light around the area. The man was nowhere to be seen. Rondo looked down, and saw the man's amulet. In the dim light he could see it was shaped like a crescent moon with the points up. It was crystaline of nature, sapphire if he was correct. He picked up, put it around his neck, then everything went black. ~ On the road, Rondo fingered a crystaline amulet shaped like a crescent moon, points up. ~ After three days of travelling, the party of Rondo, Usagi, Gyrfalcon and Oblinich had finally made it to Joat's tower. On the way they didn't run into anything much more powerful then the unusual force that brought Oblinich into the group. On the topic of Oblinich, he had explained to the group that he was working as an agent for a council of gods. He said his mission was to rid Terra of the beast; unfortunately, he had lost all contact with the council somehow. Rondo said he believed him, and said Oblinich seemed oddly familiar, although he couldn't place him. Gyrfalcon wasn't so sure, and Usagi was silent as ever. "Well, we're here. Do you want to set up camp, or get to searching immediately?" asked Gyrfalcon "Hmm... I don't see the harm in sparing an hour or two to rest before we get to work." He set his pack to the ground and sat down against a wall. "Usagi-San, do us a favour and scout the area, mm?" Usagi nodded, then hopped off in a flash to check the area out. Originaly posted by Gyrfalcon: Originally posted by Tamaranis: Rondo contemplated all that Oblinich had to say for a moment, then spoke: "Alright then everyone, it seems as if this going to be a race against time. If we can't defeat this beast soon, the Gods are going to destroy Terra." "What!?" Gyrfalcon's eyes went wide. "To save it." Oblinich mutterred. "That's ridiculous! How... wh-" he took a breath, "When?" Oblinich shook his head. "I don't know. I haven't been able to communicate with them for a while now. Although, if I know them, it'll be just as we are about to lose, or even when we're about to win." "Just great..." Gyrfalcon didn't like the sound of that at all. He wondered how quickly this was going to get worse, if it was possible. "Regardless, it won't matter, " said Rondo, "It won't matter if it already knows how to travel through the planes. There's no way the gods would destroy ALL the Terras, is there?" "I don't know." he added almost inaudibly, "I'm sorry." "So that's the new situation. Now, we move. We have to find that portal. Let's get searching." The party set foot into Joat's Tower, wary of remaining spells and wards, and perhaps any wandering creatures that could have made a new home. Luckily, their search was danger-free, except for maybe large amounts of dust. Eventually Rondo came to a familiar room. The most important detail was a dust-covered mirror at the far end of the room. It was at least six feet tall and three feet wide. It was set in a gilded frame that connected to stand that allowed it to rotate vertically. Rondo cautiously walked up to it, placing his palm on the old glass. Nothing. He wiped away the dust. He was forgetting something. "A key." Rondo turned around. Oblinich was standing in the doorway. "All portals need a key of some sort. A physical object or a source of energy. It could be a spell, a magickal signature or psychic force. This one seems to need a certain amount of energy 'poured in' to it." "Can you perform such a task?" "Easily." Oblinich concentrated for a moment and placed his palm on the mirror. Nothing happenned at first. But then the surface rippled once. Then it rippled again. And again. And again until it was constantly rippling, virtually erasing all reflections it held. Rondo whistled, and Gyrfalcon, followed by Usagi entered the room. Rondo nodded, and stepped through, followed by Oblinich, then Gyrfalcon, and lastly Usagi. Things were a lot different from the way Rondo remembered them. ~Elsewhere~ On the godly plane, in a laboratory, life is being created. Starting from bones fortified with arcane metals, moving to pure muscle. The creator decided to skip on internal organs, those were useless anyways. He could make his being live without breathing. "Next... hmm... ah, skin... humanoid will do. How about a nice tanned look. Yes, that'll do. Hair? Let's make it long and black. Real pretty. What am I forgetting? Oh, the eyes... grey will do, I suppose. Now, the fun part." The body is fueled with amounts of energy, far beyond that of a human or even elven archmage. Beyond even might titans, matching close to a god itself. "Oh, you're a good one, yes you are. Oh, dear me, clothes would be nice." A pair of dark leather pants appeared on the man's legs, along with some heavy metal boots and a simple blue chain mesh top, sleeveless. "You can make your own weapon. Here, have a brain." There is a popping sound and the man's eyes open. They have a look of intelligence. "Good, you're done. You can call me your daddy. If you want... I created you, so close enough. You'll probably need a name, if you want." "Who am I?" "You? You're our new agent, plan A-2. We don't want to blow up Terra RIGHT away, see... Oblinich is kind of disappointing to some of us... he tries, but this new challenge doesn't seem to be up to him." "Hmm... ah, yes, now I remember. Thanks for the memory, pops. A name? Keryth will do. For now. When do I start?" ~Back on an alternate Terra~ As Rondo stepped through the portal he was quite surprised to find that the desert that once stood in this place was no more. All that was left was broken stone and broken earth. One thing that remained the same was the blistering wind though. That was annoying. "How do you take the sand out of a desert?" Rondo asked out loud. "A big earthquake perhaps?" Oblinich replied. "A really big earthquake. Really big. I don't like that. I don't like anything that can do that. Well, no time to waste staring at this... let's get a move on. Be wary for sand-worms. They could still be kicking around here." "...not like they're hard to see or anything..." mutterred Gyrfalcon. The place that Rondo was seeking was closer than to be expected. Not to mention, a lot easier to find. After about half a day's walking, the four travellers came upon a stone tower sticking out of the ground at an awkward angle. "Ah, the temple of the winds... so that's where it was... quickly, inside!" Everyone else looked at each other and shrugged, following Rondo around to an opening on one side. They slid down the edge of the tower and landed in a tilted room. Luckily, the angle was shallow enough to maintain balance easily. Rondo kicked open a door and jumped through. On the other side was a flat hallway leading in one direction. The travellers followed Rondo through yet again. He came to a 'T' Intersection, thought for a second then went left. After turning down a few more corridors, the party finally came to a door. Rondo knocked twice then slowly opened the heavy thing. He pushed it open to find a quivering white mass. He approached what seemed to be a very old man. He was wearing what looked like a priest's uniform, although dirty. Aside from that, all the man had was a scraggy white beard, and patches of dirty white hair on top of his head. "Fortha, what happenned!?" "FiredeathfiredeathquakingshakingBOOM!!HaHAhAa... HEEEEEEEEEELP!!! CRASh! It hurts! It bleeds!" "Fortha, where is it?!" "Hiding, hiding, hidinghidinghidinghiding... HIDING!" "Where IS IT, Fortha?!" Rondo was losing his patience. "IT's safe... reeeeeeal safe... no one will find it... no one no one NO ONE!!" "Damnit. Damnit! Useless! He's completely useless... after all this time. Usagi-San, spare him. He's been through enough, we won't get anything from him." "As you will." Usagi, with a look of pity in his eyes walked over to the gibbering old man. He grabbed one shoulder with his right hand, and slit his throat with a kunai in the other. The old man didn't even notice. "Great, just great... so now what? What's your big plan now, old man?" "I don't know. I just don't know." Usagi can only shake his head. He looks to his travelling companion, and decides to speak up for once. "Excuse me for speaking out of place but Rondo, you've got to pull yourself together. We've been on this road for a long time, and I'm not ready to get off. If I'm staying on, so are you. We are going to find a way to beat this thing, or die trying. At least there is more honour in the latter choice." Honourable indeed. Gyrfalcon thought. He didn't like the sound of that speech at all, however true it was. "You're right. We've gone too far to give up now. Fortha must have found something before he snapped. Let's search this place for some clues." The party split up and searched the hidden temple. They looked everywhere, cupboards drawers, beds... between cracks in the walls, under rugs.... everywhere they could gain access to. They found nothing. Apparently Fortha didn't keep a journal, so they were out of luck. However, they did find something. As the group met up again, they noticed a slightly odd difference in a wall in front of them. Rondo ran his hand along the bricks, and noticed a very fine split in them. "There's a door here, but I don't see any way to open it. Usagi-San?" "On it." Usagi let out a loud 'Hiiyaa!' and jumped at the door, katanas a metallic blur. He sliced and sliced, producing many sparks, but no results. Oblinich shook his head. "Can't you guys read the thing?" Oblinich walked up to the door, placing his palm on the brick wall. Some glowing glyphs appeared. Oblinich mutterred some foreign language, nodded and kneeled down for a moment. He nodded again and pushed one of the bricks with his finger. It slid into the wall, and the door slid upwards. "Simple." Rondo took a step inwards. He was on a white marble bridge that expanded into darkness. "I know what this is. He backed out. The door remained open. "This is The Pathway. It goes from temple to temple, all over Terra. Only priests can go in unaccompanied, as it is filled with many dark beings. It's also used to train Paladins, Clerics and other warriors of the temple. We shouldn't go in here without a priest, and since none of us happens to be a priest, we should stay out." "True enough," said Gyrfalcon, "But let's also remember that we probably won't be able to get out the way we came in, either." A familiar voice came from behind them. "It seems like I'll have to take you through The Pathway then." The party turns around to see a familiar face. Gyrfalcon speaks first: "Stick? But I thought... Rondo said..." And then Oblinich, "Maybe, but something's different about you..." Rondo and Usagi remain silent. The man speaks up, "No, I am not the one you knew as BigPointyStick. I have lived on this Terra my life. However, Fortha told me much of him, at least, what he knew. The difference between him and I, is that I did not receive the BigPointyStick; that of which there is only one." "So that means..." started Oblinich. "...so that means Stick is a unique being. There are many unique beings over the multiverses, and Stick is one. Anyways, I should properly introduce myself. My name is Dierden Samshae. I have lived a simple life. As I came of age, Fortha summoned me to this temple, to train me in the ways of the priest. I had lived a devoted life as a youth, so I eagerly took on the opportunity, and the duty. Here and there Fortha would speak of dangerous tides turning on the Terras, and that much preparation would be needed. He tried to fight the beast himself, but he didn't have anywhere near enough power. Whatever happenned to the beast before it got here, it learned a lot of cruelty. It has ravaged this land, as it has ravaged Fortha's soul. I am sad to say I am a coward. I could not bear to face the beast, so I fled. I also could not bear to face Fortha in his changed state, so I hid here. When you all arrived, I followed you around, not sure what to do. I saw what you did to... no, for Fortha, and I thank you. I know your intentions, and I plan to help you as much as I can." Rondo spoke now. "It is... interesting... to meet you Dierden, but I must ask you this- do you know the location of the BPS?" "The feeling is mutual. And no, I am sorry, I do not know. Fortha knew, but he kept that information safe in his mind. However, I have one solution. On the Pathway, we MAY be able to reach Fortha's tortured soul, if it has not already ascended to another plane. Perhaps he can give us a clue or two." Rondo began to speak, "Agreed, it seems-" Gyrfalcon interrupted, "May? Perhaps? I do not like the sounds of this, not in the least. Is there not one sure thing we can find out?" It was Usagi's turn to speak, "Unfortunately, Half-elf, it is all we have to go on. We don't even know how to beat this thing right now, so this will have to do." Gyrfalcon shook his head. Like he said, he didn't like this at all. "The rabbit-man is right." said Dierden, "We must do what we can... I will not lie, I am afraid to the centre of my very being, but I will help you as much as possible. I don't know how much that is, but I'll give my all. When you are all ready, I shall take you in."
  16. (This poem I originally wrote on the AMBB, but I thought it'd fit better in here than in the library ^.^) Hippity hoppity Flippity floppity Hopping through my mind Springing and bouncing Playfully pouncing They help me to unwind Running and dancing Jumping and prancing This happens all the time Cute and furry Not in a hurry I'm trying hard to rhyme Bunnies ^.^ BigPointyStick ----------------- Wielder of the BPS Companion of Mr.Bunny Hopefully new Pen Member ^.^
  17. OOC: This is a story I started on AM back in October, but I thought it may fit better here... regardless, it'll probably be updated in both places for all to view ^.^ Participation is welcomed, if you think you can make a place for yourself in the story Also, I'll probably post it in large chunks, as there is a lot to post... One more note, there are quotes from the other two posters in this story, Gyrfalcon, whom you all know and love ^.^ and my good buddy Tamaranis, who I'm sure at least some of you know If it doesn't say who I'm quoting, I'm sure it can be assumed it's me ^.^ BIC: The water beat down mercilessly on the old man's round straw hat. He frowned at the weather, it was always a bad omen. He wrapped his cloak around himself a bit tighter as he and his companion trod on towards the large collections of buildings in the distance. A lightning bolt flashed, and so did his memory. The land was nice, peaceful, beautiful. The companions that made up the band of heroes known as the Seven; Sliver, Rocoss, Roxxia, Toilet Duck, Popku, Mr.Bunny and BigPointyStick were enjoying a well-deserved break after many battles and weary adventures. It was their time to rest, but unfortunately, it wasn't to be. As everyone was laid out on a rather large picnic blanket, after a similarly large meal, a panicked man ran up the hill to their resting place. "Please, you must help us! ...she is trying to fight it off, but it is no good, he is too strong!!!" Sliver jumped to his feet. "Slow down! Who's she, and what's she fighting?" Everyone got up, knowing a fight was over the horizon. "Her... she's fighting... I don't know, it's horrible! Come quick!" flash It was night, but it was not dark. Fire was smoldering everywhere, and a battle was still raging. The Seven rushed to an alleyway to watch what was happenning before jumping in. To large beings were fighting. One seemed grotesque, and made of shadows, while the other was a serene woman, bathed in greens and light. Both had looks on their faces of grim determination. "Stick, do you recognize that woman?!" "...could it be? The great goddess herself, Attuana?" "...impossible..." The shadowbeast disappeared for a moment and was replaced by a slightly larger dragon-human with dark purple scales, a very muscular build, black leathery wings and a stream of yellow hair falling down it's back. It spewed out a breath of fire then followed up with another breath of acid. The woman screamed in pain as the fire singed away patches of skin and the acid sunk in and ate away at her insides. She took in a deep breath and made a fist with her right hand, pointed it at the beast and launched a 3-foot thick beam of solid light, blinding the watchers momentarily and sending the beast flying into some small buildings. The buildings were destroyed, but the beast was fine. It took flight, and the woman followed suit. Flash The Seven weren't sure how long it took for the blindness to wear off, but by the time it did, there was a large explosion sound, and the combatants returned to the ground. The beast was still unharmed, and the woman was badly burned. She was still fighting. She gave a shrill scream and rushed in at the beast, fists flying. Blades appeared on her hands, and vines came out from the ground and latched onto the beast. She raked furiously at the thing, trying to draw blood, ripping scales loose and scratching holes in the leathery wings. The beast grew a tail that whipped around and latched onto the woman's waist. She opened one palm and some thicker vines with sharp thorns ripped the tail in half, sending acidic blood spewing everywhere. Pavement and cobble burned around the combatants, and rubble was torn up by sprouting trees and vines. The beast managed to grab hold of the woman's shoulders and rip her arms clean off. A tendril came out from his forehead and reached across into the woman's forehead. All resistance faded out, and the beast stood victorious as the woman shriveled and died. The Seven rushed out and attacked the lizard-beast. Sliver was first with his all-mighty holy sword flashing in valiantly. It was knocked away with a tail rather easily. The beast grabbed Sliver with a mighty claw. Toilet Duck and Popku buzzed it from above but were spat down with acid and fire. Roxxia launched a stream of arrows, but they could not pierce the thing's hide. Stick ran in, but armed with only a regular spear. He mad a few hits, but no scratches, and was grabbed as well. The beast knocked the two warriors together, sending them unconscious and dropping them to the ground. Rocoss hurled his magickal throwing hammers at the beast. They made dents in the things chest. Rocoss drew his twin longswords and rushed in, his twin covering him vainly with more arrows. He dodged tail claw, breath and maw, but was not able to score a hit on his nigh-invincible opponent. The beast spun around, connecting finally with it's tail and sending Rocoss flying into a stone well, snapping his spine. Mr.Bunny hopped into the open from around a corner, surrounded by carrot elementals and golems, launching spell after spell which had little effect on the beast. The elementals and golems surrounded it, but were quickly burnt and melted away. It took to the air. It dived, grabbed Roxxia, took flight again. Roxxia couldn't manage to cut away it's legs and fell to her doom on the ground below. The beast grabbed Mr.Bunny next and the tendril from his forehead reappared, stealing away the essence of Mr.Bunny and destroying him. Sliver and Stick crawled to their feet, their weapons lost, blood pouring freely from their wounds. The beast grinned a lizardly grin, and opened his palm. The ground beneath the heroes ripped open and swallowed them whole, then closed up again. Then everything went black. Flash The rain was pouring as hard as ever, and the old man, along with his heavily cloaked companion were at their destination. They knocked on the heavy doors marked Conservatory. ~ Originally posted by Tamaranis: ~ A metal slot opened on the door and a tired voice called out: "Who goes there?" "An old man and his soaked companion, open up." "It's late, find an inn." "No, that won't do, I must speak with the one known as Gyrfalcon." "Gyrfalcon? What does an old wretch like you have to do with Gyrfalcon?" "None of your damn business. Let me in. It's urgent." "It can wait until morning, go home old man." "No. Let me in here, or my companion will." There was the sound of metal sliding against metal, and a glint in the moonlight as his cloaked companion revealed a bit of blade on a well made katana. The doorkeep laughed. "Hah, but you can try... all that will happen though, is you'll get yourself banned from this here place, and perhaps anger some mages. Goodnight!" The slot slammed closed, and the old man nodded to his companion. The cloaked figure unsheathed his katana, along with another one strapped to his back. He sprung at the door, quickly slashing along the edges all along the large frame. A few minute seconds later, the door fell in upon itself with a large bang. The doorkeep looked up to see the cloaked figure and the old man standing on top of the door. The old man tossed the doorkeep a heavy clinking bag. "Gold. For the door, and for some new undergarments. Now, if you'd kindly direct us to where we could find Gyrfalcon, it'd be appreciated." The doorkeep pointed down a hallway, paying attention more or less to the heavy door lying on the floor, a confused and slightly fearful look playing on his face. "Oh yes, and be sure to get a stablehand to come around and get my horse, that'd also be appreciated." He tossed the doorkeep another bag. "A think a few silver pieces should be sufficient." "Uhh... huh.. yeah, um, do you have a name? We have a registry here, and it's important-" "A name? Hmm... haven't had a name for a long time... just call me Rondo, that should do." The doorkeep scribbled down a semblance of the old man's used name then went off to find a stable boy for the old man's horse. The old man himself, along with his companion went off in search of Gyrfalcon. ~ Originally posted by Gyrfalcon: ~ Rondo took a seat, and his companion stood silently behind him. "Just some bread should tide me over, and my friend here is fine." the still-cloaked figure nodded. "I'll get straight to the point. Your life is in danger- more so than from these bounties. There is a being out there, who thrives on power. This being destroys whatever holds great power and absorbs it, a lot of the time leaving it's victims to wretched shells of their former selves. I must say I am also one of those victims." "So why am I in danger? I am simply but a ranger now, nothing more." "Well, it isn't always power that one holds, but the power that one could hold. Something I have learned from my travels is that everyone on this planet, no matter age, class, strength or station, has some amount of untapped power within themselves. Granted, some have more or less than others, but everyone has some. The trick, of course, is finding the catalyst to unlocking it. But excuse me, I ramble... the point I am trying to make is, your life is in danger. I know you are demi-god, and whether or not you still have your available to you, there is still a store of power that the beast can access." "An interesting story old man, but it seems a bit redundant for you to warn me of this... surely you have some other means or measure, no?" "Yes, you are right. I have a lot of personal dealings with this beast... I have lost a lot to it, and I want it back... what I can get, at least. But before that, there is something else I need to find, and you're one of the best people I know to help me find it." "And that is...?" "A god-given artefact, with many hidden abilities... unfortunately I only recently discovered it had such abilities. I believe you know it as the BigPointyStick." the old man shook his head, as in disappointment. "The young man who lost that didn't know what he was losing... now, for his sake, I must find it again." "The... oh, did you know Stick? He left here some time ago, and hasn't returned, or sent word." "Yes, yes, the one you knew as Stick... unfortunately, he met with ill-fate at the hands of the Beast... sorry, but the Stick you once knew is no more." "And his companions?" "Dead." "A shame... how did it happen?" Rondo related the flashback he had on the tail-end of his journey to the conservatory, then stood up. "You'll have to excuse me, I grow weary... is there a room I could be so humble to use? I will have more to relate to you in the morning, but I must retire for the night." Gyrfalcon nodded and soon set the old man and his mysterious companion up with a room in a small tower of the Conservatory. He had a bad feeling about the things to come ~ Originally posted by Gyrfalcon: ~ "Good... although it doesn't matter whether you believed me or not, because it'd be bound to happen anyways. But excuse me, yes, we must get out of here... one thing I haven't mentioned yet is that one of the beast's greatest strengths is it's psychic ability. Obviously then, we need to go somewhere that is shielded from telepaths, and preferably other magick attacks." "Indeed. Do you know of such a place?" "Yes. Stick once related a tale of a hidden temple beneath some great sands... unfortunately, I do not know how to get there. Perhaps if you could find someone who has been to the great sands that I speak of... if you know which ones I am talking about." "I think I may... I am guessing you are referring to the giant desert where everyone first met Stick?" "Yes, that is the one. That should probably be our first task, after you take care of the things you need to. Until then, I will be waiting just outside the gates." ~ Originally posted by Tamaranis: ~ Originally posted by Gyrfalcon: ~ The old man frowned as Gyrfalcon asked his question. It seemed it'd only be the three of them. Well, at least one person would get away safe. One important person. He shook his head and spoke up, "What can you call me? Well, I got the guard to call me Rondo, so you may as well. My companion's name is Usagi." Gyrfalcon thought for a second... Usagi... didn't that mean something? He hadn't studied other languages for a while, so he wasn't quite sure. It'd come to him if it was important. "Ah. Well, I guess you should take the lead. Where to?" "Actually, if you could take us to Joat's tower, it'd be greatly appreciated." "Joat's tower? Why do you need to go there?" "Well, that's where Stick first disappeared from when he went to the great sands, so perhaps we might find a clue there. Lead on." And so started a great journey in the lives of the three now travellers, and perhaps more to come... ~ Rondo, Gyrfalcon and Usagi soon made their way across the lands surrounding the conservatory and made their way in the general direction of Joat's tower. On about the third night, they were setting up camp Under some trees in the foothills of the Gaia's Spine mountains. "We should be leaving the general safety of Terra Centrus as soon as we get into the mountains." said Gyrfalcon. "Indeed... but we best get some rest. Usagi-san, you take first watch." Rondo's cloaked companion nodded. Rondo was soon asleep, but Gyrfalcon could not fall asleep himself. There was something bothering him about the old man's companion, and he didn't know what. He finally decided to confront the cloaked figure and find out. He stood up and walked over to Usagi, who was leaning against a tree. "Hm? It's not your turn to watch, go back to sleep." came the first quiet words of the cloaked figure. "I know, but there's something about you that I can't quite put my finger on. I'm not sure, but I think it involves you removing that cloak of yours." "I'm not sure you want me to do that... some people have found it to be unpleasant." "I've seen some unpleasant things, I'm sure I'll manage." Usagi shrugged. He removed his cloak and tossed it aside. Gyrfalcon was mildly shocked to see in the bright moonlight that although still human in form, it was a rabbit that stood in front of him. Underneath the now-discarded cloak he was wearing a red scale mail chest piece, some loose black leggings and a familiar looking eye-patch. He also had some long black hair tied behind his head into a tail. Those katanas of his were strapped to his belt and hanging at his sides. "A were-rabbit!?" Gyrfalcon reached for the hilt of his katana. "I wouldn't recommend that. I hear you're good, but I doubt you're better than me." Gyrfalcon scoffed. "And I'm not a were-rabbit. I'm a real rabbit, it just so happens I got morphed into this more human form, to simplify the story. You may know my father, Mr.Bunny." Gyrfalcon was a little confused as how to react. He gave it a split second of thought then gripped his katana firmly, pulled it from its sheath and stabbed straight above Usagi's shoulder. The rabbit-man ducked as a heavy green form that was now bleeding intensely landed on top of Usagi. He quickly slid out from underneath, drew his twin katanas and lobbed the creatures head off. "Well, it seems as if we've been followed. Think they have us surrounded half-elf?" The ranger used what he had of his elven infravision to peer into the darkness around him. "I know they do, half-rabbit. You needn't worry, I'll make short work of them." Usagi laughed. "Maybe if I let you... hyaa!" He rushed in at the now-closing orcs, katanas trailing behind him. As he got closer to them, he bounded into the air and jumped behind a pair of the slimy man-beasts and quickly slashed through their spinal cords. He hopped to the side and just as easily stabbed another one through each lung. He moved around, slaying orc after orc, secretly sure that Gyrfalcon was doing much the same thing... ~ Originally posted by Gyrfalcon: ~ Usagi looked at the slightly injured Gyrfalcon, a smirk playing on his face. Of course, inwardly, he was quite impressed with the half-elf, but he'd never let that show. He offerred a hand to Gyrfalcon. "I wish I could promise otherwise, but from what Rondo says, this is going to be a long trip, and I can guess there'll be a lot more baddies like that, and probably ones that'll be even tougher. Hah, if I were one to gamble, and I am occassionally, I'd say that was just a test. From what Rondo and I have experienced, The Beast works alone." Usagi looked to the sky then. "There's someone else out there who doesn't want us to defeat that monster." "Great, just what we need... more resistance. Hm, is it my watch now, or yours?" "You rest, you took the worst of that battle." "I've taken a lot worse, and you seemed to have taken a fair beating yourself. I'll take watch now." "Hmm... fine. I doubt there'll be another attack tonight... but I sleep light, so don't worry, I'll wake quickly enough to hold your hand if need be." "Oh great, you have a sense of humor too? This'll be such a great trip, I can tell." Anyone within visible range could taste that sarcasm. "Anyways, good night. I'll wake you when it's your watch again." "Alright... be wary." Gyrfalcon nodded as Usagi climbed under his travel blanket and dozed off. He tilted his head, wincing in some moderate pain, and looked to the moon. How do I get myself into these things? Must there always be something threatening the lives of the countless? Hmph, just when I thought I could relax... Those were the last thoughts on Gyrfalcon's mind as he stared at the moon which soon disappeared into the early dawn light. Usagi soon woke and looked disappointed that he hadn't been awakened earlier for his turn at watching, but didn't say anything about it. About half an hour of silence later, Rondo woke up. He looked around to see blood, guts and generic carnage lying all around him. He looked to Gyrfalcon and Usagi, and saw that they were injured as well. He stood up, stretched, and scratched himself. "So, what's for breakfast?" he asked. After the warriors' eyes returned to their sockets, everyone sat down for a quick breakfast that consisted mostly of foraged foods- wild vegetables, berries and what not. The party then packed up and ventured forth into the mountain passes, and deeper into their dangerous adventure. OOC: That's not all, but it's all for the time being... I'll add more tomorrow ^.^
  18. This is just a contest I did back on the AMBB... it technically won me a cd, but I haven't seen it yet. Gwaihir knows what I'm talking about Anyways, it's probably the one work I'm actually proud of... it's also my longest piece, weighing in at thirteen pages (oooh, unlucky... ) so without further ado, my play... A day in the life of your standard adventurer-guy (or girl... woman... whatever) An old-looking man wearing a tuxedo walks up onto a stage and stands in front of a microphone, signalling everyone to quiet down. When they do, he speaks into the mic: Greetings everyone, I am the impresario tonight. Today, we are going to take a look at what it's like to be an adventurer! Doesn't it sound like fun? (audience is stone silent) Oh. Well, on with the show. (a curtain rises, revealing a drowsy looking Stick (as in the Big Pointy One), just getting out of bed. He yawns, stretches, and scratches himself, including in places that just shouldn't be mentioned.) Impresario: This is our hero/adventurer-guy, BigPointyStick. Most adventurer-guy's like him are usually pretty tired because of all the things they have to do... defeating the mighty barkeep is awfully hard! (Stick rolls his eyes) Stick: I don't drink THAT much... Impresario, under his breath, but still into the mic: Yea yea, whatever, just get on with the show. (some of the audience laughs slightly, others aren't sure what to do, more are asleep, and quite a few are leaving already.) Stick: I wonder where my trusty side-kick and faithful partner is? (the door to Stick's room opens, and in hops Mr.Bunny) Stick: ah, there you are! Have you prepared my breakfast? Mr.Bunny: ... Stick: now now, no need to swear... I'll make breakfast then. Mr.Bunny: ... Stick: what did I just say!?! Impresario: The hero and his sidekick are an inseparable team. They work together as one, and NEVER fight. (Stick and Mr.Bunny go into the kitchen. Mr.Bunny hops onto a chair, and Stick starts rooting around the cupboards.) Stick: Hmmm... little buddy, I think we're out of food. You have to stop inviting all your little animal friends over all the time, they're stealing our stuff! Mr.Bunny: ... Stick: Oh, well I guess that might make up for it... but I don't want to see any Mr.Bunny Jr.'s showing up soon, got it! Mr.Bunny: ... Stick: Good. Well, I guess we're going to have to go to town now, and get some supplies. Do me a favour, and fetch the BPS, will you? Mr.Bunny: ... Stick: Fine, fine... (the curtain falls as Stick returns to his room to grab the BPS) Impresario: Now the day's adventure begins, let's see what happens, shall we? (curtain rises again. Stick and Mr.Bunny are now walking/hopping down a road towards town.) Stick: Gee, it sure is dark and gloomy in this forest, I sure hope we don't get attacked by monsters! Impresario: The most common challenge adventurers have to face is monsters. From the lowliest goblin to the mightiest dragon, heroes of every type have to fight various monsters pretty much every day. (as the impresario is speaking, children dressed up as goblins jump out from behind some cardboard trees, wielding cardboard knives) Goblin 1: Geeeve us all yer mooney, tall man! Goblin 2: And the hippity-hoppity flippity-floppity bunny wunny! (goblins 1 and 3 look at goblin 2) Goblin 2: Whaaat?? Me hungry! (all three goblins grin evilly and nod a couple times and advance on Stick and Mr.Bunny) Stick: Stand ho, varlets! Thoust may not take mine bunny! Stand, or perish! Impresario: Heroes like to talk funny... they think it impresses people. (the goblins lunge at Stick and Mr.Bunny, daggers forward, since they're not really sure what Stick is saying. Stick shrugs and swings his BPS at goblin 1 from above. Although he doesn't ACTUALLY hit him, he goes down -it's just theatre remember... he's not going to hit little kids... unless they tick him off- he then halts the downwards swing and turns it sideways, taking out goblin 2. Mr.Bunny seemed to be concentrating on something. Since the theatre has a low budget and next to no special-effects, someone offstage throws a carrot at goblin 3, taking him out. Stick and Mr.Bunny jump up and down, then loot the goblin's corpses, and continue down the path. Curtain falls) ~Intermission~ Various mages are wandering about the theatre, some leaving, some sleeping, others returning from the lobby with various snacks. A few others are sporting BigPointyStick/Mr.Bunny paranaphelia (©2001 all rights reserved, BigPointyStick and Mr.Bunny are registered trademarks of TAP Productions, ltd.) such as giant foam BPS's and Mr.Bunny ears. A few minutes later, the Impresario returns to the stage, the curtains still drawn shut. Impresario: Ahem. Audience doesn't pay attention Impresario, coughing loudly: ~A-HEM!~ Audience still isn't paying attention Impresario, yelling this time, his face red and large veins popping up on his forehead: LISTEN UP PEOPLE!!! Audience ignores impresario yet again, impresario falls over backwards after giving out a stressed yell. Audience now looks to stage, and seeing the impresario fallen over, laughs. Impresario now has audience's attention. He stands up, dusting himself off. Impresario, muttering out of range of the mic: About damn time... (into the mic now): Alright, welcome back everyone. When we left our brave hero and his ever-loyal sidekick, they were walking to the market. I think they'd be there about now, so let's have a peek, shall we? (curtain rises, Stick and Mr.Bunny are standing on an empty stage, eating some snacks.) Impresario, red face and veins returning: PROPS!!! (the stage crew quickly rushes in and sets up a cardboard market scene. A few more of the crew run by Stick and Mr.Bunny, plucking their snacks away from their lips.) Impresario, after glaring quite evilly at Stick and Mr.Bunny: Yes, heroes must go the market frequently. They have to gather supplies and information, and make repairs on their equipment a lot of the time. Standard supplies for a hero include changes of clothes and beef jerky. That's usually about it. Oh yea, and sometimes they buy new weapons and armour if they can find anything better. Of course, the marketplace, next to the tavern, is the prime place for information-gathering. It is one of the places where heroes usually get their quests. Let's see if they'll get one today, shall we? (Stick and Mr.Bunny walk around the cardboard market looking at cardboard goods. Stick picks up a few cardboard apples and a few cardboard carrots for Mr.Bunny.) Stick: Well, there doesn't seem to be much happenning today. Maybe we can head over to the- (a woman's scream) Stick: Alright, a damsel in distress! Impresario: A common thing in an adventurer's life is the damsel in distress. In a lot of cases there is ALWAYS some sort of damsel in distress. For some reason, this damsel just HAS to be some sort of beautiful princess... no no no, the heroes never rescue the ugly damsels... it's a shame really... Stick: Are you done? Impresario: Uh yea, I think so... carry on. ~sniff~ Stick (under his breath): That guy's got problems... (speaking normally again): Fear not! I'll save you!!! Impresario: Heroes always have to be brave, or else they're not really heroes. Just someone trying to be a hero. Stick: Come on Mr.Bunny, we have a damsel to save! Mr.Bunny: ... (Stick and Mr.Bunny run in the direction of the scream... well, actually, some prop guys come and remove the cardboard market and set up a road-type of scene while Stick and Mr.Bunny run in place. Enter grimy looking thugs wielding cardboard shortswords) Impresario: The heroes often have to fight lots of thugs, aka goons, aka cronies, et cetera. They're the first line of fodder for the standard evil villain. Stick: Alright uglies, where's the chick? Thug 1, laughing: You'll never get her! The master will have her soon! Mwuhaha!!! Impresario: Evil villains can't find dates, so they have to resort to kidnapping damsels. Stick: Grrrr... Thug 2: Alright tall boy, yer goin' down. (Start combat. Stick takes out the cardboard BPS and brings it down on thug 1's head, bringing him down. Thug 2 lunges in at Stick with his cardboard sword. Stick spins to the side and jabs the thug in the side.) Impresario: We would have had one of those bladder things filled with blood, but noooo... errr... I mean, watch as the hero defeats his foes! (The thug drops to the ground, holding his side.) Impresario: The hero is always a nice guy and shows his enemies mercy all the time... hey! (Stick is beating thug 2 over the head repeatedly with the cardboard BPS) Impresario: I said the hero always shows his enemies mercy!!! Stick: Oh, whoops, sorry... uhhh... line? Impresario: You're supposed to ask him where they're keeping the damsel. Stick: Oh yea, thanks impy... Impresario: This... this is what I have to work with... Stick, holding the BPS to thug 2's throat: Where are you keeping the damsel? Thug 2: I won't tell! Stick: Oh, ok, sorry to bother you. Impresario: That's not how it goes. Stick: Whoops... oh yea... TELL ME!!! Thug 2: Waah! Don't yell! They're holding her at... THE CASTLE OF DOOM!!!! ominous music is played by the theatre orchestra, i.e. a squad of hobos with jugs, kazoos and a harmonica or two. Stick: Oh no, not the castle of doom!!! (Stick drops the BPS and thug 2 runs off stage left.) Stick: We better go home and plan! ~Intermission~ Impresario: now, when damsels are in distress, they are usually kept in some sort of scary tower with REALLY high towers. Because of the high towers, the people who live in the castle are REALLY good at running up and down stairs, and probably have a pretty good stamina. Whatever you do, DO NOT challenge an evil villain to a stair-race or you WILL lose. ~Ahem~ When we last left our heroes, they were going home to make their plans. They did that, and are now approaching the castle. Let's join them, shall we? (Curtain rises. Stick and Mr.Bunny are approaching a large cardboard castle. Enter Toilet Duck with green papier mache attached to various locations about himself and the toilet tank.) Impresario: Oh no! A dragon! Stick: Oh no! A dragon! Mr.Bunny: ... (Voice off stage): Rawr! Look at mee!!! I'm a big scary draaagon! Fear me!! Rowrrr!!! Impresario: Watch out for it's fiery breath! (Toilet Duck takes out and activates a lighter. Audience laughs) Impresario: I REALLY wish we had better- (Impresario is interrupted by a sand bag falling on his head. Audience cheers... standing ovation. Stick and Toilet Duck-Dragon engage in battle. Stick rolls around as if dodging it's flame breath. Mr.Bunny jumps back, preparing a spell. Moments later a bucket of baby carrots is dumped from above the stage, but they bounce of the mighty dragon-hide. Stick rolls around a bit more, but finally manages to make a fatal blow.) Stick: On to the castle! Mr.Bunny: ... Impresario: ~out cold~ ~Intermission~ After the curtain falls, a grungy looking person (hard to tell whether it's male or female) wearing what looks like a paper hat with a badly drawn red cross on it waddles on to the stage and dumps a bucket of ice on the Impresario, shrugs and walks of stage. Unfortunately, the Impresario is still unconscious. The audience is cheering like crazy. But the show still can't start without the impresario... but what's this? The curtain is rising! The audience cheers louder, and the show resumes... (Enter Stick and Mr.Bunny. They are surrounded by cardboard walls {except in front of the audience, of course.} painted to look like brick. On the far wall in front of the pair there seems to be a door painted on. There is a small amount of light coming from stagehands holding lighters through holes in the wall.) Stick: Hm, to a normal man, this place might seem scary... Mr.Bunny: ... Stick: I am not! Mr.Bunny: ... Stick: NOT!!! Mr.Bunny: ... Stick, fuming: ...we have a damsel to save, let's get moving! Mr.Bunny: ... Stick: Quiet, you! I hear someone coming. (Enter Rocoss wearing a black hockey helmet, some black shoulder pads. He is carrying a large cardboard sword.) Rocoss: I am the evil black knight of the tower of DOoooOM!!! Fear me! FEAR ME!!! (under his breath): Who writes this crap... oh, that's right... (looks out the computer monitor, shaking his head) Stick: Uh, what are you looking at? Rocoss: That guy, at the other end... err.. never mind.... FEAR ME!!! Stick: I shall vanquish thee, villain! Prepare to meet thine maker!!! Mr.Bunny: ... (Stick and Rocoss/Black Knight engage in combat. They go back and forth trading blows. Eventually, Stick proves to be more nimble and lunges in, "stabbing" Rocoss in the gut. He falls to the ground, holding his stomach.) Rocoss: No, it can't be! Suddenly, the impresario comes to. He looks around, scratches his head. He looks to the stage, and recognizes the scene. Impresario: Yes, when the evil villains die, they must always have a dramatic death scene, after they deny the fact that it's actually happenning. Rocoss: I was the greatest warrior in the land! No one has ever defeated me before! Nooooo!!! Stick: Where's the damsel!? Rocoss: You'll never get her! Stick: Aw, come on man, you're dying... do me a favour here... what's the worst that could happen to you for yelling, you're already dead, right? Rocoss: Oh, I guess that makes sense. Well, you just turn left at the end of the hall and go up the stairs. In the room past the door at the top my master will be waiting. Be careful, he's a very powerful magician. But since you're the hero you should be able- Impresario: Don't ruin the ending! I'll talk about that later! Rocoss: Oh, ok. ~dies~ Stick: On to the damsel!!! (Stick and Mr.Bunny rush off left stage. One of the stage hands drop a lighter, setting one of the walls on fire. Audience laughs. Stagehand runs around the stage screaming in pain, as his hand is caught in the 'wall' which is rapidly catching on fire. Audience falls out of their seats laughing and wiping tears from their eyes.) ~Intermission~ Impresario: Well, our heroes are just about finished their journey. They defeated a dragon, and the evil black knight. Let's join them as they climb the last few stairs. (Curtain rises. Stick and Mr.Bunny are standing on a small staircase next to a raised section of stage. The raised section has walls around it and a doorway in front of the stage.) Stick, wiping his forehead: Whew, those were a lot of stairs. How does this guy move around here? Mr.Bunny: ... Stick: Well, our quest is almost over, let's go kick some mage a**!!! Mr.Bunny: ... Stick: ...I know, but he's a bad mage... you're a good mage, remember. Mr.Bunny: ... Stick: Alright, let's go! (Stick kicks open the cardboard door. Some stagehands remove the front walls so the audience can see. Fog covers the floor. Sliver, playing the evil mage is sitting on a poorly made wooden throne. He is wearing a black blanket and a baseball hat painted to look like a skull. He has a slightly black golf club with some sort of melted substance on the head that resembles a staff. He stands up.) Impresario: Evil mages are usually pretty old. It's amazing how they can do all that stair-running. For some reason, a lot of them like to wear skulls. I think it makes them feel cool, like they're in a biker gang or something. Who knows. Another thing they like to do for some reason is surround themselves with fog. No one knows why they do this, not even the villains themselves. Sliver: I am the great and powerful Otheametriaxiousisosesus! Who dares defile my sacred... uhh... chamber thingy!!!) Stick: It is I, BigPointyStick, the big pointy one, slayer of stuff, protector of things, companion to Mr.Bunny (Mr.Bunny nods) and all around slightly nice guy! Sliver: Well Mr.PointyStick, prepare to be dulled! Impresario: I'm trying to figure out who gets the worse lines here... heroes or villains. At least the minor characters don't have to say much. Oh, the mic is on... whoops... Impresario turns the mic off. Audience can see him talking about something, although they're not sure what. (Sliver {as if I'm going to type his stage name again} starts chanting evilly. Stick rushes in at him but falls down. Mr.Bunny starts chanting as well.) Sliver: Mwuhahahaha!!! You hit my invisible barrier! You fool! Stick: How am I a fool? It was INVISIBLE!!?! Sliver: Oh, sorry about that... nevermind. Still buds? Stick: Uh, I'm here to kill you. Sliver: Huh? Oh yea, right... that whole damsel thing. ...DIE!!! (Sliver shakes his staff at Stick) Sliver: BONE STORM!!! (a mess of chicken bones falls from above stage. It misses Stick entirely, except for a bucket that slips and lands on his head. Stick hurredly makes some eyeholes, in stead of removing the bucket.) Impresario: ... Impresario scratches his head. Then he thinks for a minute. He tries speaking into the mic again, but no avail. Suddenly he realises he still has it turned off, and quickly fixes it. Impresario: Uh, you're supposed to be hit by the bones there. Stick: Oh, right... we should have rehearsed this more... ~ahem~ OOF! Sliver: Mwuhahaha!!! I have defeated the BigPointyStick!!! I am invincible!!! oh... oh no!!! Impresario: As soon as someone says 'I am invincible' their fate is sealed. The gods do not like anyone else even claiming to be invincible. They give the person who says it a 'death sentence' so to speak. Mr.Bunny: ... (A giant styrofoam carrot falls from above stage, and hits Sliver on the head. Sliver falls to the ground. Mr.Bunny hurredly hops over to Stick.) Mr.Bunny: ... Stick: Not really, just my pride. Mr.Bunny: ... Stick: Yea, I saw that. Good job little buddy. Now lets go get that damsel. (Stick stands up, limping a little. Sliver suddenly moves again and lunges for the companions. Mr.Bunny hops to the side, but Stick stays in one spot and brings out the cardboard BPS. He whacks Sliver over the back with it. Sliver falls to the stage, face first. Stick kicks him over to his back, and holds the CBPS to Sliver's throat.) Sliver: P-p-please don't kill me!!! Stick: Of course I won't kill you. I'm a good guy. Good guys never kill their enemies. We're just going to argue for a while, then I'm going to let you run away in shame. Sliver: Oh. Right, forgot about that too. Uh, can we skip the arguing part? I have dinner with my parents in about 20 minutes, and I have to go in a hurry. Stick: Umm... ok... but don't do this again! Sliver, getting up and running away: Oh, don't worry... I won't... meheeheheheh mwuhahahaha (runs into the wall) Ouch. (limps off stage) Curtain falls Impresario: Well, there you have it folks. The heroes have disposed of the villain. After they accomplished the near-impossible feat, they slowly rescued the damsel- there was a lot of stairs to her tower. Those evil villains, what rascals! Like in all adventures, our heroes found out that the damsel was actually a princess of some wealthy kingdom. For her rescue, she payed the heroes a handsome pile of gold, that the heroes added to a large mountain growing at their home. After that, our heroes went out on the town, having some fun and perusing the taverns, hoping to find a nice-looking barmaid, mayhap? From there, it's home again, to sleep, and to wait for another day... ~The End~ Audience applauds? BigPointyStick ----------------- Wielder of the BPS Companion of Mr.Bunny Hopefully new Pen Member ^.^
  19. Well, that says it... excellent. Love the response ^.^ My e-mail is atma_sliver@yahoo.com. I look forward to working with everyone here... *semi-evil grin plays at Stick's face* And yes, I WILL be finishing this, just not right now... expect during the week, when I'm on more ^.^
  20. Sounds good to me... let's hope my stuff works this time... BigPointyStick ----------------- Wielder of the BPS Companion of Mr.Bunny Hopefully new Pen Member ^.^ Edited by: The Big Pointy One at: 2/23/02 5:57:30 pm
  21. Just wondering if that's enough for my application? I have more to write, just not exactly right now. Oh yeah, and hopefully my siggy dealy will help too. Upon further inspection, it appears as if that I'll have to wait until AFTER I'm accepted (assuming I do) to display my siggy dealy. nuts. Edited by: The Big Pointy One at: 2/21/02 10:07:40 pm
  22. OOC: This will be the first part of my application. I will probably have at least one more, depending on how long it takes me to finish, obviously ^.^ ~And now, the story~ Beginnings, Volume I: Sliver Enter Lasorte, a small village of a few hundred people. A village smuggled between the emerald forests of Leiv'at and the gentle mountain range called the Greyspine. Lasorte was a tiny merchant's community within the small country of Estal. Estal border's ran along the Greyspine to the west, the mighty Derso river to the north and northeast, The Plains of Kasha to the east, and Leiv'at forest to the south. Aside from Lasorte, Estal had very few towns. There was Gervad, the capitol city; Green Ledge, a farming community nestled in the foothills of Greyspine; Anduat, another farming city in the central flatlands region of Estal; and finally, Sandtower, a simple town on the eastern border of Estal. As noted, this story begins in Lasorte. Not a whole lot usually happened in Lasorte. It's popularity as a merchant town was beginning to dwindle, while Anduat and Gervad where increasing in trades, leaving Lasorte to itself. Of course, the Elves from Leiv'at still came up to deal with the small community, even though there wasn't much either had to offer each other. Most of the people within Lasorte where pensioners from foreign armies or retired farmers. There were a sparse handful of yonger people who moved for the sights. Everyone enjoyed life in town, it was simple and pleasant. Unfortunately, it was also usually quite dull. That's why a birth was a reason for a celebration. Whenever a couple had a baby, the town put on quite a festival for the parents to be. There was food, dancing, singing, and all the merry-making the townsfolk could handle. Today such a festival was being held. It was night time, and everyone was enjoying themselves under the pleasant air, and the beautiful night sky. A couple, both 25 years of age had just given birth to a boy. He seemed healthy, not too small, and not too large. From what it seemed, his hair would grow in brown. His eyes were a pale blue. Someone shouted from the crowd. "What will you name him?" The mother, Annadi ta Seradin answered, "We think he shall be called Aidan." Her husband, Stal, added, "After Annadi's great grandfather... he was a great and wise warrior. We thought it be fitting for our young son." Someone else from the crowd yelled out a cheer, and the merry-making resumed into the late hours of the night... ~10 Years later~ As expected, Aidan grew up to be a healthy young boy. He had much interest in the forests south of town, and spent much of his time there. He was always climbing in and out of trees, making traps, gathering various fruits and herbs, and just about anything else one could do in the woods. By the time he was seven, he could catch small game without any difficulty. By eight, he was able to use a small bow, made especially for him. It was on a rainy day that young Aidan sat inside his home, staring towards the afforementioned woods, a slightly depressed look on his face. His mother looked at him, smiled then walked up behind him. She patted him on the head. "Come now, stay away from the window. There's plenty of things you can do inside. Why don't you read one of your father's books?" "Aww, but mom, I've read all of them already." Aidan turned away from the living room window and towards a bookshelf above their modest hearth. Four books sat in between a pair of potted plants. Lasorte didn't get very many books, they were usually all bought by the time the merchants made it to Gervad. "How about your toys?" Annadi motioned towards a ramshackle collection of miniature soldiers. Aidan shrugged. "I wanna play outside." he put on a pout. "Well, you can't play outside, it's raining, we don't need you to get sick." "But dad's outside, how come I can't go with him?" "Dad has business, and he can't take you along. Besides, don't you like keeping me company? You don't want to make your old mom cry, do you?" "No mom, I don't." Suddenly the door flew open. Aidan's father walked in. He had a grim look on his face. "Aidan, go to your room." "But da-" "Go. Now. I need to talk to your mother, alone." "But-" "GO!" "Fine, I'm going." Aidan slumped from his chair and slouched to his bedroom. He shut the door, then opened it again just a bit, to watch what his parents had to say. Stal removed his travel cloak and cap and shook off some of his water. Annadi brought him a warm cup of tea, and they moved next to the fireplace. Annadi was first to speak. "Word from the elves?" "Yes." "Something wrong, I take it?" "Quite wrong. It appears as something has made a planar rip in the woods somewhere. The elves are unsure, but they are keeping their eyes open." "Is there more?" "Yes. Half a dozen scouts disappeared mysteriously, without a trace. No doubt it has something to do with the rip. The Elder suggests demons." "Dear me... what can we do..." "I can fight... you, you can take Aidan and get out of here." "No. I'm not letting you fight whatever's out there alone, I will remain by your side, no matter what." "Don't be a fool, it is not worth it. Whatever happens, we will be together always. If you can have your life, take it. I will worry about mine." The couple embraced, sharing a few tears then went off to bed. Aidan quickly jumped into his bed, but not before grabbing his bow from where it was propped in the corner of his room. He wasn't going to let anything happen to his dad, not without a fight. ~ Edited by: The Big Pointy One at: 2/20/02 10:48:27 pm
  23. Hello, hello... for those here who know me, I have finally decided to attempt to join your glorious ranks. For those who don't, the same thing, and nice to meet you all, which I'm sure I'll do over time. I'm currently working on my application, although it may be a bit long. If those reading want to read it in sections, I could do that, but then I don't know when I'd finish Regardless, expect something soon; I'm working on it ^.^ Hope to see everyone much more, Edited by: The Big Pointy One at: 2/20/02 9:14:40 pm
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