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  1. Quick comments, 'cause the ole' brain isn't what it used to be... Simpsons- Just an overly long episode of the show, nothing' special. Funny, but not great. Superbad- Funny, but doesn't live up to the hype. Oh, well, that's it... or is it? Nope! I just remembered I picked up some DVDs of some classics... Revenge of the Nerds- If you call yourself a nerd, and haven't seen this movie... pick it up! You owe it to yourself. It's classic 80's movie comedy (a bit formulaic, but it's an 80's movie, so...) Evil Dead, Evil Dead II... Ah, the non-zombie zombie movie classics. It's hard to choose between the trying to be serious Evil Dead and trying to be slightly funny, but still kinda serious Evil Dead II... I think I like the first one better. They both have cheesy special effects, and well, they're both just awesome. High recommendations for fans of the zombie (or near/non-zombie) genre who haven't seen these yet. Good Will Hunting- One of my faves. What can I say? As if having about half the soundtrack Elliott Smith songs isn't good enough... "Do you like apples? Yeah? Well I got her number! How do you like *those* apples?!" 'nuff said.
  2. Have you seen Excel Saga Wyv? It's definitely my favourite series. It parodies a lot of other animes, and is just off-the-wall insane. It really fits my sense of humour, anyways. Definite recommendation for anyone who likes wacky type stuff, or just anyone who wants to watch some anime.
  3. Last night I saw 28 Weeks Later, and overall, I think I enjoyed it. I think it met all the requirements for a zombie movie, which was cool. Instead of in the first one where it was like "Hey, where'd all these zombies come from?" it was more like "Uh oh, zombies... what should I do about it?" The only thing I didn't really like was the ineptitude of the soldiers. Their preparation for outbreak was lacking at best. (I'll put details in a spoiler box) Anyways, I still enjoyed the movie, and I'll give 3 out of 5 zombies. Not bad, not great, but something I'd probably recommend seeing. Oh, I also really liked the music they had in the movie. They repeatedly used the same song/fragment a few times, but it was still really good. It was somewhere between The Gathering (great band) and the score from the Metroid: Prime video games. Seriously.
  4. Wow, it's finally coming together, is it? Glad to see ^.^ I can't wait to see what makes the cut, as well as the developments with your project are.
  5. "Zombie!? That fiend! I'll handle this!" Stick shouts as he twirls the BPS in his right hand, then launches himself at the hapless unfellow, and attempts to lay the smackdown. OOC: Wow, shortest post evar. Really uncreative at the moment, sorry. Plus, didn't want to take too much liberty... and gore...
  6. That's an awesome cover, Wyv. I think Mr.Bunny said something about wanting to use you for his book cover...
  7. I don't want to even attempt to start a heated debate about Spider-man 3, but it's important to remember that is made so people of all ages can enjoy it without it being some cinematic masterpiece. 'emo-parker' was kinda lame, but it was funny in its own way. I thought the dance scene was awesome. Really a throw-back to silly stuff out of old-school movies. You don't have to go into this movie with your thinking cap on... just with a bag of popcorn and your favourite refreshment and sit down and enjoy it. (To summarize, don't be so hard on it!!!)
  8. Eyeing the mysterious portal warily, Stick pokes it a few times. Discovering that like the other people (and not-so people) before him, part of his finger seemed to disappear. It felt tingly; not necessarily in a good way, but not necessarily in a bad way either. Shrugging, he took a few large steps backwards, until he was about a good fifteen feet away. Shouting a hearty "Look out below!" he charged at the portal, then jumped into a dropkick just before entering. Dizzily, he flew through and shot out over everyone else. Sailing through the air, he landed gracefully sprung to his feet following a short roll. "That was fun, I think. Where are we now?" he asked, eyeing the new surroundings cautiously.
  9. Heh, for bachelor chow, some of that stuff seems kinda complicated. I live fairly humbly myself. I live off my frying pan, a pot, a toaster oven and a George Foreman grill. (I highly recommend you get one if you like to BBQ, but live in an apartment, sans balcony, etc.) Well, I have a couple pots, but anyways. Here's a few quick things I usually make. Pasta and tomato juice: (I usually use macaroni or spaghetti) The easiest food ever. Also, probably one of the cheapest. If I'm using macaroni, I grab enough to fill a medium-sized bowl, so about 3-4 handfuls. Spaghetti's a little harder to gauge, but usually a fistfull will do. Boil the noodles, then strain and put back in pot on low temp. while adding in tomato juice. I usually buy individual cans; one can is enough for one bowl for me. Heat for another couple minutes until tomato juice is hot, then serve. I usually add a lot of salt and pepper for flavour. Also, a decent poor man's mac and cheese can be made using cheeze whiz and butter. Sometimes (rarely) I'll even just put on a little bit of butter and salt and pepper in place of tomato juice. Even easier is cheesetoast. I recently discovered the awesomeness of this sidedish, and I don't think I need to explain it, but basically I butter a slice of bread, cover it with my favourite cheese (shredded) and pop it in the toaster oven. Pure awesome. Other than that, for people on a budget, I highly recommend fast-fry porkchops, and if you can spring the extra couple bucks, steaks. For chops, I'll usually add a few spices (seasoning salt, pepper) and soy sauce. For steaks, I usually stick 'em in a zip-loc bag for marinading with bbq sauce, soy sauce, syrup or honey, and a bit of rye if I have some lying around. Marinades are cool 'cause you can just mix random stuff together and see what happens. Finally, I recommend salmon steaks for the fish fans out there. They're usually pretty cheap, and easy to make. I wrap 'em in tin foil with various spices, butter and lemon slices and stick 'em in the oven for a while. Pretty tasty.
  10. (OOC: Seems fine, Disco-neck Ted, although if you're implying what I think you are... Sliver is already besotted with someone, and tends to forget to realise that there are other females in the world... anyways...) Sliver nodded briefly and dug into his coin pouch, "Well miss, right now we don't really have a reason to leave you behind." pulling out a few fat coins at random he adds, "But if you'd like a token of trust, perhaps some gold would do? Of course, I could simply go with you. I am fairly good at hiding my tracks as well, you know." The last part he said as he looked back at Lorias. Iverron grunted briefly. "Surely the gold will not be necessary, ranger. Miss... Kaito, was it? I give you my solemn word of a Ferausian knight, under service of his royal magesty King Ayldon, that we shall not abandon you. We will wait at the point Lorias described, and not leave until you return." He nodded, as if that was satisfactory, then added, "Of course, having someone with a horse to make false tracks wouldn't be such a bad idea. That, and having someone who can watch over you in case you're spotted..."
  11. Looking between what appeared to be a snake-man, and some sort of elven-looking woman with wings, Iverron cracked his knuckles as he thought. Then he shrugged and addressed them both. "I believe the journey I'm on will need as many hands that are willing to help. Regardless of who... or what... you are, you are both welcome to help. But we have spent too much time standing around in this village, so I suggest we depart now. If anyone has anything left in the village, I will be waiting on the road south of town..." Sliver interrupted briefly, "Actually, I know of a good place to camp north, good sir knight." Eyeing Sliver carefully, Iverron nodded, "Very well, north it is. Try to hurry so we can let these people get back to their lives." Surveying the village, he couldn't help but notice more than one pair of eyes looking at the group from behind a fence, or mostly closed curtains. These people would be safe, for now... but how long would they live in fear? This was something he would have to remedy in the future. OOC: Looks like I'll take over Iverron's reigns for now. (Don't worry, I can do that.)
  12. Stick lets out a friendly laugh as he hears 'William's costume ripping. Grinning, he drops the purse back into his outstretched... claws? Hands? Whatever they are. "Alright there Wy-Mr.Pompousissy, I'm sorry. Here's your precious geld." Stick says with a wink at the end, "As for your robe..." he digs into his pocket and after a minute of digging around pulls out a roll of shiny duct tape. "I'm not so good with thread and needle, but I think this'll do, in a pinch... unless anyone else can help our new good friend out?" He pauses for a moment, "Oh goodness, I've been pretty rude so far... one of those days I guess..." laughing a bit and shaking his head, he offers his hand towards Loki in greeting and makes hasty introductions. Still not to sure what to do with the floating Pen, he just smiles and nods in its direction. Reaching into his pocket with his other hand again, Stick pulls out a cherry dryad flavoured lolipop and hands it to Minta. "Yup, I think this should be pretty fun indeed."
  13. "Immobile, eh?" Stick glances over the other gathered party members, then shrugs. "So I suppose you wouldn't be able to stop me if I did... this!" he exclaims as he reaches down to visibly shake Wyv... William fairly hard. Hearing the tell-tale jingle-jangle of coins, he roughly searches the large 'man' for his geld purse. Snatching it up, he adds "I suppose you'll need help carrying it, at least." Bouncing it in his hand a couple times, he attaches it to his belt, grinning wide.
  14. Stick blinks a few times, then shrugs. Looking around, he nods and smiles at Minta, whom he is already familiar with. He doesn't really notice to floating pen right away, but when he does, he pokes it a few times, not sure what to do about it. Shrugging, he scratches the back of his head with one hand, and offers the other hand towards Loki. "Hi, I'm Dierden, but most people just call me Stick. Uhh, how are you?" Stick shrugs again. OOC: Sorry about the blatant OOC post previously without saying it was OOC etc...
  15. Alright, so I'll describe Stick as an anime character, and I *have* located my Dominion Tank Police book, which uses the same system as BESM. Basically, Stick is the wacky, tenacious, slightly dumb warrior type. He normally uses his BigPointyStick (which is like a wooden staff, which is sharpened to points at either end, but is also malleable if Stick wishes it to be so) as his main weapon. He can also pull random objects of any size out of his pockets (such as The Mighty Couch, which he looks after for safekeeping from time to time) and is capable of eating *ANYTHING* in a single bite. But only when he's hungry. He is tall, skinny, has short and usually messy brown hair. He tends to wear monk like clothing, usually loose fitting pants and an open vest. Normally he is accompanied by Mr.Bunny, but for the purposes of this story, not this time. I'll create the actual stats... would you prefer me to PM them to you?
  16. Last night I went out to our cheap theatre (second run) and saw Ghostrider. I'm not a huge Ghostrider fan, but I am a Marvel fan, so I was kinda looking forward to it (I'm a also a fan of Nic Cage). I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of this movie from the previews, and I was correct in doing so. It had lots of cool moments (the fight scenes, really) But it was also kinda disappointing in others. I think they could have stretched their budget better to make the villains seem like actual Ghostrider villains, which woulda been pretty cool. Also disappointing was the romance (I believe it was Eva Mendes?) ...it just seemed really awkward and non-sensical. That, and the involvement of 'the caretaker' character ended up being really disappointing.Overall, the movie wasn't a let down, but it didn't really leave me satisfied in the end. I'll give it two big fireballs out of five big fireballs. (I'm going to continue chronologically in descending order) Spider Man 3 Now here's a Marvel movie that actually delivered. I went in, not totally sure what to expect, and not overly excited, but by the end, I was definitely pleased. I thought it was definitely the best in the series. It really focuses (more so than the first one) on Spider Man/Peter Parker's inner turmoils as he deals with various personal issues, as well Spider Man's fame. Other characters face their own demons as well, making it a pretty introspective movie all in all, which I enjoyed. Getting on to the sugar coating, the action was really awesome. Hobgoblin was a little lame, with his flying snowboard, but overall still pretty cool. I really enjoyed the fight scenes, and Thomas Hayden Church was an awesome Sandman. (I'm a big fan of his due to the Specials, which everyone should seek out and purchase... check the discount bin at Wal-Mart...) The only parts I didn't like were when Peter Parker starts feeling different due to various plot events, and makes his hair go emo (that's not an exaggeration or anything either) and the gratuitious shot of the American flag was pretty unnecessary... especially up here in Canada. Anyways, this was easilly the best Spiderman movie out of the three, in my opinion. I highly recommend this movie to everyone, even if they're not big comic book fans. I'll give it four... Spidermans out of five Spidermans? Something like that. Grindhouse Okay, right off the bat, the important thing about Grindhouse is that you can't go in with any other mindset except to expect nothing but ridiculous awesomeness. If you are the person who likes to analyze and pick apart movies, don't bother because this movie is not made for you. However, if you can sit back and enjoy a movie regardless (or because) of how cheesy it is, strap yourself in! Both of the movies contained within were highly enjoyable, but I'm leaning towards Planet Terror, because easily more ridiculous and awesome. I mean, the chick ends up with a machine gun for a leg? How awesome is that? She friggin' uses a missile to hop over this wall, and then later switches from some sorta assault rifle to a chain gun. Sooooo cool! *froths* ~Ahem~ anyways, Deathproof was cool too, although I think it shoulda been the first movie as it moved at a much slower pace. Then again, it had the better ending. From that movie, we (Tam and I) came up with the term 'Kurt Russelled'.... you do not wanna be Kurt Russelled. I have never in my life been to a movie where at the end people got up and cheered. That's how good it was. Please please please, go and see this if you haven't. Again, go in expecting ridiculous awesomeness, and this double-bill WILL deliver! Five awesomes out five awesomes here. I have to go right now, but I'll be back later with more reviews.
  17. ((Ha ha ha... that's a joke, right?)) Sliver grinned sardonically as Drouk swept his eyes over the group of interlopers who had ruined his plans. "None of you were supposed to be here." he accused, scowling. His eyes were spewing hate and dismay mixed together. It was so strong, Sliver was sure he could taste it in the air. The bandit leader circled his horse once, looking for a way out. He was surrounded on all sides. He appeared to be ready to charge past Karinne; no doubt the gruff man thought her weak because he she was a woman. Sliver grinned again. He knew all too well not to underestimate any woman, regardless of size or stature. "Perhaps we were not supposed to be here," Iverron interjected, "but neither are you. I will ask you but this one time to surrender, so that your life may not be totally wasted." "Then what would become of me? Another fool rotting in a cage?" Drouk spat and continued, "No, I'd sooner have death." Snarling, he charged at Karinne, obviously intending to trample her with his horse. The agile looking woman sidestepped quickly and made ready to slice at horse or rider, Sliver wasn't sure; regardless, he would have none of it. Quickly he nocked, drew and fired again in a smooth motion. This time though, he showed the bandit no mercy. His arrow flew home, impaling him through his unprotected neck. Blood sprayed and sputtered as Drouk tumbled forward off of his horse which whinnied and kicked. It was all a little more violent than he preferred, but it was a fitting end to a man such as this. Grimly, the ranger knelt and offered a slight prayer for the bloodshed. When fighting monsters, it was best to try to avoid becoming a monster yourself. Sighing, Sliver stood up and slung his bow over his back. He scanned those had remained to take part in or view the carnage. In a voice loud enough to be heard by all, he said, "Well, I believe introductions would be in order, however I think it would be best for any of us who had business here to wrap it up. I think the people of Kiart would be pleased to take care of things in their own fashion, and moreso would prefer it if we left. I know of a place not far from here where we could set up and camp and talk over a meal, if anyone is interested." Sliver eyed everyone again. He thought about what Drouk had said. "None of you were supposed to be here." It was odd that this odd collection of travellers had all ended up in Kiart. He had learned some time ago that things always seemed to happen for one reason or another. The more coincidental they seemed, the more likely they were part of some intricate pattern, some greater destiny. Was this one of those times? Were the fates conspiring against these travelers? Sliver already knew the answer would only come in time, and right now he wanted somethig to eat.
  18. OOC: Curse you Tam... looks like I'll take care of this riff-raff! But I'll leave it open ended, so MinimondoT can act. Feel free to drive Iverron to victory if you wish. IC: Things weren't looking so well for Drouk. With one of his men down, he had lost his advantage through numbers, as well as his leverage with the hostage. Himself and his two men, versus three men with swords and bows, and a woman, surprisingly. He snarled, "Yarl, Illim, we..." The larger of the bandits began to charge towards Iverron and Drouk shouted, "You fool!" The leader of the bandits was ready to call a retreat, but the damned giant of a man decided today was a good a day as any other for dying. * The mercy of Iverron and Sliver was surprisingly lacking. The knight quickly drew and fired and the large man tumbled from his horse, an arrow jutting out from his chest. Had he been smaller, Sliver would have been certain that the arrowhead would be protruding out the other side. He quickly fired as well, taking the one called Drouk in his sword arm. Maybe he'll surrender, that way. he thought idly as the leader dropped his sword. That left the third, called Illim.
  19. Hahaha... I was totally off topic. I blame the drink.
  20. It had been three months since Sliver had taken time off from adventuring with the Seven to survey the land. Though they were not from Feraus, Sliver and his friends had made friends in the area. One such group of people were the citizens of Kiart. They had had a problem with wolves raiding the outlying farms, moreso than usual; the twins had taken care of that by leading the wolves back to the woods of Pela Shol, the elven homelands which were ripe with game to hunt that would mostly like last for generations. It was early morning when he actually arrived in Kiart, as he had opted to go against convention and travel under starlight. Bandits didn't scare him, and he could deal well enough with bears and wolves on his own if need be. He brought his roan grey, Outlaw, into a leisurely trot as he approached the outer edge of the village. He would head to Goodvine Inn to see about some breakfast, and perhaps a bed for a quick rest. Then, he could speak with the villagers, perhaps spin a few yarns and offer his services to anyone who needed them. However, that opportunity presented itself rather quickly, as he noticed a few rough=looking characters hassling Master Iron, the wise blacksmith. Sighing, he turned his horse between the narrow space between a couple buildings and dismounted. Although he was a good rider, he was better on foot when it came to combat, even against mounted opponents. Quickly but with careful precision he strung his shortbow and nocked a pair of arrows. He overheard the tail end of conversation,"...against a knight of the king.” So, one of Ayldon's men were here. That should even the odds. Though Sliver wasn't too found of Feraus' king, he knew the military prowess of his soldiers was that to be admired. It was said the king himself trained with his men, to emphasize the nation's military power, from the King down to the lowest officer. It was widely known that the Ferausian Knights were some of the fiercest warriors from the western coast to the eastern sands. Sliver smirked; he might actually enjoy this. Clearing his throat loudly, the Ranger stepped out into the open and drew his bow up to his ear and shouted, "Not to mention a protector of the people and a guardian of the land. I suggest you surrender to this king's man, lest you be taken now by the earth and your souls left to embrace nothing but the burning embers of the nearest hell." There was almost a jovial tone to Sliver's threat. Sometimes he really did enjoy situations like these too much.
  21. Stepping up to the bar, Stick discreetely orders Madlib Formula #792 Pink - 'Women's Lib' , because he likes girly drinks sometimes. "Uh, party on, dudes..." 1) [A Vehicle] The Mighty Couch 2) [Verb, Past Tense] Exploded 3) [Plural Noun] Pizzas 4) [Verb, Past Tense] Imploded 5) [Adjective Ending in “-like”] Awesome-like 6) [A Number] 2 7) [Plural Noun] Ninjas [Feature of Said Plural Noun (7)] Shuriken 9) [Article of Clothing] Trenchcoat 10) [Adverb] Hastily 11) [Adjective] Huuuuuuge 12) [A Hair Accessory] Lice 13) [Adjective] Not so huge 14) [Part of Body] Innards 15) [An Artifact] The Mighty Couch's hot fudge dispenser 16) [Noun] a fire 17) [Plural Noun] multiple fires 18) [superlative Adjective (i.e longest, lowest, etc.)] pointiest 19) [Formal Title for a Person] Mademouiselle 20) [Adjective Ending in “-like”] Karate-like
  22. OOC: I have the Dominion Tank Police RPG that uses the same system, and I never really fooled around with it for more than a few times, but count me in! I'll find the book and use it as a reference (as I'm sure it follows the same system.) but until then, count me as your fighter type dude. IC: Lurching through the halls on a late night food slog, Stick stumbles into some paper that looks vaguely edible. After chewing on it briefly, he deicdes it is not actually food and decides to read it. Not really getting the gist of it in his sleepy haze, he attempts to scrawl his name onto it then shambles back from whence he came.
  23. Rushing down the hallway, Stick pants and gasps for as he tries to make it to the courtyard in time. Come on, come on... gotta make it in time... A few more turns, a good straightaway, and finally he makes it. He dashes straight for the fountain, paying little to heed to any sort of obstacles regardless of their sentience. Leaping up, he tackles Wyvern out of the fountain, then raises one hand while he catches his breath. "Wait.... ha... just... ah... a second... ~wheeze~ gotta.. catch.. my.. breath.." He pauses for a moment then stands up straight, "Okay. WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!! I'm here, I'm here! Don't gimme a weenie!" Wyvern rubs his head and stands up, opens his mouth to say something, then stops himself. Rubbing his palms together, he slaps together a scheme and tries again. "Thhhtick, ol' buhhy ol' pal... y'know, you'ah kinna too late to avoie *THAT*. Howefah, I think we can work out thhhome thhhort of jeal... let'tthhh thhhay about.... pive hundeh gelz?" "...what?" Stick questioned Wyv, not really able to make out what he was saying. "I'll get rih of youah weenie foah pive hundeh gelz." "You're gonna do *WHAT* to my weenie?" "I'll get rih of it foah pive hundeh gelz!" "What?" "Five hundeh." "Uh..." "Gelz!!" "Huh?" "PIVE HUNDEH GELZ! PIVE HUNDEH GELZ! NO MOAH WEENIE FOAH FIVE HUNDEH GELZ!!" "What about my weenie?" "!!!!!!" "Oh, I see." "Yeah..." "You have something on your tongue there, let me get that." Wyvern double takes and falls over backwards, frustrated with Stick's blatant... cluelessness. He gets back to his feet to explain to Stick that he'll get rid of his (nonexistent) weenie award for geld but is interrupted by Stick grabbing his tongue. "Let me get rid of this for ya..." he reaches out to grab the garden gnome. "Wai, wai, wai!!!" "This'll only hurt for a sec..." Stick yanks the garden gnome to no avail. "Huh, it's really stuck on there... let's try that again." Tugging a few more times, ignoring Wyvern's pained yelps at each attempt, Stick is disappointed to find that the gnome is immovable. "Wow, did you lick some superglue or something... y'know what, nevermind, I don't wanna know how this got here. It's time for desperation tactic E. Stay still, 'cause if I miss, this is really gonna hurt." In curteous fashion, Stick takes out a napkin and tucks it into his shirt. He does a few quick stretches, and then clenches and undclenches his jaw a few times. "W-w-wai a minuh, wha are you toing?" "Hold still now..." Stick pinches Wyvern's tongue in an attempt to get it to stay still, then reaches in and bites the gnome. In a tremendous gulp, the majority of the gnome disappears of Wyvern's tongue, leaving the outermost layer of it's gnome hat attached to Wyvern's tongue. "Huh, well, that almost worked." Someone from the crowd remarks "Hey, did that guy just open mouth kiss Wyvern?" to a few titters and giggles which Stick ignores. "Now, what was it about my weenie?" Wyvern raises a claw as if to answer, then collapses, the stress of dealing with Stick obviously too much too handle. "What? Do I get one? What's going on here?"
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