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    I like feedback very much. I also like constructive criticism, and I believe in continuous improvement, but my ego is fragile, so please be gentle!
  1. I found this neat toy, and while playing with it, got to thinking. the image below is what happened when I entered in every poem I've written.
  2. I love it! It feels like a song to me. I think it's the repetition.
  3. it's not here. The good news is, I AM doing some writing, and maybe being in the habit will get things flowing in other genres too. a mostly green mama
  4. Signe


    thanks. http://www.themightypen.net/public/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif) it does make writing hard - lots of time to think, but it's hard to write with one hand while holding the baby with the other!
  5. Can't think of an IC way to do this - I'm AFK with a 7 week old baby. Her name is Tabetha Rosalene and she's fantastic. Much <3 for the Pen, but no time! Tabetha Rosalene
  6. *smiles* I'm on IRC most days. we use galaxynet (http://www.galaxynet.org/) and you can find us in #thepen. most of the folks there regularly are people who used to write with us, or occasionally write.
  7. 1. Name of Pennite - Lord Panther 2. Plural Noun - boardgames 3. Adjective - spicy 4. A Shape - round 5. Noun - cat 6. Noun - closet 7. Adverb - oozingly 8. A Profession - astrologist 9. A Material - obsidian 10. Noun - candy 11. Verb, Past Tense - flirted 12. Dining Utensil, Plural - chopsticks 13. Nonsense Word - gurgleschmurtz 14. A Color - violet 15. Adjective - shapely 16. A Plant - venus flytrap 17. Part of Body - left earlobe 18. An Exotic Food - prairie oysters 19. Name of a Group - anti-Olympic protesters 20. Name of Another Pennite - Wrenwind 21. Article of Clothing - bloomers
  8. OOC: heading out to a five year old's birthday party - no time to RP this right now, but Signe would be happy to judge as well.
  9. don't you mean hands down and lunch up? ;o)
  10. I hope you weren't including me in that. ;o)
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