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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Werewolf XV: The Name of the Rose

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And as another innocent leaves the Monestary, Brother Thomas writes of his passage. Not having had a part in this brother's departure, he feels some solace- if only slightly.


Not even bothering to take dinner, Brother Thomas was busily dealing with his work, and writing his thoughts, and of the accounts of this latest of departures.

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Rhys paces throughout the abbey, trodding on the deserted paths. Why wouldn't they listen? Why wouldn't any of them listen?


Rhys looked to the west, where the sun was setting behind the mountains. He fears that this is all too likely the last sunset to fall for one of the residents of the abbey.


For night approaches.


Rhys takes a path back to the Scriptorum, where he turns to the Lord's Holy Word for comfort. As he is turning through the book of Psalms, he sees Psalm 91, versesfive and six, and knows that he can sleep in peace tonight. For what is life on this earth but a passing moment?


You will not fear the terror of night . . . nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness.


Satisfied, Rhys turns to the church, to say prayers for his deceased and departed brothers, and for the souls of those still in the abbey. He then returns to his cell, and immediately falls into heavy sleep.

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Brother Caire approaches Bernard Gui. "Brother, I have something rather important to tell you."


The two Friars disappear into the Abbey where they sit in conference for several hours, stopping at one point only to summon Brother Mathieu to join them. He arrives carrying a large number of pieces of parchment.


Several hours later the Abbot is startled by a knock on his door. Opening it, he finds Bernard Gui flanked on either side by Brothers Caire and Mathieu. In his hands Bernard Gui holds the parchment given to him by Brother Mathieu.


Bernard Gui introduces to the Abbot Brother Caire of the Dominican Special Inquisition and explains that Brother Caire was sent to the Abbey to deal with reports of spreading evil amongst the Friars. It appears that a number of them had taken access to heretical works available in the library of the Abbey.


"I hold in my hands signed confessions from all those who were involved. Their confessions have granted them absolution in this world and their spirits are now in the hands of the Lord." Bernard Gui says.


The Abbot stares in horror as the 'evidence' of his Friar's corruption is layed out before him and Bernard Gui takes pitty on him. "You are not to be held accountable for this corruption Lord Abbot, those who's gaze is fixed so firmly on Heaven can sometimes miss the corruption that is happening around them. The blame is laid with Satan, not you... We will however require that the dangerous knowledge in the library is placed into a cell and walled off so that it can never again spread corruption amongst those who stay to worship here."


With that command given Bernard Gui, Special Inquisitor Caire and Brother Mathieu make their exit from the Abbot's offices and the Abbey. Elsewhere there is heresy to seek out. The InquisitIon's job is not complete yet... In fact, it has just begun.




OOC: (Thanks, Gryphon, for writing the last piece!)

Congratulations to the wolves... please see the OOC thread for details.


The thread is open for last posts from anyone - thoughts/actions from the living, journals/other pieces from the dead. I'll post an epilogue eventually.

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The horse stumbled yet again, nearly throwing Good Bennet off this time. Bennet pulled the mare to a stop and righted himself in the saddle. Taking advantage of this pause, he pulled out the piece of vellum Brother Thibault had helped him make. Only, it wasn't just a piece of vellum anymore. It was a map and a big part of God's Plan. Brother Mathieu said so and Brother Mathieu knew better than anyone what God's Plan was. After all, it was Brother Mathieu who told Bennet why all the people had gone to God. Bennet was sorry that he'd gone into the library, but done was done. Still, he couldn't help but think back to the night before...


He'd been sleeping peacefully when he was woken up by his door opening. The hooded figure who came through seemed surprised that Bennet was awake and paused for a minute. He pulled a hand from his robes, revealing a glass of water. The figure paused again, then deliberately poured the water onto the floor. Bennet could hear him whisper, "I cannot. God help me, I cannot." The figure lowered his hood and stepped to the side of Good Bennet's bed.


"Good Bennet, you have to leave tonight. Hopefully, your disappearance will weigh as heavily on the Abbot as your death would. He must be convinced to block up the heretic works in the library. So, you must leave immediately, without telling anyone." Brother Mathieu paused again, considering. "I'll have to send you to him... As much as I hate him to know I know that sin too... Bennet, how would you like to be with your father?"


Good Bennet's horse whinnied, bringing him out of his reverie. He consulted the map that Brother Mathieu had made for him. If he followed it, he'd reach his father. As he started along the road again, he wondered whether Father Gulzar would be surprised to see him.

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Jechum floats in...


Ah it has been many years... So I will remind you...


Jechum is not here... He is a figment of your imagination... That is both his power and his curse.


Jechum floats out...

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