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  1. Ah, but if it's poor work, it's still better than no work at all. On the whole, it's not bad. I have to admit that I disagree with the topic of your subject, but who am I to criticize an idea?
  2. "...Was that what.. I thought it was?" As Knight surveyed the damage to the lander, he had caught the image of the bouncing children floating through the sky, and commented; when they disappeared, he returned to his surveyance of the pod. "Well, it looks like it will take some extensive repairs to fix this. Perhaps then, gentlemen, we should continue on our merry little way, until we can find what we came for? This is of course, assuming we can even figure out where we are going. I had hoped that there would be some indication as to... direction, but it apppears that there is nothing but mist here. It is odd; I had imagined that we would find... trolls."
  3. ….The World Fragmented… Quite Literally. As the physics involved in warping and rending space around the spherical jump ship tore it asunder, and transplanted it towards another point, a curious occurrence happened. As the ship was making a point to point jump, it should have simply arrived at the designated three dimensional coordinate corresponding to the location of the AVV. But the AVV was not on the same three dimensional ‘plane’. As it began to reassemble where it should have, the magical energies of the barrier and the planes flung its purely energetic form into a chaotic tangle. When it reassembled in the other ‘plane’, it picked up some of the magical energies that had been present at the other side of the jump. Having never been designed to handle magic, the fusion would result in a variety of interesting properties; however, the occupants had no way of knowing what had happened. They were too preoccupied with… other matters. For inside of the pod, what should have been a very simple and very quick process resulted in quite a bumpy ride for those inside. Even strapped in, they were tossed and thrown about, bashing into objects, as showers of sparks and other things flew through the jump ship. Arcs of electrical, and magical energies crackled through the field of vision, and a phenomenon very reminiscent of an aurora appeared to haze its way through the ship. For what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was actually negative time, they were subjected to the extra stresses and forces of being slingshot across an additional few dimensions. Finally arriving on the alternate plane of being, the Jump pod came to a shuddering, thudding, tumultuous stop. The pod seemingly rolled over twice, and finally the landing feet locked down, clamping it into place against the ground. The lights inside had cut out, as had the electrical systems. A sudden whirring noise filled the pod as the emergency power system kicked in, feeling the pod with a rather cliché, eerie red glow. After several minutes, Knight spoke up, his hand still rubbing his forehead, where it had very obviously bashed against the control console. Fortunately, it had caused no damage. “Well…. That was not expected. Something has happened, it should not have been like that. Are you all alright then? I have to admit, that was… quite a ride.”
  4. As the three ran on towards the Alliance of Vagabonds and Vanguards, Knight sat analyzed everything he knew about the situation. It was unfortunately little. All he knew was that Sweetcherrie and Gryphon had somehow gotten themselves into an amount of trouble that they could not get themselves out of. This of course, was quite problematic for the rest of the Pen. Two of the more senior members unaccounted for sending out a broad mental distress call was pretty clear. They said Trolls and Spiders… That had to mean a cave of some sort, and they had gone to clean out the old AVV. After some time of running silently through the grounds and the underground passages of the Pen, they came up to the barrier. After a few moments of hesitation, Knight spoke up. “Umm, Gyr… I don’t think we really want to try and go through that thing.” Daryl nods in distinct agreement, the fur on the back of his neck rising as he feels the magical current swirling violently around the barrier. Looking from Gyrfalcon to Daryl, Knight looks back to the barrier. He knows that there has to be a better way, and he quickly discerns that he should head back to his workshop. For there, he feels is the answer to their problems. However, he knows he must talk it over with Daryl and Gyrfalcon first. “Gentlemen… I particularly do not like attempting this… portal? Is that what one might call this? It feels too chaotic to me. Unstable, if you will. However, I think I have a better solution. Back at my workshop, in the tower, is a … vessel, if you will. It is capable of teleporting from point to point, within a plane, and also from plane to plane. However, we do not know where Sweetcherrie and Gryphon are at, so I think it MIGHT be possible to teleport within the AVV. Once inside, and past this barrier, we can figure out what course of action they have taken.” Gyrfalcon nodded in agreement. "Sounds like a better plan then anything I can think of. I doubt we have the sheer power to batter through whatever barrier that is, and I'd rather not chance setting off some sort of reaction." “So that’s settled then. Let’s get back to my tower.” With that, they turned, and started back to where they had come from. On the way, they ran into Mira, who had been following after them. Gyrfalcon spoke first, “Hello, Mira. We have just come from the AVV. We decided going straight through the portal probably wasn’t the best idea. Knight has another idea, and we are going to try it.” Quickly following in with his cue, “I have a small… vessel, capable of fitting several people within it. It is theoretically possible to jump into the AVV from it, and we are going to attempt it. It has to be safer than trying to barge our way through the energies emanating from the AVV.” Mira looked at the two of them, and at the Were-fox and chuckled. “So what you are saying is that we are swapping a dangerous route, for another, only possibly less dangerous alternative?” Knight blinked, paused, and finally continued, “Um… More or less. You in?”
  5. In one of the northern spires within the Pen’s walls, a sound of ringing metal and sizzling flame could be heard. The steady beating of a hammer against metal resounded through the spiral staircase leading upwards to the top, and if one were to poke their head through the door, they would see a pair of bright white wings, shielding their possessor from view. As was his habit, he was busily at work, pounding metal into useful tools and items that he and the others around him could use. His hammer arm flexed and fell, flexed and fell, as the soft iron bar that he was presently hammering into a new shape warped into the desired shape. With a start, all of this changed, very quickly. “Urgent message to all pennites!!! *sshsshsh* stranded on an unknown plane *sshshss* Help us!! *sshsshsss* beware *sssshshsh* We- *ZAP* I can’t hold them off much longer, Sweetcherrie!! *shshssssss* The Alliance of Vagabonds and Vanguards needs your help! *sshssshssh* Almost done here, Gryphon! Aaaaarggg…..Trolls!!! I hate trolls, get us out of here!!” “What in the...” Knight set the hammer down and quickly looked around his shop. In the corner, underneath of a non-descript, common white sheet sat a spheroid object. Towards it, he strode, lost in contemplative thought. With a flick of his hand, he pulled the sheet off of the largish object- it was easily big enough to fit several people in it- he smiled quickly. He had managed to salvage what little bit was left of his once proud ship, and it had gone into this- an object vaguely reminiscent of a dropship, only much, much smaller. Quickly though, he forced his thoughts back to the telepathic message he received. Being no stranger to such magic, he began to analyze the situation. Striding over to his desk, he pulled forth a quill and ink from a drawer, and began to scrawl notes, musing to himself out loud. “Two guild leaders are missing, and under attack in a different plane… We do have planewalkers in the Pen, but, from the sound of things, they are going to need as much in the way of help as they can get.” Looking back to the spheroid, he could not help but thinking that if he only knew of what plane they were on, he could get there. After all, had he not managed to bring an entire Destroyer class ship into orbit around the planet? Granted, he had crashed it, but that was due to his calculations being a little more precise than he had figured upon. With a wry grin, he shrugged, and went to one of the two stout looking doors adjoining the workshop, and he pulled it open. Stepping into a small antechamber, Knight ducked his head, and walked into a cloistered room, in which rested his suit of armor, and also a variety of weapons, from a now-defunct class 5 plasma cannon, to a sword in its sheath, set apart on a stand. He proceeded to don the armor, his practiced hands snapping and strapping it into place, its weight feeling good against him. With a few determined strides, he moved over to the cupboards at the back wall of the small armory. Opening one, he withdrew a sword belt, with several snap points for utility pouches, and other useful items. Locking it into place around his waist, Knight grabbed hold of the sword on the stand, reverently and carefully lifting it from its place of honor. With an easy, practiced motion, he locked the blade into place against his right hip. With another step to the side, he withdrew what has often been described as a tower shield, and in his case, likely was. It was nearly tall enough to cover from ankle to shoulder on Knight, and he was bigger than most. Slipping its sling over his shoulder and wings, he adjusted it so that he was comfortable. Now that he had that completed, he left the armory, and went back out into the workshop. Putting the sheet back over the spheroid, he hastened towards the stairs, striding purposefully down towards the common grounds of The Mighty Pen. He was determined to find out what others were doing, and how, if at all possible, he could help.
  6. Ha, funny how that works out....
  7. ...But the Penguin had a tendency to not only shoot evil wizards with heat seeking bananas, he also could do a dance, and a jig, when the rash on his ....
  8. "Oh bugger it.... I kinda like this scarf. I will give ya a swap, Wyvern. My AARKaSL, for your scarf. Deal, eh?" The Almost Draconic one gave a nod, and winked at him. "Yessssssssssss...." The tone of the yes disturbed Knight more than anything. Wyvern was never one for world conquest..... But, the AARKaSL might be an engine for it.... Oh well. Knight shrugged. "Thanks, old friend."
  9. As he stumbled over the edge of the keep on which he'd been sitting, Knight flicked out his wings, and floated down gracefully.. ...smack into the center of the Bachelor Auctions. "Well now. This is about curious." With a massive shrug, the angelic one chuckled. Checking himself over to ensure that his armor was not dirty, and that everything was in order, he looked over the sea of faces. Muttering to himself about odd predicaments, He grinned wryly, and stepped up to the edge of the stage. "So... This would be the bachelor auction, and as you guessed it, I am a bachelor. Does this work like one of those TV shows..?" The crowd looked at him blankly. "...OOoookay... forget it. No TV." Still the blank stares. "Well, alright then. Hi there. For those that don't know me, I am Knight. I am a spiffy Archangel, who has been here, there, and everywhere, all over this plane and a few others. I definitely know a lot of you. You might know me from such endeavours as the Bruteweiser corporation... If you don't, ask Wyvern about it sometime..." Somewhere, the sound of crickets could be heard....
  10. Happy birthday indeed, old friend. May you have very many more....
  11. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.... Wyvern." Knight strode up to the booth, and sat down next to the almost draconic one. "How are ya?" Wyvern looked at him carefully.... Knight had the old gleam in his eye. "Sooooooooo.... Who do you think might want this?" Quickly, he unslung the strange object strapped to his back- It appeared very bazooka-esque, except the foreend- (it had to be the fore-end, the pistol-grip and trigger located about halfway down its six foot length pointed towards it) ended in six, largish barrels, with what appeared a rotating mechanism that allowed the barrels to be fired two at a time... Wyvern looked at him quite frightfully- he had to know what it was. For indeed, it was the legendary, most feared weapon- The AARKaSL. The Automatic Alternating Repeating Kendricke and Scorn Launcher was a weapon created in the ye olde yesteryears of Terra past. It would be more accurate to describe it as a cloning engine- it was powered by technology long lost, and contained a micro-fusion drive, and a spiffy little supercomputer that would make even the most powerful Japanese models envious. And for a good reason.. It had to control the genetic replication of several hundred Kendrickes and Scorns a second, and forced their extremely quick maturation into the adult form of the individuals in question- the two were the complete opposites of one another, and it was said that if they ever actually contacted one another- a resultant matter, anti-matter explosion would take place. Hence the heavy weight, and lead shielding installed around the cloning drive. Knight had used it many times before, and it was fortunate to note that the ammunition never actually fought- they were too... 'intellectual' if you will, but the ensuing babble and psychobabble, and flaming and flamewarring was usually sufficient to drive a target mad. Like all things uber-potent, the Kendrickes and Scorns had an extremely short half-life, and quickly died off, much to the relief of its bearer, and those who were responsible for ammunition clean up. (You think I'd actually try to clean that mess up?)
  12. Indeed! And remind me to pack my Holy Hand Grenade if I should ever go knocking on the Rabbits' doorstep(s).....
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