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Amos Greywind

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  1. WOW!!! my qudos to the kid!!! Amos
  2. It was great, I just finnished a StarCraft craze Amos
  3. I quite enjoyed it, it flows nicely Amos
  4. Choices What makes us who we are? Is it the things we’ve done in times past? Things we will do in the time of future? No, I believe it is the choices we cast. The choice to say yes or no, Or to say nothing at all, The choice to bite ones tongue, And with it take any fall. Choices make us who we are, And who we will become, They guide our path everyday, Until the end does come. Amos Greywind
  5. Wow, I loved the flow of this poem. the mood comes across very well. Thank you for another good poem Amos Greywind
  6. I thought it flowed nicly and it was just all around well written. Yet another good one. Amos
  7. wow... yet another fantastic work, I enjoy the imagery. Amos
  8. wow, that was certainly a great poem!! Encore, encore!
  9. Aversion By Amos Greywind Scorn burns within ones soul, As their eyes darken with vice, They become savage and cruel, They become monster from mice. Their fists ball, soaked with rancor, The gates to hell swing wide and darken the skies, And the blood within their veins doth boil, As they distort, twist, and bend through its lies. From peace they become war, From absolute they become tainted, From generous they become ravenous, So that all that once was pure has fainted. The fiend within the mind, Taints the body and sense, It drives us to derangement, It drives us over the fence. It is detestation, It is malevolence, It is enmity, It is abhorrence. It is… Hatred.
  10. I quite enjoy your poems keep 'em coming
  11. Quite the mood your poem gives me... It is truly quite eerie
  12. wow bravo. I found that quites powerful Amos
  13. The Crimson Tear My tears are ever flowing now, These tears of crimson red, They stain and spoil the ground asunder, Exactly why cannot be said. The fire within my eyes, Now burns down my cheek, Dripping from my chin, Making the future very bleak, The yellow moon is full, My feelings at a potent height, Both good and bad surface, As part of my unholy blight. Never to lose it, It will always be there, When I look within myself, I can but stare. My vision is clouded, With this damned red mist, My future so hidden, Oh how I shake my fist! Though anger only feeds it, And so doth fear, And when I think it’s gone, I feel it… The Crimson Tear. Well there she be, that is one of my favorites and I'm not totaly sure why... Amos Greywind
  14. great poem, it really brings a smile to my face! Amos
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