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Vincent Silver

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  1. Happy B-day Salinye! I glad I stumbled in here soon enough to see this.
  2. Could any mods please lock or delete this thread? I have decided to redo this once more- I forgoten which time this is but it'a gotta be the charm by now.
  3. I also saw Serinity this weekend and I was blown away, this was one of the best (if not the best) film I've seen in theathers in years. The acting was top notch, these actors may not be big Hollywood names but they can act better then most of them anyway- like Finnus said, they loved these characters and played it perfectly. The camera work and special effects were also great. The entire film had zooms and dirty sun-washed look, and the sences in space added one little quirk I loved- just like in the show all the sences in space had no sound (expect for the music)- why? No sound in space, too many sci-fi movies have huge explosions and lazers rining in your ears in the middle of dead space. Lastly, the plot, prehaps just a little hard for those who didn't see the show to get right away but after the film takes off your sucked in regardless if your a fan of the show or not. The plot was all about the characters and less about the action (although theres plenty of it), the entire focus is on how these people feel about what their doinfg not what their doing. All in all an amazing film, of course I may be a bit bias as a Browncoat, but I recomened it to anyone.
  4. I was a little worse off, just got power today and water was about 4 feet away from our porch, if that storm would of been a wee bit closer we would of had it bad. But luckily it didn't and we're quite alright.
  5. *hugs the Ayshela* Long time no see, glad to see your back!
  6. Before Vincent could recieve an answer to his question the world was a sudden swirl of gray, he spuns in place longsword griped tightly but all around him was the dence fog he had seen when he first arrived in this horrible plane. He heard voice from all around him but he stayed grounded to his spot, his hand griping his longsword untill it was numb. He closed his eyes and tryed to let his other sences guide him since his eyes were all but useless in this thick fog, he heard a voice from one direction turned to it and it came from another. With a sigh, which seemed to come from all directions to his ears, he gave up trying to get any grounding in this disorienting fog. "Every stay where you are! Moving will only get you lost!"
  7. "My people are out there fighting!" Vincent roared stumbling to his feet, he barely got to the door before he almost lost his balance, and before Tanny caught his arm. "Don't be foolish Vincent, you almost died out there, you're lucky I found you." Vincent just ingored her breaking her grip and pushing passed the changed Minx, he gripped his sword tightly, "I can't fail my people again!" The words hit him like a brick wall..., he couldn't fail them again because they were already dead. He staggered and fell to his knees, the supernatural rage that once filled his body leaveing him exuasthed, "Wha...what is this place?," he mumbled to himself, then spoke a bit louder, "This looks like my homeland...but it isn't...it can't be it was destroyed long ago," he glanced around at the others gathered there, "What is this place?" Edit: Thanks to Sweetcherrie for pointing out my typos
  8. Consciousness faded in and out for Vincent, one moment the roar of battle, the clanging of swords, the sight of blood slowly trailing down the streets, the walls and building collasping to rubble- the next blackness. He strugled to breath, to think, to surivie. His hand clinged tightly to the acient blade in his right, his left moving slowly searching for something - anything to help him. He traced his hand along the blood soaked cobble-stone streets, diging his nails, kicking his legs, and draging his massive weight of body and armor as much as he could. He inched along like this till he hand found the steps of one of the last standing builings, with a show of strength that nearly caused him to black out again he heaved his-self up into a siting postion and inched into the open doorway away from battle. As much as he wanted to fight the dark foe that haunted his dreams he could do little dead. He began to unbuckle whatever bit of piece of armor he could manage, throwing it to the side with a loud clang that was dwarfed by the raging battle outside the thin walls. Once he had enough access to his wounded flesh he placed his hand gently over it and closed his eyes in prayer. Innaovin's power came slowly and weakly, it was only with great force of will that he could heal the many wounds on his body just a fraction of what they needed to be. He let out a sigh, leaned back aginst one of the walls of the empty house, and prayed- both to Inaovin and that he would surive this day.
  9. Vincent charged into the mass of black-clad men, wave after of of dark engery slaming into his armor. Most of the force was asorbed by the armor's magical propety, the remaining barely slowling Vincent's blind charge. After braving the barrage of dark magics he finnaly met his foe, swinging his longsword with great skill and strength he cleaves through the first man's armor, flesh, and bone leting out a piercing cry of pain. He swords danced through each man's armor and flesh sending sprays of red that stained Vincent's silver and gold armor. He tore throught the ranks, tearing men apart in a blind rage of emotion before the forces began to overwhelm him. He felt swords pierce his body from every side but he kept fighting, he fought and fought untill he could barely stand from the amount of blood he lost, his vision began to fade as he collasped to the ground like he done those many years ago...the last thing he was before he blacked out was the massive castle of Lindson crumbling to the ground.
  10. ~Relationships~ All of Vincent's friends and family were wiped out during the attack on Lindson and he knows very people in the Pen, staying scluded in his room praying for much of his time there. He welcomes converastion and likes to meet new people, but an underlying fear that he'll lose these friends haunts him too.
  11. ~Personality~ Vincent is a kind and caring man, he trys his best to help those he can and follows the strict code of chivalry followed by the knights of Lindson, but his emotions often take hold of him causing him to have moments of flared rage or casuing him to jump blindly into danger. He's a generaly nice person, looking to help all those he can whenever he can.
  12. ~Physical Description~ Vincent is a large well built man, standing about 6'1 and weighing about 220 lb. His hair is black and about sholder length, it's ussaly left to hang free only tied back during battle, his eyes are a dark green. He's body is covered with many scars from previous battles altought there ussaly covered by his armor, if you could see them thought a large poorly healed scar dangerously close to his heart is the most noticeable. He's rather handsome in a rugged sort of way.
  13. Items Vincent carries an ancient silver longsword given to him by him father, the blade has been in the family for generation and is named Silverblade. It contains no powers it's-self besides being masterly crafted, but Vincent's close link with it allows him to focus some devine might into the blade making it extremly devasting aginst evil foes. He wears a suit of full-plate mail armor, silver with gold enterwoven roses tracing the edges. The suit was crafted by a dwarven blacksmith named Barrend Firebrok and enhanced by the Barrends brother. the dwarven wizard Xander Firebrok. The suit of armor pushes away phyiscal attacks to some extent and asorbs a small level of offensive magical engery.
  14. ~Magical Abilities~ Vincent has little in the way of magical abilities, he can do some basic healing with the grace of his god, turn undead, and can also summon his special mount, Judgement, from the Astral Plane. In addition to these basic abilites sometime Innoavin leads his powers and does great things through Vincent, these shows of power only happen in rare and important situations and vary greatly. Examples of this are near god-like strength, the abilty to heal massive amounts of people at once, huge busrts of speed, and much more.
  15. ~Abilities~ Vincent's main strength is just that, his strength. He's been training since he was a small child and devloped an amazing phyiscal strength. He is also highy trained to his weapon of choice, the longsword, he devoted his entire life to the weapon and knows the ends and outs of the weapon. A skilled horseman, he is profiecent in mounted combat. He is also a good speaker and can easily raise a troop's moral with words.
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