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  1. Comin' loose at the seams but stayin' together...

  2. You know, I started playing Archmage when I was living in Bates City. That would have been 1998 maybe...That would mean I met you and Wyv around 99? I started at 25 and here I am at 36 wondering where my inspiration retired too!!! Most days I am really happy to not find another grey hair and find it to be a miracle if the kids did the dishes. How is the family BP? Are you doing well?
  3. This was really 7 years ago? OMG!!! Where has the time gone?
  4. Wow, I had forgotten about this! It is so wonderful to look back and go "oh, Yeah!" that really was me! I miss you all so. I have been out of the writing game for over 3 years now...I am happy with the 2 published poems I have. I just miss the minds behind my muse...as it was you all, most especially BP, Wyvern and Ozy. You all are wonderul and always on the edge of the most amazing dreams I have! Cheyenne, aka: Jini
  5. You may feel that it was written from society's standpoint, however, it was written from my own standpoint while being tweaked out of my mind, contemplating the lengths to which I would go for my next fix. It was a dark, sad time of my life. I am grateful to be done with my mind and family intact. On the upside, I just received word that this poem is to be published.
  6. I was really playing with this one for a long time. The ending still is not "right" I amnot happy with it... You see no soul can this way be stolen Until maggots feed upon the dead. Those were originally the last 2 lines which I really like I just couldn't make it "read". Work in progress. Love the feedback. Thank you BP!
  7. You are correct "as" would flow from the tongue with more smoothness. Puncuation....never my stong point but am willing to work on it. Thanks for the input! You're the best!
  8. *please tell me what you think...everyone!!* I heard a whisper in the hall last night. It was soft, so low, yet crystal clear with meaning. Like usual however I turn away with just a wisp of regret tugging at my heart. (As usual however I turn away with just a wisp of regret tugging at my heart.)??? what do ya'll think? How long had it been I silently wonder? How long ago it seemed since the bright rays of hope shone upon my doorstep let alone my soul. It wa so easy to do nothing. To simply wonder at the lives of others while my own drifted away with the years and the only thing changing was the creases around my eyes. Soon, too soon, the creases would become wrinkles beckoning me ever toward old age and oblivion. It is much like the crashing of an airplane. Once you realize it is going to happen you just sit back, without a fight, and wait to die. Panic welled inside me as my minds eye turned inward to the long cold loneliness of life. Icy cold fingers grasped fleetingly at my heart, threatening to overwhelm me with grief. Until once more, I turn away. Silently accepting the fact that my name won't be recalled or remembered beyond my death except by a grainte slab planted in the ground. Such as is the life of one who exists but fails to live.
  9. *please tell me what you think...everyone!!* Thoughts in transition finding a void to roam steering thru the darkness blindly looking for a home Meth sent them a packin' brainwaves all but broken yet life continues to glide by as I sit here slowly tokin' Stress and worry burn away a grey haze floats thru the air poisonous fumes sucked deep within seeking the lonely to ensnare blackened lungs energize the body transforming a girl to a hoe trading flesh for white rock heaven presenting Hell a brand new soul dreams died that very moment glass dick entered lips of red giving evil this last victory as maggots feed upon her head.
  10. The privilage is all mine my dear Sir! In any case child wants attention. Gotta run. Hate to go.....no....don't want to leave......arghhh.....please no......not again......ayeeeeeeeee.................
  11. I am so looking forward to it as well. Oh and guess what the poem I got published in 2004 is FINALLY in print! I am getting a copy of it by next month and will scan the page and post it here if poss. That isn't violating any laws since I wrote it is it??? Love you all! Missing you more.
  12. And no end in sight. I have several poems to share soon I hope. Missing you all terribly. Hope to be more active (like 3 years ago active) in about 6 months. I am so looking forward to it.
  13. My knight in shining armor once again! What would I ever do without you? Thanks so much. Cheye~
  14. alright now can someone get rid of this weenie collar? I can't say I really enjoy it. Thanks.
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