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  1. Hard call I've seen remakes that were improvements And remakes that were a disaster But in the end I'll go original Venus or Mars ?
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    It's time to awaken Come out and be alive Too long you have been sleeping Now it's time to grow inside So far it's been a war of hope Now prepare to cross the line Knowing that the greatest danger Is right there in your mind Perhaps you tried to hide it But the truth you can't denie You've always had the Power Now Spread You're Wings And FLY Rise on wings of ecstasy Rise into the night Hear your spirit singing As you soar on wings of light Listen to the rhythm Of the singing stars And cry aloud with wonder For the sky once more is Ours So far it's been a war of hope Now prepare to cross the line Knowing that the greatest Power Is the Power of your mind Once we were hunted Once we were afraid But 'tho we had to hide it The Power did not fade In the time of hiding That's when you were made Now you know the secret You need no longer be afraid So far it's been a war of hope Now prepare to cross the line Knowing what you find there Might just Blow Your Mind Rise up all my children And cry aloud your Name Rise up in Full Glory Like a Phoenix from the Flame Rise up in Full Splendor For the world is Ours to Claim Rise up all my children For The World Is Ours AGAIN
  3. *note: this was inspired by "Last of the Giants" which can be found in George R R Martin's Game of Thrones books. Sorry I don't remember which book. Oooooh I am the First of the Giants My people not yet given birth The first of the great mountain giants Who will one day rule all of the Earth The Small Folk we'll drive from our forest And chase from our rivers and hills We'll tear down their walls in our valleys And run them away from our rills In stone halls they'll crouch by their fires In stone halls they'll cower in fear Whilst we will dance in the mountains And hold reveals that go on for years We will hunt them like dogs in the daylight We will hunt them like vermen by night Till these men who are small Yet tryed to stand tall Are driven forever from sight Oooooh I am the first of the giants So mark well the words of my song For when my people are come Your time will be done And our time will go on and on.
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    Because the one I waited for Chose not to wait for me I am left here waiting For a future I can't see On the dreary shore I'm waiting Here by the Sunless Sea And how long I'll go on waiting I no longer can foresee Oh dreary fog depart That my longing eyes may see The sail of Hope approaching From beyond Eternity Oh good ship come a sailing Across the Sunless Sea Oh Gray Ship come and take me To that Land Beyond the Sea That distant Land that here All call Eternity
  5. Would you walk the shifting line Is it power that you seek Then be warned for the shifting line doth bridge the burning deep There are those who have looked down and now they fear to sleep Would you walk the shifting line Is it power that you seek There are far better ways To escape from being weak There is Power all around you And brightly does it shine How can it be, my friend That you are so blind So shun I say the shifting line And the horrors of the Deep And you shall have true friends To guard you while you sleep Listen well to what I say For I know of what I speak For I have walked the shifting line And gazed into the Deep. ********* Would you walk the shifting line And gaze into the Deep Would you dare to find there The answers that you seek The Burning Deep can show you The Dark Heart of your soul But such a view is bought At a heavy toll If you must Then Look, And find what you may See But remember On the Line, You'll have no place to flee And this is sadly also True You will be forever haunted by The memory of that view.
  6. I am One with the Heart of the Darkness I am One with the Heart of the Fire I am One Who Dances in Darkness I am One Who Dances in Fire I am One who Sings to the Darkness I am One Who Leaps from the Spire I am One who runs with the Shadows I am One who can hide in the Fire I am One who dances on rooftops And I do with the Fates Conspire
  7. Return from the Shadows Rise from the Ashes Rekindle the Flame For All Things Change All Things Pass Away All Things are Born Anew
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    Holiday Season

    And Seasons Greetings to Snyp hope your recovery goes well. And Happy Holidays to anyone else reading this.
  9. Nice. Makes me think about trying to find the time to try learning another language. Then again maybe I should work in mastering "English" a bit more fully first
  10. I like the feeling/sentiment I get from the translations Sorry I don't know the original language And so can offer no help there. Would love to hear it in the original So as to hear/feel the rhythm and flow As originally intended But even limited to reading the translation I find it a lovely bit of free verse.
  11. I've never watched the movie. And this quick look at it tells me My instincts were right. I'd hate watching a story like this. To help lighten another's burden is one thing Overburdening yourself while you're at it is another.
  12. In the Gribble breeding grounds... Zatar turned to the gargoyle "Thanks for agreeing to this on such short notice, Gus. But I didn't know who else to call." "No Problem." Gus rumbled with a voice like a gravel pit, "You've done me plenty of favors; and you always pay good." "Right then. There are Nerfs in the other chamber, one a week should do for keeping this batch feed. Anyone gets in here with out my ok, stick them in the Nerf pen until I can get down here." "Got It Boss" and the gargoyle settled himself down to keep watch.
  13. If someone is already doing this topic let me know. Anyway I was looking at a thing on magic in here somewhere And it got me thinking about the whole ancient lost science idea. And while I don't buy everything from that show on the History channel They do make a good case for ancient advanced science. It's the alien part I tend to discount. Not to say that aliens aren't out there or may have come here But the aliens "gods" they tend to point to in the series Looked human acted human mated with humans. Look at all the half gods in the Greek stories. So I hold to the view that most of these "aliens" were humans Who just happened to have higher level technology. Easy enough to see how that could happen Take the world as it is now. Pick a disaster. End of civilisation level. Wait oh... 50 years or so; and then come down from a space station Or out from under a mountain. We have modern tech while the other survivors are people in remote jungles and such who didn't have much tech to start with... Would we not be taken for "gods" ? Maybe I'll take a shot at trying to write a story along that line. See how long I can keep people guessing as to when it's taking place Ancient past or post apocalyptic future. Anyone else who wants to try something along this line; Go for it. If you want help with such a project; I'll do my best to be useful And if you don't want/need help; well, let me know about it anyway as I'd love to see a good story done along this line. And so far all I've got is the concept.
  14. When it comes to magic vs religion I see it as being a question of which can best Explain the other. A: can do "magic" because we are created in the image of GOD. B: any "God", "Devil", or "Spirit" you run into is a thought form The someone or some group built at some point or other. Question is once you have a complex enough thought form Can it start thinking ?
  15. Storm tossed moon overhead I should be home in bed Yet I follow the Call of the Wild Moonlit trail beeneth my feet I no longer need to sleep When I follow the Call of the Wild Will you follow the Call of the Wild Some people are filled with fright When they hear the Call at night Have you heard the Call of the Wild Will you follow the Call of the Wild The Call comes from deep inside So it cannot be denied Come follow the Call of the Wild It's calling; It's Calling to You.
  16. Old Tom doged to the right and ducked down behind a bolder. The monster ran by following the others. Old Tom pulled out his pistol. He'd only get one shot. Praying that the part about silver bullets wasn't true He took aim...
  17. So what do I need to do to get in on one of these ? And if you are attacked by a wolf what are the odds of Becoming a wolf vs getting killed ?
  18. In a gloomy hallway not too far from the Vaults of Time... Zatar pulls a fragment of magic out of the Gate spell leading to the Gribble breading grounds. The fragment crumbles to nothing the moment it is free of the Gate. Zatar frowns, there are enough old spells down here that a fragment could have broken off at just the right moment to have gotten lodged in the Gate like that. And I might find a winning Galactic Sweepstakes ticket down here too. Looks around for one... Yea, that's what I thought too. *sigh* Now I'm going to have to find a guard for down here. And pulling his cloak around himself Zatar vanishes with a soft "pop!"
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    Weird creepy Twilightzoney I like it And am sort of creeper out by it At the same time If that was the effect you were going for Well done. You nailed it.
  20. A thought on the idea of 10 dimensions. Up/down, forward/backward, side to side That's the 3 we see everyday Time is counted as 4 And the other 6 are said to be Curled up Wouldn't that make them rotation Roll, pitch, and yaw Counted twice Once for clockwise and again for counter. But if time is the 4th Then it should get 2 rotations like the first 3 Which gives a total of 12. But what does it mean to rotate around the Time axis ? What happens when you do ? My thought Time freeze One way everyone is frozen but you Other way you are frozen. Anyway it's an idea.
  21. Hail to the Bright Shining Lady Hail to the Queen of the Stars Hail to the Bright Shining Lady Guiding our steps from afar I follow the Bright Shining Lady For She is lighting the Way I follow the Bright Shining Lady So you can not lead me astray Come and Hear the Song of the Lady Come and Learn what She has to say It's a Song of Mercy and Love Head not what the hatemongers say When you Live the Song of the Lady Life just starts going your way I Sing the Song of the Lady And my work is as easy as play Come Walk in the Ways of the Lady Come Follow Her Shining Footsteps When you Walk in the Ways of the Lady Your Life will be free from regrets Come Live in the Ways of the Lady Her Ways are Gentle and Strong When you Live in the Ways of the Lady Your Life will be Wondrous and Long Come Sing a New Song to the Lady In Her Moonbeam and Fairydust Hall A Song to the Bright Shining Lady A Song to the Queen of us All
  22. And if you followed all that With out going too crazy You may see a few clues about who or what Zatar is and why he's lurking about here.
  23. Zatar steps out of thin air and quickly cast a time freeze over everything. "@#$%& how did he get in here ? The door to this pocket space is supposed to be keyed to just me." "Lucky for him I sold all the more deadly ones last week. Well let's see how much of a whollop this new batch is packing" And Zatar takes a portable medkit out of his cloak and sets to work. "Well that should do it." Zatar said putting away the antitoxin "He'll have quite the hangover when he wakes up but no other problems." Zatar lays the sleeping Snypiuer down on a couch in the recruiter's office. Now to see what went wrong with that door.
  24. A Nerf according to "The Prince and the Gift" by G K Dunn Which I helped with a little Is sort of a cross between a llama and a goat. Llama body, neck about half as long, goat head, Long shaggy fur Gribble Option one A giant tribble Option two A grabber tribble A nasty bit of work by an insane tribble breeder who got ahold of some Thulian biomancy text. (Zatar becomes fascinated by the ceiling at this point) Anyway They are bald scaley things with retractable tentacles That pack a nasty one two bioelectric neurotoxin sting They mostly sit around looking like rocks Until someone or something wanders by... And you don't need me to keep going do you ? They are said to be quite tasty breaded and fried. A delicacy in some regions of the Underdark. Or so I'm told.
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