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  1. Where the Wind Blows There I'll make my Way When the Wind Blows I'll be on my Way When the Wind Blows Be it Night or Day Wherever the Wind Blows There I'll make my Way And where the Wind stops That is where I'll stay Until the Wind Blows Then I'll be on my Way When the Wind Blows Be it Night or Day When the Wind Blows...
  2. Now as any student of history knows the Yuun-Xi managed to Prevert the spells used to grant the Wyldings their powers. Giving rise to both the Cursed disease Lycanthropy and the Ritual of Yuuxath. The later, for those fortunate enough to not know of it, is how other races are transformed into Yuun-Xi. Interestingly enough, it is this Ritual that the Dragons later adapted for the creation of their Dracons. But more about them another time. What is far less well known, are the spells the Druids developed which gave rise to the Redemption Ritual and the Rights of the Deathless Ones. Sadly this knowledge is fading nowadays. True, the need for it had largely passed, But there are other uses to which such spells could be put. Good uses. The dark uses are all to obvious. After all these were evil spells turned to better ends to start with. So turning them to evil... Well, that is why they are such closely guarded secrets now isn't it.
  3. Darkness Come Oh Darkness, My dear friend I have need of thee again Enfold Me in your Sable Shroud and hide me from the hostile crowd As I above the rooftops fly Seeking one who's soon to die From your folds my Bolt shall fly And in your Embrace they then shall lie Untouched as Ages march on by Until we hear our Master's Call To gather in The Shadow Hall Then on Wings of Night we'll haste away To play our part in The Final Fray And when that Battle is Fought and Won Then Our Journey Shall Be Done. Rest Now I lay me down to rest With a Dagger on my chest Beneath this Stone I shall lie As I watch Time go marching by Beneath the Ground I shall wait Until they open wide The Final Gate Then into Hell I shall go There to face The Final Foe And When that Battle is Fought and Won Then My Journey Shall Be Done.
  4. It was during this time that Druids arose. Before this there had been Shamans, who worked with assorted nature Spirits and a few arcane spells they might learn along the way. And Priest devoted to a single god or goddess or rarely to a pantheon. Priests got their magic spells from their gods. Now some Shamans did turn Priest in the course of seeking stronger Spirits to form Pacts with. Some were good Shamans looking for the best Spirit Pact to be had. Others were evil and just looking for more power. But with the rise of the Necromancers there came a need on both sides. The Shamans needed the help of a Great Spirit to help them against these things that were not of Nature. And due to the rapid spread of Necromancy Gia needed Warrior Priest who already knew how to fight and how to cast spells. Thus the Druids, Rangers, and Gray Guards came to be. The first Gray Guards were so named because they chose to be bonded to wolf spirits. And while many other animal spirits soon joined the cause, the Cats being most notable among them, The term Gray Guard mostly stuck. Gray Hunter being common with the cats. In part due to their habits of hunting Necromancers alone. While the Guard mostly focused on protecting towns and people from the undead hordes.
  5. Now that we've talked a bit about zombies(and yes the Necromancers did weponize the drain effect to make more deadly undead later) But now on to the Wyldings and the Shamans who made them. A Wylding is a person(normally human, but other races can play too) who has had an animal Spirit melded with their own so that they can become that animal and later as the melding becomes more complete a hybrid form combining both. The improved vitality of Wyldings grants them both fast healing and improved resistance to undead drain and fear effects. As silver and the full moon are part of the Ritual for becoming a Wylding both have effects on Wyldings. The full moon calls strongly to their inner animal making it more asendent at such times. Silver is both boon and bane to a Wylding. In Wylding hands a silver weapon is a magic weapon just as their claws and fangs are when transformed. The bane part is in the fact that silver weapons used against them overcome their supernatural resistance to damage and slow their healing to "normal" rates for such wounds. Not that magical healing can't be used normally, only their iniate healing is slowed, and only for the wounds caused by the silver weapons. Magical weapons may also have this effect, depending on the nature of the magic involved.
  6. The Necromancers started with simple undead, zombies and skeletons. The spells for them were simplified forms of the spells used by arcane wizards to animate objects and the spells priest used for golems. The notable difference being that by using a formerly living body the Necromancer could skip the step of imprinting their mind onto the object and simply re-energize the imprint left from when the creature was alive. Thus greatly simplifying the process. The other difference is more subtle and less well known. And that is where these things get their power. Animated objects draw their power from the ambient magic around them and the kinetic energy of nearby movement. Light spells are a bit dimmer, an arrow doesn't fly quite as far ect. Golems are powered by a bit of life force from the priest, their god, or a sacrifice in the case of evil priests. Undead draw their power from the ambient life force around them. A single zombie might make your lawn wilt a bit. But an army of them...
  7. Also known as the Shaman Necromancer War. Was started by Yuuxath while he was impersonating Charon. Not too long after Charon took over for Cronos as collector of the dead. It took Yuuxath some time to build up his cult of Necromancers and start displacing Charon. But he started being noticed by Gia around the end of the Gith Rebellion. Which was also near the end of the Saurian Thulian War and the Rise of the Yuun-Xi and the beginning of the first XerEk XarAk Swarm Wars. Not that the Saurian Thulian War ever ended in any formal sence. No one ever surrendered. Both sides just lost the ability to mount any major attacks. More to follow.
  8. Across the river, under the boughs grows a circle of mushrooms A faire ring Can you hear the music Will you join the Dance and with the Fair Folk wildly prance. Will They stay and let you play Or in an instant fade away ? Will you dance till break of day And like a Mist then fade away... Next line: Will you join the dance
  9. TLDunn213


    Yuun-Xi blood, depending on how it's processed, can be mutagen, poison, sleep agent, or mind altering halusinagen. To name some of its more common uses. Which shouldn't be too surprising when you consider all the compounds the Med-dusa can create inside their own bodies; not to mention the natural mutagens the Saurians can generate. Some Yuun-Xi have one(or, rarely, more) of the gaze bases powers of the opt-dusa. Most common among these are the Hold and Charm abilities, but any of the gaze abilitys are possible. There are even reports of other, spell like abilities beyond those normally found among the Opt-dusa. As to the Nag-dusa, they seem to be the source of the more snake like looking Yuun-Xi, who tend to also have the stronger, but more subtle Psi-powers, such as, remote viewing, pre and retro cognition, and most telepathic abilities.
  10. TLDunn213


    The Yuun-Xi are a corrupted offshoot race that arose from mating between the Saurian/Lizard folk and the assorted Dusa sub-races; most notably the Optdusa, Medusa, and the Nagdusa. (More on these beings elsewhere.) While it is unclear just when and how the Yuun-Xi fell under the sway of Yuuxath; it is accepted as fact that some element in Yuun-Xi blood makes anyone exposed to it extremely susceptible to Yuuxath's influence. Seeing things that aren't there, hearing voices, a feeling of being watched, ect. All Yuun-Xi have some mental disorder, and most tend tword an evil alignment. They also tend to have some innate powers gained from their Dusa/Saurian heritage. (Which I will cover in more detail later.)
  11. TLDunn213


    Yuuxath, is an insane "god" who is the force behind the Forever War, and several other events in Shard Scape history that don't seem to make a lot of scence; the Shamen Necromancer war, for example. Yuuxath got his start at the far end of history. He knew that the other "gods" were coming to cast him into the Outer Darkness, and he was ready for them. He arranged things so that his passage to Outer Darkness happened at the same time as the launch of the Great Ship "The Maelstrom's Bore". And so even as he was being flung into the Outer Darkness, he was sowing Mind Seeds into the hive mind of the ZerEk Swarm as it plunged into the Paradox Maelstrom in pursuit of the Morlock's Great Ship. Thus sowing the seeds for his own rise to Power and Madness. Far back in the dim and distant past a young Yuuxath found a dying ZerEk, infected with a MindSeed from the far future. The Seed leaped from the dying ZerEk into the mind it had been intended for all along. And so the circle of madness begins by becoming complete. Now the Forever War is an ongoing effort by Yuuxath to drive Cronus insane, or at lest distract him to the point that he can't really do much to stop Yuuxath. So inspite of what people my think the real point of the Forever War is to create as many contradictory time lines as possible, while also spawning as many paradoxes, paradox objects, and paradox people as possible while weaving them into history so that removing them will make even more paradoxes than leaving them in the now tangled fabric of history. The Necromancer Shaman War was Yuuxath's attempt to both keep Charon from taking over as "god" of death for Cronus and to distract Gaia with swarms of undead things that had no place in Nature; Nature versus Unnature to the greater detriment of Nature. More on the Necro/Shamen War, and the rise of the Wyldlings and Shadow people elsewhere.
  12. Zatar shimmers into reality. "Gus, have the Tolves got the Wabe set up yet ?" "End of the week; Give or take a few finishing touches" "Good. That'll give me time to set the temporal distortion spells on the Nerf pens. You don't happen to know anyone with Nerf herding experience, who wouldn't mind being time distorted, do you ?" "Not off hand, Boss, but I'll put the word out that you're looking. Why is we needing a Nerf herder, we only got a dozen Nerfs ?" "We're going to be having more, a lot more. Bandersnacths and Jabberwocks are hungry beast." "You finally got a line on that DNA you was looking for ?" "Not exactly... Can't even find a clean enough sample for a positive match on this egg. 75% chance it's a Jabberwock; according to the best sample on that front. But, get this, the best Bandersnatch sample gives a 75% match as well." "So, how do you figure out what we really got ?" "Easy. We hatch the egg." "But, with out something to match against..." "wonderland castle claims to have a stuffed Jabberwock, and a stuffed Bandersnatch. No good for DNA, But good enough for a visual identification."
  13. Zatar shimmered into being near the door. " Let's have a look at this magic resistant egg you've found." "I put it on this pedistal over here, and placed a Circle around the whole thing. Didn't know how much good it would do, but..." "Better safe than sorry. Standard Wards I assume ?" "Yea, I figured you'd want to take a close look once you got here." Zatar takes a moment to study the Circle Gus has setup around the pedistal. "Good Work. If this can't hold it... We'll have to get creative real quick like." Zatar traces a Symbol in the air, mutters a Word, and steps inside the Circle. " I take it that nothing has changed since you put it in here ?" "That's right, boss. No change. If it hadn't come out of that bush so easy..." Zatar makes a couple of passes over the egg mumering soft words of power. "Fascinating. Migic just slides around it. Well, where Magic fails, maybe Tech can prevail." And so saying he pulls a scanner out of his Cloak. "Well, whatever we have here, it's rare enough that it's not in the scaner's onboard database. I'll have to go back to the Keep and check the main database there. And it should be fine where it is. Magic flows around it but that won't get it out of a closed Circle." Gus raised a stone eyebrow. "The Timefreeze on the Moamrath bush was basically a net of Magic; so it could slip through the open parts of the weave..." "...But a Circle is really a globe." Gus did a facepalm. "I must be getting old or something, forgetting basic stuff like that." "No worries. You made the right call; it just took you a minute to remember why it was the right call." "Anyway I've got to go see if I can find a match for this in the main database." Zatar let's himself out of the Circle and vanishes .
  14. The Scorpanocks are believed to have been created by the ZaRak as support troops for the Gith during the Rebellion. At first they were a male only race. If you can be said to be a race with only one gender. However the Morlocks later cut a deal with the Scorps agreeing to provide them with females. Just what the Morlocks got in return is unclear, so it is hard to say if the Scorps got a bad deal or not. But they got less than they were hoping for as the females were not able to reproduce in a truly sexual way. Oh they mated, and laid eggs, which hatched. But the young were always female. Almost clones of the mother. Almost, in as much as all their DNA was from the mother, with the unexpressed DNA getting mixed in. It is unclear if the Morlocks did this on purpose, or by accident. But the Scorpanocks were and are, less than happy about the whole thing. Some want to talk with the Morlocks and see if a new deal can be worked out. Others are rumored to be seeking a deal with the Varna. Who are rumored to be working with the FeroSidhe of Under Louis to become an independent race, separate from the Thulians.
  15. Can only understand the translation, But like it very much.
  16. The crystal pulsed softly, and Zatar reached up to give it a gentle stroke. "Boss ?" a voice said in his mind. Keeping a finger on the crystal he thought back "yes ?" "You need to come take a look at what the Tolves found in one of the Momrath bushes" "Can it keep ?" "Not sure. It doesn't seem to be effected by the time freeze you put on da bushes. Da Tolves was able ta just lift it right out." Zatar griped the crystal more tightly and focused his mind so he could see through the gargoyle's eyes. Gus was holding a large mlotted egg in his left claw while resting his right on the com-crystal. "I'll be there in just a bit. The talks have stalled for the day, again anyway."
  17. My mind leaped to both what they needed me to do, and the most obvious problems that went with it. Namely what to do with Targon while the rest of us were playing bookworm. Melkior had managed to get the big guy to learn how to read, but it wasn't one of his favorite things to do. I couldn't take him to Miskatonic. There was no way I could hide that Axe of his, not with all the anti-magic runes on it. And asking him to leave it behind... No not even going to think about how that would go. So, option two, Leave him here, board... Well, maybe... If I could set up some sort of training ground for him.
  18. It is and it will be, Because it always wasn't. Seek what you shall not find And there it won't be, If you don't look. And so shall the Raven become the writing desk As the Blreg Nog boils on the frozen Shadow hob of unburning dark fire And Chaos Shall Inhearet The Earth While the flowerful flower of flowery flowerness was in flower So then did it flower in flowery flowerfulness For this was the time of flowers.
  19. Gribble Breeding Pens... Zatar fades into reality. "Gus ?" "Yea, Boss " "Keep an eye out for a troupe of Slivey Tolves; and a delivery of Mimisy Boragoves. They are for the Wabe room, second door down tword the Time Vaults. The Sundial should already be set up. And double check that the crates of Momrath bushes are still secure, don't want anyone getting grabbed by them. Especially after that little mishap with the Gribbles a few months ago." "Sure thing Boss. Will the Tolves be staying long ?" " Maybe a few months; depends on how fast we can get everything set up. After all, the Wabe is just the anchor point for the Tulggy Woods simulation. And I still haven't gotten a line on any Jabberwock or Bandersnatch DNA yet. Why do you ask ?" "Well, I hear Tolves like deepfryed gribble..." "And you were thinking of that batch of duds that hatched out last week ?" Zatar thought about it for few moments then gave a quick nod. "Keep back about a dozen or so in two pens, well away from the others. I still want to know why they went dud But if the Tolves like them we may want to start a new strain for a new market. Gourmet Gribbles... Put yourself down for 10% if it takes off. Anyway I've got a meeting in UnderLouis. I'm supposed to mediate a dispute between the Scorpinocks, Goblins, and FeroSidhe. I've got to be out of my mind to get mixed up in all that." "So, an extra bottle of Saurian Brandy for when you get back ?" "Pull two, and use one to marinade the Gribbles."
  20. TLDunn213

    Crazy ?

    Thank you. I think it's sometimes called imagination.
  21. TLDunn213

    Crazy ?

    They say that I'm crazy I say they don't know how to open the door to the Places I go. I befriended a monster from under my bed, Made peace with the voices inside of my head, Smoked with the Catapeler, Had Tea with the Toad, And danced atop mushrooms beside the Yellow Brick Road Ran from a Jabberwock to an upsidedown tree, Then swam in a fishbowl as big as the Sea. Took a nap with a dormouse Played crocket with the Queen Then followed a rabbit down a Hole never seen Had lunch with a walrus talked of shoes, ships, and Kings Then flew away on a pig with extra large wings Sang in a choir made up of white mice who gave me a bag of burning hot ice My Friends are Amazing Unique as can be And I don't care if no one can see them but Me. 'Cause I'll grin like a Cheshire As I fade from their sight Their jaws hanging down As I'm proven right.
  22. Moss turtles shed their shells every few months leaving patches of Ambrosia Moss behind. Patches of Glow Moss tend to grow nearby. Not surprising as Ambrosia Moss needs light. Just what the Glow Moss is getting out of the deal is unclear, But the biggest patches are typically found near Ambrosia Moss.
  23. An interesting Teraforming Symbiotic lifeform Bioenginered during the Gith Rebellion. And one of the keys to the success of that rebellion. The question, of how much of the Bioengineering was done by the Gith themselves is not easy to answer. Having been slaves to both the Saurians and the Thulians clearly afforded them access to the basics they would have needed. On the other hand, the Morlocks and Aqualith are known to have given aid to the Gith, and the Aqualith would have been well able to craft such a creature. But on to the creature itself, The idea is quite simple give a turtle acid glands in its mouth to help it eat rock, along with whatever organic stuff might be laying around. Next adapt the shell with ducts that Chanel the mineral rich mud,along with the turtle's biowaste up to the Ambrosia Moss, which will feed on it and store glucose in root nodules which link to the turtle's circulatory system. And We La, a creature that can live on light, water, and rocks. But how does that help the Gith ? Well, the Ambrosia Moss was over engineered so as to make way more glucose and oxygen than it and the turtle will ever need. And this surplus is stored in the Ambrosia pods which form outside of the turtle's shell. Not only is this stuff food, it can be dissolved in a slury of Ambrosia Moss and Glow Moss (which is really a bioluminescent fungus, but I'll cover that later) so as to provide both a carbon dioxide sink and a source of oxygen, along with a limited amount of light. All of which allowed the Gith to hide in places that were never searched as they were uninhabitable. Of course the Acid Mine Turtle helped keep searchers from looking to closely. The acid turtle was a weponized retooling of the Moss Turtle. In short you remove the Moss and give them lots of extra acid glands That are hooked up to the duct system. They get frightened they pull into their shell Something bothers them after that, they spray acid everywhere. And yes the Moss Turtle can spit its acid as an attack, but it will only do so if highly provoked.
  24. You say "Crazy" as if it were a bad thing. Really, go back a few pages in the cbox Then tell me if you think being "sane" is a requirement for hanging out around here.
  25. There's a cold wind blowing on my soul tonight and I'm so far from home A Cold Wind blowing on my soul tonight and I'm here all alone A thousand wonders I have seen but I no longer wish to roam Magic Doorways everywhere But which one leads back home And there's a cold wind blowing on my soul tonight and I'm so far from home a cold wind blowing on my soul tonight and I'm here all alone Once I lived in Paradice Yet a prison did I see Everything that I could want And I longed to be free And there's a Cold Wind blowing on my soul tonight and I'm so far from home A Cold Wind blowing on my soul tonight and I'm here all alone Then one day The Cold Wind came and whispered to my soul I heard the call of Freedom sweet and paid no head the Toll And there's a cold wind blowing on my soul tonight and I'm so far from home a cold wind blowing on my soul tonight and I'm here all alone A Cold Wind blowing Through My Soul tonight, and soon I will be gone And yet when there is Nothing left My Pain, It will go on Magic Doorways Everywhere But which one leads back home A thousand Wonders I have seen But I no longer wish to roam A Star new risen in the east What can this wonder be Could it be a Light of Hope for one as Lost as me And there's a cold wind blowing Through my Soul tonight And soon I will be Gone A Cold Wind blowing Through My soul tonight and I'm here all alone If I find my way back home Will they welcome me Yet if I stay here all alone Soon I will Cease to Be And there's a Cold Wind blowing Through my soul tonight And I'm so far from home A Cold Wind blowing through My soul tonight and I'm here all alone
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