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    I am a very non-intersting person. I enjoy long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners. :D Of course, that was a joke all except the first part about me being non-interesting.
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  1. A tall pale elf strides into the room. Taking a look around he wrinkles his face up in what would appear to be annoyance. "It seems in my long absence you all forgotten the proper way to worship me. The altar is a nice start, but where are the virgins? You should know better than to set up an altar without virgin sacrafices. Well, when you find some just send them along to my room. I'll... umm... prepare them, yeah, that's it." He strides from the room leaving a confused mob in his wake. Thanks all. I haven't been around in awhile, didn't figure anyone would remember. A little bird also told me to come as well(and by little bird I of course mean Tanny ). Thanks again all, see you later.
  2. Thanks for the help Gwai, I found all that I posted. I appreciate it. Hi Xaious, It has been a long time. I stopped using AOL becasue of all the spyware, but could you email your email address to me if you have one at yahoo or MSN? My email is saiba_shikaku@hotmail.com Well all, you might see me around for a bit, not realy sure yet. See you all later.
  3. Hey guys, long time. I haven't been here in awhile, and I just have one quick question. Are poems stored on the server forever or do they eventually become deleted? My computer died on me and I lost all my poems and such so I was wondering if I can still find them in the archives and also I don't remember if there is a way to search them. Thanks all, -Arch
  4. You have a true grasp of social ramifications of this form of technology. Great job.
  5. Those were great... Now, excuse mw while I rise up against my oppressor... ~smash~ ~old, wise voice from far off~ Another life wasted...
  6. This is realy great. I actuallly enjoyed it so much I used teh last line as my MSN name, since it is so close to what I have said and thought so many times. Don't worry though, I gave you credit
  7. Wow, 18, now you get to do the same things you always do, just legally. lol.
  8. I have thought about that very line so many times. Great job on the story. I can understand what he is talking about.
  9. I'm with Pered on this one. Yui, I have always admired you, you know. Great fan I am. Yes, great fan. ~swallow~
  10. Happy Birthday! That's all I really have to say. Boring, huh?
  11. I've never really talked to you, but Happy Birthday all the same.
  12. Well, I will be joining the ranks of the horribly employed this summer so I too will probably not be around as much.
  13. OMG! Rune you really are a demon, I was honestly frightened, which doesn't happen all that often. Great job. Lol.
  14. well, it seems we are going to be having two members laeving very shortly then. I hve been hoping that I would be able to participate so I have been putting this off, but it appears as if I will never have the ability to continue so I regretfully withdraw as well. I will post within the next couple days of how my character leaves, until then he is still a member so continue to treat him as if he is. Thank you. -Arch
  15. Can I pick even though I probably won't have the free time to do it and if I do proceed? 8, 10, 6
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