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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
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Meta-Universals Musings

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The universe. It is, by definition, everything that is. Most species of humans have perceptions in 3.5 dimensions - length, width, breadth, and one axis of time. The Scientist-Priests of several worlds have fused various sciences and decided that there are ten dimensions that describe "the universe". Which is of interest, but can one really conceive of it? For the beings in the universe, it is a self-contained boundary.

In the majority of universes, entire species rise and decline on myriad worlds.


But for one who is outside, viewing it, they realize that there are meta-universes. The observer finds that they seem to gather, when viewed, as threads, that are "everything" to the ones within the thread. And they are constantly expanding, constantly branching at critical points, fixed at others, in a very timey-wimey twisty way. The Scientist-Magi and the Wild-Magi know the keys to opening portals at will between these shadows and adjacent universes. These may be collectively known as the Lesser Planeswalkers, those who can adjust the quantum frequencies of the dimensions to leave their own universe and survive the passage to another. Harold Shea was one example.


But if the observer were to step back further, they'd find that they are at the center of threads radiating in all directions. There are infinite universes. And they all twist and wind and writhe, and occasionally snap or die or break or blend. The fiction writers of one universe are merely sensitive to the events of another. Those who can traverse, with more or less difficulty the passages between the major groups of realities and universes at will, retaining a semblance of life and sanity, are the Greater Planeswalkers. Often they are deities, or confused for deities, and many are jealous of their powers and followers. Others are indifferent to the opinions of others, and playing great cosmic games of their own, such as the Dreamer.


There are places where the boundaries are "loose". Where intersections are possible, when all the dimensions align correctly, where one can pass from a universe to another.


There are places where intersections are "fixed". They are called by many names. Some endure, some are destroyed, but the places are the same in several adjacent universes, casting shadows through the realities they touch. Amber, Tanelorn, the Eternal City, The Undying West, Faerie, Albuquerque - the names are as endless as the intersections - and turning left instead of right can confuse even the most experienced Planeswalker who uses such a place as an oasis in their travel.


One such place is the Pen Keep.

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And if you followed all that

With out going too crazy

You may see a few clues about who or what Zatar is and why he's lurking about here.

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A thought on the idea of 10 dimensions.

Up/down, forward/backward, side to side

That's the 3 we see everyday

Time is counted as 4

And the other 6 are said to be

Curled up

Wouldn't that make them rotation

Roll, pitch, and yaw

Counted twice

Once for clockwise and again for counter.

But if time is the 4th

Then it should get 2 rotations like the first 3

Which gives a total of 12.


But what does it mean to rotate around the

Time axis ?

What happens when you do ?


My thought

Time freeze

One way everyone is frozen but you

Other way you are frozen.


Anyway it's an idea.

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