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Deadly Nightshade

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  1. Suffocating You are suffocating me I never asked to be locked up Sheltered from the world about me But you say its for my own good So you keep me in a cage I want to be free Do you even know what that means? I want to run into the horizon Love and laugh and cry Like other people do Normal people But you keep me here You suffocate me
  2. The person above me is vary nice (Im running out of things to see eek!)
  3. *She stumbled back, licking the black blood from her lips she took to the air bit a few feet her mighty wings flapping effortlessly a wicked smile came to her lips speaking once more* Poor poor boy, you should have let yourself die, any longer and you would have now thine death shall be slow *With she flew out of sight into the air only to be heard cutting through the chilled night as she was about to crash into the ground she turned with grace quickly gliding toward him slightly to the side her talons drawn as she brought them to his gut digging her nails into his flesh dragging him into a tree with a malicious laugh*
  4. The person above me had better get used to it, and had better not have a problem with it
  5. Always the first one to say things about the poems and yes this is a vary good poem indeed
  6. *After petting Falcon for a while....claming him as her pet...like Hopper goes on..* The person above me know interesting facts....
  7. I know I may be breaking the chain of only Poems but I must say thank you to everyone who as said good things about my poems, it means alot and it is what keeps me writing, so Thank you vary much
  8. "Oh so now what are you going to do now big guy hmmm...oh shut down fool!" Or *Spills hot tea on a big mussle man..* "Oh sorry sir" *He stands cracking his knuckles* "Who are you calling man? *It turns out he er I mean she was really and girl...*
  9. I walk through the shadows Through the abyss I feel my heart race Nearly beating from my chest No, no I cannot be consumed by my fears I will not A cold sweat forms at the back of my neck The silence nearly overwhelming me I must push forward I cannot give up my feet wont move Somthing looms in the shadows I stop my breath for a moment A hot beath now upon my neck I turn on one heel... Draw a shuttering breath Gleaming fangs A voilent grasp I try to scream Nothing but a frail gasp A calmness fills me Warm lips on my neck I no longer fight ...All is still.....
  10. The person above me likes the color yellow why?....bc I said so...so there
  11. *She laughed with pure excitement as he lunged forward with his dagger a childish look coming forth to her pale face a smirk upon her lips with a mighty swipe of her talons aimed carefully at the wrist that held the dagger speaking in that soothing yet dark voice of hers as if to charm him taking his wrist tightly in her hands her talons with drew pressing her body to his as she spoke making sure his daggers where of no use to him* My dear boy, have you no manners? going after a lady such as myself * she brought her chilled lips to his in a seemingly innocent kiss...but it was far from that sending weaves of magic into the mans body, shocks of pain filling his being*
  12. What if life was a bowl of soup? Tempting and warm Soothing to ones belly Would you eat all as fast as you can? enjoy it greatly it singes your tongue but you dont care It was just one more thrill but now its gone so quickly drained away Would you just watch it not wanting to be burned? Have it cool to your liking Be safe from the burn But realize its too cold And have it waste away Either way It will soon be gone And after that Then what?
  13. *Tackles the Kender to the ground huggling to death* Vary good...by the way named my rat after you
  14. And the dogs, she wants them more then the damn cat <_
  15. The person above me is a mighty slacker
  16. Thats bc your rats dont have ADD..... my rat hops..... and steals food
  17. The person above me has no sig *sniffle sniffle*
  18. Er...there both boys... no babies coming this time...at least I hope not unless...
  19. I got new pets two white rat, will no one cares about my sisters mouse so bleh, but my rat, hes small and cute, and had ADD bc he wont stay still, and his name is Tasslehoff Burrfoot or Tas for short and hes not shy at all, I love him :woot:
  20. The person above me is Professionally Dishevelled
  21. *Dies laughing* So great.....and true
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