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Deadly Nightshade

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  1. Caste into shadows as a mere baby Why did they do it? I jump up in bed gaze about The other children sleep While I ponder my escape I can no longer stay Watch other kids leave with smiles While I stay in my corner a doll in hand I waited long enough I must go I dream one day I will have a family But first I must find my past
  2. *Turns with a grin as he runs off....then goes about causing pain, death and utter destruction...and writing a poem or two* That was fun
  3. *Squeels in delight jumping up she slipped the black ring to his finger grinning gently pats his head* Wonderful, yay I am married.... and you know what comes after that *Winks*.....Cake! *Hands out cake to everyone*
  4. I want the world to know about my love for the kender ....who I never really talked to, tackled once but anyway
  5. Tasslehoff!...Marry me! I always wanted to marry a kender...there so cute, I asked in the shout box...but I guess you did not see, so *Goes on one knee with a ring* Tasslehoff Will you marry me?
  6. The person above me has a cool Avatar
  7. As if my hands did not have enough dots on them
  8. This ones for you Archaneus! Dots Dots Dots Dots are fun Red dots blue dots green Big dots small dots There on my hands There on my face I bet my mother will have a fit But thats okay Because I wash them off And put them right back on Mom will yell Dad will scream But I dont care Because I like dots ...
  9. The person above me I dont know vary well be he seems nice enough (Did I do it right Rune? )
  10. I sit in my room and waste away As do you in your grave What I did is now done I cannot take it back Would I if I had the chance? Problily not Everyday you came out With your bright smile Where you even human? You never shed a tear I never understood Why you where so happy So one night I came to your room With a knife in hand It was I killed the happyness It was I killed you And now I sit in my room No one know who did it But me....
  11. Aw so sweet and inocent... Vary good I like it...but if you ask me there needs to be more blood
  12. The person above me dose not know me vary well then
  13. The person above me is a Penguin hater
  14. I have seen it, its where I go a name for an Elf I made Elvilia Tashard
  15. Wow, vary nice....Hm...I wonder what a raven tastes like....
  16. Something sticky on my hands At my feet Where are you? I search frantically But all is black I raise my hand to my head All I feel is pain I stumble and fall Look around... Cold and sticky Blood... What did I stumble on? I stumbled on you...
  17. The person above me is so vary clever
  18. I could never do it....I dont know what its like to me a man...I dont even wanna know what its like to be a man, I just love them, not be them
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