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Deadly Nightshade

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  1. Pats Tasslehoff's shoulder chuckling I would stick with poems my friend
  2. I am your greatest fear Your nightmare I torture you in your dreams Every night you wake up screaming While I laugh at your pain I am why you wake in a cold sweat And still I will continue To haunt your mine Tear at your vary being Why? Because I am The Nightmare
  3. *The demoness tackles... this new comer to the ground huggling* Yay! new member *Gets up and clears throat* Welcome
  4. Tick Tock Time rolls by I can feel my life Slipping away Like blood from a wound Through my fingers is flows Mother father.. I love you both Though I still be young Mourn me not for I am gone from the mortal life And I pray you hold no spite for the man who did this to me the man who shot me
  5. Blood Runs Cold Through the leaves of gold No birds dare to sing Not even the wind blows All is still now. Man has damned himself one again Unspeakable nightmares spoken clear For the death of the Unicorn Is the death of all Innocent and Pure
  6. Do ever stop criticizing my work, I love how you do that. Thank you b/c I know I am not the best writing and no I have not been doing it for long ... and its helping me improve my skills, if any, so thanks again
  7. Many men die Before they are in there grave Birds sing only laments now Children no longer laugh No long play. This world I now live in Is no longer a world What has happened? Men doomed the land Long before I came.. But now that I am here The land is nothing but a waste land A waste land of dead dreams
  8. Mirror on the wall Tell me what you see I am who I say I am What have I become? My dreams smashed like a wine glass Crush by my own hands Blood drips like wine I bother not to clean it Life goes by I slowly die In a tomb I made myself Is it not lovely?
  9. Well.. if you dont like it, thats fine, it was worth a try anyway
  10. All right, I have an Idea ... called Member of the Month.. and heres how it works, well people who wish to run for Member of the Month can post here after 3 days I take those peoples names and make a pole the pole will be there for 5 days then I take the votes and who ever has the most votes holds the title for Member of the Month Well shall we start then, I would like to run... so if anyone else would like to then go on and post it so there you have it my new Idea
  11. Through the Mist There lay a treasure What that treasure it no one knows But it is big and it is nice Through the Mist There lay a trap Painful and sharp but beyond that lay the treasure Through the Mist There rest a hunter Waiting to pounce And tare apart Through the Mist There lay death Even the toughest may fall frail Will you pass Through the Mist?
  12. A silver maiden in a golden field. So delicate and frail young Maiden you steal the hearts of men Why do you weep? In your field as gold as you hair The wind dances in tendrils so fair You should be happy young Maiden Many men love you.. Please dont cry It would break the hearts of many To see one so fair weep But time is short for you. They will come.. And all will be lost it is why you weep is it not? So I will see you with the gods. Fair Maiden
  13. Shadows cast about the land And from where I stand I see nothing... What happened? People create there own demise So now I stand alone.. Though I am not immune to the shadows I too will be embraced And soon there shall be nothing more Earth will be nothing But a barren waste.. And a road of corpses The corpses of dreams Dreams of childhood And the dreams of old ...As long as shadows embrace the world...
  14. Well I shall be leaving for a little while... I have gone poetry brain dead so I'll hopefull see you all soon, untill then good bye ~With love, Deadly NightShade
  15. Is there really a heaven? Is there really a hell? Or us all this made up To keep us in line? Can we reach Nirvana Or is Nirvana Just the breaking point In sanity They say in Afghanistan When you die. You get 70 virgins Then why is that the person saying this Is not dying for there country? I wonder if I will ever know these questions Maybe I will Maybe I wont... I guess I will never know..Untill I die Or go utterly Insane
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