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  1. The Portrait of Zool

    Buh'Bye . . . And thanks for all the heartache

    That is AWESOME!
  2. The Portrait of Zool

    a description of self

    Wow. A wonderful description, let alone a fine poem.
  3. The Portrait of Zool

    A whiney poem dedicated to my cough

  4. The Portrait of Zool

    A special delivery...

    Ha! Good one!
  5. The Portrait of Zool

    The Or game

    This is another simple little game designed to stimulate a little thoughtful activity. I'll go first by stating two items; _____ or _____. The next person chooses this or that (explanation optional) and then makes up the next question. Simple! I'll go first: Iambic pentameter or haiku?
  6. The Portrait of Zool


    Ello... ello... ello...
  7. The Portrait of Zool

    So what's everybody reading?

    My new favorite author is John Scalzi. In the last month I read his 'Old Man's War' trilogy, 'Agent To The Stars', and the howlingly entertaining 'Redshirts'. Today I just picked up his 'Your Hatemail Will Be Graded', which is a book of his blog posts - yes, an actual, published, book converted from a forest, not an e-book. You?
  8. The Portrait of Zool


    Happy New year!
  9. The Portrait of Zool

    What music are you currently listening to?

    One of the things I find most inspiring is music. Share what is currently inspiring you here!
  10. The Portrait of Zool

    This looks interesting...

  11. The Portrait of Zool

    Just saying hello.

    Boaz sighting!
  12. The Portrait of Zool

    I Love The 'like' Button!

    IMO, we have needed that for EVER!
  13. The Portrait of Zool

    True Pain

    Stands. and applauds - and let them change that! <
  14. The Portrait of Zool

    The Or game

    Groups. Good groups. sweet or savory?
  15. The Portrait of Zool

    A weary traveler returns

    Zool listens to Tzimfemme, and smiles. "Free. At last, " the painting thinks wistfully, his face frozen in it's portraitured pose, "She has verbalized the difference between us. That alone makes the pain of our near-meeting worthwhile - to see. Someone. Truly. Free. It's well worth it just to see what that looks like."
  16. The Portrait of Zool

    For Zool

    Thanks guys. I'd love to RP a reply, but unfortunately my head just isn't in that space right now - yes, partly because of birthday activities, but also a lot has been going on in my life lately that I just have to attend to. *Sigh* Unfortunately, it's the same old story of the Pen summertime blues. ...but thanks again!
  17. The Portrait of Zool

    So what's everybody reading?

    Just finished Alastair Reynolds 2000 classic 'Revelation Space'. Great Sci-fi read! Just starting Dan Simmons' 'The Fall of Hyperion', the sequel to 'Hyperion', which I much enjoyed. If the sequel is half as good as the original, it will be very good. [edit] BTW, your review of 'Shifted' was helpful to me Law.
  18. The Portrait of Zool

    Awakening, Quickening

    SC! Welcome!
  19. The Portrait of Zool

    Haiku Happenings -- Share Yours Here!

    Master P - so good to see you! Hope you can stop by more. Sorry to hear you have been in a funk Brighid. I have been running around so much I haven't had much time, I'm afraid, but hopefully the post-holiday rush will abate soon.
  20. The Portrait of Zool

    The Or game

    Integrity, or course - and if you doubt that, ask anyone about my reputation. Chicken or the egg?
  21. The Portrait of Zool

    Haiku Happenings -- Share Yours Here!

    How did I miss this?? Love it!
  22. The Portrait of Zool


    HAHAHAHAHA - I think.
  23. The Portrait of Zool

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Did you know Jimi Hendrix made a Christmas record? I bought this little vinyl record some time ago, but hadn't heard it. Awesome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8ICJC2ngEo
  24. The Portrait of Zool

    The Or game

    Wombat! - because I don't know what a Capybara is. Yeti or Abominable Snowman?