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  1. Wow. A wonderful description, let alone a fine poem.
  2. Ello... ello... ello...
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dejobaan/elegy-for-a-dead-world-a-game-about-writing-fictio
  4. IMO, we have needed that for EVER!
  5. Stands. and applauds - and let them change that! <
  6. Zool listens to Tzimfemme, and smiles. "Free. At last, " the painting thinks wistfully, his face frozen in it's portraitured pose, "She has verbalized the difference between us. That alone makes the pain of our near-meeting worthwhile - to see. Someone. Truly. Free. It's well worth it just to see what that looks like."
  7. Thanks guys. I'd love to RP a reply, but unfortunately my head just isn't in that space right now - yes, partly because of birthday activities, but also a lot has been going on in my life lately that I just have to attend to. *Sigh* Unfortunately, it's the same old story of the Pen summertime blues. ...but thanks again!
  8. Just finished Alastair Reynolds 2000 classic 'Revelation Space'. Great Sci-fi read! Just starting Dan Simmons' 'The Fall of Hyperion', the sequel to 'Hyperion', which I much enjoyed. If the sequel is half as good as the original, it will be very good. [edit] BTW, your review of 'Shifted' was helpful to me Law.
  9. Master P - so good to see you! Hope you can stop by more. Sorry to hear you have been in a funk Brighid. I have been running around so much I haven't had much time, I'm afraid, but hopefully the post-holiday rush will abate soon.
  10. Integrity, or course - and if you doubt that, ask anyone about my reputation. Chicken or the egg?
  11. Did you know Jimi Hendrix made a Christmas record? I bought this little vinyl record some time ago, but hadn't heard it. Awesome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8ICJC2ngEo
  12. Wombat! - because I don't know what a Capybara is. Yeti or Abominable Snowman?
  13. Christmas time is here! Lots of winter cheer! Joy and candy and presents, Giving, best of all!
  14. Sweet - though I actually do much better without breakfast (except for the hunger part). Wood floors or carpet?
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